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  1. Booster Terrik

    Updates to Crytek's lawsuit vs CIG

    Nah, Battlestar Galactica Universe 😜
  2. Booster Terrik

    Dune 2019 (movie)

    The SYFY series is pretty decent but only covers a small part of storyline from the books. The books cover 5 time periods within a period of about 15000 years.
  3. Booster Terrik

    Dune 2019 (movie)

    I read all books in the Dune universe by Frank and his son Brian and I think it is impossible to do justice to the series with just 1 movie. The dune universe is so big that it would take at least 6 seasons of a netflix series to cover the basics. <HINT>@Netflix execs<\HINT> 😜
  4. LOL, so the Phoenix costs almost 2 million UEC less than an Aquila? Can I downgrade my connie? 😜
  5. Booster Terrik

    NPC crew -what do we pretend to know?

    The issue is of course how much can you afford to pay NPCs or players when they escort you and still make enough of a profit on your cargo to make it worth the risk of the cargo run. People generally want to be paid for their efforts (unless you like turreting for a few years and still own nothing more than an aurora and a cheap flight suit) because it allows them to buy nicer digs, gear, ships, etc. Sure some people will just enjoy flying around and dying just for the hell of it but I assume they will be a minority. You run quite high a risk on a cargo run that requires escort (unless it is a no cure no pay contract) because if you get intercepted you lose your cargo, your ship and you still need to pay the escorts and gunners I assume (so you want a high return on your investment as a cargo runner). On the other hand if escorts and gunners don’t get paid enough then noone will be willing to do the job especially if they see the owner of the ship net a healthy profit for the same time invested. Even friends might get pissed if one of them makes a fortune and the rest gets peanuts while escorting him. Those gunners and escorts might be better off doing some bounty hunting or other missions which potentially pay more. The whole supply/demand and risk/reward of missions in SC needs to be carefully balanced and I doubt they will pull this off in the first 6 months of the PU.
  6. Booster Terrik

    2948 Intergalactic Aerospace Expo (IAE)

    72 months of insurance for all ships this time lol, Lets screw early backers even more 😜 Fortunately all my ships have LTI or I'd be pissed ...
  7. Booster Terrik

    Be Patient - Female Avatars Coming Soon

    I don't know about you Fox but I prefer my women beardless 😜
  8. Booster Terrik

    What would you do?

    I am gonna paint it red and rename it Errant Venture and turn it into a big ass bazaar 😈
  9. Booster Terrik

    What would you do?

    Put the location for sale on ebay πŸ‘… I wonder how much some rich idiot will pay for the location of a bengal? 😜 I guess I could buy a nice car after the transaction, what do you think?
  10. Booster Terrik


    Wow I think that must have been a lvl 1 out of 10 AI turret. If they miss that much at that range then using AI turrets isn’t going to help solo players much 😜
  11. Booster Terrik

    Cyclone Rover by Tumbril + Variants

    Naaah, a hummer costs the same as a spaceship right? 😜 CIG’s pricing has been ridiculous after the kickstarter campaign with no relation between relative prices and reality. @VoA will probably come around quite quickly to defend CIGs pricing policies though 😜
  12. Booster Terrik

    Drake Kraken

    The kraken could also be ideal for planetary assault with those dragonflies and fighters and I wonder if that cargo hold will fit Nova tonks 😜
  13. Booster Terrik

    Drake Kraken

    Only fighters and gunships are front line in this game (and bombers in an offensive role), anyone wanna guess where they usually come from? Correct from a carrier (or a landbase). No carrier (or forward air base) = no long range offensive capabilities. Why do you think the chinese are building carriers at the moment? The Kraken is more valuable than an Idris, no big offensive far from your home base can work without a carrier. An Idris is an escort for a carrier like a Kraken in big offensive actions otherwise an Idris would only be used for light patrol duties against pirates or maybe convoy protection but not against the vanduul. If you want long range offensive capabilities then you need carriers and the kraken is quite capable when escorted by support vessels. A fully loaded single Idris (without railgun) is probaly less capable than a fully loaded kraken.
  14. Booster Terrik

    Drake Kraken

    You can apologize to me anytime you like @VoA for doubting my wisdom 😜 I was right and you were wrong, nananana 😜
  15. Booster Terrik

    Banu Defender

    Given how they talk about the two you might be right on the money. Either they dock or perhaps they can be slaved to the BMM through AI.