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  1. yeh cool vid. i learned something new actually
  2. Ongoing Discussion

    your hardware is broken. or more specific, at least one part. clean your cooling fan in case its a matter of overheating. it sounds like your graphics card is broken. a blue screen occurs when your software cant find your hardware (anymore). so you start up and at some point your video card disconnects and you get a blue screen.
  3. if i had your account i'd do the following: Trade in the vanguard for a cat. (and yes, the reclaimer is also fine but i dont care much for it)
  4. lol. after the Polaris sale: what the hell is wrong with me.. and then after a few days: actually, i'm glad i did. then the creditcard bill came in. heh.
  5. yeh, i have the same dilemma. i feel your pain ! im keeping the polaris too btw.
  6. did you get a refund on it?
  7. whatever rocks your boat mate.
  8. that's equally horrible tbh. Polaris really isnt a long word and polly reminds me of a parrot. are we flying in a parrot? no? right!, i thought not !
  9. the pole is a bad abbreviation. please. dont
  10. i love threads like these. it makes me feel kind of sane. or at least not alone.
  11. how did they not give clarity on the turret size ><
  12. Want to Trade

    lol. fair enough. good luck buddy !