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  1. I have recently sent my application to Imperium and I choose this way to notifyHuman Resources .
  2. My Tag is Techwolf, I have been pledged since 2013, was originally part of the 47th, however, they are not active for the most part and I have stopped gaming with them about 3 years ago. I Currently own several ships: Super Hornet, Cutlass, Gemini, Prospector, Connie Aquila, Dragonfly, Ursa Rover, Retaliator, Arrow, and the Santakyai. This Damn game cost me money every time I come back to it lol. Looking to join my fellow Vets and meeting the rest of you. Fly Straight and shoot Straighter.
  3. Hello, I found the Base through Twerk17 Twitch stream (thanks for your content mister!) I'm a backer since the Kickstarter Campaign, but never really got into the game until the latest PTU, where I'm finally having a blast. I have a Cutlass Black in my hangar, but I plan to upgrade to Carrack at some point. Mostly interested in politics, grand scale PvP, but for now whatever I try or do I'm amazed of the whole universe, like a newborn child. I'm here mainly to meet with similar minded pilots, to get lost in the Verse with. o7
  4. Hi guys, I've had star citizen for a while now, and my friend I used to play with has more or less stopped playing. Hopefully joining Imperium will provide the community aspect of star citizen I am currently lacking. I currently have an andromeda, but if I am accepted, I will exchange this for a gladius or sabre so I can take on the role of a fighter pilot within the org. See you in the verse!
  5. I'm Swoop and I'm looking for a group of people to play SC with. I took a break from SC a while ago and now that there's so much more to do I'm excited to get back into it.
  6. Hey I just joined so I figured I'd come on here and introduce myself. I am Ganja, I started backing in 2016 although I've been following development since 2012. I own an LTI Merchantman and an LTI Cyclone-RC. I plan to focus primarily on trading and establishing routes. A little history about me... I started gaming on the MSN Gaming zone playing JediKnight Dark Forces II. I then moved on to StarCraft, Diablo 2, WarCraft 3, World of WarCraft, Ultima Online, Elite Dangerous, GTA V, PUBG, League of Legends, CS:GO, Overwatch, Ark: Survival Evolved, and many others. On my steam account alone
  7. Hi folks, I'm Stahlkopp. After the close-down of the official SC forums in favour of some wannabee SC Facebook I'm looking for a new SC community to hang around and discuss all topics around SC beyond the White Knight echo chamber. cu in the 'Verse
  8. Victor Vector here, yet another refugee from the recently closed (archived) RSI Forums. I pledged a Freelancer. Transport and salvage is the intended name of the game for me. If successful, there might be a future possibility of branching out into a bit of mining too. It's the early hours of the morning for me now so I'll get some Zzzz's. I just wanted to find a new home and get settled in. Hail and well met everyone.
  9. Hi all, I'm relocating from RSI. Nice to meet you and thank you for your hospitality!
  10. Hello, Grizz here. Since CIG is closing down the forum and switching to a Spectrum chat soup, I am migrating to this SC forum. Just to get the latest news in a readable format.
  11. Hello, migrating here from the SC forums. Freelancer pledge, interested mostly in trading and exploration.
  12. Chamz


    Hello, can't wait to start meeting you all. Meanwhile, here is a little bit about myself: I am a 23 years old Canadien, currently studying mechanical engineering and a really sociable guy. I won't be very active in the Alpha during the next four months since I'm going up north (like way north!) for an internship... but after that I will be all hands on deck! (I will make sure to be active on the forums)
  13. Hi, Sigma007 reporting for duty. Have been very quiet on SC forums as I lost interest while waiting for the game to be completed. With the imminent arrival of S42 and the persistent universe thereafter, I will definitely be more active. See you in the 'verse! Sigma.
  14. Hi all, I have been looking for an Organisation which is a bit more active and stumbled upon the Imperium which seems great. I fly an 890 jump with support from a P-72 and an aurora and I am really looking forward to flying with everyone when the game is released in the not too distant future!
  15. Dalgon


    Hey people, my handle / ingame name is Dalgon and i just filled out the application for being a member of the Imperium! I own a Cutlass Red and i started playing and backing Star Citizen back in August 2014. I know that the Imperiums Search and Rescue Department isn't that huge atm, but i look forward to help with that! From skimming and reading through the forums i noticed that the average age of the starcitizenbase and Imperiums community is older than my own, but I hope that Star Citizen will be great enough of a game to bypass any age differences inside its community.
  16. Hello base, Im PapaRoyal and own an Andromeda pending upgrade to Redeemer once it becomes flyable. Looking forward to being able to do boarding and offensive ground operations on different planets and bases. Have played quite a bit in the miniPU and I'm exited about the upcoming Squadron 42. Feel free to PM if you have questions P. Royal
  17. Hello everyone! Im really looking forward to the full universe, and hope i can find a unit on north american time to adventure and explore with, and look forward to making this organization great!
  18. Conor


    Hello everyone I just signed up. I backed the game back in 2013 but have only recently started to play it. I'v gone from having an Aurora to the 300i and now i have the Avenger stalker. Im interested in the combat and but mostly Trade & Industry side of the game. Look forward to playing with you guys.
  19. Hello all, I also go by my character/avatar's name Targus. Just here to try and expand my knowledge of Star Citizen and the communities within, as well as take part in some interesting discussions. A little about me I suppose: I started PC gaming in the mid 90's (LucasArts, Freespace, Fallout 1, Jane's, etc), I'm a huge scifi and horror novel/movie fan. I'm old enough to have seen every Star Wars movie in the theater (Ep. 4 second run) and remember when Atari 2600's ruled the world. First learned about C. Roberts when I started playing Wing Commander 3 on my PS1 way back when
  20. I am a new Member here for military. I have started flying with Doopsums, and GreenAvenger already. I hope to help Imperium with its military power. My hangar is not what I want it to be currently. I own an aurora but it is never brought out. I have a Superhornet from Rec and just fly that. Been flying the hornet since 1.0. I am down for all sorts of military power. Dogfights, Ships being taken over, fps, convoy guard escort.
  21. Hi guys, I'm Nebulae, 16y from Texas, and am going to high school in Texas. I was introduced to star citizen by one of my good friends. I like to play lots of Fps, RTS, and Turn Based Strategy games. I enjoy playing most coop games and have some experience in flight sims but would definitely like to improve in this category. I currently have the cutlass black as a jack of all trades vehicle to test out whether I find escort or transportation more enjoyable in this type of game. I hope to either specialize in trading or escort. I look forward to playing with the great peopl
  22. Hello to everyone! As I just passed the exam and am now an official member I figured I might pop in and introduce myself. I am Stephen, I'm from Perth, Australia, and I am currently a student. I bought into Star Citizen around July last year and have probably spent way too much money on this game (but hey, I'm all about that Concierge lifestyle). In my Star Citizen life I currently own a Constellation Andromeda, a Herald, a Merchantman, a Reliant, and an Aurora MR (which is probably going to be melted down into something cooler soon). My main goal in the game is to hopefully trade in
  23. Hey guys, old hardcore MMO-player, space sim-lover and sci-fi nerd here who can't wait for the game to launch. Been a backer since 2013 and recently came back to start testing the alpha out a bit again. Found Imperium and quite honestly became very impressed with the ambition and level of organization. Seems like a great home for exploring the universe and im looking forward to contributing to it's work. Got two ships so far, a Tali and a Harbinger/Warden (battle upgrade kit) but will probably get atleast one more (Super Hornet). Hoping to switch between military duty and perhaps do
  24. Hello! My name is Gearboxx or Jack. Pretty damn excited about this game, and I am looking to get stuck in balls deep into Trading and Industry, thats my dream area to work in. Ill be looking to operate my Hull C and Starfarer for Trade, Inter-organisational transportation and supply, and fleet support in the form of fuel, weapons, supplies etc. I'll also be looking to man Orion's and possibly Reclaimer's, as I won't be wanting to purchase these ships myself. I imagine people will be needing crew and I will gladly step up the plate. I'll be excited to just stand there and w
  25. Hello my friends,I recently joined the Imperium and im here to introduce myself to everyone. My name is Ituska Kotori, just simply call me "Kotori". I'm from Japan. And i love chocolate and sweets. Currently I own these ships: Idris P Sabre Super hornet Gemini Freelancer MIS Glaive Vanguard Warden Vanguard Harbinger Retaliator BaseArmada PackThe features I'm currently most looking forward to is the Combat ops and exploration, as well as social conflicts such as wars. I still got a question :In Portal's chat channel im just a forum member,and how can i be a fully fleet member?Thank u!
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