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  1. thanks @Drum, I didn’t have time to see the video and only saw the pictures on Spectrum so I didn’t know the folding wings were needed for hangar/pad landings. The BMM looks beautiful now but I do think you need more people to man it now. I will never sell mine but I doubt you can have fun in one with less than 4 people(unless her shields end up being able to withstand a lot of punishment and she is fast enough to run from trouble)
  2. Holy mother of the Banu, the BMM just revealed at citizencon looks like it will not disappoint, I think I might owe RSI an apology 😉 big ass S8 front guns, decent turrets, point defense turrets, a hangar for the defender, shops, a ground vehicle hangar, what more could we want? It is frickin’ big but I love it, although I don’t see the need for the folding wings.
  3. It should probably be even more expensive but then CIG wouldn't make any money from selling CCUs to ships like the Polaris, Nautilus, Hammerhead, etc. Always make sure there is a lot of $ room between successful ships so you make more money on CCU's 😋 I have 1 BMM with LTI and CCU's and buybacks for a few others. I love this ship but I cringe in hesitant fear when I think what CIG might do to it in the next few months. I always thought that I would never melt my Phoenix but I can't say I am very happy with what CIG did with the Connie. I hope the BMM doesn't suffer the same fate ... 😪
  4. you forgot to mention that it will probably lose the big turrets, be slow like a starfarer and have the shields of a connie 😂
  5. How many people do you expect you need minimum to fly a Carrack on missions? I still have a few CCUs to a Carrack lying around but not sure if it is too big. 😅
  6. Wow that is a lot of money for a prototype. Too rich for me and too risky but I will definitely keep an eye on this one
  7. I would still like to see some kind of drone mothership where remote controlled fighter drones are controlled from Within the safe confines of a large drone carrier. Given the ever expanding use of drones nowadays I think it is a safe bet that a lot of warfare in the future will be drone based. You would only lose relatively cheap hardware in case of a dogfight loss without losing the irreplaceable pilot/drone operator which takes years to train. Even AI controlled drones make more sense than manned fighters: they can pull many more G‘s and you can build much smaller ships because you don‘t need to house the fragile human. Esp. in space where speeds can become ridiculous and no human can hit anything without a supercomputer doing the targeting and trigger pulling for the human anyway AI control makes much more sense.
  8. So the bigger the ship, the faster the QT time? I guess my BMM and Gemini will get more use than my Phoenix 😂 I hope the BMM will also get the size 4 drive (maybe even size 5 😉 )
  9. So I guess we get to dock a defender to our BMM?
  10. By the time SC releases I will probably be pensioned so then I will have enough time to explore the universe …… 😜 I hope I can afford the Nvidia 19000RTX and Intel 100 core 99000X by then with 16 TB Ram otherwise I won't meet the minimum system specs..... 🤣
  11. In it‘s current form I don‘t really see this, if the 3 wings were equidistant from the center, then maybe I would buy your argument 😜 The main wing however is way too long for making this an ideal shape to travel a cylindrical tube. A shape like the Viper from battlestar Galactica would make more sense then: normal tail fin and downward angled wings. Even if they had made it an X-Wing design would have made more sense. Typical CIG: Make it look cool and never mind the functionality. I bet they have some architects designing ships at CIG 😜 Maybe they should hire someone that cares more about functionality and doesn‘t care how it looks from the outside (cause hey ..... how often are you or anyone gonna see the outside of your ship when you are in space 😎
  12. I don't have a degree in Aeronautics but like Reavern I don't see any use for those silly split wings. I don't see how they would have any functional use 😕 "Those wings are as useless as tits on a boar hog" 😜
  13. I haven’t had any issues besides the occasional crash to desktop once every few days and the occasional server crash (maybe once every 2 days). I play it via an Origin subscription so it’s basically a free game for me 😜 No hung missions or missions that could not be completed. I did get stuck behind a sector division wall once and could not join the rest of my team in the end game but that was the only bug issue I have encountered. If you think you like then the game then jump in, bugs are not an issue and stability for me was very good.
  14. It does become a bit of a grind for mastercraft items once you reach level 30 but the overall game experience is nice enough. I just wish we would have more of a Mass Effect kinda story.
  15. Anyone playing Anthem? The action is pretty nice and they nailed the flying Mech part. The story, forced silly conversations and characters pretty much suck (man Bioware has really gone downhill over the last few years 😥 ). I'm reapoman in game in case anyone wants to join up.
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