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  1. Totally Agree " Well from a SCB grey marketers perspective...and im just really saying from my own point of view here, the buying and selling of ships is; A - my own meta game as a trader in SC B - make a few bucks back to help mitigate my extensive investment in SC, $15+k. C - with only 62 sales 90% of which where to new members who missed out on past sales and therefore couldnt just pick up a token to ccu...nor wanted to wait till november. D - provide answers and knowledge to those with questions regarding the market place...being the face people can trust. Rep over money every day! So in short, not all sellers have the same motivations and many actually provide am essential function. Sent from my LG-H812 using Tapatalk"
  2. http://www.businessinsider.com/goldman-sachs-space-mining-asteroid-platinum-2017-4
  3. Took a class with Deon and he is awesome! He is also very patient and a fun person to hang with
  4. RP can get a lot more people interested and engaged in the game especially if these people had space husband/wives/GFs/Partners This should come with its own perks for example: your other space half gets to fly any of your ships for free! they will get 50% of everything you make and if they wanted to leave you well...this goes both ways of course.
  5. no worries friend, im hoping i get a unicorn version with LTI hehe
  6. Complete

    Just purchased 2 items from flamadin, he is honest and quick, very much appreciated the trade
  7. Having played EVE online, i can tell you Cap ship counts are highly secretive due to maintaining dominance and being able to overwhelm opponents during war time. Whoever can establish Cap Size dominance will have a huge leverage in game
  8. Complete

    I am would like to purchase this item: - ADD-ONS - SUPERCOLLIDER POD - LTI_________________165$/150€
  9. on my RSI account for membership it shows im currently a member of Imperium can you verify
  10. Hi Guys, just checking in again, finally have a good pc to play and a new additional ship to fly. I would like to become a member of imperium plz let me know what i need to do. Thanks, Ducati