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  1. Welcome to Base Thanos![emoji2] Sent from my SM-N910G using Tapatalk
  2. Welcome to Base Rick, can't wait to see you among the trading convoys.
  3. Sounds about right haha. Don't forget the optional novelty horn.
  4. Welcome to the Base! Don't forget we have a bunch of combat pilots here and I'm sure more than a couple would be willing to help you improve
  5. Seems to be a continuous stream of forum refugees, welcome as all the others.
  6. Welcome to the Base, I hope we can provide enough theory-crafting and conversation to keep your interest high man. Congrats on your pledges, dedication.
  7. Welcome to the Base man, what ships do you have/looking forward to?
  8. Welcome to the base man! Herald is definitely one my my favourites also, catcha in the 'verse.
  9. Best not to dwell on it too long but...yeah, probably.
  10. Love the design of the paper guys.
  11. It's so weird having had a massive break fro m this game to come back to the current concept art for the merch. Am I the only one a little disappointed design wise? Original art made it look more.. merchanty I guess?
  12. Welcome to the base, seems you'll do just fine here.
  13. Good to be back.

  14. Welcome to the base, friend.