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Found 23 results

  1. What kind of people will Consolidated Amalgamated appeal to? If you are one of those people who wants to do some combat mission running or PvP in a group with large, powerful support ships and ground attack vehicles then... Sorry, let’s try this again, if you want to be part of a group that claims vast holdings on alien worlds and then helps build that org’s own custom settlements... Oh, wait, no if you’re one of those who likes the sound of deep space salvage or mining we... No, hold on, if you really are looking forward to running a science, agriculture, or medical station complete with ambulance on a capital sized starship in... Hm, no sorry, what I meant to say was if you are dying to try edge-of-known-space exploration in the hope of finding new jump points and... One sec, "Hey! Hand me that wrench! We've got a line of broken ships to repair here before..." Wait, really the thing is if your dream is putting the pilot’s cap on and greeting your passengers while you run a giant starliner between ports to... Argh me matey, 'tis really s'posed to be readin' that if ye be lookin' forward to a little bit of the pirate booty, (ahem) or some smuggling, or even just legal bulk and specialty cargo running... Well, really it's if searching seedy bars for the specific scumbag you have the bounty to collect on is... No, if you want to cruise the Empire in the lap of luxury on Origin’s top super yacht while playing host to the rich and famous, then you have definitely found the right corporation. TL;DR - WE HAVE THE SHIPS TO DO IT ALL. SCROLL DOWN FOR FLEET GRAPHIC. Okay, the nitty gritty: We are a small group of mid 20s through late 40s US-based folks (across all US time zones) who are long time MMO gamers, and right now we're ship-rich and people-poor. As we get closer to beta there are old friends who will be joining us, but with our current fleet and desire to try it all we'd really like to make some new good friends. We're not looking for many, and we're looking for a specific kind of person. Who you are doesn't matter, we are completely open and accepting of all people, it's what you want out of the game that will determine if we're the right fit for you. If you're wanting a smaller, tight-knit group of folks who just want to have fun in the verse and who have the resources to basically try anything in the game from day one, then hop on our website and, if you like what you see, fill out an application. Or, hop on our Discord and either chat or leave us a message. We want some new folks who are as excited about this game and its potential as we are. I've got an image of our current organizational fleet posted at the bottom so you can see our ships, and of course a martini glass. Let's get this party started. If you don’t have Discord I think you’ll like it. You can get it here: https://discordapp.com/download And you can join the CONAM server here: https://discord.gg/rnBehBj We're still gaining steam, so if we're not on just shout out and we'll see it later. the H/M/C tabs on our website contain a little more information about us... https://robertsspaceindustries.com/orgs/CONAM ... and the Spectrum CONAM forum is a place you can read through past discussions. I invite you to check it out by clicking the link below! https://robertsspaceindustries.com/spectrum/community/CONAM Looking forward to seeing you in the 'verse! =D
  2. Reclaimer as a Mining Ship

    Lately I've been digging around at what ships have been designed for, and what players plan on doing with those ships. It has also been brought up that CIG has been re-working ships based on these modular ideas of both the player and what the ship can do or be. "As for the lessons learned, the feedback, we learned that you guys are very interest in having modular ships - that was something that was a big take-away from that. You're very interested in being able to swap out the internal components of ships, so rather than just exterior components, being able to say, "hey I want these crew quarters to be 'this' now," so that's something we've been exploring and hopefully we'll have more information on soon." "So, if you have an Aegis ship which is supposed to be a mining vessel - well, the Reclaimer is actually not a mining vessel. But, as an example let's assume there was an Aegis ship that was a mining vessel. We would start off with mining equipment as references, and then we'd go ahead and apply the Aegis aesthetic on top of that. So we'd have smooth curves. We'd have like… space shuttling panelling, since that's part of the look for them, and we'd probably have the intakes on the top since that's like an Aegis thing. So, we have style guides which define some of the elements that these ships need to have and that's kind of how we arrive at the look. And we'll do variations of that and pick the coolest one." $65 million strech goal: After doing such research, I've come to the conclusion that making the Reclaimer a mining ship wouldn't be very hard at all. In fact the arm that stretches out to grab stuff could very well stay attached and all the processes that go into breaking down ships and pieces of stations internally would stay as well. How do you guys feel about the Reclaimer being able to be dual purpose such as mining, too? Personally I love the aspect of it and hope that we can explore additional options with the ship, and maybe even see modular parts go on sale.
  3. Space mining

  4. 3/13 Citizens of the Stars

    My fellow miner Rockseeker had a Citizen of the Stars spotlight interview today regarding his creation of the Yela asteroid map. Enjoy! https://robertsspaceindustries.com/comm-link/transmission/15780-Citizens-Of-The-Stars
  5. A quick news bulletin as Development Director for Foundry 42 Frankfurt, Brian Chambers, has just confirmed that mining will be in Star Citizen 3.0.
  6. Greetings from UEMC United Earth Mining Corporation We are mining https://robertsspaceindustries.com/orgs/UEMC We are very excited to have met and been welcomed by your fine group here at Imperium. Our first and last rules are fun and fun which match up nicely with Imperium. Here is a copy of our latest gazette. You can contact me here on SCB, Saulbitumen@gmail.com, and our Discord https://discord.gg/TGgVgH2 where we can host any ambassadors as well.
  7. Our structure is as follows: #1: Leader #2: Co-Leader #3: Profession Leader #4: Profession Member #5: Profession Fill-in #6: Independent With this structure, we allow as many profession leaders as possible to manage their own squadron. Should you want to be focused on mining you can star off as a Mining Member and eventually become a leader of your own crew. This goes for all types of professions. As for capital ship owners, maintaining a capital sized ship will be a profession on its own. An example of a #3 could be a Polaris captain with their own #4's as Polaris Crew Members. Should anyone not want to focus their attention towards a specific profession, they can always do what they like. If someone knows that they wan't to always do their own thing, they can remain as "Independent" and progress on their own liking but still under the umbrella of the org. With that being said, Self Made would like for all of you to consider applying and earning your own way among like minded individuals. Our goal is mutual benefit for all and to retaliate against any that would initiate force upon others. We uphold honor, integrity, and justice among the verse. Should you have any questions, feel free to ask. You can find our history in progress, manifesto, and charter on our RSI Org page here: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/orgs/1905 Should anyone be thinking about getting the game Star Citizen, you can always make an account now and purchase later. There is no need to buy the game when making an account. We are currently more focused on hiring leaders of professions more than anything as of now. We currently do have a Polaris captain but would like to find dedicated mining leaders, cargo run leaders, and exploration leaders as such. Thank you for checking us out, we hope to build a strong community of Self Made Men. Good day to all, and may the Verse be with you.
  8. Hello Ladies and Gentleminers of Imperium, Update 1/15/2017: MM has 21 Orions. Our combined ship total at UEMC is approximatly 55 Orions. I will be representing UEMC as an ambassador to Imperium. Update 11/21/2016: We now have 16 Orions up from 6 when I first posted here. Saul Bitumen here. Do you want more UEC? Do you have an idle Orion rusting in your hangar? Let Multiverse Mining bring value to your underutilized equipment and profit while you sleep and wake up to the smell of UEC in the morning! Alright Saul, how can you staff even one Orion with an org your size let alone the six you've already got? Well Multiverse Mining is now partnered with United Earth Mining Corporation. A great group of guys ready to mine the depths of any rock. Lets make space bucks out of space rocks. Ok Saul but how does this rental thing work anyways? Friends I present to you the various statements made by the developers regarding contracts and ship rentals. Details will have to be left to the imagination at this point, but I'm certain the premise of my proposal is sound. Ship rentals https://forums.robertsspaceindustries.com/discussion/comment/231664/#Comment_231664 http://www.scqa.info/transcript/?episode=10FTC-012 http://www.scqa.info/transcript/?episode=10FTC-031 player-player contracts: https://forums.robertsspaceindustries.com/discussion/comment/261776/#Comment_261776 https://forums.robertsspaceindustries.com/discussion/comment/787972/#Comment_787972 https://forums.robertsspaceindustries.com/discussion/comment/273378/#Comment_273378 Example agreements Get paid weekly XXX UEC by letting your Orion out on a permanent basis. You are a space marine who just wanted a good investment opportunity. Think of your retirement. Getting merc'd in zero G has got be expensive on the bank account! Get paid weekly XXX UEC when you pick up / drop your ship of at the Multiverse Mining corporate hangar every morning/afternoon/night at Beer:30 and pick up / drop off the next day for your own mining adventures and or relaxation activities. Think of all the UEC profits and diplomatic brownie points we can forge together under such an arrangement. Sincerely Saul Bitumen https://robertsspaceindustries.com/orgs/MULTIVERSE https://robertsspaceindustries.com/orgs/UEMC
  9. mining roving security

    roving packs of motorcycle security guards for yhe miners that would be funny
  10. MISC Prospector Q&A - Part 1 Greetings Citizens, Another Concept Sale, another Question & Answer session. Since Friday, we’ve been collecting questions from the dedicated Q&A post here and today our designers and artists working on the ship will answer 13 questions for the community. Tune back in on this Friday to see the answers to 14 more questions. The Prospector and its precision mining capabilities make it an ideal candidate for covert jaunts into dangerous space for the extraction of small quantities of highly dispersed and valuable commodities. We are very excited to discuss this unique ship in more detail, so let’s jump right in! Special thanks to John Crewe, Phil Meller, Paul Jones, Luke Davis, Todd Papy, and Jonathan Jacevicius for taking the time to answer these questions for us. Question & Answer Will the Prospector use the same RMAPs technology that the Orion uses? The RMAP system on the Orion is manned by the scan operator, who is able to use it to provide precise information. As the Prospector is only manned by one miner, we wanted to put more focus on searching with the ships scanning system. So instead the Prospector will be using the scanners to provide general information in a local space to pinpoint nearby mineral pockets, like a larger, more advanced metal detector. Will the prospector be better at tracking/recovering smaller amounts of valuable and rare mineral deposits, compared to the Orion operating on mass scale collection? The Prospector will be much better at pinpointing specific resources and extracting just that type of mineral, targeting pockets directly rather than multiple at once. Can only specialized ships (Orion/Prospector) mine or can you retrofit mining equipment on to other ships? Mining equipment will only be able to be equipped on specific hardpoints, as they require other ship equipment to be present for them to operate (pipes, processing equipment and storage tanks), so they will only be on specialized ships. Can you describe container transfer during planetary and space operations? We can’t go into too much detail yet, only to say that containers can be dropped in space and on planets and then be picked up and stored by other ships. Does the Prospector have a Quantum/Jump Drive and if so does it travel through small jump points? The Prospector will come equipped with a light jump drive and light quantum drive and as it’s a small ship, it will be able to travel through small jump points too. Are the containers compatible with the container docking system on the Hull series? Yes they are, the aim is to have all containers compatible with this system. The Prospector and Hull series ships make a very good team! The Prospector is able to keep mining and dumping cargo pods for some time before heading back to a station, allowing the Hull series to do the transporting. While performing planet-side/asteroid mining, how deep can the mining laser/tractor beam cut/extract? Unfortunately we don’t have any exact numbers to give you yet. But expect more information on this as we progress mining further! What size shields will the Prospector have? It will have one light shield generator, enough to protect it out in hazardous mining areas but not from sustained fire. Will the Prospector be modular, allowing for mining slots to be swapped out for general cargo? The Prospector has quite a specialised setup with the processing equipment and collapsible storage crates. These crates adhere to standard cargo measurements, but it isn’t currently planned to be a cargo transport. It is mentioned that the ship holds 128 cargo units, but is that all container space(32 units a container) or does that include space in the hull? That’s all container space including reserve collapsed containers. Is the mining laser upgrade-able and are there different types of lasers depending on the type of mineral you are mining? As we have several industrial manufacturers, expect to see a few options here for choosing a laser that’s fit for purpose. Some might be better and quicker at boring a hole to the target mineral pocket, or be better at mining lighter/denser minerals. Can the mining laser be used as a weapon? Technically yes, though it is not designed to cut through shields and ship armour. The high power draw, low damage and the short range of the laser in comparison to other ship weapons means it’s not an effective combat weapon. Is the Prospector strictly a one person ship, or will it be a viable experience for two players? The Prospector has been designed to be handled by one person from the pilot seat and has facilities/quarters for that one person only. MISC Prospector Q&A Part - 2 https://robertsspaceindustries.com/comm-link//15319-MISC-Prospector-Q-A-Part-2 Greetings Citizens, Another Concept Sale, another Question & Answer session. Since last Friday, we’ve been collecting questions from the dedicated Q&A post here and today our designers and artists working on the ship will answer 14 more questions! We are very excited to discuss this unique ship in more detail, so let’s jump right in to part 2! Special thanks to John Crewe, Phil Meller, Paul Jones, Luke Davis, Todd Papy, and Jonathan Jacevicius for taking the time to answer these questions for us. Question & Answer Can you set the Prospector to mine while you go out and explore the asteroid, or does it require an active pilot in his seat? When in the landed mining state you will be able to leave your laser going while you take care of other business, but your productivity will suffer for it. You will have to effectively manage your heat and power on the laser, otherwise your mining rate will slow or you could risk damaging your laser. Is there an emergency exit/escape hatch on the Prospector? The interior is relatively compact, so the door to enter/exit is easy to reach in the case of an emergency. Since there are 4 containers, does that mean the ship can sort and harvest 4 different types of ore at the same time? We haven’t drilled down into too much detail on organising between the containers at the moment. Ideally you will be able to mine as many different types of ore as you want, and organise them as you see fit. Will you be able to eject your containers for a speed boost in case of emergency? The containers will have a mass value depending on what is stored in them and how full they are. So if you jettisoned some full containers in space, you might notice a slight improvement in ship responsiveness. What will the maneuverability be like for the Prospector? It will be on the poorer side of average. The Prospector only needs to maneuver among asteroids to get to specific mineral pockets and so will be in precision mode most of the time. Is the ore filtering the same refining technique that the Orion has, or just a first reduction step to do a coarse removal of useless rock? The Prospector will only be removing things like useless rock, the processing equipment on the Orion is much more advanced. Do Prospector pilots risk the chance for gas pockets in asteroids to combust, or is this an Orion-only risk? If the surface is big enough to land on and you start mining, you will encounter different hazards depending on the location and which minerals you’re mining. Will the Prospector have any interaction with the Orion, like docking or easy ore drop-off? There is no special interaction planned between the two. The Orion should be capable of taking crates from the Prospector though, so it should be able to give a full mineral load to the Orion and use its reserve crates to go and fill up again. It does synergise well with the Hull series ships though, being able to drop loads of cargo off for the Hull to take for selling while the Prospector can continue to mine a while longer. In the concept art, what is the large disc beneath the ship used for? The large disc is acting as a conduit for the ship’s scanners. A large part of mining will be in scanning and finding the resources you want to mine in space, but especially planetside. Can you tell us a bit about self-defense/weaponry that the ship has if the Prospector were to find itself in a sticky situation? Unfortunately the Prospector doesn’t come well equipped for combat, but has just enough to potentially warn off attackers and withstand some light fire. If you plan on mining in dangerous areas it might be worth paying for a fighter escort to save risking going alone and being found. It will come with two size one laser repeaters, a light shield generator and some basic countermeasures. Will there be variants for salvage/repair? i.e. swapping out the arm for a repair arm. There is nothing planned currently. Is landing on a surface required in order to begin mining? You will be able to mine both when flying in space and when landed. In space, you will be mining from pockets on the outer surface of asteroids. When landed, it allows you to reach deeper pockets under the surface that are potentially larger or more valuable. Does the bed function as an escape pod? No, it will have a bed similar to the one found in the Starfarer. Will there be some type of cage/cover available to outfit the cockpit glass to allow it more protection? It originally had a cage around the cockpit, but we wanted to keep high visibility and the exterior bars didn’t match the MISC ship style.
  11. See RSI Forums Sister thread and vote there as well --- >> MISC - Mining Ship - Concept Sale Price [POLL] Ben keeps teasing us with info on the latest Wave 5 Concepts Ships and his latest reveal was about the MISC Small Mining Ship. Note that the word "Small" in its description really just means that it is "smaller" than the Orion. The MISC mining ship would likely be "Bigger" than the Aegis Terrapin (a possible Starter Ship that didn't get the community votes). The MISC Mining ship would likely be a "Medium Size Industrial Ship" since Ben has mentioned they would have an intermediate set of ships that allow people to transition into the larger Industrial Ships. If you look at this image below you can see we are missing ships of the "medium" size and have plenty of "small" and "large" ones. It could also mean though that CIG could eventually make various sizes of "Mining Ships" beyond the MISC and the Orion === this could be "Tiny" = Argo (with Mining Module)... "Small" = Aegis Terrapin...... "Medium" = MISC Mining Ship...... "Large" Orion...... but all we can say for certain is the MISC and Orion mining ships.For More details on this "Evolution" and various CIG interviews see --->> WAVE 5 - Confirmed Concept Ships (new from BEN) + New Ideas + Idea Ship List [POLL] [1,242+VOTES]=========Ben Hinting about the MISC Mining Ship as the next concept sale on Twitter...Below are the new videos with Ben talking about the new MISC Mining Ship.... ++++++++++ &&&&&&&The MISC Mining Ship will likely be used to Mine on Planets and Moons - in addition to Asteroids = where the Orion is really only designed to Mine Asteroids (mainly due to its size and design). Since "size" also determines its ability to Refine Ore (since this process requires a great deal of equipment) = ONLY the Orion will have a built-in Ore Refining Option.For reference: Star Citizen Careers: MiningThe Orion has a Max Crew of 6 so it is likely that the MISC Mining Ship will likely not have One to Three of these positions (1-3):MINING SPECIALISTS (from above link)1) Pilot = Both MISC Mining Ship and Orion will very likely have this position2) Scan operator = Both MISC Mining Ship and Orion will likely have this position3) Beam operator = Both MISC Mining Ship and Orion will likely have this position with #4 below rolled into position 3 for the MISC mining ship.4) Exothermic Reaction Detector/ Laser Seismometer /Analytical Materials Processor = operator = ONLY the Orion will likely have this position5) Cargo operator = ONLY the Orion will likely have this position - since this has to do with storing refined ore.6) Refinery operator = ONLY the Orion will likely have this position - since ONLY the Orion can refine ore.==============NOTE The Concept Sale Price Poll (ever since the Herald Concept) - is intended to to communicate to CIG what the community expects of the new Concept Ship based on what we currently know. CIG welcomes and encourages community input and besides..... Polls are FUN = The price will likely be above a Starter Ship price and Below the Orion price of $325. +++++++++++++++++++++ Post your ideas of how you think the MISC Mining Ship might look like or function + post how many crew do you think it will have (Max Crew for ship efficiency)
  12. [WTS]Orion Mining Ship LTI @Cost $325 https://www.reddit.com/r/Starcitizen_trades/comments/3yjbew/wtsorion_mining_ship_lti_cost_325/ WTS Orion Mining Ship LTI @Cost $325 - Buyer pays fee's Upgraded from P-72 Archimedes RSI Orion Mining Ship Lifetime Insurance SelfLand Hangar P-72 Archimedes Poster Takuetsu P-72 Archimedes Model, decoration for hangar $325 - Buyer pays fee's PP Verified only Paypal email must match RSI account email Previous trade history / reputation gives priority
  13. Obligatory intro post

    Hey everyone. I'm new to Star Citizen but have caught the Roberts Fever from Green Avenger (I tried the doctors first but they said there isn't a cure so.. ) .. Anyways, I'm waiting on the game to develop more of the gathering/pirating/mining side before I become super addicted so I might not be around too much *yet* but I will definetly get into it when they start that. Thanks for having me and I'm so impressed with how massive and well managed this organization is. High five! p.s. Green needs a raise. buh bye.
  14. Black Star Legion Realism Unit [ Black Star Legion's Mobiglass Portal ] [ Talk to a Recruiter on Teamspeak ] [ The Black Star Legion RSI Organization Page ] ======================================================================= Sector 26-D | Grid Coordinates: 1309N 2633E Desert Region | Elysium Present Day It didn’t take long for them to get famous after Operation Unilateral Force (OUF) hit the wires. Earth needed a major public relations success given the rise in Vanduul attacks against the frontier systems. The 78th Squadron for example became heroes for their strikes against Vanduul targets and the public consumed it, they said enlistments in the UEE Navy and Marines rose for months after the operations went public. What UEE Public Affairs didn’t report however was the loss of an entire task force in another sector. Our mission, deploy into the Vul Ture System - land Marines from 3rd MEU in a Direct Action mission against several confirmed Vanduul military logistical centers, conduct an HTV recovery at a known interrogation facility. Our other mission, utilize the capital ships from Frigate Strike Group 22, her escorts and fighters to hold the jump point and flank of the main UEE force that deployed from FOB Ceran during the operations main assault. ... It was a damn nightmare. Sector High-Command and intel got it wrong, big time. UEE High Command didn't even try to mount a rescue … How did they put it? “The sector was overrun with Vanduul and congested with civilian refugee’s, Sol considered the risk unacceptable to mount a rescue. Task Force 22, known as Black Star Legion is an acceptable loss.” … but some of us survived. The UEE betrayed us … they left us with no cover … they abandon us. My name is 1st Lieutenant Vall Ridder. Platoon Commander, 1st Platoon, Alpha Company 3/2, 3rd Marine Expeditionary Unit - Black Star Legion. Myself, along with Sgt Cook, Sgt Redfern, ex-Naval Aviators like Ensign Cowski, and a few of our surviving capital ship crew members and fellow Marines are looking for survivors of Elysium. We seek UEE Veterans who are finding civilian life - <i>dry</i>. ======================================================================= Hello, thank you for checking us out. We are a Realism Unit, we are driven by a fair and unbiased system and we are looking for motivated gamers just like you. We offer you a story different then most, and an experience that is unique and unparalleled in this game. We are a Star Citizen experience where everything you gain is earned by your output and your membership in a Team. A home where you look to the Aviators, Capital Ship Crews, Marines and Crewmen to your left and right every day. When we say a unique experience, it is because we truly are. We are not doing what 95% of the rest out there do. We're not some sci-fi channel knock off of Battlestar Blackwater. We are built around tried and true methods, a policy driven chain of command, we derive how we do business from SOP's and train like we fight. This experiences comes from years of MMORPG game leadership, experiences ranging from SWG to EVE, and even time in the famed 15th Marine Expeditionary Unit (15th MEU) for ARMA III. We are lead by real life military veterans both active duty and DD-214 holders. We are designed from the ground up to provide you one of the most fulfilling simulation experiences in the community - while not sacrificing fun, authenticity, attention to detail, team work, and good solid community gaming. Why do we do this? Why do we put in so much work and time in this organization? We'd like to think that a member in our unit would take from these experiences and be a better person for it. A better person for the unit and hopefully a better person in life. You, and the Team around you will learn what it is to work together in a joint MILSIM environment, and work towards a common goal. You and the Team around you will enjoy being gamers. You, with the Team surrounding you will learn what the words "determination" and "dedication" mean. You, and the Team around you will learn to be dependable, respectful, and respectable. You can do the same old same old with everyone else. Or you can achieve a higher level of professionalism, fun, and excellence. We offer you the challenge of Black Star Legion OCTOBER RECRUITING FOCUS Hello, and on behalf of our small but growing membership, we want to thank you for checking out our thread and hopefully being interested in us. This month with the FPS most likely on the horizon. We are looking for Marines! Our organization has two component commands, then inside each of those components are smaller units. This month we wanted to introduce you to the 3rd Marine Expeditionary Unit (3rd MEU). Our MEU is composed of 3 elements that make it up, the Ground Combat Element, the Space Combat Element and the Logistics Combat Element. Right now we are recruiting Marine Infantry and Marine Aviators. In the Marines, Corpsmen are from the Navy, and we are looking to bring aboard our first few Corpsmen to ensure our Marines get out of any fight alive and healthy. Steps to Success: 1. Find a billet you would enjoy 2. Get on TS to talk to a Recruiter and we'll help you apply 3. Enroll in Recruit Training 4. Enter our School of Infantry 5. Be assigned a billet If you have questions, hit us up on Teamspeak. The link is at the top of the thread. 3rd Marine Expeditionary Unit (3rd MEU) We're also taking Naval Aviators for Air Wing 121, and Capital Ship crews for Frigate Strike Group 22. More will be posted later on these units ...
  15. IMP mining group?

    Hi , I want to introduce myself to the group and I am very interested in Running a mining crew and or helping. I will collecting all Trade, Cargo, mining and transporting ships before the game releases. A bit about myself. I have been playing games since the first Pong ever released. as for Mining,trading and recourse harvesting experience I have played countless hours in most all space sim games and just about any games that allowed resource harvesting from starwars galaxies, Eve and ever-quest to X titles and recently elite dangerous. I have always been apart of harvesting crews and or ran them, every one gets fair cuts and a good % of resources gos back into the guild. I know we have time to decide on how we will trade and mine but if I could have a crew ready by the time the game launches that would be great or even work closely with another member who would also be interested in purely mining crafting trading. Please let me know what your opinions are in this thread and your support would be great. I am also sure when the game releases we will have specific guild mining days and times, Example: mon, wed, fri thanks again Jayson Aka Nosfuratu
  16. mining friend?

    if anyone has brought the mining ship I be glad to tag along and help and get stuck in has soon has we can mine! Also now the social thing coming in a few weeks I would like to start meeting up and that and start getting to know you guys! .
  17. The Next Great Gold Rush Won't Be Taking Place on Earth The Next Great Gold Rush Won't Be Taking Place on Earth By Ellie Kaufman April 21, 2015 This branded content story is part of a collaboration with United Launch Alliance on the future of space exploration. For more information about Mic's branded content guidelines, please visit our FAQ page. There's a new gold rush heating up, but the hunt isn't for oil, gas or tech stocks — it's for asteroids. There are more than 10,000 near-Earth asteroids shooting by at any given moment, and many of them contain valuable resources like water, platinum and iron. While water and iron don't seem worthy of a gold rush by Earth standards, their value skyrockets due to their scarcity in space and the challenge of extracting them. If private companies can figure out a sustainable way to mine and sell these cosmic assets, they could make a killing in the new space economy and help fuel the next stage of galactic pursuits in the process. Already, private companies are betting big on the potential of asteroid mining and working hard to get there first.Japan launched its own asteroid mining operation last year. Serial entrepreneur and X Prize founder Peter Diamandis believes the first trillionaire will be made in space. That's right: trillionaire. If that's hard to imagine, just take a look at the value of one asteroid compared to what we normally think of as expensive or high-value: What exactly makes asteroids so valuable? While water is abundant on Earth, in space, it becomes a multi-purpose commodity. It can fuel rockets, sustain potential life on other planets and shield astronauts from harmful radiation. Asteroids also contain large quantities of platinum and its sister minerals, which are incredibly rare on Earth and can be sold for a hefty profit. By mining resources in space instead of transporting every material from Earth in a rocket, asteroid miners could save millions of dollars for future space missions. The mineral-rich asteroids have orbits that bring them close to Earth's atmosphere, making them relatively accessible to space miners. These mining operations could enable an unprecedented level of autonomy to future space missions, empowering bigger and better exploration efforts. "Resources have allowed us to move into every frontier on planet earth," Chris Lewicki, president and "chief asteroid miner" at Planetary Resources, told Mic. "If we can find the same opportunity in space, we will find an economic engine to fund the exploration of space." Computer generated image of near-earth asteroids, shown in relation to the Sun and planets' orbits.Source: Planetary Resources Enter the private sector. The private sector has recognized the potential of the asteroid mining market, and they want in. Private companies like Planetary Resources, backed by Google's Larry Page, and Deep Space Industriesare investing millions to develop new technologies that could tap into asteroid resources. Without federal regulation and dependence on government funds, these companies can create new tools much faster. "I think it is the golden age of the new space race," Lewicki said. "Rather than two competing superpowers, what we really have now is dozens, maybe even hundreds, of competing capitalists." But the lack of government involvement cuts both ways. While privatization of the space industry might speed up exploration, it is unclear whether or not these companies are legally entitled to the resources they mine. Once you exit Earth's orbit, it's much harder to determine who owns unclaimed planets — or asteroids. Last year, a new bill entered Congress to protect companies for this very reason. The bill, creatively named theAsteroid Act, would grant ownership of resources to the company that has extracted them from the asteroids. The bill has yet to reach the floor at the House of Representatives, but the fact that it exists signals the growing attention being paid to a subject that feels like a sci-fi movie. As K. Dean Larson writes for the Wall Street Journal, "the passage [of the bill] will cost the taxpayer nothing — while the ensuing economic activity will benefit everybody through the creation of jobs and appropriate future taxes on asteroid mining." A digital depiction of the Planetary Resources Arkyd 101 Space Telescope that will be used to identify asteroids to mine.Source: Planetary Resources This is happening sooner than we think. Before Congress has something to regulate, these companies need to actually mine an asteroid. That process begins with finding the right asteroid to invest in — not an easy feat, considering they're trying to prospect rocks hurtling through space at speeds upward of 56,000 miles per hour. "Robotic missions up to asteroids are relatively recent, and we know that there are all sorts of different asteroids up there," NASA's Rebecca Keiser told Mic. "It's really hard to guarantee for these companies exactly what they are going to find when they go up and mine the asteroids." That uncertainty is leading to a secondary market for space prospecting tools, like a new telescope. These tools will be able to locate the asteroids outside of Earth's atmosphere before choosing which one to mine. After they locate the right asteroids to mine, small robots will cling to the asteroid's surface and use drills to extract resources. While asteroid platinum quarries might seem far away if companies are still searching for their next asteroid-shaped gold mine now, experts insist that these realities are right around the corner. "The development, exploration and settlement of space is going to happen a lot faster than I think people think it will naturally," Lewicki said. "This isn't 50 years away, it's 10 or 20 years away." If asteroid mining is right around the corner, the large fortunes these companies plan to cash in on isn't far off either. That means in just a few short years, we may not be looking at financiers or heirs to Wal-Mart on top of the Forbes billionaire list. We may be looking at asteroid miners. Data sources for charts include NASDAQ (prices from March 31, 2015), Mashable, Gold-Eagle, the World Bank,Fortune, the Space Review and Forbes (1, 2).
  18. Radical Industries LFM!

    Hello fellow Citizens! I've always found it fun to travel out among the stars, floating alone silently crunching asteroids. I love to focus on the production side of games. I often find it is among one of the most lucrative parts. It's been about a year since I discovered Star Citizen and the game looks better and better each day. With the sale of the Orion I thought I would really invest in the good work the guys at CIG are doing. So I made the bold move and picked one up. I'm looking for more to join me in the hunt for rare minerals! Not only do I hope to build a crew to run the behemoth, but a corporation to quickly and efficiently seek out fields and turn them into pure profit. Of course it takes many preforming all kinds of roles to accomplish these goals. I'm looking for explores who want to run the reaches of the galaxy, miners and transporters. As well as managers and marketers to sell and connect the resources with customers. Any are welcome to join and I'm always looking for new great ideas of how to improve! Shoot me a line here, in the thread or as a PM. Or hop over to our forums and tell us about yourself.
  19. Hi All, If your in need of exotic materials and minerals or protection, rescue or recovery on the edge of known space, I'm your man! Living on the fringes of the known universe is tough, unforgiving and dangerous, it's also where I thrive. Always pushing the limits, always going further and deeper into the unknown. Living on the edge is impossible without support. I am equipped and ready to aid those in need in return for the supplies and equipment I need... do you know how hard it is to get a good Kellog Cake around here! Warm company is also always welcome. - I fly a Cutlass for the storage and firepower it provides - try to bump me of my rock at your peril! Comment or get in touch if you want to come and expore the very depths of space and edges of human existance. DrKing Explorer, Miner and Protector of People
  20. Very exciting reveals from Foundry 42 in today's Wingman's Hangar for anyone interested in mining and how it might be realized in Star Citizen. Includes in-engine mining platform fly-through and new information about mining "drones." Segment begins at 4:46. http://youtu.be/fllp5o5Qkq0?t=4m46s Some Eye Candy: Shubin Mining Base Mining Booms Details View Silhouette View Mining Lasers Operating Asteroid Tether Concept Mining Robot Concept All the newly released concept art can be found here: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/comm-link/engineering/13585-Gallery-Squadron-42-Concept-Art
  21. DarthMask new to Imperium

    Looking forward to being a Star Citizen and contributing to the Imperium. I have a Hornet and a Freelancer to support my interests. As a loyalist and an early sponsor (Nov 2012), I have the early ships and chose not to upgrade though I enjoy the idea of multi player ships and missions. This is going to be KILLER!!!!
  22. Hi All, I just joined and I would love to be involved in a trading or mining operation/industry. How would I exactly get involved in one, and be recognized later on with the tag as a Trade and Industry person, not just a member? Thanks!
  23. Exploration Activities

    With this game’s development still being far away from release, this thread’s aim is to analyze confirmed exploration dynamics and also desired activities still to be added to that can be added to enhance the existing exploration. Normal Exploration Activities: Jump gate searchingResources scanning (minerals in space and on planet)Rare items (space junk or archeological sites) Desired Activities: Wreck or cargo drops from fleet engagementsRandom missions on land and in spaceCorporation scouting for resources As a player of numerous Space Sim and MMO games such as the X series, EVE or STO; exploration is not always a standalone activity and normally serves as a time kill activity such as fishing or grinding. If the activity is not accommodated for in the same way as a core component it becomes a side gimmick. This is clear in EVE where they tried to add more activities, hype it and it still is just a side aspect were it’s not fun or seem special in any away. Sure you want some sort of random instancing or spawns of rare items but it feels more like a hack to keep the explores happy. Exploration should be part of the game dynamic and not just a span drop. Fleet Engagements When you think of activities happening in the game as core you think fleet engagements and always there are derelicts after such a battle. In a user VS user battle normally the winner loots the wreck. But with the new economy there is the aspect of fleet engagements that are NPC driven whether it is trade route protection or sourcing of building material. This in itself is a random mission generation as it is built on a dynamic system that is not scripted. All these interactions will have some sort of engagement that results in a derelict or cargo that is lost in space. It would be great if this is capitalized on to have either wrecks stay there until they are looted and salvaged or cargo is floating near or in the battle zone. This might create some performance issues for a persistent universe but some sort of mechanic can be created to manage the scope of stuff floating everywhere. Random Missions In STO they utilize a scripted mission catalogue to randomly give access to them through spawn points in a specific area. This in itself is not a bad idea but as it only happens in an area makes it feel removed or part of side missions and not a core component of a game. Since SC is both Space and Land based a similar mission module can be utilized that is scanned or found on a message board (distress signals reported) that are in all spaces of the game rather than a mysterious cloud where random stuff can be found. Having random instances in all parts of the game of all difficulty levels has shown to make a game feel alive and keep people playing for many years after release in all the areas. With distress signals making use of your sensory equipment in your cockpit to show a identified signal where the player can either investigate or report such a signal can greatly improve the immersion. Resource Points In SC the economy needs raw resources to build the items sold on the market. Normally a resource point is simply randomly spawned or on same spot. This gives the impression that resources are easily found and makes it common. If the mechanic of resource gathering can include searching for ore fields it will greatly increase the rareness and value of ore sites. These ore sites can then be sold to a mining corporation (player or NPC run) where the corporation can either send its mining fleet or publish the mining missions to players. One might think that that will make mining on its own too hard and not worth the effort. But when implemented correctly, where a mining corporation send out their own NPC scouts or scanning missions to players too search for mining sites; mining can still be cost effective if you work for the mining company or the player corporation have their own mining sites they publish the locations to their employees. This will also create espionage activities which many players also like partaking in and create a whole activity for those players. Using this method of resource scanning rather than presenting it on a silver platter will make bot mining harder in some way. Solo mining will then also require the player to scan their sites down and if they don’t share the location they can make a consistent income if the location is not found by others. There are many ways of making exploration fun and exciting but for me its building exploration into the game dynamics. What other exploration activities do you think might be fun? “See you in the verse”