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Found 148 results

  1. Hello, I am Blout

    Hello everyone, My name is Blout, And I am new the "verse" I don't know allot about it just yet. I am interested in learning however. I have a couple of ships and would love to meet someone that can show me how to become and ACE pilot, and make the credits I need to expand my fleet. I do have a discord but have not been able to find the discord information. So if you know what it is please send it to me. I appreciate the time you took to read this and look forward to flying with you. Recruit Blout
  2. I recently applied to join this amazing organization. Hopefully I'll be officially joining your ranks soon. A little info about me. I was born in the F.CAS on Earth and moved to Aremis when I was just three years old. My family was career military and I was proud to continue that tradition and become a proud citizen of our Empire. It had only been 3 months since I received my first assignment in the UEE Colonization command corp when they arrived. My family was there when the Vanduul fleets attacked without warning. They obliterated entire cities, ending the lives of millions of people. I shall not burden you with my tales of loss, but my pain runs deep. The Vanduul must be stopped. We must hold the line... When the time comes to exact vengeance, my A2 Hercules will be there to answer the call. Glory to the Imperium and the United Empire of Earth! Death to the Vanduul! ----------------------------------------------------------------- RPG mode off: Super excited to journey into the verse with like minded individuals. My main interests are Base Building and Helping others with refueling/repairing with occasional combat operations etc. I have a pioneer as well and I'll happily contribute to Imperium's base building goals. Thanks guys for the consideration!
  3. Greetings!

    Hey guys! I just applied to Imperium on the RSI website and I really hope you accept me! I am a 21-year-old Austrian currently living in Germany. I study commercial information technology and work at an IT company which provides software, servers and IT security for banks. In my free time I usually play many different video games (I usually stick with some I especially like, Star Citizen for example), watch twitch streams, youtube, spend time with my GF, inform myself on new game releases and pretty much anything that has to do with video games, programming or computers in general (yeah, I'm a nerd). I'm currently using a Laptop (yeah, yeah I know, I'm planning to upgrade to a "real" PC soon) with an i7-7700hq, a gtx 1050, 16gb ddr4 and with the game installed on a ssd so I get 30-45 fps, depending on where I am and with a few framedrops in certain situations in the Persistent Universe. Greetings from Germany, Naeramarth
  4. Greetings

    Hello everyone, i started out playing star citizen 2 weeks ago and fell in love with the deep universe and everything to discover. I recently read about organizations and informed myself about a lot of different ones. For me, Imperium, including everything it stands for and wants to accomplish, sounds awesome and i would love to be a part of it. Tho i have to admit, i will not be able to play for hours on a daily basis, since work and family consume quite some time
  5. Hello All

    Hi guys, Just applied. Looking forward to hanging out and getting into game with y'all!
  6. hello all:)

    not new to SC but new to this site, nice place you all have here:) this is my fleet.
  7. new Hi all

    Hi all, just asked to join today. Most people just call me taken. I am 32, from the UK. I am interested in all parts of military and industry. And have spent way to much on this game, like most of you. So i have ships for a lot of jobs I want to do. I look forward to working with you in game. If that shooting people in the face or selling stuff that way over priced and making us rich. Hope to see you all in game.
  8. Hi Hi!

    Hi, I've been playing star citizen for a few months before alpha 2.0 was released. I have an avenger, khartu-al, cutlass, gladius, and a connie. I will probably buy more ships as we get closer to release but I'm satisfied where I am with my loadout and I was looking for a little more commitment with my play and I recognized imperium from eve. Not sure if this is the same org but I'm really looking forward to seeing where this org can take me as this massive game keeps getting better and better. I'm not a big teamspeak guy and was wondering if there was a discord alternative, if not I'll gladly reinstall teamspeak. Thanks for reading and I look forward to meeting you all!
  9. New applicant here. Glad to see such a great community!
  10. Hello , ive been following Star Citizen activally since late 2012. My issue has been that there hasnt been many orgs as active as i would like and i was afraid of being lost and not getting heard in a larger org so i havent really looked at joining here before but now i am giving it a chance. I have plenty of ships *super secret ships* but not a good community to enjoy Star citizen with until maybe now i hope
  11. hi i am new

    well where do i start, i am a young male from norway that loves to play games, but it is boring to play alone so i have an american friend that is in imperium and told me to apply to join so thats is what i am doing. what more can i say.... o ya i have spent 2100$ on ships in star citizen, but that is what happens when you have a full time jobb and no girlfriend.
  12. New to the Verse!

    Hello fellow Citizens! Long time lurker, finally joined in time to participate in game day! I seem to not be able to view the TS or games day info yet! hopefully someone can fill me in!
  13. New guy

    hey my name is daren I was just looking for discord info had no luck finding it !
  14. hey im new

    hey new to all this i'm mostly a lurker, and dont post alot, still haven't pledged, i was told to watch twitch and try to win a package by a mate, but not had much luck yet, maybe i'll get in game soon hopefully, so no package yet, but i have an account and joined this forum after watching the base, and heard from one of the hosts he may have been abled to help, sadly he was not after he answer me here, oh well maybe next time
  15. Hey, BASE!

    Hey all! Gamer from the East Coast U.S. here. Very excited about how things have been coming along in SC. I pledged back in 2013 (Colonel - LTI) and I kept up with things until about 2015 and then sort of dropped out of the loop. I'm looking forward to getting back into this and there is SO MUCH MORE info now than there was... I have a lot to catch up on. More importantly though, I'm looking forward to meeting people who are also excited about this amazing 'verse' that is coming into existence! Glad I was able to find the BASE as my starting point and now I get to hear some cool tunes while I do my reading. Anyway, talk at me any time or in-game I am always approachable. My handle is iFox. See you around!
  16. Greetings from Australia

    Good Afternoon All, I'm from Australia, my goal is to sell an LTI package here due to unforeseen circumstances I haven't sold anything online before so if someone can point me in the right direction I would appreciate it. Dave.
  17. Hello!

    I am new here and look forward to meeting most of you
  18. Hello Everyone

    Glad to be here and looking forward to getting acclimated. I'll try to be on with decent regularity so that I can be around for dialogue. Warm Regards, CaptainCypher
  19. Jordy

    Hello all, I want to thank you for accepting my application. First thing i noticed about this community is that it is very well organized. I really like the structure and the way an application is been tested before accepting. Good stuff! So let me tell you abit about myself. As you probably have noticed my native language is not English so sorry for any grammar mistakes i make. I am a 28 year old Dutchman, who is really into simulation games, especially milsim. I previously was part of a MilSim community that was run by Mage. I was the CO of the Aviation part of the unit. I absolutly loved to do this because i really like flying, however all good things comes to an end, but then something came up and that was called StarCitizens. Mage introduced me to this game and i was hyped beyond anything i had ever seen. I wanna be part of something big and this is it! My daily life can be a bit busy these days because of my job. I am currently in the Dutch Military, but this wont stop me for playing some games when i have the time. If you boys have any questions or wanna know more about feel free to PM me. Have nice evening! Jordy
  20. New guy.

    Hey everyone. Im new to the site not at all new to the game. I found this site from imperium told me to sign up so i did. So now im here saying hellom Ive been backing this game for 2 maybe 3 years now. I was in charge of SAR wing in my old unit (left due to lack of activity). I'm also more into trying to help others. Don't know what else to say lol. If you have any question feel free to ask
  21. Hi, I joined Imperium three weeks ago and haven't really been as active with the community for different reasons such as finishing work being really, really sick and more and thought I should say hello. I'm a Swede in his mid 20's and you can call me Ubi. I have been a long time follower of SC since 2011 but never joined for many reasons with life sometimes being in your way of your true calling... ^^ Long time gamer with lots of FPS in teams, as well played flight simulators when I was young but got tired of them because I didn't find planes interesting but spaceships on the other hand is pure fun, just haven't been any as fun as it is in SC. I got a Avenger Titan at the moment and looking to acquire more in time. I hope it will be a fun journey. PS: (I'm really unsure you can even say 'peacefully inept'..... please tell me if it's incorrect) (⊙ ω ⊙)
  22. Greetings Citizens!

    Greetings fellow Citizens! I joined Imperium last night and wanted to drop by and introduce myself to the community. I am an Ohio based player with close to 20 years worth of gaming. You will typically find me in Arena Commander where I am endlessly trying to improve my combat skills. I was introduced to Imperium by XLB and SpaceMoose who I've been flying with for a few weeks. I am happy to be a part of an organized group of citizens and look forward to seeing you guys around the verse!
  23. Where do I go now?

    Hello: new to SC and everything in it. I have a Constellation Aquila. I might be looking into the Endeavor in Nov or Christmas. I am basing this on finding a good crew that wishes to become a part of the best support/multi-role ship in the fleet. I am thinking modules like the hanger, medical and ID beacon at this time. I am sure the Constellation Aquila will be a great stepping stone to learn systems and positions best suited for each crew member. Going forward I am sure to make friends and a strong crew to augment the strength of the fleet.
  24. New Applicant

    Hello, My name is Oreq and I am new to Star Citizen. I have played many MMORPGs and know that finding a good guild is important to enjoyable game play. I have been doing much research and believe you have a top notch guild. If allowed to join, I know I will contribute greatly to the cause...
  25. Killswitch

    Greetings from Oregon, I've been PC games since about 2004 (CoD2, AA). Even earlier than that, in elementary school I used to collect cans with my friends so we can play CS 1.6 at the LAN center. I was in the Marine Corps from 2010-2015 as a V-22 Mechanic, and was a Sergeant when I EAS'd. Now I'm finishing up a degree in Computer Networking. Most weekends you can find me on steam playing CSGO or ARMA 3, but I'm starting to play SC more regularly. My drink of choice is Kraken Steam Profile - SC Profile