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  1. Sorry it's a day late, but Happy belated birthday!

    1. Donut


      Thanks man!

  2. Happy birthday!

  3. Welcome @Lanfere! I look forward to seeing you fly in the coming months!
  4. You got me you sonnuvabitch, you got me good
  5. Happy Birthday Bro!

    Hope you got some plans set out to make it memorable!

  6. Happy Birthday! Thanks for all the time you volunteer for us, you do fantastic work!

  7. been kicking but in Star marine :) just got to play everyday


    1. Sir_Belial


      I'll be around until Friday, so let's get together someday

    2. Albuss


      for sure only way to get better is to play with people better then me


      will you keep  the same schedual you have been?


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  9. My thoughts exactly. The REAR entry of the Idris has probably about the same clearance as the Javelin, if it is indeed a door:
  10. Any ideas on this back portion of the Javelin? Haven't seen any other images pointing it out yet, but that middle area between the engines look very much like a door, and a large one at that.
  11. Deadpool Corp snipe attempt on @XLB and @Deadlife Looks like we're moving back up in the world
  12. Heck yeah @Space-Moose! Congratz, and welcome to the club! @Chimaera can we get this hard-working guy a gold fighter craft ribbon?
  13. Welcome back @Archangel! I'm looking forward to your expertise being put to use!
  14. Happy Birthday Switch!