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  1. Awesome job on the site, more specifically the selection of apparel! American Apparel, Jerzees, those are some high quality brands that will actually last. One question: what brand is the Men's Tall T-shirt? (https://www.imperium.sc/shop/#!imperium+wings+amp+wreath+men-s+tall+t-shirt-A59712299aa0c6d5ce7498d93?productType=650&appearance=2)
  2. I'll be there. I just have to oil up some parts on my Super Hornet, it started to get rusty.
  3. I just learned of this organization that is seeking private funding to build innovative telescopes that will allow them to take optical images of nearby exoplanets. This technology will significantly decrease the cost of building ground based telescopes, and I thought it would be cool to have contributed to the discovery of life on another planet so I donated some $ to their kickstarter project. Check out the videos below to get an idea of the technical details.
  4. This is the stuff I love to see! I think series like ATV will inspire some younger folk to get into various branches of game development. Seeing something develop before your eyes makes it seem more achievable, and less of an improbable feat only achievable by natural prodigies.
  5. SpaceX has achieved the first ever re-flight and recovery of a stage 1 orbital class rocket. This process vastly decreases the cost of resupply missions to the Solar frontier, which makes the colonization of Luna, Mars, and other Solar bodies much more economically feasible. If you understand the concept that Earth is not an eternal safe space amidst the void, and that our continued existence as a species is dependent on the condition of our planet and its biome, don't be surprised if you find yourself cheering out loud during this video in light of what this achievement means for our mission of existential redundancy. The reason why many of us are supporting Star Citizen is because its envisioned immersion would allow us escapists to experience a simulated extra-solar life, since we most probably will not live to see that day. Cheers to IRL organizations that are pushing the envelope of the cosmic frontier, and to game developers like CIG that are bringing a beautifully rendered simulation of that for us to play! Science fiction breeds many members of the next generation of scientists; therefore, CIG may be a significant cog in the machine of human space exploration.
  6. Great episode! Fun seeing you all shoot the shit with Bored Gamer. Can't wait to see what The Base develops into once 3.0 hits . . . so much more content and mechanics to talk about.
  7. 31:58 Tonnes of Space Truffles confirmed!!! Great episode. It's good to see they're still focused on balancing realism and fun when it comes to cargo and salvage. I envisioned something like the grav-lev platforms CR mentioned to move bigger cargo; maybe players can control them remotely like they would fly a ship, like how the Super Hornet turret operator has a simulated view from the turret's perspective. It will also be fun to learn what parts on each ship are valuable for salvage to perform quick operations in unclaimed space!
  8. I agree theorycrafting can be a bit of a rabbit-hole, and there are those who watch vids like this and take them to be steadfast truth, but theorycrafting helps people decide which ships they may want to pledge for. When I decide to theorycraft based on videos like this, I research on forums the points relevant to the theory I want to explore. Knowing what to search for allows me to find stuff faster rather than watching every episode of 10FTC or ATV, then I determine the likelihood of the concept being in the game depending on the tone of speech, or any 'maybe' or 'definitely' or other words from CR or CIG employees. Then once I know it's a good chance a certain ship will help me accomplish my starting goals in the Verse, I can plan for IRL finances ahead of time so I have money on standby for when that ship goes on sale again, lest I miss it and pay the hangar or flight ready price.
  9. @AimpadOh wow, major oversight on my part; thanks for the info. Looks like I'll be modding some Cherrys with magnets and coinciding hall effect sensors then. How goes your endeavor with Aimpad?
  10. I like the part where Cameron from CIG compared SC to the Apollo missions (paraphrased): "Ask an engineer how long it'll take them to do something they've done before, they'll give you an accurate estimate. Ask them how long it'll take them to do something nobody's really done before, they'll say ask me in a month." Some people strongly think this will be another No Man's Sky, I'm guessing a hard no on that. It seems some people would rather a publisher be breathing down their necks telling them to cut content to release on time, no thank you – I'd rather wait a bit longer for quality. EDIT: Thanks for posting this to YouTube, now I can watch it in sections!
  11. I've done some research on the latest keyboard tech, thought I'd share it with you all. Kickstarter projects like Wooting and Aimpad use infrared LEDs to optically detect how close a key is to bottoming out. These analog switches provide major benefits when considering WASD movement, as they negate the need to constantly tap several keys to effectively control movement. They're good for first person when you want to slowly peek out from behind a corner, creep up on somebody, walk in a civil manner with a velocity of 11.4 degrees north at 4.3 km/h, etc. Depending on the device and firmware, you could map a function for a key when it reaches its actuation point, and another function on the same key when it bottoms out (spell charge and cast for example). Check out this prototype of an Aimpad (9:20 for gameplay demo). That was one of a few models they're designing, including an Orbweaver-type single-hander. The analog switches of Aimpad and Wooting will afford keyboard users six degrees of freedom when piloting ships in Star Citizen. Best of luck to them in pioneering this peripheral frontier. Hall effect switches have magnets on their sliders and sensors that detect their proximity to them. As the magnet gets closer to the hall effect sensor, the voltage changes and the sensor relays the readings to the controller, making for a precise and durable keyboard switch. They've been around since the 70s, and were very common in military and nuclear applications for their reliability. Keyboards like the Space Cadet and many Honeywells used hall effect switches, and those that still survive hold their own on eBay. Hall effect technology lost traction in the last few decades because other consumer products were cheaper to produce. Advances in plastics and even magnetics have given hall effect keyboards the chance to be even more functional and durable than in the past. The XMIT Hall Effect Keyboard is one of the first of its kind to be produced for consumers in decades. The one in this next video has a bamboo case, but they also have a black acrylic model available, as well as 61 - 87 - 104 key versions of each. The keys are similar to Cherry Blacks, but eventually they'll produce ones with tactile switches and sell different sets of springs. Unfortunately these switches do not provide analog input; when the magnets reach the actuation point they send a static signal to the controller. Check out Massdrop for more specs and to buy one when they go on sale again. I'm an Orbweaver and mouse player, and I'm currently trying to make all my flight movement controls analog. I'm going to remove the 8-way hat from the Orb thumb assembly and replace it with a 360 degree mini analog joystick, and put a 5-way stick above it for random controls in place of the button above the joystick. With the mini joystick I'll have a full analog range of strafing. Yaw and Pitch are controlled by my mouse, so that leaves Roll, which I hate to tap several times on digital keys to achieve trajectory (it just feels dirty and detracts from my immersion). Enter two analog switches: I'll mod a few Cherrys to have magnets on their sliders, paired with hall effect sensors on the other side of the Orb's PCB. The sensor will detect the magnet's proximity to it and send an analog signal to the controller. Some may ask why I don't just get floor pedals, dual Warthogs, HOTAS, use a regular keyboard, etc . . . but it's all about ergonomics, customization, and minimal hand movement for me, and the Orbweaver will fit that bill perfectly when I'm done customizing it for analog flight movement. I'll post a tutorial for everything I did when it's done, as well as how to swap Cherry switch components and LEDs, and tips to determine your nominal Flight, EVA, and FPS keymaps for SC as that can be pretty overwhelming for newcomers. It may take awhile for the Teensy programming, as I don't have much experience in controller coding, but the good people at Geekhacks will help get me started. EDIT: updated technical information, thanks Aimpad!
  12. Yeah I saw this and got pretty stoked! Wonder if Orion will still take until 4.0? Guess we'll see.
  13. This sounds like a great idea for Mass Effect! Hopefully they'll use the resources otherwise spent to create an entirely new game and cram in as much good story content as possible with the expansions. I hate pre-ordering, but I might bite the bullet on this one . . . SC anticipation is real.
  14. Zauron


    Audio and music are huge factors to my enjoyment of any form of media, approximately a third of it. It's all about dynamics, having minimal audio at the right moments, and minimal repetition like they talked about on ATV at 17:20. Maybe the reason why some people tend to turn off the music in most games is because a lot of it is repetitive, or because it's merely decent or worse. I may submit this for a feature request: Music Dynamics Slider. Just like the controversial PvP slider, it would tailor the occurrence of music to the preferences of the player. Set to low: you would often find yourself roaming the verse with only the augmented audio of your suit playing sound effects for things happening to your character, but once in awhile some ambient music would sound off; combat audio would probably occur for any PvP battles or (more than 1) NPC battles. It would be cool if they could work in some sort of integration with common music streaming services, where the system could crossfade to combat music at appropriate times, or override the external music player when gameplay of epic proportions occurs. I've never known a game do this, and I know it would be a huge bonus for audio advocates like me, and people who like listening to their own playlists but want dynamic combat music. Either way, when I'm doing multiplayer in the PU I'll either turn music to a low setting, off, or possibly the Music Dynamics Slider to low if they like that idea enough to implement it.
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