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Found 9 results

  1. The Comms Channel is open to all our internal Lantern Watch chatter, debate, discussion, and tomfoolery. From the Oxford Comma to flavored farts, as long as it adheres to Imperium rules and isn't more appropriate in another thread, it's home is here. Your interests in Hornet vs. Sabre, debate it here. Want to theorycraft as to how to set up a secure transport mission? Discuss that here. Have a meme you think we will love? Post it here. Want to discuss exfill tactics? Here is the home for all of our internal communications. Just do be careful not to post here what belongs in another thr
  2. So this is my first bit of theorycrafting in a while.... You're out in an unfamiliar part of space, and you discover the first located derelict Bengal Carrier.... What do you do?!?!
  3. Some interesting discussion from Rawcritics... this guy has started to follow SC closely since the 3.0 Gamescom demo. I would advise subscribing to his channel because he does commentaries for SC videos in addition to non-SC content.
  4. Hey guys, I was thinking today on how long missions should take so I thought I would do a quick dry run to get an idea and I was a little surprised at what I found. The premise of the dry run is to start from my hangar and then go to the TDD in Area 18, do some quick shopping and then return to the hangar. The mission itself is to pick up cargo at Port Olisar and return it to Area 18 on ArcCorp. What I found was it was 6:56 to go from the hangar and then take care of business in Area 18 then return to the hangar and enter the Freelancer. Then things get a little foggy on the tim
  5. The Base Radio Introducing: - StarCitizenBase Round Table - Today will air the first edition of our station's newest show mentioned above. The show is formatted as a talkshow / discussion, in which SCB members will be engaging in depthly theorycrafting / discussions of various subjects within the game Star Citizen. Join in! We would like you to be there and also participate in the discussion on air! Listeners can do this by visiting our chat channel at thebase.sc/chat! Wait, When, Where? Listen in at thebase.sc, and click on the 'popup player' The show will start at 21
  6. Well just led me make a global frame first. 2 sections 1. single seater ships and 2. multicrew ships (excluding anything greater than an 890 Jump like an Idris) 1 entry each I would love to hear your reasonings and passion to the ships you love or admire or want. So lets get to it! 1. single seater ship: (Super) Hornet hands down since every one loves to blow up sh*t 2. multicrew ships: For me its in my mind it is the Freelancer with its abillity to do a multitude of Jobs without switching the Ships and beeing mostl efficently operated by 1 guy. Additional the Free
  7. What do you guys have planned, or theorycraft for Ground team Exploration? Here are some ideas to go off of, but are not limited too.... 1. Aquilia: having a Ground buggie for Long drives in new territory. 2. Security: When in new areas, what will be some protocol to keep us protected in the event we meet a hostile entity? 3. What to do in Emergency? [Please state emergency, and following actions] If you wish for me to take this article down, to post it at a later time when more is released, let me know, and/or if this article/thread has already been submitted by someone else, please
  8. Imperium Sunday Afternoon Theorycrafting Discussion All Imperium members are welcome to join Flashbolts and CyberianK on Teamspeak this Sunday, March the 9th at 1900 UTC for the first Imperium Sunday Afternoon Theorycrafting (ISAT) Discussion. We will start by presenting some information that we’ve collected together that we think will foster some good discussion. After this we will open the discussion and might throw in some other pieces later. The discussion will have a few ground rules: 1. Keep it positive. It’s ok to disagree with someone’s opinion, but do so respectful
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