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  1. Hi there: I'm a old veteran backer and i did try the game demo yesterday for first time...it was not existing yet when i was online here...was just an hangar demo. My first game session was amazing ! But i still need a lot to learn yet. I'm back aviable for the clan: if anyone need me send a message here. What i saw is very impressive so: hello again everyone
  2. Greetings, fellow citizens! My name is Chris, and I've been toying with an exciting idea for some time now. I thought it would be a blast to construct an Interstellar Information Network, where Intelligence is collected, sold, and manipulated. As my idea grew, I spent countless hours coming up with ways to gather intelligence, establish safety protocols, establish hierarchies and security levels, and devise financial plans to set up something like this. Then, I realized that to develop and expand, I'd need players and like-minded organizations who found the concept intriguing and enjoyable. So I began working on a more relaxed approach to creating NIGHTVEIL. My concept is simple: I want to make friends and have a great time in the Verse. I'm no super spy, and while becoming one over time is a fun thought experiment, I just want to have fun pretending inside this magnificent and vast game. [AI Generated Art of THE VEIL, NIGHTVEILS HQ] In-game, NIGHTVEIL is a privately owned Security and Intelligence Agency. It's a network of informants, spies, mercenaries, merchants, scientists, and analysts who have taken it upon themselves to protect the Verse from known and unknown threats, such as Pirates, Scavengers, and Aliens, due to what they perceive as a lack of involvement by the UEE. Founded in 2815 by Isiah Nightshade and originally called "Nightshade," the company has a troubled history, especially in the public's perception. However, since Isiah's great-granddaughter, Fionne, took over the agency, things have changed. By offering more transparency and taking more accountability for the actions of NIGHTVEIL operatives in the field, she has raised the company's profit margins and even entered negotiations with the UEE. Though still operating in what some perceive to be the gray area of security, since NIGHTVEIL is known to sell its collected secrets to almost anyone with enough aUEC, some even see NIGHTVEIL as its sovereign state due to its almost complete financial autonomy. Founded with the fortune Isiah amassed from his salvage and mining operations, NIGHTVEIL has always kept an eye on the market and made its fleet of merchants and traders a focal point of its operation. Aside from its financial sector, NIGHTVEIL also houses its own "private military" and crisis response units, as well as analysts and logistics specialists. There are many ways to play a NIGHTVEIL operative. To learn the in-game mechanics, I want this organization to be as diverse as possible. No matter what your play style is, you're welcome as a member or affiliate. All I ask is that you are mature, kind, and respectful. If you're interested in helping build a fun community from the ground up, assisting with recruitment, or even just supporting us with your own organization in an alliance or offering us in-game enemies as a group of Pirates or Scavengers, maybe even delving into and expanding the organization's lore, then let's get to know each other. I am based in the EU, but players from all over are welcome, and I speak English and German. You can hit me up directly on Discord at EloransGhost(Chris Uboh)#3054 or apply directly through the RSI ORG PAGE and tell me why you'd like to join. I believe in quality, not quantity, meaning I want to make sure we're on the same wavelength. https://robertsspaceindustries.com/orgs/NYTVYL I look forward to hearing from and getting to know you you. Attached is a quick first Draft Compendium of LORE and Ideas if you'd like to gloss over it Best regards, Chris NIGHTVEIL ONBOARDING Alpha 1.0.pdf
  3. We are the 101st Legion Marines. A tight-knit band of former UEE military personnel, bounty hunters, and other like minded individuals. Our main goal is to provide security and any other combat orientated services to the people of Stanton, and her surrounding systems. For a price. Join today! We intend to provide our wide variety of services to the people of Stanton, Nyx, and Pyro. Our services mainly include a mobile task-force of top tier infantry, pilots, and medics. Mostly for escort, security and bounty hunting services, but the 101st Legion offers any service under the sun for the right price. We blur the lines of legality but mostly try to stay on the right side of the law. Our main priority is profit, we do not take sides, the highest bidder wins our elite services. The 101st Legion Marines were founded in 2946 following a disagreement of “methods” used by the UEE Navy. Our founders believed a heavier hand was needed in certain situations, and that we no longer needed our UEE overlords to command their dogs when to bite. Years later the legion is going strong, though small, we are mighty! Security and PMC work has been the main focus of our organization since it’s inception and this will never change, Recently a change in command has left us in a predicament, we believe it is time for us to open our doors to newcomers and expand our horizons. We need able bodies with rifles or in pilot seats, any and all are welcome! While PMC work is our core focus we also need Traders and Medical personnel to tend to the less violent aspects of our organization. If you’ve read this far, consider joining. We offer new player training and benefits as well as weekly events for all! Also, since we are a brand new org, promotion opportunities for active personnel will be available; for those for show commitment. WIP Discord: HERE https://robertsspaceindustries.com/orgs/101MARINES
  4. Greetings First a little bit of context… I am—Well… --was a console Elite Dangerous player. I was a prolific bounty hunter and explorer and had many achievements and end-game assets. But, as you have heard, Frontier, the developer, decided to not only release the not-so-new-anymore expansion Odyssey on consoles, but altogether discontinue any further developments of content for consoles (including next gen). In other words; if I want to continue my adventures, I’d have to start over on PC. Extremely annoying, considering the obscene amount of hours I’ve put into the game. Still, that in and of itself is not the problem. I might’ve. But I feel betrayed. The way Frontier handled this just wasn’t it, and very indicative of the way they interact with their Elite player base. I love Elite. I really do. But frankly, I just can’t bring myself to supporting Frontier in any way right now, and as much as love No Man’s Sky, it will never, ever scratch my pilot itch. And if I’m going to play on PC anyway, perhaps it’s time to become a Citizen. Did some research already and I’ve been eyeballing the Cutty Black pack and I will almost certainly get it a few weeks from now when I come into some extra money. But I still have some questions. Hoping yall can provide me with some answers. Can I use a flight stick (HOTAS) or controller? Can I, if I so choose, load into a solo game session, or is it always open? Will I have to renew the insurance or will I, as the website says, always have a basic insurance “for testing purposes”? Does basic mean I can upgrade insurance and should I? What exactly are pledges, and what are the benefits? What’s the deal with the wipes? What are some good groups to join for casual play and learning the ropes? Anything else I should know? Thanks in advance yall…
  5. Hi, I pledged yesterday and downloaded the installer on a new machine (HP Pavilion Gaming TG01-2304ng, Gaming PC mit AMD Ryzen 5 Prozessor, 16 GB RAM, 512 GB SSD, GeForce RTX 3060, 6 GB GDDR6) with Windows 11. I can install the launcher (1.5.5) but the game install fails without an error number. Has anybody had the same issue? Thanks in advance
  6. Hello everyone! As of today I am once again part of the community. Years ago I also had an account but unfortunately I lost access to it. It was in the time when you couldn't go to planets and I think there was only 1 base. Then I had an Avenger Titan (still with the old layout where you had to crouch to the cockpit). Now I have chosen the C8X Pisces Expedition. I would eventually like to own a C2 Hercules. Transporting goods is (so far) my favorite thing to do. Have a nice day!
  7. Been away from SC since 2015. Came back to see what's new and now there's a new level of hype. My future vision for SC Being a part of a large fleet. Fighting off other fleets for control of resources and system(s). Fighting massive ground wars utilizing the power of said fleet (Air battles, drop ships, tanks, ground forces, etc). Org members working together to expand power and influence. Fleet includes Anvil Arrow (light fighter) CNOU Nomad (Decent cargo) MISC Prospector (Cred generator) Hardware Ryzen 7 2700x GTX 1060 6GB (Damn bots keeping my 3060 from me) 32 GB RAM Corsair k65 with Utech Venus PRO mouse Thrustmaster t16000m FCS (thinking of going dual stick) Enough BS with SC and Hardware, Who the hell are you?! I'm a really chill guy tbh. I don't take most things seriously and I just try to have a good time. I've got the body of Peter Parker and the mouth of Wade Wilson. I'm a competent gamer (though not a great dog fighter, yet). I've just gotten back into SC as stated above and kind of dove right in. Got some ships and a stick/throttle and started practicing. As I started taking the game more seriously and my hype level rose, I decided I should probably find an Org to bring my vision to closer to fruition. I'm open to questions. Any at all. I'm not shy.
  8. I'm an existing member but wan't to be formally accepted with instructions on role gameplay. I don't believe I ever received this when I first joined years ago. My star citizen profile is: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/citizens/Hexley94
  9. I have applied on the RSI site. USAF Active duty, 33 yrs old. Just built myself a PC and decided this is the game I'm interested in. Last name is Roberts too, so it seemed necessary. Played PC a while back but have been on Xbox for years now. Waiting for my mic to be delivered but I can rig my Xbox controller/Headset to chat. Looking forward to learning this game and getting to know some of you. v/r SoulreaverDread
  10. hi im just got star citizen I hope to join Imperium
  11. Hey all, looking forward to joining y'all in Imperium. SC is finally taking shape! I think it's time to be part of a large group of players that can get organized and work towards common goals (once the game caters to it).
  12. Hello I had created a new account because I thought this one was lost, let me know if I should use this one or the new one. I don't think this account has access to imperium member forms anymore either so RIP.
  13. I used to be in imperium but haven't played on forever so now I made a new account and joined back. I have a Cutlass and probably will be doing trading and mining more than anything
  14. Hello everybody, my name is Andy, age 32, Location GER near Mainz. I first noticed and pledged for SC in 2014 (I think) and was pretty excited at that time but somehow forgot about SC about the years… until a few weeks ago when I stumbled across it while looking for a new game to play. So I jumped right into Alpha 3.8.1 and can barely get off my PC ever since that. By now I got a Hornet as my Game Package, a Cutlass Black, a Banu Merchantman waiting for ingame implementation (therefore a Caterpillar and Banu Defender as a replacement), a Prospector for mining and a Carrack Expedition (plus C8X Pisces and Ursa Rover) since I fell in love with that spacewhale when first stepping into one. 😄 I've found my way into the game over the past weeks and explored alot by now but I am definitely looking for people to team up and play with to even increase the fun. Ingame I spend most of my time either bounty hunting (both PvP and PvE) in either my Hornet or my Cutlass and cargo running mainly with my (replacement-) Caterpillar to gather some credits. So far thanks for reading and I hope to find some new friends and wingmen here. Have a nice day everybody and see you ingame or on Discord? Haven't really checked that yet, gonna do that soon. Cheers Andy
  15. Hello! New guy here that just submitted an application. Space games have been in my blood since 1988 when i was playing Mega Wars on game genie and dial up modem days. First "real" space game would be Descent, that was my first multiplayer game with friends dialing direct via modem to modem connection. From there it was Descent Freespace, Freelancer, Wing Commander. If you have not played Independence War, I highly recommend that game, especially Independence War 2: Edge of Chaos. Also Nexus the Jupiter Incident, of course played the heck out of Homeworld and all of its associated titles and sequels etc. Long time EvE Online Player here ever since the beta days. Still play EvE Online but I do love to play Star Citizen. I have been playing Star Citizen ever since the 3.0 days, as for ships I own a very large assortment of ships that would a long list to mention. My favorites would of course be the Carrack, 600i, Cat, the black and red cutty, the Freelancer MIS, Sabre, gladius, and my tally. Love trading, bounty hunting, PVP etc. Never really had anyone to play Marine or Arena Commander with but I know my way around a dogfight. Did the pirate swarm etc. Looking for good people to have fun with. I am your typical "boomer" InfoSec IT Guy. Feel free to ask any questions. Favorite book of course is EndersGame, I liked it back before it was "cool". In all the various games I have played my nic has always been EndersGame.
  16. Hello! I am a new arrival to the star citizen scene and absolutely love this game so far. I am 23 years old and an Industrial Engineering major. (statistics, logistics, organizational flexibility, even some coding) I am rather competitive in my gaming and also like playing in groups. Feel free to HMU for crewing your larger ships!
  17. Yo. I've been a backer since 2015, have played a lot in previous patches, but this one really made me want to get involved with an Org/play more regularly with a good group of people.
  18. Hello, I am Darkownt, 23 and I'm from the Netherlands. Most people call me Dark wich is easier now haha, i prefer to not post my real name. I have been a backer since December 2015 and played a lot in 2016. I dropped the game early 2017 again and only recently became active again when my and my friends had a conversation about it. I currently am in possession off: Hammerhead Corsair Glaive Freelancer MIS Defender Xi'an Khartu-al Mantis Titan renegade Cutlass Black Me and my friends are currently in an organization that will focus on combat and exploration. But we will also be happy to do any other activities eventually. Cheers for reading all of this and best regards to everyone, -Dark0wnt
  19. Que

    New citizen

    Hi. I'm new here and was delighted to find this org with its intentions. Have my small fleet that are mostly focused on industrial and exploration. What I offer is in the areas of planning at a strategical and operational level. See you all in the verse!
  20. CaptWolf

    Hey guys

    Hey guys I have the aurora starter pack but I have a couple other ships such as the Gladiator and the Andrometa. Probably spelled that wrong lol but you know what it is! Can't wait to join you all and see you in the verse!
  21. Hello guys, My name is Mirko from Italy. See u in the verse!
  22. STAR CITIZEN Forum categories 3.5.0 PTU Discussion and Feedback STAFF Baior Of Red@Baior-CIG [PTU Feedback] Updated Thruster Heat: What ships work poorly? Pinned Discussion Today at 6:39 am Greetings, We have updated thruster heat with the goal of significantly increasing the time it takes to overheat during normal use, with the goal of having it happen only rarely. Ships should still overheat relatively quickly when using afterburner. However, we have a lot of flight ready ships with a myriad of configurations. If you discover a ship that isn't operating as well as others, let us know below! -Baior RSI Player Experience Analyst March 27, 2019 Greetings Citizens! Star Citizen Alpha 3.5.0 is now available for you to play on PTU! This round of testing includes all Concierge, Subscribers, and Evocati, and introduces the new flight model along with ArcCorp, playable female characters, character customization, and the redesigned 300i. Feel free to check out all of the details in the 3.5.0 Patch Notes, and don't forget to head over to PTU Test Chat on Spectrum to join your fellow Citizens. If you're having trouble copying your account to the PTU or installing the RSI PTU Launcher, please refer to the PTU Installation Guide for assistance. Last but certainly not least, don't forget to post all your bugs to the Issue Council! Happy hunting and see you in the 'Verse! RSI Player Relations
  23. Hi, my name is Lord_Of_The_Pot and I would love to join your organisation! My fleet is neither large or mighty but it works for me. It consists of: 1 Drake Cutlass Black It may not be much but there is definitely something I can offer to the organisation Hope to see you all in the verse. Lord_Of_The_Pot
  24. Hi I'm steeldelte and I'm afraid of flying 😬 I fly mostly WWII sims, since two weeks I try out the vers. It is huuge! Can't wait to set up my Joystick and Throttle. I have an Avenger Stalker (still need to get rid of 3 prison cells though) Nice being here with the best of the best. 😀
  25. Looking forward to joining the fine members at this Organization! personally would love to eventually be a miner or intelligence agent gathering information on other organizations for our benefit, I'm also an artist, role player, musician and illustrator!
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