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Lady Tyreanthil Kyranthia

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    LR Support/Bomber Pilot, Trader, Miner, Explorer
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    Gamer since 1976, SPI, AH Boardgames got me started
    Got Apple II in 1979 and onward to gaming...
    MMO's : UO, EQ, WOW since Classic, Rift, TOR, and now NWN and EVE since 2006
    AT $ 4,275 Pledge right now, My Poor Wallet....

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  1. what do you mean? thinking of getting a cap next time.. j
  2. Hi gang Thx for the great advice While I missed all the CCU's from last year, and im wrapping my head how this works, I thought i'd try something (but ill probably mes it up ) CCU for $ 10 my Gemini = BANU MM CCU for $ 50 my Starfarer = BANU MM If the Banu Goes much higher, ill convert both my starfarer's to BANU's, end up with 3 and convert those to a higher price ship in future (like , maybe a Polaris, or a Origin 600) With the BANU being now 238M Long (as big as a Capship), this is not a $ 350 ship but a 6-700 $ one I hope Im not screwing up... Thx all any comments welcome JM
  3. Hi gang As the subject line says, I own an Original ($175) Starfarer (it had nothing packaged with it, except LTI); I know/think its worth $ 300 I also got my hand on a Starfarer Gemini original package for $ 283 or so (which has LTI, and the poster/model), and I think this is worth $ 340 What would you do ? Q1: Does the full cargo capacity of the starfarer vs the Gemini worth it, or is the armour/weapons on a Gemini a good sacrifice ? Q2: what would you do? upgrade one, as an LTI frame if something like the Origin 600 ever comes out i.e. a ship > $ 300 I posted a while back my full fleet, I basically have everything I want (SH, Reclaimer, Retaliator, Phoenix, Carrack, Terrapin, Orion + Banu/Caterpillar) except 1- Maybe a future Cap Ship or 2- Science or Luxury LIner (a la 890 Jump) All advice welcome, from you wonderful people.. JM
  4. Complete

  5. Complete

    ill take it but I leave for Cuba tonight if you can make payment arrangements in 1-2 hours ill pay now or it waits till the 15th Let me know asap, in any case ill take it for the 283$ USD above Regards Ice Jm
  6. Thx for the advice There are many things we dont know about the game, but I want to have fun doing non combat activities, and Fleet support on a consistent basis I only asked for advice as I have been back taking stock after a long vacation from game development, and asking the true experts here, what did I miss/ not consider Any other advice would be welcome and Thx in advance J
  7. Hi all Obviously, we only need to buy 1 ship & 1 package to play the game. Also, anyone buying more than 1 ship is taking a risk, that game does not pan out (no flames please) In that vein that I took a chance, had the income, and will never do it again if it does not pan out, Id like your advice and comments, on what to do next If, and I mean IF, I wish to spend/buy /trade or get rid of more ships. Without further ado, my current Virtual ship arsenal ============== My fleet as of now; I know there was a post regarding the fact that more expensive ships, (a CIG Vid) will take longer to obtain in game than originally intended. In that Vein, I have been melting UP my smaller ships that I’ve had bought in 2013-2014 (when I joined, after KickStarter) and getting bigger or more unique ones My SC profile: Like in EVE Online (which I don’t play anymore), I intend to do the following Fleet Support, like refueling, Scouting, Jamming etc. LR/Gunboat type combat, I’m older so dog fighting is not to be my forte Industrialist (Mainly) Mining Salvaging Hauling/Commerce/Transport Possibly Exploration, if it actually works (in game…) Possible other Non-Combat activities (if they are fun…) You will notice I have not Bought Polaris/Idris etc. due to price/availability and I’m not sure how Cap combat will work (large crews/expenses) Question 1: Any feedback welcome, as I value all your advice here, you guys are the true meaning of Hard-core J Question 2: Do I have any ships that area redundant (among the smaller ones like the 315p). I am keeping (very probably all my flagships, such as Orion, Carrack, Caterpillar..) but I will listen (and consider) everything you say J Ship Fleet RSI Constellation Taurus Hauling/Cargo cap 242 Constellation Phoenix Luxury yacht Orion Mining Super Ship : Fleet Support Will be super expensive in PTU (to buy) Aurora LX No role yet, cheap ship and limited? Aegis Reclaimer Salvage Will be super expensive in PTU (to buy) Retaliator Bomber my LR Big Bomber/Fleet Support/Hauler ? : Fleet Support Vanguard Heavy LR Fighter, with all 3x BUK’s Redeemer Heavy Gunboat Origin 350R racer Racer 315P Explorer Cheap explorer? M50 Interceptor Super Runner MISC Starfarer Refueling/ Hauler(?) : Fleet Support Will be super expensive in PTU (to buy) Freelancer MIS Small hauler (fit in small jump points , where Taurus won’t ?) Drake Herald fast, armored EW/Intel Ship : Fleet Support Cutlass Blue No Role yet; Caterpillar Modular, versatile ship Role: unsure Will be super expensive in PTU (to buy) Dragonfly Curiosity ? LTI Token ? Anvil Super-Hornet Mid-range Combat Hornet Tracker AWACS type : Fleet Support Hornet Ghost Stealth Ship/EW : Fleet Support Carrack Versatile super-ship, Explorer, powerful and multi-role Will be super expensive in PTU (to buy) Terrapin Ultimate Scout, well armored Weird Ones/ Alien: Khartu-al Light Fighter, curiosity item Banu My Main, Super-duper 7,000 units Hauler and Bazaar ship Will be super expensive in PTU (to buy) Mustang Alpha Bought a separate pilot, Xmas sale Upgraded (not melted but upgraded) ships: Aurora LN Avenger Stalker Origin 325A Anvil Hurricane Ships (Still to get/ Planned) Prospector More Solo/Mining Role Origin 890 Super capital Ship Space yachts (maybe) Freelancer MAX I know I have a Taurus, will the MAX be able to go more into other places ? Endeavor Science might be something I’d like to do (I was a big scientist in EVE) Hull C-D or E I am unsure about this, since I have a Banu, but all the Hull’s have more capacity Again, advice welcome here too And finally Should I get a CAP, like Idris/Polaris etc. That 1 I am so unsure I never pulled the trigger… Again, advice welcome here too Thanks all See you in game JM
  8. I'll try to be there Thx gang
  9. Want to Buy

    Thank you all!@ I was lucky enough to get an original LTI UEE Explorer Pack Next 2x ships im looking for, at reasonable price, are Prospector and esp. Caterpillar, any version , both LTI Thank you kindly again, love Imperium people here
  10. Oh! so since its worth 300 now, and I do see tha cash value at 175, if I DO wish to upgrade to Carrack, its only $ 50 , NOT 175 ? I thought it was Cash value - new value Plz confirm and thank you kindly! JM
  11. Hi Gal Im in same boat, so how to I gte around that, to get the increased value of my original Starfarer ? I know you said CCU, but im sorta lost Thank you JM
  12. As subject line says carrack LTI thx in advance JM