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  1. All remaining ships retracted and sales closed. A big thanks to everybody who bought from this ad!
  2. Viking

    Want to Buy [WTB] Merlin LTI

    Yeah, I know, I have Andromeda but I want a standalone Merlin too.
  3. Viking

    Want to Buy [WTB] Merlin LTI

    You mean my trade offer? I can't CCU the Andromeda to a Merlin because the Merlin cost less.
  4. Hey! Want to trade your Merlin LTI with my Archimedes LTI (even trade)? If so, please PM me! My Archimedes:
  5. Hey! Do you have a (not upgraded) Merlin with LTI to sell? If so, please PM me! I can also trade you an Archimedes with LTI for the Merlin, if you want (for no extra cost).
  6. Viking

    Intel i9 pricing out

    Well, I guess the question is then - would you pay $1,150 more for two more cores and a little faster gaming frame rates at 1080p? In this case I prefer the oranges, as in the orange in the Ryzen logo. Note also that, according to rumors, the 14-core Threadripper 1976X has approx. the same speeds or higher as the 8-core Ryzen 7 1800X (3.6/4.0 GHz)! If true, this means AMD has optimized the architecture a great deal in the two months since the Ryzen 7 release in March. That's six more cores at the same speed! It also looks promising for the Ryzen 2xxx iteration later this year, or next year.
  7. Viking

    Intel i9 pricing out

    The 18-core Intel i9 won't be here until next year, I hear. And at a price of nearly 2,000 dollars it'll be very expensive. Meanwhile, AMD 16-core arrives in late July this year and it's rumored it'll cost $849(!) IMO, any price of AMD's top HEDT (High-End Desktop) processor below $1,000 will result in increased market shares for AMD and put a serious pressure on Intel and its prices, which will benefit us all - both when it comes to a more healthy competitor to Intel (and Nvidia) in the future, and lower prices for all consumers. Personally, I'm aiming for a new rig with a top motherboard - probably the Asus Zenith Extreme - with a 12-core (or 14-core) Ryzen Threadripper, 64+ GB memory at 3400+ speed, a fast M.2 SSD disk (1 TB Samsung 960 Pro) and the top dual Vega card coming later this year. Before you ask - Yes, I'll need it to run Star Citizen. The game will love more cores, lots of fast RAM, and a fast SSD. Besides, I want to run SC in 4K with high/ultra settings.
  8. There are still some gems left for sale! 350r Racer (package) 2 years insurance $195 350r Racer (standalone ship) 2 years insurance $175 Aurora LX upgrade (MR -> LX) $25 Avenger Stalker (standalone ship) Lifetime insurance $115 Constellation Andromeda (standalone ship) Lifetime insurance $315 Endeavor Base (standalone ship) 4 years insurance $455 Endeavor Discovery (standalone ship) 3 years insurance $550 Endeavor Discovery (standalone ship) 4 years insurance $550 Endeavor Hope (standalone ship) 3 years insurance $585 Endeavor Olympic (standalone ship) 3 years insurance $650 F7C Hornet (Digital Colonel package) Lifetime insurance $175 F7C-M Super Hornet (package) 2 years insurance $260 F7C-R Hornet Tracker (SWACS package) Lifetime insurance $225 F7C-R Hornet Ghost (SPECTER package) Lifetime insurance $205 Freelancer (Digital Freelancer package) Lifetime insurance $175 Herald (standalone ship) 3 years insurance $125 Merchantman (standalone ship) 2 years insurance $425 Retaliator Bomber (standalone ship) 2 years insurance $365 Starfarer (standalone ship) 2 years insurance $325 See first post in this thread for more details.
  9. How about a sleek 300i with LifeTime Insurance (LTI) and both Star Citizen (PU) and Squadron 42, for only $100? See first post for more details.
  10. Oh, BTW, the fourth image in the post above is a great wallpaper on your desktop! (did I say bump?)
  11. The Banu Merchantman is an exciting ship with lots of cargo space. It's beautiful and alien looking. I have two of them for sale. See first post for details.
  12. Only $175 for a Freelancer package with Star Citizen & Squadron 42 and LTI ... See first post for more.
  13. Do you want to do exploring in Star Citizen? Maybe science or farming? Or run a hospital ship? The Endeavor is the answer to your dreams. It can do all of this! I have a few of these limited ships for sale now. See the first post in this thread.