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  1. Well its already been a long road but I see things getting better exponentially, perhaps not in 3.0 yet but overall I'm quite happy with the parts of the game I get to play even with all it's issues
  2. Com. Serus Gant

    UBTECH First Order Stormtrooper

    Well if it does the dishes and laundry, I can see me getting one lol
  3. Com. Serus Gant

    BarCitizen Alberta

    I'm in Edmonton but would enjoy meeting some org mates as well as any other star citizen fanatics, will mark this on the calendar but can't promise anything yet
  4. Com. Serus Gant

    Game Day, October 28th

    Ah Game Day, finally work has slowed down enough I may be able to attend another of these and show my newb skillz
  5. Com. Serus Gant

    Game Day (3.0?) July 29th

    If I don't go out of town I'm down to get lit up by Switch again, first game day was eye opening to "Get Better" lol
  6. Com. Serus Gant

    Game Day June 24th

    I had some RlL come up last game day and was very unhappy I did not get to participate.....I will give it my best shot to show up for this one, cause I've been practicing a lot lol
  7. Com. Serus Gant

    Traveltime in Star Citizen

    Being that I am a big space geek I have an understanding of how big our actual universe really is. I feel that if travel times are too short it would ruin my immersion, and on the other side of the coin if they are too far it may bore some to the point of not playing. I just have to put my faith in the community that we will come to an agreed resolution so we can all enjoy this most epic game the way it should be
  8. Beautiful trailer, heck if I wasn't already an SC player for 3 years I'd be getting on board now.....and to say I'm patiently waiting for 3.0, well I sure want it here sooner than later
  9. Com. Serus Gant

    Fidget Spinners

    I have seen them as well and just as Donut said, I can't get behind the idea these are helping by any means.....btw I like the tactical version
  10. I think I want to fly my connie down, get a buddy or 2 on board and see what planets are all about...........the anticipation is driving me crazy
  11. Com. Serus Gant

    Chris Roberts Rebranding

    Hahaha Did anyone count how many times he said "fidelity"?
  12. Com. Serus Gant

    Game Day, May 27th

    Well as a new member of the org, who has been warmly welcomed, I'd better show up and show off my skills......of being a moving target Marked in the calendar so hope all goes as planned and I don't miss out on the fun
  13. Com. Serus Gant

    EVGA Graphic Cards Giveaway

    I could use a new vid card....and sure I'll give you a referral for getting me a shot at it too
  14. Com. Serus Gant

    Post Hump Day Special

    Mmmmm Bacon makes everything better
  15. Com. Serus Gant

    Alien: Covenant - 2017 Movie

    With great interest I await this movie