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  1. Hello everyone, i'm a veteran backer and i follow star citizen since 2013. I'm glad to have found a forum so well organized, thank you.
  2. How's it goin', everyone? Name's Kuya. I'm far from fresh off the boat so to speak, but I haven't caroused around with a party greater in number than the fingers on my hands since, well... A while, yeah? Hopin' that I get to set a good impression and help out when it's needed.
  3. Salutations. Rear Admiral from Kickstarter, haven't done much since other than pick up a few more ships.
  4. Razdan


    I am an Original Backer/ Completionist I am currently looking forward to big ship action in the game. See you in the Verse!
  5. Deehoss

    Hello All

    Hi guys, Just applied. Looking forward to hanging out and getting into game with y'all!
  6. Ashangel


    Hi there, new recruit here, I've just made my account here and now I'm doing the re-apply thing now but I thought I'd say hi while I'm here. How is everyone?
  7. Hey guy's! I have been stalking this game for quite some time now and I am finally looking into pledging. Was looking for a great community and happen to stumble upon this beauty here. Hope to have some fun times in the future with many of you!
  8. Greeting's fellow space sim lovers, I am known as Com. Serus Gant or by my call sign, Ra_ven. Have been a backer since 2013 but finally the game is getting to the point where I feel it necessary to congregate with more like minded crazies that want to live in space. Poking around I made a few new friends, one of which lead me here. I look forward to the great verse that is being made for us, and the possibilities there are for fun within it. As the game is still alpha and so much is to be added it is hard to say what my focus will be when all is said and done. Be that as is, for now I attempt to hone my combat skills, and yes attempt is the correct word as I will not claim to be anymore than fodder......but I have my good days Anyways, I appreciate the opportunity to pledge your org, and thanks for at least looking at my post See you guy's in the verse
  9. Hi guys, new to the game, new to the community! Currently have a Freelancer but will be looking for more very soon
  10. It's a pleasure to be a part of (even if unofficial) such a large and welcoming group of like-minded people. My IGN will be Valtyr but IRL you can call me Dakotah. I have yet to pledge/purchase a package, and will do so after I build my new rig. I just graduated and got my RN license, and I am finally in a position where I can afford to ditch the heap of plastic and aluminum I call a laptop and get a desktop suitable for 1440p @ 60hz. I haven't pledged yet though as I don't wanna put the cart in front of the horse. Should be upgrading in the next couple months at the latest. I, like many, was VERY disappointed with the NMS shenanigans as I suspect many of you were as well, and have finally gotten rid of all the salt from that. I would love to play a combat medic role if that becomes something viable in the verse, as I have heard some talk about it but nothing substantial. Otherwise I am interested in a combat support role. Role-playing is something that I am interested in as well, so a more formal intro with backstory will be coming once pledge is made and in-game roles are more clearly defined. I look forward to meeting as many of you as I can and the great things that await us once I pledge and am able to test to become a full member. Until then I thank you for letting me lurk and be a part of the Base.
  11. Hi everyone, I'm Korozain. I'm a college student currently living in Texas but I've lived in New York and Germany previously. I have pledged and I have the freelancer rank and I currently operate anF7C-R Hornet Tracker. I look forward to doing missions and playing with you all!
  12. Salco


    I am Salco, I am currently in Germany but quite American. I originate from California. My hobbies include Videogaming, MTG, and Pathfinder. I am the quintessential nerd in every way. My favorite videogame rotates and I just recently re-picked up XCOM2 I hope my favorite game permanently becomes Star Citizen on release. I am married to my childhood friend. Her and I play videogames and have adjacent desks. I doubt she will ever play Star Citizen, but I remain hopeful. I own a Freelancer DUR and intend to use it for planetary exploration (or exploration analogue that we will know about once they release info on what exploration consists of). I look forward to profitable exchanges and assisting in the growth of the Imperium. Additionally, I happen to be an excellent computer technician with many years of experience ranging from individual computers (viruses, etc) to backbone network enterprise infrastructure. If anyone ever has any questions regarding computers, I would be glad to help and would be a good place to start.
  13. Greetings fellow Citizens, I'm new to the forums and new to SC in an overall sense. Proud daddy of an Aurora and still trying to figure this whole thing out. My handle here is the same as in-game, so feel free to look me up or try to blast me out of the sky.
  14. Hi All, I'm bladeofdeath3, or blade for short. I would like to introduce myself as I would like to join this unit. I'm currently a Packaging Engineer in the California Bay Area. Some of my hobbies are Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Going to the gun range, Tabletop Games (X-Wing, Armada), and PC Games (currently playing Stellaris, World of Warships, Star Citizen, BFG Armada). I backed Star Citizen during the Kickstarter and I'm super excited for the game to be released. I look forward to meeting you guys during the Monday meeting. Blade


    Hey everyone Just your average gamer here with too much time and resources on his hands. Been following SC since 2013 and have amassed quite the fleet so now we just need the content. I'm actually plenty patient when it comes to this and it just gives us more time to make a great community. Lots of plans and schemes but you will mostly find me floating in my crucible with a SH at hand Hope to see you all in the verse MONEYSHOT
  16. Greetings fellow citizens of the verse, my name is Casunix Lanei. I specialize in trade, hauling, and business. I currently have not pledged but after playing the free play this past week, its safe to say I will be buying my ship hopefully in the near future. I hope to see you all on my travels.
  17. Colt

    FNG Intro

    Greetings all, I'm new to the verse, SCB, and the Imperium. Quick intro to myself I'm from Boston (GO PATS), served in the US Army as an Infantryman. I currently work for a Police Department and also an licensed EMT. Looking forward to learning more about the verse and meeting the people that fill it. Thanks!!! For the Emperor!!!
  18. Sup guys! My in-game name is JS68 and I'm from Mexico! Any fellow Mexicans here? I look forward to playing with you guys!
  19. Excited to be part of Imperium. Still in need of a new pair of pants after CitCon Ships: Freelancer MIS Vanguard (Harbinger, Warden, & Sentinel) Merchantman Thanks, COSSACK
  20. I'm a long-time addict of the Wing Commander series so I was extremely excited when Star Citizen was originally announced. I've been playing Eve for about 5 years and really enjoyed the massive scale of things but always found it to be lacking as far as space sims go. I remember the first time I played asking "wait, but how do I fly my ship?" Double clicking in space and pressing F1, what kind of game is this?! I've been a backer since kickstarter and may need a support group for my spaceship collection habit. I can't wait to see what the Star Citizen community is able to accomplish in the PU and can't wait to meet some of you there!
  21. I'm BasicDeath, Basic for short. I am going to start the game off with an Aurora LN with the intention of upgrading to an Avenger and a Cutlas. I look forward to flying and fighting beside you all. I'm BasicDeath on steam and Origin as well as Razer Comms. Feel free to add me all!
  22. Hi! Just signed up! Been a space shooter fan for a long time since WC1 and especially FS2. I was blown away by SC's first trailer at gamtrailers and signed up right away, got me a nice Golden Ticket! I'm mostly excited about exploration, but I'm also a sucker for space battles. Mining and trading? Not so much... Pledge(s): - Freelancer Ship(s): - MISC Freelancer - Retaliatior - Caterpillar
  23. lustrous


    Hello everyone, Very happy to have found a very, VERY large group that has a mission in-line with what I want out of Star Citizen. A faction with the numbers and dicipline to make a nice little empire in space we can call our own. So far, I have a Freelancer and a Hornet but with a group this large, I'm very much tempted to melt them for a Connie (and I'll probably get a 325a or 315p if I do..). I just see so much more use for the two smaller ships in getting both my personal and our overall economy going come launch. Looking forward to discussing ships on TS3 and soon, dogfighting!
  24. Hey all! I'll just kick right off. I pledged shortly after the Kickstarter ended, sadly I missed it! I started at the bounty hunter pledge and have since worked my way up. I plan to pledge what I can when I can, rather than a big lump sum. I'll get that Constellation someday! Until then I have an Avenger and Business Hanger that goes with it. I like to think I'm pretty easy going but I don't have a lot of experience as being part of a group or clan on MMOs. This is me taking a jump from my comfort zone because I really love the promise of Star Citizen and I don't want to miss a thing! And I've been to told that the best way to play an MMO of any kind is with other people. So here I am. So here's to meeting you in the verse!
  25. Hello all! I am Jake Harper and I contributed at the Mercenary Tier, gaining the Aurora as my first ship. I am most excited for Alpha access.
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