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Found 20 results

  1. Danakar Endeel

    Anvil Arrow next ship for sale?

    David Erkul over on Twitter stated he was rummaging through the 3.3.0 game files and spotted an entry called the ANVL_Arrow including a list of components. CF-117 K&W size 1 Scorpion GT-215 GTS size 2 cooler BRACER size 1 grade 3 power plant REGULUS size 1 grade 3 qdrive BEACON size 1 grade 1 radar ECOUTER size 1 grade 1 shield ALLSTOP size 1 grade 3 The components look like something similar to the Aurora LN so it sounds like this could be some kind of 'starter' ship from Anvil that CIG might sell during the Anniversary.
  2. Danakar Endeel

    Anvil Valkyrie Dropship

    ANVIL VALKYRIE HEAVY DROPSHIP Anvil Valkyrie - Hit The Ground Running --- In the days of antiquity, the Valkyrie were believed to choose which warriors would die on the field of war, and which would live. Now Anvil is putting that choice in your hands. Seize fate and turn the tide of battle with the Valkyrie. Rugged, high-performance jump seats safely transport up to twenty personnel into and out of the fray; a vehicle bay and speed ramp efficiently launch ground-based transports or reconnaissance vehicles for unmatched support; four powerful VTOL thrusters capacitate surgically precise take-offs and landings; and a devastating array of weaponry blurs the line between dropship and gunship. Available now at all registered Anvil dealerships. Fly one today! --- $330 Warbond (Liberator skin) $330 Warbond (regular skin) $375 Store Credit (regular skin) Designed to safely deliver and extract up to twenty fully-outfitted soldiers, as well as vehicles, from the most hostile locations, this conflict-ready military-spec craft is dependable to the end. Alongside twenty jump seats, the spacious hold accomodates one combat-ready ground vehicle to support your troops in any situation. Protecting your crew are two integrated door guns and four turrets, capable of laying down cover-fire, suppressing assailants, and ensuring successful landings anywhere. In transit, this significant firepower is bolstered by a nose gimbal for precise gunning from the cockpit. Heavy armor all around and built-in countermeasures complete the Valkyrie's formidable offensive and defensive package.
  3. GRIZZ

    Anvil Hawk

    https://robertsspaceindustries.com/comm-link//16271-Hawk-Concept-Sale A small, light fighter with an emphasis on weaponry, the Hawk boasts an impressive arsenal of lethal and non-lethal weapons, making it a perfect ship for independent bounty hunters or local security looking for a little more punch. $80 Warbond $90 Regular - https://robertsspaceindustries.com/pledge/ships/hawk/ANVIL-Hawk Little is known about this upcoming concept ship, but the file name gives us a valuable clue. SneakPeek_HalfHawk.jpg
  4. I have 2 Anvil Valkyrie Liberator Warbond ships with LTI I need to sell. Will sell at cost of $330 and I will eat the paypal costs. $330 Total for each. PM me if any interest. Thanks!
  5. So exploration won the vote apparently: Anvil Carrack – The Anvil Carrack has been the vanguard of every UEE exploration effort in recent years. Featuring reinforced fuel tanks for long-duration flight, a highly advanced jump drive array and a dedicated computer core room that allows it to put the maximum processing power into jump charting operations. Originally a military exclusive, the Carrack is now available for civilian use as a pathfinder spacecraft. Features on-board accommodations to allow for truly self-sufficient flight, including crew medical and repair facilities, and a mapping-oriented sensor suite capable of always charting a route home!This sounds like a pretty sweet ship, It's about time we had a dedicated ship for such a popular profession, instead of just a variant or two. I will certainly looking to acquire one of these for myself and the fleet.
  6. LAST EDIT: 20/Oct/2018 Hi everyone / I mainly have ships/vehicles that are either from lore, concept, development or being re-worked, and I constantly add more to the albums. NOTE: I've started to keep/restore the albums for ships that are now flyable as I've had a few requests for them. Aopoa (Xi'An) Aegis Anvil Argo Astronautics BIRC (Banu) Consolidated Outland Crusader Industries Drake Esperia Kruger MISC Origin RSI RSI/Aegis Tumbril Vanduul -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ship Components -------------------------------------------- BONUS -------------------------------------------- Characters First Person Components Places Places: Terra Places: Odin Places: Stanton Gameplay Squadron 42 Other
  7. VoA

    Anvil - Hurricane

    The Anvil Hurricane BIG GUNS, SMALL SHIP “Unable to penetrate the enemy’s defenses, many of our best pilots were lost at the onset of the Second Tevarin War. So while the Hurricane was designed to kill, it saved many lives as well.” – Leona Patiga, Casse Aerospace Lead Engineer. “If you’re looking to blast a target out of the solar system, the Hurricane gets the job done. Just don’t get caught flying solo.” – Commander Jackson Russell, UEE Navy (Ret.) Meet the A4A Hurricane, a fighting spacecraft that packs a deadly punch into a slight fuselage. The spacecraft compensates for its lack of creature comforts with its powerful armament, boasting six guns capable of blasting their way through nearly anything. Hurricane pilots have yet to find an enemy shield they can’t knock down. Be warned, this is not a ship for beginners. Mastering her unique ratio of heavy weapons with little armor requires a particular mix of marksman and dogfighter. Naval pilots serving with Hurricane squadrons have fallen in love with the exclusively offensive design; their peers’ constant refrain of ‘are you having a little ship with your guns?’ has served only to further distinguish the flights of “Six Shooters.” Standard model Hurricanes currently ship with six KBAR 11-Series Broadsword cannons (two gimbaled on the Size 4 nose hardpoints and four on the Size 3 turret slots) and four FSKI Ignite missiles for the Size 3 missile bay hardpoints. First blooded against the Tevarin near the end of the Second War, Anvil resurrected the classic Hurricane in response to increased Vanduul attacks in the late 29th century. The fighter still serves with distinction in multiple branches of the UEE military and will become available for the civilian market for 2947. ABOUT THE HURRICANE What is the idea behind the Hurricane? We see the Hurricane as a tool for pilots who are excellent at drawing a bead on a target while maintaining the situational awareness to avoid enemy fire… but those that prefer a ship that can take a pounding may find themselves fodder for interceptors! The aggressively designed Hurricane offers dogfighting-focused pilots a ship that relies strongly on firepower at the expense of armor. When will the Hurricane be flight ready? The Hurricane is currently scheduled to become flight-ready later this year. Because it is a smaller spacecraft, which uses the existing Anvil design aesthetic and dogfighting mechanics already tested in the Star Citizen Alpha, we expect it to come online earlier in the pipeline.
  8. VoA

    Anvil Terrapin

    Anvil Terrapin Concept Sale “If one more yahoo rocket jockey calls my Terrapin ‘a literal tough nut to crack,’ he’s getting a taste of size five…” - “L-T” Jordan Halveston, Terrapin Driver THE ANVIL TERRAPIN Presenting the Anvil Aerospace U4A-3 Terrapin-class Scanning/Exploration Ship. The Terrapin was developed near the end of the 28th century to serve as the first ship in the Empire’s defensive restructuring of the Navy. The Terrapin’s watchword is protection, with extensive shield systems and armor layers designed to provide the maximum possible defense for pilot and crew. While it lacks the maneuverability of a dedicated fighter, it does maintain an advanced, hard-hitting array of weapons intended to keep the most fearsome Vanduul raider at bay. Terrapin have seen extensive service with the Navy over the last 150 years, cementing a reputation as a support ship par excellence. The design has been put into service as everything from a standard APC to (most effectively) a long-range explorer. Terrapin often serve as combat search-and-rescue ships, a role they came into after testing proved their ability to perform precise combat pickups while under heavy enemy ground fire. Since its introduction, the Terrapin spaceframe has become increasingly popular among civilian explorers. Surplus U4A-3 hulls are routinely available on the open market, making it a favored explorer ship among military veterans who opt to continue flying after their service, many of them having already come to know it’s reliability, ease of repair and never-say-die attitude. The Terrapin has an all-around reputation as a ship that can get travel beyond the most distant jump point… and bring you back safely to civilization. ROLES & SYSTEMS The standard Terrapin explorer is rated for a crew of two, a pilot and a scanner operator (though one can easily fill both positions in most situations.) Terrapin captains often refer to themselves as ‘drivers’ rather than pilots, a nod to the ship’s similarity to a flying tank. An S4 utility mount atop the ship allows for a diverse set of roles. A dish-type scanner is the most commonly installed, as it directly benefits most of the Terrapin’s popular rules (including exploratory scanning, search and rescue tracking and in some cases spaceborne warning and control when outfitted as an armored command ship.) Where most spacecraft designs increase the size of their engines to travel faster, farther or more nimbly, the Terrapin takes the exact opposite approach. Here, an enhanced power planet is used to allow the design as much armor and shielding as possible. The extensive armor lattice should be visible to anyone within range of a Terrapin: ablative sheets three-layers deep protect the top and bottom of the hull, with additional, thick exterior bulkheads to each side. While most famed for its exploits discovering new worlds and rescuing soldiers under fire, the Terrapin is also a fighting ship. The extensive armor combined with the S5 remote turrent mount in the nose has given it a reputation as a ‘flying tank.’ Addition Size 2 laser cannons are also fully configurable. The Terrapin does not usually mount expendable weapons (ballistics or larger missiles) because it is designed to remain self-sufficient without resupply for extended periods of time. Are you interested in learning more about the Terrapin? We have reproduced a vintage United Empire of Earth test pilot manual below. These manuals were created during its initial Naval review period, and they provide extensive details on both the ship’s capabilities and the different missions it is oriented to perform. Specifications and a detailed holoviewer model of the Terrapin can also be found below. VISIT THE TERRAPIN
  9. I have a Banu Defender concept pack with LTI which I would like to exchange for an Anvil Carrack with LTI. I will also pay the difference of $165. I would prefer to trade for an original concept Carrack, however this can be discussed in PMs. The method of my payment is flexible but i would preffer to use paypal. This is my first time making any kind of trade so please bare with me if I'm quite cautious.
  10. The Anvil hurricane will be sold with LTI on 24 Feb 2017 at 175 usd. Source: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/spectrum/community/SC/forum/1/thread/spaceship-prices
  11. I thought I would post this here as well as Reddit, for more exposure. I have a never-worn engagement ring, purchased from Fred Meyer Jewelers here in Oregon that I'd like to be rid of. Its centerpiece is a 6.5 x 4.5mm Oval Tanzanite stone, ringed by smaller diamonds. It's set into 10k white gold. The size is 4.0, but it's my understanding that it's fairly easy to get it re-sized. It also has a lifetime care plan attached to it. It also comes with all the paperwork for the care plan and the receipt from when I purchased it. It's valued at 400$ + 50$ for the care plan. What I'd like to do is trade it in whole or for part of an Esperia Glaive. I'm also open to other ships as well, such as a Vanguard, Carrack, or Redeemer, but I would prefer a Glaive. I can pay with cash what the ring won't cover - Despite the ring having never been worn, it's pretty difficult to sell jewelry for anywhere near the purchase price, so I thought I'd post it here first to see if there was any interest, before I put it up on eBay. If you're interested, but worried about low-balling me, don't be. I'll consider everything and would be happy to give someone a good deal. Here's a shot of the ring: http://imgur.com/a/VxbPw Here's one with a timestamp for proof: http://imgur.com/a/73x5C And if you prefer to do business over Reddit, my username is the same, and here is the link to my posting there as well: https://www.reddit.com/r/Starcitizen_trades/comments/58ssrh/wtt_engagement_ring_for_esperia_glaive/ Cheers
  12. See RSI sister thread and vote there as well -->> NEW Military Concept Ship - "Anvil **" that the UEEN has been using for 80 years? (BL+DH=10FTD) POLL CIG likes to drop teasers in every now and then. I love to follow these tid-bit of info drops and was able to Post the thread on Wave 5 Concept Ships back in June 2015 prior others thinking there could be a next wave of concept ships after Wave 4 (aside from the Polaris being known).... in this thread below...WAVE 5 - Confirmed Concept Ships (new from BEN) + New Ideas + Idea Ship List [POLL] [1,311+VOTES]^^^ Also see this Thread OP as a take on what possible new ships are more likely than others (and why)Jared mentioned awhile back (and later confirmed by BL and CR) that CIG will never stop creating new ships to fill out the Verse (and new ones will also be created after launch). Yes - people are always concerned about feature Creep and it pushing out the schedule - but if S42 is indeed being wrapped up by the end of this year then many of the Devs will need to transition over to something (and some of these devs are technical designers that work on ships) - so it is just about shifting resources rather than downsizing the company. ++ We keep hearing that CIG is hiring more and the F42 office in Frankfurt is now expanding as revealed in last ATV. && Concept Artist are often outside contractors.=================Watch 10FTD at 13:12m It seems likely that the NEW Military Ship will be made by Anvil - per Ben - but it isn't a Given and maybe in their meeting it is possible they didn't nail the Manufacturer down yet (although out of the Military Manufacturers Anvil does need more ships). If it is Anvil they could re-purpose one of the following........ Anvil Hurricane (turn a Concept Starter Fighter into a Heavy Fighter - see last line in CR post) .... Anvil Scimitar (TNGS).... or the Manticore (could be an Anvil Ship)=============Please fill out the POLL and add your Comments and Ideas on this new Military Concept Ship (CIG appreciates it when players help contribute to the development of the game - if just for throwing out new ideas that they haven't though of - or they can judge what might be popular and develop something that they haven't thought of before). - Thanks.
  13. Switch

    Anvil Crucible Sale

    The Anvile Crucible will be on sale during the Anniversary 10th-30th, Price being $350. " You'll have to tune into the livestream to find out which ships will be sold when, but I'll go ahead and give you a hint: The Anvil Crucible will be on sale the entire duration for $350. Look for the requisite Q&A posts next week. " Source: https://forums.robertsspaceindustries.com/discussion/296354/comm-link-schedule-november-16th-2015#latest
  14. ItemLinkPrice($)Price (RSI credits) STANDALONE SHIP - VANDUUL GLAIVE (LTI)http://i.imgur.com/0n0Xo9W.png450600 I prefer RSI credits payment, but paypal is also fine @(•_•)@ Terms: I am Paypal verified, so must be you. Thanks for understanding.For money deals: add pp fees. To speed up selling process, if you want item - send me a PM with item you want, and your paypal e-mail, I will send invoice here, and RSI link with item to your email after payment. Had many successful trades here. STANDALONE SHIP - HULL A - LTIhttp://i.imgur.com/VbDByFQ.png90120Freelancer MIS LTIccu from hull215280STANDALONE SHIP - HULL B - LTIhttp://i.imgur.com/aZGAyuC.png110150 STANDALONE SHIP - HULL A - LTI Freelancer MIS LTI STANDALONE SHIP - HULL B - LTI MISC Hull-E LTI | http://i.imgur.com/JdcKYGF.png | 550 | 740 ANVIL CARRACK - LTI | http://i.imgur.com/qscti4W.png | 480 | 650 STARFARER GEMINI - LTI | http://i.imgur.com/Zpw4LYP.png | 290 | 355
  15. SnowOwl

    Upcoming Concept Ships

    I found this video from giogetmoney Youtube Channel. This will cover some ships you've heard of, and some you may have not heard of. MISC - HULL C (Freighter) AEGIS DYNAMICS - VANGUARD AKA BULLDOG (Long Range Fighter) ESPERA - PROWLER (Stealth Boarding Craft) CRUSADER INDUSTRIES - GENESIS CLASS STARLINER (Large Personnel Transport) MISC - RELIANT (Two Seater Starter Ship / Fighter) MISC - ENDEAVOR (Research Station Ship) (can also hold a Cutlass Red for Medical Purposes) ANVIL AEROSPACE - CRUCIBLE (Repair Crew Ship)
  16. Marsten

    [VIDEO] Designing the Carrack

    Star CItizen's youtube channel posted this video on the desing of the Carrack. Enjoy
  17. Visertonic

    Bombs Away: The Anvil Gladiator

    https://robertsspaceindustries.com/comm-link/transmission/14327-Bombs-Away-The-Anvil-Gladiator A Millennium of Memories: Photos in Flight The top 500 iconic images from the last thousand years of traveling the stars. #167: The Calm Before the Storm Date: 2933-05-28 SET Photographer: Taia Wallen, Major One of only a handful of images of Corin that the Marines have released, the photographer, then Lance Corporal Taia Wallen, had just completed an intensive six-hour zero-g boarding training exercise when she came across this flight of Gladiators waiting on the launchpad. The squadron was in the process of transferring to a Marine vessel headed for an undisclosed combat zone. While many cite the grain and contrast as contributing to the immediacy of the moment, the pilots are the truly striking aspect of this picture. There is a serenity as they wait to launch into what we can imagine is certain danger. It serves as a testament to the focus and training of the men and women who serve in the UEE Marines. WHAT MAKES THE GLADIATOR COOL? The Gladiator is proof that a small ship can pick a big punch. Designed to operate against capital ships and installations, the Gladiator is the UEE’s premiere strike craft. Star Citizen’s world is full of capital ships, from frigates like the Idris to massive carriers like the Bengal… and we want to give you a way to blow them up. With the ability to conduct bombing runs with a manned turret on its back, a skilled Gladiator crew should be able to prove that David can defeat Goliath! Trading some speed and maneuverability for upgrade space, the Gladiator can also be customized for peacetime roles like explorer or support roles such as command-and-control platform. WHERE IS THE GLADIATOR IN DEVELOPMENT? The Gladiator was concepted by David Hobbins, who also designed the Javelin and updated the Constellation. It has been in active development at Foundry 42 recently, and is currently on-track to be the next Hangar-ready ship. We expect to make the Gladiator flight ready between Arena Commander 1.0 and 2.0; while it is a multi-crew ship (with a manned turret/RIO seat), it does not feature room to walk around. Since each crewman is locked to their seat, we will be able to put it into service earlier than the Retaliator or Constellation. WHAT INSPIRED THE GLADIATOR? The Gladiator was inspired by the carrier-based dive and torpedo bombers of World War II such as the TBF Avenger and the SBDDauntless. It was initially created for Squadron 42, where you will fly it in defense of the United Empire of Earth, but will also be fully fly- and mod-able in Star Citizen’s persistent universe. We are envisioning two-person Gladiator teams working together to take on large freighters and capital ships together; your partner can man the turret to keep interceptors off you as you focus on dodging flak and completing a torpedo run! ORIGINAL DESCRIPTION The T3A Gladiator is the UEE Navy’s primary carrier-based bomber. Gladiator squadrons are typically divided by specialty: a carrier may have both a Gladiator torpedo squadron and a Gladiator dive bomber squadron. A back seat is occupied by a tail gunner who also acts as radio operator. Though a heavy-hitting bomber, the Gladiator has proven easy to modify and thus has become commonplace in the civilian market. The bomb bay can easily be converted for light transport. Many pilots choose to replace the rear turret’s laser cannon with a tractor beam, making it an ideal craft for light salvage missions. KEY TECHNICAL INFORMATION Gladiator Focus: Carrier-based Bomber Length: 14 meters Mass: 11,005 Kg Max Crew: 2 persons Cargo Capacity: 0 freight units Note: Ship specifications are subject to change. Do I need to buy a Gladiator? NO! Remember: we are offering these pledge ships to help fund Star Citizen’s development and because of player demand. All of these ships will be available for in-game credits in the final universe, and they are not required to start the game. The design goal is to make additional ships available that give players a different experience rather than a particular advantage when the persistent universe launches. Every sale supports expanding Star Citizen’s overall development, but none are required to gain full enjoyment from the game. // END TRANSMISSION
  18. DelaWolf

    Anvil Carrack

    So this is what we know: "The Anvil Carrack has been the vanguard of every UEE exploration effort in recent years. Featuring reinforced fuel tanks for long-duration flight, a highly advanced jump drive array and a dedicated computer core room that allows it to put the maximum processing power into jump charting operations. Originally a military exclusive, the Carrack is now available for civilian use as a pathfinder spacecraft. Features on-board accommodations to allow for truly self-sufficient flight, including crew medical and repair facilities, and a mapping-oriented sensor suite capable of always charting a route home!" i just hope the price is little more reachable as the reclaimer's. Because i would lov to add this to my hanger. Let me know what you think or even if u have extra info
  19. I was watching BWC's interview with Sandi from the other week and it was mentioned by her that the next commerical will be for the Hornet and will happen prior to 8/24, so we should expect to see it anytime now. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zloNIQ69pR8