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  1. yeah i put them about $50 mil per year for operating costs, that is why 3.0 is critical to the continued cash generation as it is a big milestone
  2. Anyone know what their operating costs are per month? for 400 employees i would say roughly anywhere between 180-250k per month.
  3. Totally Agree " Well from a SCB grey marketers perspective...and im just really saying from my own point of view here, the buying and selling of ships is; A - my own meta game as a trader in SC B - make a few bucks back to help mitigate my extensive investment in SC, $15+k. C - with only 62 sales 90% of which where to new members who missed out on past sales and therefore couldnt just pick up a token to ccu...nor wanted to wait till november. D - provide answers and knowledge to those with questions regarding the market place...being the face people can trust. Rep over
  4. @VoA totally agree with you I am really excited about the game and more importantly having a great time with yall!
  5. Blood Moon needs an official song as we explore the outer edges of space Naturally i nominate the following classic:
  6. Ducati

    Space mining

  7. Took a class with Deon and he is awesome! He is also very patient and a fun person to hang with
  8. RP can get a lot more people interested and engaged in the game especially if these people had space husband/wives/GFs/Partners This should come with its own perks for example: your other space half gets to fly any of your ships for free! they will get 50% of everything you make and if they wanted to leave you well...this goes both ways of course.
  9. no worries friend, im hoping i get a unicorn version with LTI hehe
  10. Just purchased 2 items from flamadin, he is honest and quick, very much appreciated the trade
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