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Found 10 results

  1. Well apparently there exists a new argo ship in the lore. "I’ll use an Argo SRV to tow in a busted 325a " (quote 1st paragraph) https://robertsspaceindustries.com/comm-link/spectrum-dispatch/16955-Advocacy-Archive-As-Good-As-Dunn edit: I dont know what SRV stands for, but I dont think that it is a Argo MPUV since the MPUV would be to small to tow a 325a.
  2. LAST EDIT: 9/Oct/2021 Hi everyone / I have images/gifs of ships/vehicles that are either flyable or in concept, development, re-worked or from Star Citizen lore. There are also many other categories, including anything from Star Systems to Characters to Ship/FPS Equipment. I constantly add more to the albums so don't be afraid to come back here anytime for the latest images. Please Note: Because of certain, rather disappointing circumstances that are beyond my control, this page will no longer be updated. As I have a desire to preserve this archive and continue adding the latest images, a new website has been set up. Please click here and remember to bookmark the new site. VEHICLES: SHIPS LAND VEHICLES ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ COMPONENTS: SHIP WEAPONS - GUNS SHIP WEAPONS - MISSILES / TORPEDOES / MINES OTHER SHIP COMPONENTS FIRST PERSON WEAPONS FIRST PERSON WEAPONS - ATTACHMENTS OTHER FIRST PERSON COMPONENTS -------------------------------------------- BONUS -------------------------------------------- CHARACTERS: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ PLACES: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ GAMEPLAY: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ SQUADRON 42: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ OTHER:
  3. OFFICIAL Argo Mole is on the road map for 3.8 M.O.L.E DISTINCT STYLE POWER MINING MULTI-CREW MULTI CREW Three independently controlled articulated extraction stations allow for maximum power and near-limitless versatility. The MOLE lives by the adage ’many hands make for light work’. Get the job done with the ARGO MOLE. EX PLO RE A1 TRILATERAL MINING Minimize hassle and maximize profits with ARGO's patented trilateral mining mode. A2 MINERAL CAPACITY 24 mineral pods, each holding 12 SCU, ensure nothing valuable is left behind (flying capacity: 96 SCU). A3 CREW CAPACITY Travel to the most fruitful locations in comfort with comprehensive crew facilities for four. A4 HARDWARE The outsized power plant gets the job done without the stress of overheating. A5 POWER Size 2 laser heads have twice the range of the MOLE's competitors for safer, more versatile mining. A6 CONTROL Find the perfect position with nuanced controls and ARGO's most intuitive interface ever. MOLE BY THE NUMBERS LENGTH 38.5 M WIDTH 17 M HEIGHT 8 M MAX CREW 4 NUMBER OF PODS 24 MAX CAPACITY 288 SCU 1 / 7 Upgrade to an ARGO MOLE and take your mining game to the next level! ARGO MOLE CARBON EDITION - WARBOND- Standalone Ship $275.00 USD IN STOCKMORE INFOADD TO CART ARGO MOLE Carbon Edition Exclusively for Concierge members, the Carbon Edition offers the MOLE's revered mining ability with a distinctive all-black finish. Includes Lifetime Insurance. ARGO MOLE TALUS EDITION - WARBOND- Standalone Ship $275.00 USD IN STOCKMORE INFOADD TO CART ARGO MOLE Talus Edition The MOLE Talus Edition boasts the same mining proficiency as the standard ship along with a more discreet gray skin. Includes Lifetime Insurance. ARGO MOLE - WARBOND- Standalone Ship $275.00 USD IN STOCKMORE INFOADD TO CART ARGO MOLE Warbond Work faster and more effectively than ever before with ARGO’s iconic multi-crew miner. Includes Lifetime Insurance. ARGO MOLE- Standalone Ship $315.00 USD IN STOCKMORE INFOADD TO CART ARGO MOLE Work faster and more effectively than ever before with ARGO’s iconic multi-crew miner. Industrial Revolution Pack Launch your empire in the stars with these industry-focused ship packs. ARGO MOLE DIG TRIO PACK - WARBOND- Add-Ons $900.00 USD IN STOCKMORE INFOADD TO CART ARGO PACK - WARBOND- Add-Ons $450.00 USD IN STOCKMORE INFOADD TO CART ARGO MOLE DIG & DITCH PACK - WARBOND- Add-Ons $375.00 USD IN STOCKMORE INFOADD TO CART ARGO MOLE DIG TRIO PACK- Add-Ons $1,000.00 USD SOLD OUTMORE INFOADD TO CART ARGO PACK- Add-Ons $500.00 USD IN STOCKMORE INFOADD TO CART ARGO MOLE DIG & DITCH PACK- Add-Ons $425.00 USD IN STOCK
  4. Per usual creating a separate thread for the Argo (beyond the concept price poll thread) - now that we know more about it and that it will be in-game. Below are cool current Pics
  5. Argo - Utility Snub - Concept Sale Price [POLL] Please See link to VOTE --- >> Argo - Utility Snub - Concept Sale Price [POLL] Please Vote in the Poll what you expect (the player base) CIG will price the Argo Concept Ship at. Please see this post (OP) for Poll explanation and details, but post your comments on this thread - thanks. CIG encourages community input as part of the game development process. With the recent discussion about the new Concept Ships revealed by CIG there has been discussions on these related "sister" threads about having an Argo as a Utility Snub Ship for the RSI - Polaris - Corvette. See links to these threads (below) and Image from Jump Point Magazine suggesting that all Capital Ships should have an Argo as a Utility Snub ship (especially since there are no Star Trek - Transporters in Star Citizen) = so they act as Personnel Shuttles in addition to be a small Utility Ship.RSI - Polaris - Corvette - Concept Sale Price [POLL] [1,074+Votes]RSI - Polaris - Corvette - with P52, P72 and new P62 ? [POLL] [296+ VOTES] ++++++ See other recent Concept Sale Price Polls --->>Drake Buccaneer (Pirate Interceptor) - Concept Sale Price [POLL] [634+ Votes]Drake - Dragonfly - Concept Sale Price [POLL][291+ VOTES] &&& Inspiring the Modular Option for the Argo see the above JP image text (for various functions) but also this thread for a possible modular Dragonfly....Drake - Dragonfly - Modular Options (see CR description) [POLL][100+VOTES] ////////// With this (below) as a description of possible modules... and possible price structure...
  6. Hey folks, two additional sales went live today with the release of 2.5: ARGO: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/comm-link/transmission/15453-Argo-MPUV KORE: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/comm-link/transmission/15463-Reliant-Kore It looks like the ARGO is offering LTI, so perhaps useful for those looking for cheaper LTI ships/tokens? What is your opinion on these ships?
  7. At 4:33 Ben confirms next concept ship sale will be flyable Argo. It will be in 2.5 and flyable for anyone, for whatever reason, wants to fly it. Also re-confirms the "destroyer ships" will come with Argo's. Female model is farther down... 2.7-ish. Trees confirmed, more info later this year. New Tutorial? There will be a series of How-to videos and a new tutorial down the road when things are more stable. Gilly retired. Some questions about fighting Vanduul that I would consider spoilers, surprised Ben said what he did. The dragonfly was so well received there may be another open cockpit racer considered. MISC Racer ? Congratulations to our own @00zim00 for winning one of the 5 dragonfly's at the end.
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