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hello from greece

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    • By CaptainPrice
      Hello. I am new here. Yes, I may not be trusted as I may or may not be a scammer in the eyes of non-new (I guess that's a word?) people here. Anyway, im looking to sell the Constellation Aquila package I have. Im not interested in the game anymore, and instead of just letting this package sit there. I might as well try and get some money back. I am not able to gift it as I have upgraded to it and I guess that makes it so you cant gift? So, I am offering my account. Im assuming I can change details etc, so it can be used by someone else. I am willing to use a middle man, or whatever that will add as much trust as possible. I also forgot to mention the package comes with the Merlin and a hornet. From what I think I know, this package is worth around $220 but I am willing to go a lot lower. Offers wouldn't be a bad idea as well.$275
    • By CaptainPrice
      Hello. I am new here. I also dont say much. Goodbye.
    • By Com. Serus Gant
      Greeting's fellow space sim lovers, I am known as Com. Serus Gant or by my call sign, Ra_ven. Have been a backer since 2013 but finally the game is getting to the point where I feel it necessary to congregate with more like minded crazies that want to live in space. Poking around I made a few new friends, one of which lead me here. I look forward to the great verse that is being made for us, and the possibilities there are for fun within it. As the game is still alpha and so much is to be added it is hard to say what my focus will be when all is said and done. Be that as is, for now I attempt to hone my combat skills, and yes attempt is the correct word as I will not claim to be anymore than fodder......but I have my good days
      Anyways, I appreciate the opportunity to pledge your org, and thanks for at least looking at my post
      See you guy's in the verse  
    • By Frylord
      Hi Guys,
      Glad to be here, sounds like this is going to turn into quite the organisation. 
      Frylord is my name. I'm aiming to start out in the cargo business, running both security and cargo ships. 
      I hope to meet many of you in game.
      Over and out.
    • By masamunexv
      Hey everyone
      I recently pledged and I'm still learning about the game and the community.
      I bought a Herald for what will probably be my main activity: spy / explorer. I also have a Bucc for when I need to fight and I'm waiting for a good opportunity to buy a third one maybe a bit bigger (Carrack?)
      What I expect from this game? A deep and rich gameplay where a small spy (me) can change the outcome of  a big battle xD.  Plus everything else this game is promising - the list is long.
      See you in the verse!