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  1. Aegis Harbinger

    as close to this as possible this time. there's so much in that one sentence. hyped
  2. CIG's pricing practices

    so there's the problem right here. surely you dont expect them to accomodate the grey market ? its not illegal, no. its not exactly encouraged either.

    im still trying to figure out your crude sense of humor. i havent decided if i like or not. its a bit snarky and monty python at times and alligns with my own humor. hence the hallway comment. think nothing of it :).

    then again, there's only so many ways you can make a hallway, beside the decoration of the walls.
  5. Banu Merchantman

    i think we can forget about this ship being exclusive and rare after their banu lore reveal :). everyone and their dog will buy one now.
  6. upgrade your lti gemini to lti polaris when goes on sale again. Starfarer's main usage is fuel harvest imo so i dont see why it needs to be armored when you need transport anyway. i'd advise against a 890 jump due to obnoxious pricing. kind regards,
  7. if it was my fleet i'd dump both of the aurora's. i cant see myself using them when every other ship i own is better for whatever i wanted to do. trade them for something on your wish list. but thats just me :).
  8. A Historic Moment for Humanity

    i actually saw Halley's comet when it passed many years ago. its like someone switched on a torchlight in space. should be another 30 years before it returns?
  9. i can confirm lti hangar bays are a thing since i own one.
  10. yeh cool vid. i learned something new actually
  11. happy birthday bro :)

  12. Ongoing Discussion PC blue-screening nearly 5 times a day

    your hardware is broken. or more specific, at least one part. clean your cooling fan in case its a matter of overheating. it sounds like your graphics card is broken. a blue screen occurs when your software cant find your hardware (anymore). so you start up and at some point your video card disconnects and you get a blue screen.
  13. Final Ship Decision

    if i had your account i'd do the following: Trade in the vanguard for a cat. (and yes, the reclaimer is also fine but i dont care much for it)