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Found 13 results

  1. + Probably new 890 Jump artwork on display, some new advertising + Its not being worked on by Behaviour anymore, who designed the interior like a cold, sterile, corporate waiting area. + 890 Jump on sale during the Origin 600 sale. CIG needs your moneys! - By their own rules, CIG *should* not be raising the price until its hangar ready, but look what they just did to the not-hangar-ready BMM. PS: the only way God could have been able to build the Universe: Volunteers, Sandestines etc...
  2. Hello, I am selling upgrades and original Concepts with LTI Upgrades Upgrade Qty Price (USD) Constellation Andromeda to Redeemer Upgrade 3 30 Constellation Taurus to F7C Hornet Wildfire Upgrade 5 30 F7C-S Hornet Ghost to Prospector Upgrade 6 35 Constellation Andromeda to Merchantman Upgrade 10 140 Redeemer to Vanguard Sentinel Upgrade 7 20 325a to Herald Upgrade 4 20 Redeemer to Vanguard Harbinger Upgrade 9 30 325a to Hull B Upgrade 5 25 Constellation Taurus to Hull C Upgrade 1 110
  3. G'day SCB, I thought I'd share with you my compilation of official prices of all RSI game assets to date so far: Current Price List 2015 Sale Price List 2014 Sale Price List First Year Prices Star Citizen Package Comparison Chart Additional helpful information How to Buy Spaceships Over the Spectrum in 2945 (by Baragoon) How to Sell Spaceships Over the Spectrum in 2945 (by Baragoon) Use this knowledge wisely!
  4. Wuz gud @Imperium Members! With 3.0 just around the corner we event coordinators figured it would be a fun idea to throw an event where we all just sit down and play some Star Citizen, before 3.0 get’s released and everything works magically and no one is disappointed or anything of the sorts... Realism Pessimism aside, we have some congratulations due for our raffle winners from April’s Game Day. Congratulations to: @Aegid @LowZone @rimmer59 and @Uthrac, you’re all well deserving of the 10$ gift cards. As there’s been some confusion surrounding the raffles we’re gonna t
  5. SELL STAR CITIZEN ACCOUNT MAIN PACKAGE - AURORA MR STAR CITIZEN + SQUADRON 42 COMBO(Single Player , MP and MMO) Kruger P-72 Archimedes with LTI(Life Time Insurance) StarFarer with LTI(Life Time Insurance) Add-Ons Game Universe StarMAP with LTI Selfland Hangar , Revel & York Hangar , Aeroview Hangar , VFG Industrial Hangar UEC - 31000 SPACE GLOBES UEE TOWEL OMNI ROLE COMBAT ARMOR (ORC) MK9 DECEMBER 2014 BACKER REWARD CHRISTMAS 2014 REWARD! EXPLORER-CLASS MOBIGLAS RIG HADESIAN ARTIFACT ENGINE TUNING KIT XI’AN SPACE PLANT BB-12 MANNED MA
  6. Origin 85x - Concept Sale Price - [POLL] Please use the other 85x thread for known facts or new - news.... and this thread is only about speculating about its price (or ideas that you would like to see on the 85x) Also vote on sister thread on the RSI Forums JUST IN FROM BEN^^^ Ben - 20.57m - Ben talks about the Origin 85x. ^^^{{{ The Origin 85x is a SNUB craft - so it will NOT have a Jump Engine but will have either a Quantum Drive or an Atmospheric Drive - more likely an Atmospheric Drive per the image below - but it may be optional to buy a module to switch between thes
  7. Official news from Lando: https://forums.robertsspaceindustries.com/discussion/326607/spaceship-prices
  8. Has anyone been keeping tabs on the 4K monitors out there? What can you tell me about the tech I do not already know? Maybe I should explain why I am starting this thread. This is all in anticipation for the release of Star Citizen. I have a Volair Sim (unassembled yet) and am looking to get three 32" 4K monitors for it. I do not have a tower built for this yet as I am waiting for other hardware technology releases and Star Citizen timing. With the Volair Sim, the monitors I acquire will need VESA mounting capabilities. I have been holding back from purchasing anything for now, and
  9. Selling my Avenger Package! Which I will also Include Arena Commander: Feel Free to PM if any Questions or Support! ACTUAL VALUE: 80$ Keep in Mind, I'm not a Scam... also I won't liked to be Scamed myself. Thanks
  10. Aegis Vanguard-class Twin-Engine Deep Space Fighter As mentioned by Ben Lesnick (CIG) the Vanguard (formally known as the Bulldog) will be ready as the Concept Sale soon (could be this month maybe even in a couple of weeks). This will be ahead of the Hull A + Hull B + Hull C Concept Sale(s) = (See sister thread and vote there as well: ) VOTE - in the POLL to give a price for the Vanguard for its Concept Sale. This will help CIG better understand player expectations (and the player base is part of the development team for the game - and CIG values our input). The POLL price ran
  11. The Anvil Carrack Concept Sale maybe announced tomorrow (usually they give a one week notice) and Ben usually gives a status update for the week on Monday. Head over to the RSI forums and add in your VOTE and any comments We know Ben pays attention to polls as he did when the Redeemer was originally offered with LTI (we had a poll on that and Ben commented on the poll). See Link below.... (with over 721 votes so far) [POLL] How much should the Anvil Carrack cost compared to the RSI Aquila? ^^^ Latest post for topic reference... but see rest of thread.
  12. In yesterday's Reverse the Verse - Episode 20 about 40min into the Video = Ben mentions that they will be having a meeting to spec out the Drake Herald "very soon." Ben mentions the maximum price will $100. Since the Herald is a Drake ship... typically Drake Ships are inexpensive, easy to maintain, easy to repair, less costly to operate, etc... (characteristics of the ship manufacturer) this should lower the price. Since quality of components is a very important factor in determining ship cost, as is comparison to other existing ships and the ships versatility (Herald is highly specializ
  13. Hi i just wanted to know what do you think about people selling their lti auroras on reddit for $170? I wonder if they end up getting something around $100 for it as best offer or if someone really pays $180.
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