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Found 162 results

  1. Hi folks, I'm Etyx, a fresh recruit. Thought I'd introduce myself here. I'm 28 years old, born in Germany, raised in Belgium and currently living in the Netherlands (ikr :D). I've been a backer of Star citizen for roughly two years now and I'm eagerly awaiting the release of Squadron42 as well as the Persistent Universe as one does. Looking forward to getting to know lots of like-minded people, to have fun playing in the Verse with or just talking about random stuff over a beer. Cheers!
  2. Hi all, Just applied to join the Imperium org and looking forward to belonging to what looks like an awesome setup. Personally, I am into trade and running cargo hauls, but will also like to get into reclamation and salvage and the odd combat when needed. I currently only own a Freelancer which I will look to upgrade to the Max now certain features have been fixed, but would love to own a Cat and be crew on a Reclaimer in the Future. In game name is ModestMonkey so send me an invite if anyone needs crew at anytime. I am from the UK and will be on most evenings! Thanks, Modest
  3. Pallas


    Hello all, new guy here, interested in joining up with the Trade and Industry division of Imperium. Currently only have a Hull B and a Mustang Alpha, but I'm planning on making my way up to the ludicrously sized Hull E and organizing enormous legal cargo runs. Imperium seems like the best balance of economic funding and military escort out of all of the orgs I've looked at. Can't wait to get into the community and see what's happening!
  4. Name's Gavril, call me Gav. Never been in an Org before and decided to give it a try. SC backer for a while now, my package is a mess and I have a healthy amount on this game. Started with an Aurora. Waiting for the Polaris and the Carrack to come out.
  5. Hi all, I'm Citadel. I've been part of the Star Citizen community for just over 5 years now, I started with an Avenger titan and vowed at the time to not buy anymore ships until the game launched. fast forward to today and I've recently bought an 890J for when I'm not in one of my 8 or 9 other ships/vehicles not wanting to acknowledge the "buy backs" 👀 - So after looking around at various Orgs and getting a feel for each of them I've been in limbo for quite some time. However after talking with an existing Imperium member "StratoCrewzr" I wanted to not only join Imperium but I'd like to hopefully be useful to the Org and thrive within it. I look forward to getting to know you all better! Citadel
  6. Hey yall, My name is Moote, and I am a new applicant to Imperium. I've been a backer since early 2015, and I have recently found my love for the mining mechanic. I am looking for a good community that reminds me of a helpful EQ1 server. I enjoyed the rules of your org, and I hope that you accept my application. Only then, can we both see if we are a good fit for each other. Thanks, Moote
  7. Hello my fellow Citizens, This is my introductory post, I'm an Aries who enjoys a long walk on the beach and a short walk through an airlock. I'm a Grand Admiral with a jaunty monocle, top-hat and some golden guns.... All that and $5.34 cash will get me a cup of coffee at Starbucks.
  8. Hello folks! I’m a tree stump ghost! I hope to have fun here!
  9. Hello all! I'm broid23. I stumbled across a very old post with the link to this forum, and it was just perfect. Many of us have been playing, dreaming, and waiting for this game to be realized. We are getting closer! I hope to get to know many of you. It's good being here and I look forward to playing together in one Verse in the future! In my personal time, I play many games and love creating content. Even if I don't make money or get the attention needed I still have a lot of fun. I have a Applied Science Degree in Horticulture, so I love science in general. Most games I play have a survival feel to them so I really am looking forward to the day I can find a dark corner of the Verse and build my own Broidtopia. Feel free to message me if you have any questions or in the future maybe looking for a good teammate to ride the stars with. You never know where space will lead us! broid23
  10. Larisa


    Hello, My apologies, my arrival to this section of the forum was delayed by an over seas trip right after joining the community, I would like to thank the individuals that processed my application and invited me to join this great community. I am very grateful to be here among you. Having been the Non Commissioned Officer / Company First Sergeant with a Military Simulation group for well over 2 years, it's great to finally see a community in Star Citizen, in which takes pride and discipline pretty serious. The standards reflected through the receiving portion of my enlistment was quite professional and it should be said that these achievements are not something that should go unnoticed. I'm in my mid 20's; Live in Norway; Been playing various online games since before I even entered elementary school, been apart of several online communities since before my early teens. I am currently preparing to start my studies on Criminal Justice and eventually take my Bachelors degree. As for Star Citizen I have spent an extraordinarily large amount of money, so I am hoping that Imperium can help my seff justify those spending by helping me put those ships to use, should it be necessary I would be happy to lend some out. Hopefully I can serve this community better than it serves my self. Thank you for your time, Cockroach.
  11. Martus


    Mentlegen, Thank You for accepting my application. Looking forward to being part of this well structured and organized group of enthusiasts! Strikingly impressive amount of automation in the recruitment process, as well. A bit about myself; I'm 25, Lithuanian living in Denmark. Studied Computer Science and Web Development, and have been working as a C# software developer for a media analysis company for the past couple of years. Besides spending my time by looking at a screen or sitting at a pub, I play the guitar and a little bit of the piano. I also occasionally go fishing. As for my gaming experience, I've been serving under @Mage and @Champagne_Papi in MSOC-A, 1stMRB, and the 13thMEU ArmA 3 milsim units for most of my time as an active member of an online gaming community. Recently, I've been enjoying flying the study-level modules in the combat flight simulator - DCS:World. As for sci-fi ship-oriented games, I've played Freelancer, Star Trek Online, Elite, and a little bit of Eve. Hopefully, my experience from the various positions I've held in the milsim units, as well as my flight sim hours will come in handy when contributing to this organization. o7 Martus
  12. Jonesy


    First, thank you for accepting me into Imperium, I'm very excited to be here. I'm impressed to see the amount of thought and effort that has gone into the organization of this community. The level of work needed to do that is no small feat and I'm excited to be a part of whatever great things are accomplished in the future. I'm also looking forward to working with Mage and the crew of guys that recently joined. As for myself, I'm currently a student of social work living in Ontario, Canada. I have a small experience in MilSim and about 4 years of flight sim, both general aviation and military. I hope these experiences will be an asset as I both learn and give back to this community.
  13. Hey Everybody, I wanted to express my gratitude for having accepted my application, I am glad to be on board with everybody here. I don't have much to say but I will say that all the hard work and effort you all put into this is noticed and greatly appreciated. As a season veteran of the Military Simulation world, organization and polished doctrine is something that I look up to and value, it all goes a long way. To cut to the chase, I am in my 20's, I currently live in the Netherlands but I have been around quite a bit. I am currently trying to pursue my career as a Rally Driver, if any of you are big fans of racing and/or cars we will have a lot to talk about. As far as Star Citizen goes, I don't know as much as I would like about it. With that being said I do come from over 8 years of being in the MilSim Community and there are many things I have learned which I am willing to share. I don't yet know exactly what I want to do in the game because I am still very ignorant towards all the possibilities. I really look forward to meeting you all and being able to share some moments together. Yours Truly, Champagne Papi
  14. Leyten


    Hey there! I would like to thank you for taking the time to consider my application, this place seems like a great group of people and a close friend of mine highly recommended it. Anyway, I guess I better introduce myself? My name is Cade Jackson and I am currently a second year university student studying 'International Disaster Management and Humanitarian Response' at Manchester University. I'm not entirely 100% on where I want my career to be, but I am interested in something related to the United Nations, Red Cross or Oxfam. Compared to my fairly boring academic life, I spend the rest of my time socialising playing video games. I like to play varied yet a niche set of genres such as military simulator, grand strategy, real time strategy and MMORPGs and I have invested too much into Star Citizen to stop gaming now. In regards to Star Citizen, I like to see myself as an explorer, partly due to my killer curiosity and the other 97% down to the fact that I am poor fighter pilot and often turn tail it at the first sight of trouble. Anyway, I'm not really sure what else to say about myself, if you have any questions or you're brave enough to say hello, I would like to say once more that I am happy to be here.
  15. Dukebarr


    It is a pleasure to be apart of a fleet which prides itself in organization and commitment. These are tenets i resonate with and that i have personally upheld through my years of Mil-Sim and Guild Leadership across Multiple MMOs. I am thankful that you have taken the time to review and accept my application and i assure you that the time was not wasted. So far the website here has impressed me most, from its ease of access to just the sheer amount of information that it has to offer to those within and outside of Imperium. I believe this to be a strong representation of how dedicated the command sector of this Organization is to success. In regards to myself i am into my 20s, Currently i am a professional dispatcher. Soon to complete a Degree in Communication/Relationship management. Upon completion i am working to become an Air Traffic Controller with the FAA. I Reside within New Jersey which i am sure will change in the near future. I haven't committed to any major ship purchases as of yet but i have my eye on a few and in the coming days will begin to build up my fleet. i Specialize in Commerce and Economics and i do hope to learn more and help others as a teacher with any all things pertaining to Intergalactic Freight Transport. Thank you for your time, Duke
  16. Hello everyone, just wanted to quickly say hello. Just downloaded Star Citizen yesterday so I'm not well versed in the game but was recommended all the same to this unit by a good friend of mine. Overall this website and unit in general seems to be very well structured and I look forward to learning and playing the game alongside you guys.
  17. Mage


    All, Thank you for accepting my application, I'm glad and grateful to be here. I have to say, I'm extremely impressed with the community so far. I am an old hand at running communities myself, having been the Commanding Officer with a Military Simulation group for the past five years, so to find somewhere with clearly high standards of organisation and structure is as impressive as it is a relief. From the layout of the forum, the radio station, and the wiki, to the integration of Discord and TeamSpeak into SCB and the efficacy of the HR staff during my application, the Command Staff and Officers should be very proud of their achievements; it reflects very well upon you. As for myself, I'm now into my 30s, much to my chagrin; I live in England, United Kingdom; I have lots of gaming community and professional management experience. I am overly infatuated with Star Citizen, and I'm probably going to spend more than I should on ships in the coming months. I have some attributes and knowledge that I'm more than happy to lend to the community if it is ever needed. For me, being part of a community like this is helping out in the best way I can. Hopefully I get a chance to do that in the future. Thanks, Mage.
  18. Hey folks! I'm Rakkis and the Bar Citizen Coordinator for MT and I guess WY and ID if they want to join. We have a Discord Server set up so run on over to Spectrum to grab the Invite and join us there! We all know how spread out we are, so we'll likely spread the events around the state, you need to work on your Montana Brewery Passports anyway! Look for the first event to be in Bozeman in the coming weeks! I've followed Star Citizen for a long while now, and was finally able to afford a machine that can handle it. I'm really happy with the community that surrounds the game and looking forward to taking part in the process! Aurora MR Aegis Gladius If there's any Montanans around come join us in our discord server! https://robertsspaceindustries.com/spectrum/community/SC/forum/50176/thread/montana-star-citizens
  19. Hello all, First of all I'm really thankful for accepting me. Although I'm new here I am thrilled with the level of organisation that I see, really great work. I am fond of anything "sci-fi" or "space stuff" from watching Expanse and Fringe to playing SWTOR or W40K, from reading Asimov to having bookmarked NASA and ESA . I am also from Greece and soon I'll be reading this forum from a sunny beach , yeah I know this doesn't sound too sci-fi but it's really nice trust me . What I am looking here , is a cosy,funny,friendly community which will make the empty,grim,dark void ... a brighter place. P.S Last phrase was cool right ?
  20. Hey all, I am a new player and long time lurker looking to pledge in the next week or so and wanted to join a good community. I am a long time Sci Fi fan and have been looking forward to star citizen for a long time but never knew if it was going to take off like it has. I look forward to joining Imperium and have heard good things about this group from other members.
  21. Good morning, afternoon, or evening, I'm quite new here, found my way through the verse and ended up looking through documents assigned to this base station, loved the idea of it all. Been a lurker a bit more than usual, but I decided to step into this community. I look forward to meeting and hearing many of the fellow citizens who reside here, and I can't wait to share some grand experiences with you. Thank you for having me! With the utmost respect, FV
  22. I've been a backer of Star Citizen since 2013 and over the years have progressively pledged more over the years. My pledge rank is Vice Admiral and over time despite the short comings on promises I still believe in what I consider a community project that is Star Citizen. With the fall of the great official forum and the crap Spectrum is being shoved down our passionate communities throats, I've migrated to third party forums. I've heard good things about this one and look forward to the discussions on Star Citizen.
  23. Hi Guys, Glad to be here, sounds like this is going to turn into quite the organisation. Frylord is my name. I'm aiming to start out in the cargo business, running both security and cargo ships. I hope to meet many of you in game. Over and out.
  24. Hey everyone, Just joined IMPERIUM over the last few days as I have come back to SC after a ~4 year hiatus from paying much attention to active development of the game. I love how this community is put together and the passion that is so evident among membership. I'm an original SC KS pledge from 2013 and have invested in a small fleet of my own since the game was originally announced that I am proud to add to the glorious IMPERIUM armada. By day I'm a Systems/Automation Engineer at a software company in Cleveland, Ohio and an avid gamer most of the rest of the time. If I'm not at work or on my PC, I am probably getting myself intentionally lost on my motorcycle on back country Ohio roads. I am an EVE veteran of 5+ years (2005-2010) and I am sure there are many other spreadsheet spaceships commanders around here too. Feel free to drop me a line to reminisce! I am very excited to join such a hardcore, committed group of players in anticipation of CIG's continued expansion of the PU. See you around the Base!
  25. "Excuse me, but you must mean that it is one of the greatest deeds the Chapter has ever accomplished! And it was thanks to I, Cato Sicarius, because that is what it is! And I, Cato Sicarius, was thinking that it was the most righteous time to remind you that I, Cato Sicarius", to be your rightful heir as the new Chapter Master. - Cato Sicarius Hi! my Name is Samuel Branch I am 20 and live in the eastern United States. I speak English and French. I've been Active members for two clans before: KSI, Pixel Bandit Security Force. I've left them both now, mostly because I've run out of meaningful content for Elite Dangerous. I play for 3 or more hours per day, and usually fly sorties for Interdiction, Escort, or play as Marine. My favorite ship is the Sabre though i currently only own an Avenger and a Gladius. Playing as a marine would have to be my favorite in game activity though. Boarding action sounds like tons of fun. other than that, working on a frigate (whenever that gets implemented.) On a personal level, I am Air Force Active Duty stationed at Dover Air Force Base. I work on C-5's and C-17's as well as Air Force one whenever she flies in as part of my duties of being an Aviation Engineer. I am African American, and a native Kekistani citizen. I love deep meaningful game play and realism, especially Space Sims. When i play games, I play to with a militaristic mindset; I do not very much enjoy foolishness however, I know how to have fun! Put me in charge of marines or a Short range fighter, or put me on long tracking missions or covert ops. Military style is what i live IRL and what i want o experience in space. Thanks for the consideration! In verse Handle: LordCatoSicarius P.S. I love WH40k
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