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  1. Oh wow! This is awesome! *sigh* (Searches for wallet)
  2. Zee

    Hammerhead Crew Needed

    Yep! I've already gotten hip to overclocking the coolers. Where can I find the TS info?
  3. Zee

    Hammerhead Crew Needed

    Waiting on Saturday like....
  4. Zee

    Hammerhead Crew Needed

    Also, I'm @MrDefiant in-game. Also, I'll likely be streaming it on YouTube. If not, then I'll definitely record it and post it after. Here's my youtube channel if anyone is interested. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCT8qe0uN5-RabifB-vNYA6w?view_as=subscriber
  5. Zee

    Hammerhead Crew Needed

    I've got 3 Hammerheads we can use. If not, let's aim to fully crew a single Hammerhead and try to bring about 3 or 4 fighters with us. I'm US Central Time, so maybe around 5 p.m. CST for the mission brief with a 5:45 Mission Launch time! The sooner you respond and get in, you can choose whatever position you want, provided it's available.
  6. Hello everyone! This weekend, 17 November, I'm wanting to assemble a Hammerhead crew to roll through the PU. I've actually got 3 Hammerheads in my inventory so doing joint patrols and clearing out SPK, Grimm Hex and locations on Cellin and Daymar would be ideal (and fun). Let me know if your interested. This can be an ongoing thing as I will be streaming this event to YouTube.
  7. This ship was also rushed. So things can easily get missed...
  8. Your reasoning is somewhat flawed. The idea that Star Citizen is supposed to be 100% free is not realistic. There must be, at some point, a limitation or barrier. Going by that thought process, what's to stop the community to from asking, begging and pleading for a Super Hornet with the cargo space of a Cutlass, the refuel capability of a Starfarer, the torpedoes launchers and systems of the Polaris, while also having the anti-fighter capability of the Hammerhead. Not to mention, the hull HP of a Bengal with the range of a Carrack, but the luxury of the 600i. You see how ridiculous that sounds? I see no reason why there shouldn't be some limitations, otherwise things can spin out of control quickly. You can have cargo in Valkyrie, there's just no dedicated mag-plate to lock boxes and crates down. Versatility is a nice thing to have, but realistically, not every ship or aircraft in any military can do everything. So why would you expect that here? That is the unrealistic part. I mean, please show me a time when a C-130 has ever shot down an F-16 in a dogfight. Point being, it's a dedicated ship for a dedicated role. Pllllllleeeeeeaaaaassseeee, let it do its job. There are more than enough cargo ships in this game to choose from already. We don't need any more...
  9. The cargo argument is mute, imo. There are already enough ships that can handle cargo hauling duties. It's not necessary to add another ship to an already lengthy pantheon of ships in that line. I like having this ship specific to its role. Not every ship should be meant to do everything. THAT, is illogical. Plus they said you can haul cargo, you'll just have to load it by hand and risk it tumbling over since there is no dedicated mag-lock, like in dedicated cargo vessels. Let's not get taken away with this one argument. Since they planned on re-concepting the Redeemer, you'll need another ship to take its place. I think they did well on this ship. If anyone wants an armoured cargo vessel, I suggest the Hercules line. Ground combat will obviously be a major thing, so you'll need a ship specially suited to this task. I, for one am glad that I will not have to use the Hoplite for the insertion of nothing more than a fire team, when I can now bring an entire squad!
  10. Zee

    weapons loadout

    I'm still conducting tests for my Hammerhead loadouts, but I really like the M6A's
  11. Zee

    weapons loadout

    Very true. But how epic would it be to see a hammerhead (or two) with this loadout flying in for ground support? Fly in...saturate the area, then fly out to re-arm. I posted a video on my youtube channel, hours before STL posted his video. I really want to coordinate a massive battle. I mean, take over an entire server and have two teams fighting for supremacy on Daymar. Say, Bountiful Harvest or some other location that doesn't have an armistice zone.
  12. Zee

    weapons loadout

    LOL! It's funny I made this exact prediction on the potency of the Revenant Gatlings, now it comes to fruition.
  13. Zee

    Drake Kraken + Privateer

    I really feel like they rushed this ship. I really, really don't like the look. It seems a bit.... off from what we expect from Drake. Eh, oh well. I'll pass on this one. It looks like they plopped an aircraft carrier on top of a partially constructed Idris frame and gave it Star Wars engines and called it a day. Hope the holiday sale doesn't disappoint.
  14. Well said! There are quite a few posts where I've seen a theory craft crushed. We need to be careful not to become toxic like some elements of the vocal minority with the SC community as a whole.
  15. I live in Dallas and may look to attend a Bar Citizen in the Austin area. Getting into the event might prove difficult
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