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Found 3 results

  1. Like the sister thread Characters (FPS) - 2.0 and other sister threads: This thread people can compile images and videos of Alien avatars (characters) (FPS). Here is a new Vanduul Image from Chris Olivia ^^^ Vanduul +++ Another Alien listed under Star Citizen from Chris Olivia on his Art Station (possible Tevarin or Kr'Thak?) +++ Some older Chris Olivia art for Star Citizen ^^^ Banu ^^^ Xi'An and Tevarin below....
  2. How many of you recall this line from the stretch goals? Star Citizen will feature an additional alien race, the Kr’Thak. This line is from the 4.5 million stretch goal. Star Citizen has ballooned in scope since the first Kickstarter launch, but, looking at development today, they seem to be keeping to stretch goals as much as they can. I find it interesting that they've introduced the Vanduul, the Xi'an, and the Banu, but we've only heard rumours about the Kr'Thak, a race promised quite early in the game's concept... What gives? It's likely that this species is either still in production, or under wraps due to lore reasons. I believe in the later, which is further supported by a little googling. The SC wiki has a little on the Kr'Thak and notably states that they are the enemies of the Xi'An and are on the other side of their empire. They are space-faring, own at least a few systems, and have held their own in a conflict lasting at least 700 years... at least, as far as we know. All this seems canon from a number of sources. So how can we contextualize this within the greater 'verse? Well, let's take a look at the Starmap. It's been a while, eh? The Xi'an control 12 systems that we know of. They could easily control more, considering the size of Vanduul and UEE space. So, even if the Kr'Thak are not very proliferant, they would likely control several systems - say, maybe 6 or more? Any less would be insufficient to hold up versus another interstellar civilization, IMO. So, what do you guys think? Would it be cool to explore in reaches unknown to make contact with this mysterious race? What systems will we have to explore and travel through to get to the Kr'Thak? Would you like to participate in an expedition to find out more? Finally, this really emphasizes that the Starmap is just the beginning. What's already there is mind-boggling. Just how much more does Chris Roberts have planned hiding along the outskirts?
  3. This is a good video to show people who are thinking about playing Star Citizen....... but there was potentially a major slip up at 30:20m into the video....... which could possibly mean that the Kr'Thak ......... could have Gravity Weapons?? The Kr-Thak are an Alien Race not in the game yet - but we know are part of the lore = they are at war with the Xi'An and the Xi'An at the start of the game want to keep human contact with the Kr'Thak at a minimum). Sometimes tech designers come up with some cool technical experiment (grabby hands is an example of this)... and will create new game play / lore around the new mechanic. Is this possibly an example of that. What do you think? ++++++ If indeed the Kr'Thak have some advanced Gravity Technology - how should CIG design their ships to reflect this technology??? Here is my take on that below.... Kr'Thak could be an insectoid or avian race from a Low-G Planet and are use to living in the sky or near orbit - and over time could be a race that easily adapted to Zero-G. Kr'Thak Ships should be Platonic Solids (like a Sphere or Ellipsoid - or even spin or rotate forming a spiral like shape) = where the Ship itself has no floors but is instead one large open space with equipment or stations scattered throughout the hollow shape..... = which would make for interesting FPS combats (different from fighting in corridors). Kr'Thak ships (if they are masters of Gravity and Inertia)..... might be extremely maneuverable - which would explain the Xi'An (being at war with the Kr-Thak) developing maneuverable ships with articulating thruster rigs to counter the Kr'Thak. Kr'Thak weapons could be gravity weapons that act like a rail gun or tractor beam which would make them very distinct. There is one mistake CIG made in the questions part of the video...... and that involves "Agent Smithing" in SC which allows you to use your Package NPC as an NPC which allows another player to "teleport" (which this one developer mentioned isn't a thing in SC - but it is - just in a limited form) to your friend's ship taking over their NPC == as a way to play with your friend that maybe many star systems away from your current player location.
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