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  1. It is stolen stores laundry technology, be careful.
  2. Do not hurry, no one knows what will happen tomorrow. The game will not be ready in the next 5 years, but you can divorce 2 times during this time)
  3. As you know that $0 CCU will be destroy from 1st of May, I decided to sell bunch of CCU LTI Banu MM Cost $270 with all fees Also I can upgrade Banu MM to Valkyrie-Hercules C2-Carrack-Reclaimer-Origin 600 (both)-Orion(limited hull from 1st of January)-Hammerhead-Polaris for extra money
  4. Good bye Banu MM for $195 and all good tricks with price https://robertsspaceindustries.com/spectrum/community/SC/forum/1/thread/0-ccu-update-1/2016768
  5. Selling beautiful LTI pack with Star Citizen game Price - $110 All fees included
  6. This CCU not available now, it is from my Buy Back. Buy it from me via PayPal
  7. Selling this beautiful pack with old priced ships with Life Time Insurance. Save $70 Price - $345 Six pack's left Selling by PayPal order, so no fees and 100% security of your payment, which going directly to the CIG
  8. 2 late, after 31.12.2018 all codes are expired
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