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Lady Tyreanthil Kyranthia

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About Lady Tyreanthil Kyranthia

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    LR Support/Bomber Pilot, Trader, Miner, Explorer
  • Birthday 01/09/1968

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    Gamer since 1976, SPI, AH Boardgames got me started
    Got Apple II in 1979 and onward to gaming...
    MMO's : UO, EQ, WOW since Classic, Rift, TOR, and now NWN and EVE since 2006
    AT $ 4,275 Pledge right now, My Poor Wallet....

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  1. Wow Where is that from, any game we know? Thank you! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  2. Hi gang. Btw the Ben thing kast night threw out all info on the 600i. Everything is on the table now as they admitted the q&a was bullshit by their own admission! So woodie I think it might end up better than luxury woohoo is all you get! Check it out in concierge as well take care! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  3. Big hello What is a box and cutlass, and do you mean buying on Reddit? Seems risky Thx! J Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  4. Hi gang. I can't tell, but are the names of everyone on that poster? I.e. I've been here for a long time [emoji56] Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  5. Thx Astro! so that means a Polaris for $550 + 242 = $ 792 USD ouch ouch ouch too rich for for me I think, hope to find a cap for less, keep an eye out for me thx again for your info, and help! j
  6. Hi I am a bit interested but I am curious as well . How much is the hull E , to give an idea of the total price it would be ? Thx in advance ! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  7. Hi dan and all i get the ccu thing but the melt and buyback makes mo sense to me. I bought concept sales before, ccu'ed to something else, and the lti token is gone, no buyback Ex: hurricane to aquila , lti hurricane ccu'ed to aquila. I looked no biyback for my hurricane, its completely gone If i go lti nox, ccu to freelancer dur, then razor , it becomes lti razor i get that but the nox is gone, i cant buyback theres nothing always in my buyback list! what am i missing ? youve been very helpful btw, thx for all that! thx in advance! J
  8. Can you retrograde nox to dur, as in -10$ To do your suggested dur LTI? thx for great info! jm
  9. Hiya Astro! err the DUR does not have LTI so if I get a CCU, to the Razor, there will be no LTI on razor? So when NOX comes out; NOX + LTI = $ 40 and I'd have a DUR CCU Would NOX to DUR to RAZOR get me a a RAZOR with LTI ? I might try it, if no one can xfer/sell me a LTI token Thx Astro, as always bud you rock, and I'm happy we are in Imperium together Take care Jean
  10. Hi Gang I know NOX is out next week, and ill be able to buy a couple then unfortunately, Ill miss the RAZOR as it ends when NOX comes online I don't have any Tokens, as I am back in game only since March, and missed all my chances last year SO any kind soul can sell one of their multitudes of low cost LTI smaller ships so I can get a razor / Just asking... Thx in advance... take care! JM
  11. Thank you kindly Danakar! I wonder how much you have to spend, to hit Concierge. I've spent, about $ 5,000 or so, with No Capships bought Very appreciated! J
  12. Yes I got that Im one of those, but I dont remember special access to anything as concierge for additional content.. CAn you showw me/link the area , as I have no clue what you are talking about Thank you kindly J
  13. Thx for showing this a question , if I may ? where do I access this clearance ultra area , and i did buy warbond eclipse thank you! j
  14. lol I hope so... $ 5,000 US Dollars later, it better work =P (IUm Canadian, so exchange = ouch ) Take care all JM
  15. So glad I got this; Id prefer a little bigger but v v nice!