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Found 3 results

  1. VoA

    RSI Mantis

    CIG has teased us a bit of late with the newest (upcoming) ship concept. LIkely to be named the RSI Mantis (I'll modify the title of the thread if it is called something else like the K'Lis). Much of the information we have is leaked or hacked from files but now we have the clearest picture of the ship now posted (see below). Manitis is a perfect name for "Snatching" another ship out of Quantum Drive and this image shows some type of EMP device that will likely be used to Interdict a Ship and bring it out of Quantum speed - like as shown in the image with the Caterpillar https://robertsspaceindustries.com/comm-link/transmission/17236-Coming-Soon OFFICIAL Some older (previous images) shown below....
  2. More theory-crafting (and by that time we should have more info) on the RSI Mantis....... But here is a post from the RSI Mantis thread which is an example of a good discussion.... with me responding to Riley Egret Well.... in our last Blood Moon Unit Discord meeting (everyone in Imperium is welcome to join us 6PM - PST on Mondays) - we theory-crafted about the RSI Mantis (before we knew the details from the articles). I mentioned that a lot of new ships / vehicles I am at first not to excited about but then get sucked into it through theory-crafting options / CIG further defining details of the ship / other concept reveals / etc..... as more is known about the ship. Two recent pick-ups that I pledged for was the Anvil Ballista and the Aegis Nautilis........ really not thinking at first that I would use these or have fun with them...... but after the theory-crafting.......... I am excited about both pledges. Same thing goes with the RSI Mantis...... up until this morning I have been thinking this is a ship I want to pass on ----- even knowing -------- as I pointed out -------- that is would be great vs the Vanduul and Pirates..... until thinking....... that........ mmmm............ how about pairing this ship with a Nautilus............. set up a Quantum Snare in the middle of a Mine Field...... mmm........ sounds like fun huh? 💥 Now you maybe saying..... well now pirates are going to do that to me running my innocent little solo cargo run........ then I counter that by saying........... that's why you need escort ....... and now...... even more so........ Scout ships (like my favorite Scout the Khartu'al)...... that can perhaps get caught still in the Quantum Snare but then can maneuver still out of range and warn the upcoming cargo convoy about a potential trap!!! 🕸️ It creates awesome strategic and tactical game-play right????? Actually we theory-crafted about his in our Unit meeting as well...... and revealed that RSI per lore invented Quantum Travel..... so it is only fitting that they would be the first / or more advanced..... form of Quantum Enforcement Technology right???
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