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  1. All remaining ships retracted and sales closed. A big thanks to everybody who bought from this ad!
  2. Yeah, I know, I have Andromeda but I want a standalone Merlin too.
  3. You mean my trade offer? I can't CCU the Andromeda to a Merlin because the Merlin cost less.
  4. Hey! Want to trade your Merlin LTI with my Archimedes LTI (even trade)? If so, please PM me! My Archimedes:
  5. Hey! Do you have a (not upgraded) Merlin with LTI to sell? If so, please PM me! I can also trade you an Archimedes with LTI for the Merlin, if you want (for no extra cost).
  6. Well, I guess the question is then - would you pay $1,150 more for two more cores and a little faster gaming frame rates at 1080p? In this case I prefer the oranges, as in the orange in the Ryzen logo. Note also that, according to rumors, the 14-core Threadripper 1976X has approx. the same speeds or higher as the 8-core Ryzen 7 1800X (3.6/4.0 GHz)! If true, this means AMD has optimized the architecture a great deal in the two months since the Ryzen 7 release in March. That's six more cores at the same speed! It also looks promising for the Ryzen 2xxx iteration later this year, or next year.
  7. The 18-core Intel i9 won't be here until next year, I hear. And at a price of nearly 2,000 dollars it'll be very expensive. Meanwhile, AMD 16-core arrives in late July this year and it's rumored it'll cost $849(!) IMO, any price of AMD's top HEDT (High-End Desktop) processor below $1,000 will result in increased market shares for AMD and put a serious pressure on Intel and its prices, which will benefit us all - both when it comes to a more healthy competitor to Intel (and Nvidia) in the future, and lower prices for all consumers. Personally, I'm aiming for a new rig with a top motherboard - probably the Asus Zenith Extreme - with a 12-core (or 14-core) Ryzen Threadripper, 64+ GB memory at 3400+ speed, a fast M.2 SSD disk (1 TB Samsung 960 Pro) and the top dual Vega card coming later this year. Before you ask - Yes, I'll need it to run Star Citizen. The game will love more cores, lots of fast RAM, and a fast SSD. Besides, I want to run SC in 4K with high/ultra settings.
  8. There are still some gems left for sale! 350r Racer (package) 2 years insurance $195 350r Racer (standalone ship) 2 years insurance $175 Aurora LX upgrade (MR -> LX) $25 Avenger Stalker (standalone ship) Lifetime insurance $115 Constellation Andromeda (standalone ship) Lifetime insurance $315 Endeavor Base (standalone ship) 4 years insurance $455 Endeavor Discovery (standalone ship) 3 years insurance $550 Endeavor Discovery (standalone ship) 4 years insurance $550 Endeavor Hope (standalone ship) 3 years insurance $585 Endeavor Olympic (standalone ship) 3 years insurance $650 F7C Hornet (Digital Colonel package) Lifetime insurance $175 F7C-M Super Hornet (package) 2 years insurance $260 F7C-R Hornet Tracker (SWACS package) Lifetime insurance $225 F7C-R Hornet Ghost (SPECTER package) Lifetime insurance $205 Freelancer (Digital Freelancer package) Lifetime insurance $175 Herald (standalone ship) 3 years insurance $125 Merchantman (standalone ship) 2 years insurance $425 Retaliator Bomber (standalone ship) 2 years insurance $365 Starfarer (standalone ship) 2 years insurance $325 See first post in this thread for more details.
  9. How about a sleek 300i with LifeTime Insurance (LTI) and both Star Citizen (PU) and Squadron 42, for only $100? See first post for more details.
  10. Oh, BTW, the fourth image in the post above is a great wallpaper on your desktop! (did I say bump?)
  11. The Banu Merchantman is an exciting ship with lots of cargo space. It's beautiful and alien looking. I have two of them for sale. See first post for details.
  12. Only $175 for a Freelancer package with Star Citizen & Squadron 42 and LTI ... See first post for more.
  13. Do you want to do exploring in Star Citizen? Maybe science or farming? Or run a hospital ship? The Endeavor is the answer to your dreams. It can do all of this! I have a few of these limited ships for sale now. See the first post in this thread.
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