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  1. Team up for new GTA V Heists?

    Ok the crew is up and running and @J. Coren and @Flesh you've been invited. If you guys and @FoxChard are available in the hours to come, we enough to run a heist
  2. Team up for new GTA V Heists?

    I should get the crew up and running tomorrow. I might be able to play tomorrow, but more probably on Saturday. It would be fun to try out those new heists
  3. Team up for new GTA V Heists?

    Yeah I am up for it as well! We still have the Imperium org in GTA, I'll see if we can reactivate it and get people in.
  4. 3.0 is on PTU for First Wave!!

    Yup got it as well. Although I am not able to copy my profile yet. Hmm. Anyway, with game day on the 25th I might as well until Sunday before I try again.
  5. New guy.

    Welcome to the Base and Imperium @Badgerhero! Always nice to meet new people who are also interested in SAR. We have big plans for that in the future.
  6. Game of Thrones

    Skyrim did the same, the dragons there are also technically wyverns. But I believe Bethesda did that because 4 limbs are much easier to articulate than 6 limbs when they created the actual in-game models, but Dragon still sounds cooler than Wyvern. And I wouldn't be surprised if that is also the reason why they decided to depict them with only 4 limbs in GoT as well. I just imagine in the series that, in-universe, they never made the difference between 4 and 6 limb dragons, or that 6 limb dragons just never existed and they had a perfectly good fire breathing 4-limb dragons that they did not need to imagine a dragon with 6 limbs and create different names for that.
  7. Hello fellow brothers and sisters

    welcome to greatest international org :-) And we all have our weird English (even the native English speaking members), so you should feel right at home here
  8. Hello

    Welcome to the org and community! And Jack of all trade are the best!
  9. RSI Ursa Rover

    Sweet, that should be a sign of how stable the code is if the nox stayed within the Ursa while driving! I'm so happy CIG got to show such a hands on demo at Gamescom this year.
  10. "Following the development of Star Citizen is probably a bit like travelling through space itself. The destination is visible, but with no context in the great void, it’s hard to tell how fast we’re going or when we’ll get there."

  11. Excellent Yela Map

    Much better than our current flow charts for sure!
  12. Ghost Recon Wildlands Beta

    Looks like we will all be able to try it out within the next two weeks as they have confirmed an open beta will happen, just like The Division and For Honor. http://www.gamespot.com/articles/ghost-recon-wildlands-open-beta-confirmed-coming-s/1100-6447713/ I'll definitely try out it that week-end.
  13. ATV - 2.6 New Flight Mechanics

    They probably would've added a fuel mechanic to Cruise speed at some point anyway. Now they removed cruise and used the AB system instead off pressing V once and seeing a countdown appear over the speedometer. There is little different in its basic function, but having more control on the acceleration could be more interesting in the long run. When it comes to the speed changes, we'll have to see if it does make combat more fun and interesting. I see their point of only barely seeing the silhouette of the ship and relying on the reticle to fire not being as engaging as actually firing at the ship itself. And hopefully they will balance the smaller ships to still keep the maneuverability advantage they have now. We'll see when we get our hands on the game. Even then we will probably see more updates to the flight mechanics in the future based on both fun and practicability.
  14. For those interested here is a nice and clear list of what can be expected of 2.6 with sources: https://starcitizen.tools/Star_Citizen_Alpha_2.6.0 For me it is all about stability and hopefully a nicer flight model. FPS will be a plus, but that is something I will have to practice intensely as it has been a while since I last played FPS seriously...
  15. Great teamwork during battle

    Beats you harassing me because you felt I was hogging the large platform at the Cry-Astro service station Also, cool in flight shot (just before ramming me):