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Found 5 results

  1. SpaceX has achieved the first ever re-flight and recovery of a stage 1 orbital class rocket. This process vastly decreases the cost of resupply missions to the Solar frontier, which makes the colonization of Luna, Mars, and other Solar bodies much more economically feasible. If you understand the concept that Earth is not an eternal safe space amidst the void, and that our continued existence as a species is dependent on the condition of our planet and its biome, don't be surprised if you find yourself cheering out loud during this video in light of what this achievement means for our mission of existential redundancy. The reason why many of us are supporting Star Citizen is because its envisioned immersion would allow us escapists to experience a simulated extra-solar life, since we most probably will not live to see that day. Cheers to IRL organizations that are pushing the envelope of the cosmic frontier, and to game developers like CIG that are bringing a beautifully rendered simulation of that for us to play! Science fiction breeds many members of the next generation of scientists; therefore, CIG may be a significant cog in the machine of human space exploration.
  2. Wow! SpaceX Lands Orbital Rocket Successfully in Historic First <<--- See article or spoiler below...
  3. Crazy money getting put into real space exploration. http://thenet.today/2014/08/19/elon-musks-spacex-is-raising-money-at-a-valuation-approaching-10b/
  4. I'm a big fan of the private space industry that is starting to take off and wanted to share the video of the Falcon 9 First Stage returning and doing a soft landing in the ocean. Looks like the next step is a floating landing platform, or maybe even land (if the FAA lets them that is). http://youtu.be/CQnR5fhCXkQ
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