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  1. People always looking for a cheap trap then crying about scam..... Why this photo has made by phone? LOL Ask more evidence that this Pioneer belongs to him, screenshot with gift window etc PS I don't see this guy on Reddit where you can sell this Pioneer by 1 minute. Why? Coz reddit ppl knows that big discount means scam.
  2. GodZe

    Want to Sell 7xSaber Raven Codes for sale

    Probably for all)) 2 late to sell it, the market has a great offer and price is about $60
  3. GodZe

    Want to Sell LTI Tokens

    Ok, PM'ed
  4. GodZe

    Want to Sell LTI Tokens

    Selling this LTI tokens Make LTI ship yourself No PayPal fees, save 4.5% Price as shown on screen
  5. GodZe

    Want to Sell Bomber Pack

    Selling this Add On for $670 No PayPal fees, buyer using my PalPal link, easy way to save 4.5% Eclipse has old price $275, Retaliator $275 and Gladiator just $ 120 All items has LTI
  6. GodZe

    Want to Buy Idris-m LTI

    From 1st of April you don't need to ask CIG for gifting items which cost more then $1000. (info from Spectrum) My friend sold his Javelin and gifted it. Also Sitarow said that all his Idris'es and Javelin has GIFT trigger and ready to transfer to anybody.
  7. GodZe

    Complete WTB CCU Starfarer to Orion for $35

    I have this CCU PM'd
  8. Sorry, wrong screenshot) I wiil do this ship if somebody interested. Also I am selling on Ebay but their fees so high as result bigger price.