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  1. Game Day, January 27th

    Can't be there damn it ! :'(
  2. Imperium 3.0 Game Day Details

    Fuck I have to attend a wedding in the deep countryside... Enjoy it, I want to watch some videos when I'm back
  3. Game Day, Sept 23rd

    Hope I can be here this time !
  4. Game Day, March 25th

    I would really like to be there, now that I have gorgeous Star Marine skills, but unfortunately, I will be abroad and will come back at 23 UTC Enjoy it guys
  5. Hi everyone - Monta

    Thanks ! I've been playing a few Star Marine games to get my skills up. Next time, I'm gonna pawn Ostia (maybe not Caldon though) !
  6. Well, glad to hear that we'll have more options in 3.0 to analyse the economic system.Insert other media
  7. ME:A to feature 100 planets

    Wow looks nice. Definitely giving a try.
  8. Game Day, February 25th

    I would love to join you guys tonight. Still don't know if I will be able to catch you ! My heart is balancing between the pub (and beers, obviously) and the game day !
  9. Hi everyone - Monta

    Hi Caldon and thanks ! Yes I've had the "luck" that my father was working abroad when I was young, mainly in Africa (Kenya mostly, South Africa, Angola, Tchad,...) and I also lived during my studies in Australia and in Spain, two great experiences !
  10. Hi everyone - Monta

    Thanks guys, I will sure come as soon as I can on TS or Discord to chat & exchange with you guys !
  11. Hi everyone - Monta

    Hello deer Imperium members, Great to be part of the team. Just a quick presentation so you know who I am and whom you speak to. I'm 26, French and live in Paris. I've been living in many places in the world, Australia, Spain, and Kenya for the most part. I speak fluent french, English and Spanish. I first heard of star citizen in 2013 but decided to join only in 2014 with the smallest package, since I didn't want to take anty risk at that point. I really liked freelancer, that's why motivated me to support the game. I actually didn't play a lot at StarCitizen but kept following all the news on information, especially in RSI forums and reddit. And since the released of 2.6, I'm really hyped and want to get into it so that's why I decided to join a more organized and hardcore group. I'm more of a trade/commercial based player and love to analyse the economic systems of games. My main focus is to identify the goods with the most added value to maximise the profit. But I also love space and exploration as a whole. I've played for some years FPS games and was not so bad at it, so I guess Star Marine won't be a problem to handle. But I would love to be in touch with Imperium people who can teach me the flying techniques/skills since I didn't really improved my flying skills Anyway, that's me in a nutshell, but hey, do not hesitate to ask me whatever you want! Have a good day !