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  1. GodZe

    Want to Buy F7A Military Hornet Upgrade

    It is just skin, original price is $20. Watch Anvil Ani Video....
  2. GodZe

    Want to Sell 7xSaber Raven Codes for sale

    This codes will expire at 31 of December, so price going down. Heaps of codes on Reddit for $70-80
  3. RSI Orion CCU'ed LTI - $370 RSI Polaris LTI Concept Sale - $750 RSI Polaris LTI CCU'ed - $690 Aegis Hammerhead CCU'ed - $650 Banu Merchantman (48 Months insurance) - $250 Banu Merchantman LTI CCU'ed - $290 Aegis Reclaimer LTI CCU'ed - $320 Anvil Crucible LTI CCU'ed - $340 Hercules C2 LTI CCU'ed - $ 300 Hercules M2 LTI CCU'ed - $420 Hercules A2 LTI CCU'ed (limited ship now) - $650 Genesis Starliner LTI CCU'ed - $350 Origin 890Jump (72 month ins) - $890 Origin 890Jump (60 month ins) - $890 Origin 600 Explorer LTI Concept Sale - $435 Origin 600 Explorer LTI CCU'ed - $420 Origin 600 Touring LTI Concept Sale - $400 Origin 600 Touring LTI CCU'ed - $350 Anvil Carrack LTI CCU'ed - $350 MISC Endeavour Master Set LTI - $1000 MISC Hull-D LTI CCU'ed - $340 RSI Constelation Phoenix (60 month ins) - $350 RSI Apollo Triage LTI CCU'ed - $250 RSI Apollo Medivac LTI CCU'ed - $275 AEGIS Vulcan Concept Sale LTI - $200 Esperia Glaive LTI CCU'ed - $350 MISC Razor LTI Concept Sale - $135 Aegis Vanguard Warden LTI CCU'ed - $250 Drake Buccaneer Concept Sale LTI - $110 Banu Defender Concept Sale LTI - $185 Crusader Mercury Star Runner LTI CCU'ed - $220 Super Hornet F7A-M LTI CCU'ed - $175 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ PAYPAL FEES INCLUDED ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Also a lot of CCU for SALE, RARE ADDON's and LTI Pack's Let me know if you have any questions! My Discord ID is GodZe#7293
  4. GodZe

    Want to Buy WTB Pioneer LTI

    Just $850 and no PayPal fees
  5. GodZe

    Want to Buy GLAIVE OC LTI

    Glaive is no more rare ship as 3 days ago))). I can do CCU Glaive LTI for you - $330
  6. GodZe

    Want to Buy WTB Vanguard BUK LTI

    We were talking a lot at Spectrum and as I know CIG has decided not to deal with the modularity of the old ships and quietly stopped selling the BUK. Modularity means a complete rework of the ship, a new implementation and a lot of bugs and expens, easier for them to sell a separate ship and more profitable. Therefore Caterpillar, Vanguard, Retaliator Base no more LEGO, it is old 2013 idea. BUK owners will get UEK later, imo
  7. GodZe

    Want to Sell Rear Admiral - LTI

    Just info All items ( box, CD, USB-drive etc) will be send to the FIRST buyer address after game RELEASE......lol. So no chance to get it if it second hand pack.
  8. GodZe

    Complete [WTB] Banu Merchantman

    Original concept so rare and cost more. Only CCU'ed for $225 or 48 month insurance for $250.
  9. People always looking for a cheap trap then crying about scam..... Why this photo has made by phone? LOL Ask more evidence that this Pioneer belongs to him, screenshot with gift window etc PS I don't see this guy on Reddit where you can sell this Pioneer by 1 minute. Why? Coz reddit ppl knows that big discount means scam.
  10. GodZe

    Want to Sell 7xSaber Raven Codes for sale

    Probably for all)) 2 late to sell it, the market has a great offer and price is about $60