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  1. hello

    Howdy, welcome to the fleet!
  2. hello everyone! new comer from Korea!

    Welcome! We look forward to seeing you around!
  3. Happy Birthday!

  4. Gleave

    Welcome to Imperium, Gleave! We look forward to seeing what you and the rest of your group can create!
  5. Sorry it's a day late, but Happy belated birthday!

    1. Donut


      Thanks man!

  6. Happy birthday!

  7. Greetings Citizens!

    Welcome @Lanfere! I look forward to seeing you fly in the coming months!
  8. Game Day, May 27th

    You got me you sonnuvabitch, you got me good
  9. Happy Birthday Bro!

    Hope you got some plans set out to make it memorable!

  10. Happy Birthday! Thanks for all the time you volunteer for us, you do fantastic work!

  11. Game Day - January 28th

    Bumping up the teams to 5 people is something we've talked about heavily, and is something we'd like to do in the future. Our decision to roll with 4 person teams is based on previous Game Day turnouts, and to allow for more accessibility. Showing up and grouping up with three other people is always going to be easier than trying to find a fifth teammate: however, if we have a much bigger turnout this month than previous ones, we'll definitely transition to a 5v5 setup, though anything past that would be pushing it, and require some game testing to see if it would be viable.
  12. Game Day - January 28th

    If filling up the map was our only objective, then sure, we would have done just that. But with smaller teams, players will need to be more careful with how they decide what strategies to use, as opposed to the standard zerg-fest that is online multiplayer. What we've written out will most definitely allow for smarter gameplay, and the maps are more than able to accommodate teams of this size.
  13. been kicking but in Star marine :) just got to play everyday


    1. Sir_Belial


      I'll be around until Friday, so let's get together someday

    2. Albuss


      for sure only way to get better is to play with people better then me


      will you keep  the same schedual you have been?


  14. Game Day - January 28th

    As long as there are others that are in the same situation, and want to form a team with you on TS, then yes!