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Found 3 results

  1. + Probably new 890 Jump artwork on display, some new advertising + Its not being worked on by Behaviour anymore, who designed the interior like a cold, sterile, corporate waiting area. + 890 Jump on sale during the Origin 600 sale. CIG needs your moneys! - By their own rules, CIG *should* not be raising the price until its hangar ready, but look what they just did to the not-hangar-ready BMM. PS: the only way God could have been able to build the Universe: Volunteers, Sandestines etc...
  2. What kind of people will Consolidated Amalgamated appeal to? If you are one of those people who wants to do some combat mission running or PvP in a group with large, powerful support ships and ground attack vehicles then... Sorry, let’s try this again, if you want to be part of a group that claims vast holdings on alien worlds and then helps build that org’s own custom settlements... Oh, wait, no if you’re one of those who likes the sound of deep space salvage or mining we... No, hold on, if you really are looking forward to running a science, agriculture, or medical station complete with ambulance on a capital sized starship in... Hm, no sorry, what I meant to say was if you are dying to try edge-of-known-space exploration in the hope of finding new jump points and... One sec, "Hey! Hand me that wrench! We've got a line of broken ships to repair here before..." Wait, really the thing is if your dream is putting the pilot’s cap on and greeting your passengers while you run a giant starliner between ports to... Argh me matey, 'tis really s'posed to be readin' that if ye be lookin' forward to a little bit of the pirate booty, (ahem) or some smuggling, or even just legal bulk and specialty cargo running... Well, really it's if searching seedy bars for the specific scumbag you have the bounty to collect on is... No, if you want to cruise the Empire in the lap of luxury on Origin’s top super yacht while playing host to the rich and famous, then you have definitely found the right corporation. TL;DR - WE HAVE THE SHIPS TO DO IT ALL. SCROLL DOWN FOR FLEET GRAPHIC. Okay, the nitty gritty: We are a small group of mid 20s through late 40s US-based folks (across all US time zones) who are long time MMO gamers, and right now we're ship-rich and people-poor. As we get closer to beta there are old friends who will be joining us, but with our current fleet and desire to try it all we'd really like to make some new good friends. We're not looking for many, and we're looking for a specific kind of person. Who you are doesn't matter, we are completely open and accepting of all people, it's what you want out of the game that will determine if we're the right fit for you. If you're wanting a smaller, tight-knit group of folks who just want to have fun in the verse and who have the resources to basically try anything in the game from day one, then hop on our website and, if you like what you see, fill out an application. Or, hop on our Discord and either chat or leave us a message. We want some new folks who are as excited about this game and its potential as we are. I've got an image of our current organizational fleet posted at the bottom so you can see our ships, and of course a martini glass. Let's get this party started. If you don’t have Discord I think you’ll like it. You can get it here: https://discordapp.com/download And you can join the CONAM server here: https://discord.gg/rnBehBj We're still gaining steam, so if we're not on just shout out and we'll see it later. the H/M/C tabs on our website contain a little more information about us... https://robertsspaceindustries.com/orgs/CONAM ... and the Spectrum CONAM forum is a place you can read through past discussions. I invite you to check it out by clicking the link below! https://robertsspaceindustries.com/spectrum/community/CONAM Looking forward to seeing you in the 'verse! =D
  3. 890 Jump & Phoenix - What Does "LUXURY" Extend to? I wanted to create a topic for discussion and generate a list of questions or items to think about for the Devs (and I am posting this on the RSI Forums as well) - so please contribute your thoughts and ideas (and I'll modify the OP + Add the summary ideas to the Ben's RSI thread). This will give us a better understanding of what we might be pledging for with this new Wave 3 Concept Ship = 890 Jump The 890 Jump is a Luxury Yacht. The Phoenix is Identified as "Luxury Touring"... so what is this --- Transporting People (and specifically other players and VIP NPCs) will likely be extremely profitable since they will want Luxury but also because they will require high security (High firepower of the Phoenix) + even Escort Fighters. 890 Jump will likely have strong shields and powerful main thrusters to get the VIPs out of harms way. It is likely that in the PU that there will be varying degrees of VIP missions based on the compliment of the VIP delegation, distance traveled, bounties or potential danger, etc... I would assume that you could run an 890 Jump and Phoenix together for being complementary to a larger payout of a mission... just like you could combine a Hull C and Taurus to haul more cargo and make more profit (same would go for multiple 890 Jumps) = Scalable Missions The 890 Jump & Phoenix also serves as a Command and Control Ship --- the Theater and Table (and even Bar and Kitchen)....... serve as "Command and Control" functions for War Room meetings... (for other players having meetings on your ship to go over Battle Plans) --- I suspect the Theater will function as a Holo Viewer like you see the 3d command and control holo sphere in the Idris (the 890 Jump & Phoenix could also have a 3d holo sphere as well). I would assume this "meeting" function would also translate over to "Trade & Treaty Negotiations - meetings," etc... VIPs would expect to have the best protection - The Phoenix has the strongest Constellation Hull (per Ben) and I would assume the 890 Jump would also have a strong Hull. "An array of high quality upgrade options" would translate to better shielded internal ship piping, hardened more efficient CPU, Avionics, ship systems that would be less susceptible to EMP (Joker weapons), harder to Hack, etc... Like the Phoenix getting an upgraded snub fighter (P72) and rover (Lynx)... I would assume that the 890 Jump's "boat bay" could server as a small carrier for M50's and possibly 300i (series). While the 890 Jump isn't suppose to be a fighting ship like the Phoenix is - We would expect that "luxury" would extend to the highest quality weapons that it does employ. Luxury should also extend for both ships by having the highest quality (and most advanced) power plant (thereby extending the capabilities of all ship systems including weapons, shields, thrusters, etc...) Luxury could also have its "expense side" to it as well. While great profit could be made from dangerous VIP missions (high risk - high reward)... VIPs could also "demand" to have top level professionals on board (and require a minimum level of skill for hired NPC crew). "And you have to assume high overhead costs associated with luxury crafts... they serve more expensive foods, need more water (for baths instead of sonic showers), use more energy i.e. more fuel. If these luxury ships are too expensive to operate for the money they generate, no one will actually fly them." - from post below + The payout of these missions will need to accommodate this extra overhead. =========== Sister Thread just created for 890 Jump specifically -->> Please post your thoughts and ideas about what "Luxury" might extend to for both the 890 Jump & Phoenix -- Thanks
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