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    Freelancer MAX

    I real don't like the look of the rear engines.
  2. I'm looking forward to getting to know some of you, so I will try to make it.
  3. My self I use headphones most of the time, but when playing a single player game, it's nice to have speaks to use, so I use the sound blasterX Katana sound bar, its not the best for music, but it sits in front of my monitor and doesn't take up room on the desk.
  4. Alex-Cobra

    New Headset

    I'm using a 360 and ready like it , so much so, I purchased a 360D for my daugther, a couple weeks ago.
  5. Very nice , I will keep in mind, next time I'm in the dog house, and need to buy my way out.
  6. Myself I signed up for T&I, to pay for my weekend explorating habits.
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