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  1. So the bigger the ship, the faster the QT time? I guess my BMM and Gemini will get more use than my Phoenix 😂 I hope the BMM will also get the size 4 drive (maybe even size 5 😉 )
  2. So I guess we get to dock a defender to our BMM?
  3. By the time SC releases I will probably be pensioned so then I will have enough time to explore the universe …… 😜 I hope I can afford the Nvidia 19000RTX and Intel 100 core 99000X by then with 16 TB Ram otherwise I won't meet the minimum system specs..... 🤣
  4. In it‘s current form I don‘t really see this, if the 3 wings were equidistant from the center, then maybe I would buy your argument 😜 The main wing however is way too long for making this an ideal shape to travel a cylindrical tube. A shape like the Viper from battlestar Galactica would make more sense then: normal tail fin and downward angled wings. Even if they had made it an X-Wing design would have made more sense. Typical CIG: Make it look cool and never mind the functionality. I bet they have some architects designing ships at CIG 😜 Maybe they should hire someone that cares more about functionality and doesn‘t care how it looks from the outside (cause hey ..... how often are you or anyone gonna see the outside of your ship when you are in space 😎
  5. I don't have a degree in Aeronautics but like Reavern I don't see any use for those silly split wings. I don't see how they would have any functional use 😕 "Those wings are as useless as tits on a boar hog" 😜
  6. I haven’t had any issues besides the occasional crash to desktop once every few days and the occasional server crash (maybe once every 2 days). I play it via an Origin subscription so it’s basically a free game for me 😜 No hung missions or missions that could not be completed. I did get stuck behind a sector division wall once and could not join the rest of my team in the end game but that was the only bug issue I have encountered. If you think you like then the game then jump in, bugs are not an issue and stability for me was very good.
  7. It does become a bit of a grind for mastercraft items once you reach level 30 but the overall game experience is nice enough. I just wish we would have more of a Mass Effect kinda story.
  8. Anyone playing Anthem? The action is pretty nice and they nailed the flying Mech part. The story, forced silly conversations and characters pretty much suck (man Bioware has really gone downhill over the last few years 😥 ). I'm reapoman in game in case anyone wants to join up.
  9. By the time the PU launches we will all be using neural interfaces and not bother with joysticks. I have attached a picture of my prototype SC control setup, I still need to tweak it a bit so there are less cables.
  10. I don’t think the Tali will fit a 3.5m high powersuit in a module. Maybe we can fit them into the cargohold of a connie but they probably have to duck on their way out 😜
  11. So private, would you like that armour in size A, B, C, D, DD, E, F or G for Gargantuan?
  12. Maybe it's me but it makes no sense to keep the arms of the human bundled up inside the exosuit like that. It restricts movement and doesn't allow 1 on 1 translation of movement. If you look at most exosuit implementations they usually make use of the natural arm movements of the operator and translate that into power amplified suit movements. Also their suit looks like an overengineered super expensive combat suit and not like a power loader/working suit. The one Tom Cruise is wearing looks much more like the part (or the Alien power suit).
  13. LOL So now they will make all Idris hallways and hatches 3.5m high and 2 meters wide 😂😂🤣 I hope they don‘t forget to place a urinal at 1.8m high in the bathroom so the guy doesn‘t have to get out of his suit to take a piss 😜 The good news is that we can now fly our bikes around the interior of the idris which should make for some interesting boarding action and I think I will be organizing bike races for the crews enjoyment on long flights. 🙄
  14. Personally I think CGI lacks any vision or imagination (even any common sense) in designing ships. I would appreciate a more scientific and functional approach to designing space ships. Like eh: - no wings for ships that never will see atmosphere (even in the future I doubt it will be economical to design ships that can operate both inside and outside atmospheric conditions, all spaceships will dock in orbit and shuttle their goods/people down by elevators or atmospheric craft) - more tubular designs with rotating gravity inducing sections for exploration ships instead of these artificial gravity airplane or ocean ship in space designs - large ships should never be able to land on planets, it is just silly to assume anyone would design ships that can take the stress of atmospheric entry when they don’t need to . - more ugly boxy cheap functional designs and less porsche design in space (lets face it people that work in a spaceship never see the outside and only care about functionality .... - fuck aerodynamics, really there is no drag in space why all the pointy fronts? A square box or tube design makes much more sense. Also why the obsession with cockpits in the nose of the ship? Doesn’t it make more sense to place the cockpit away from the front just in case you hit some space junk (or a missile or projectile)? I don’t need to double park a interstellar freighter at the wallymart so why do I need all that front view? Rant off 😜
  15. I think someone was inspired by a Klingon Bird of Prey there 😜
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