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    Gamer since 1976, SPI, AH Boardgames got me started
    Got Apple II in 1979 and onward to gaming...
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    AT $ 4,275 Pledge right now, My Poor Wallet....

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  1. Hi Gang what did they do to the BMM ? Price, design, specs, it is 1 of the 1st ships I ever bought Thx so much Jean
  2. Hi all, Pain do you now where, what is on the Non CCU list i have a 550 $ hammerhead, now worth 725, and a 100$ Polaris CCU and would like to know how to get a cheaper CCU.. or alternatively, what do I do to optimize my gains $ 550 warbond HammerHead, 2017, hammerhead worth $ 725 now $ 100 Hammerhead CCU to Polaris polaris in store for $ 750 right now... ======= anything I can do to reorganize this? Thanks all jean
  3. I was completely Nuts Still am, but this game gotta prove to me it will actually ship Take care Jean
  4. Hi gang It says I am 80% of this new Rank Can someone fill me in, what does that mean ? 1- What does it mean total $ already, if at 80% ? 2- In a related Question, For the Last 20%, how much more do I need to Reach this new rank ? Thx gang! Jean
  5. Well they lost me. after spending a record amount last year, and buying every concept, I am not spending a cent on the Starlifter. Not one after they burned me on 6 CCU’s from the Aquila (thereby invalidating them all ) , I am scaling down. With what they did for credits, I am incensed at them. i stop at 13,000+ GG CIG i hope more of my type follows my lead.. regards jean
  6. So best deal, the hilariously overpriced C2 base model ? My god, I paid § 175 for my Starfarer, how much for my original Orion? You’re right, HammerHead and Polaris, even 890J as a Capship is priced properly This? It’s nuts, and I’ve spent over $13,000 already over the years.. Take care Jean Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  7. First They screw me by releasing "rare" ships every year, after the kickstarter they said they would not do... Second, they screw me on all my CCU's I got in 2017 from Aquila to Multiple ships.. $ 4,000 spent and now all messed up; i.e. Aquila to prowler, over 8 ships at least.. and now, this mess prices through the roof, so out of control I dont even know where to start.. This C2/M2 , this is Polaris/Pioneer territory; are they nuts ? Wallet is closed for a long time, maybe forever until I see a real game like SQ42 Regards JM
  8. Lol These prices Agree but CIG is now massively overcharging And i now quit buying after 13,000 spent Thats it! Jean Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. You misunderstand And thx in advance I don’t have hurricane to Aquila, that’s where I saved the money Bought hurricane, lti Bought Aquila to prowler, and other ships, about 6 in all I don’t have hurricane to Aquila What do I do? J Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  10. Well I’m sorta messed up To save money in last sale in nov. I did a ton of hurricane lit, and a bunch of ccu from Aquila to whatever, like prowler If Aquila went up. How will this work ? Bought hurricane 1. Purchased Hurricane to Aquila was like = 195. Not purchased Then did like Aquila to let’s say prowler, 275 to 410 = 135 Purchased What happens now ? My ccu I paid 135 , but now to go hurricane to Aquila is not 195 but 230 ! Help! Thx Jean Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  11. One extra sucky thing they did, and it’s worse because it’s concierge pre sale, is lock the 3rd skin, the probably nicest one snow/white skin behind only the 295/320 pack... after buying all previous concept vehicle sales, what a big F U to me and others that we bought the previous package, and now I’m penalized for having funded them before . Huh? A special for me as concierge, and having bought ALL of them, is giving me and others the possibility of owning all 3 skins for past efforts No way I’m buying a 320 pack to get a 3 skin version, unless I burn all my packages ? What the hell is this ? Extraordinary lame imo Oh, and overpriced ... finally, it does not look very futuristic, Not at all like those rail gun prototypes on deviantart and other sites... very disappointed in them... J Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  12. Hi all Just an update to my fleet As I have much more multi-crew I hopw to be able to lend/participate and have fun with you all Please notice I have 3-4 Capitals/Sub-Capitals now without further ado; ============ Roster as of December 2017 -------------------------------------- Primary Ships/Capitals: 1- Polaris Corvette 2- Hammerhead Gunship 3- 890J Origin Luxury Capital 4- MCS Pioneer: Pioneer, Mobile Construction Yard / Base Building Industry/Commerce Ships 1- Endeavor Platform Science Ship, with 10x Modules (incl. 2x farms) Science, Research, telescope, Super Collider Enhancements, Medical, Agriculture-Illegal 2- Reclaimer, Salvage Platform 3- Orion Mining Platform 3A- Prospector 4- Crucible Repair Platform 5- Banu MM, Trade and Hauling [Transport – Freight Missions] 6- MISC D, Hauling, Escorted [Transport – Freight Missions] 7- Freelancer MAX, Unescorted, Enclosed Cargo Bay [Transport – Freight Missions] 8- Anvil Carrack, Exploration Platform 9- Crusader Genesis, Passenger Transport [Transport –People Missions] 10—Herald, Fast Info Runner/Hacker [Transport –Hacking Missions] 11- Starfarer A- Civilian: Refueling/Fuel Capture B- Gemini (Militarized) Refueling/Fuel Capture Specialized: Origin 600i [Transport – VIP People Missions] Origin 600T -Secondary Exploration Constellation Phoenix [Transport – VIP People Missions] Caterpillar, No current function Ground Vehicles/Fighters Tumbril NOX X1 Rovers + Snubs (as Part of existing ships) Combat Ships (Not primary Focus) 1- Super Hornet, durable combat platform A- Hornet Ghost B- Hornet Tracker 2- Aegis Sabre, Stealth combat 3- Redeemer Gunboat 4- Khartu-Al, Light Fast Fighter 5- Full 300 Series (Origin Pack) 6- Banu Defender – 2 seater, specialized Specialized Combat/LR Support: 1- Esperia Prowler –Stealth Dropship 2- Terrapin –Armored Scout 3- Freelancer MIS, missile militia platform 4- Gladiator Bomber 5- Retaliator Bomber --> Can be converted to Hauler with Modular Capability 6- Stealth Bomber 7- Vanguard Warden, with all 3x BUK's ================ Hope to have fun when we play in 2022 Take care JM
  13. Lol Ill use my new pioneer to build ImperiumFish&Chips ™ shacks everywhere ! [emoji851][emoji851][emoji1533][emoji256][emoji56] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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