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  1. Thank you for not giving into the pressure CIG. The last thing we want is a half-finished released, even for the alpha. I don't want another X: Rebirth...
  2. That is an awesome idea, I loved making paper planes when I was younger. I might just have to back this...
  3. True, but the game developers probably have access to those chat logs right? So if the NSA or whatever suspected them and knew that they all played in the same guild then couldn't they just order the game developer to hand over the chat log? Or maybe @CyberianK is right and the government just wants an excuse to play games. I know that's what I'd do.
  4. So the NSA and GCHQ think that terrorists are going to share their super secret plans through public MMOs? That is one of the stupidest things I've heard them come up with so far, and that says a lot.
  5. Hon-R

    No Man's Sky

    Considering this is made by 4 people, it's extremely impressive. The ability to go from swimming/walking around on a planet, to flying in space so smoothly is pretty amazing, not to mention the fact it looks absolutely beautiful. I will certainly keep an eye on this.
  6. Great news! I'm pretty excited to see what they do with this, as it will hopefully be something that will give us more of an insight of how organizations will work ingame.
  7. Don't worry, the Freelancer and Connie variants will have everyone emptying their wallets again soon enough. And then we have the new ships, none of us know what CIG has planned for them yet. The drop since LTI finished is pretty impressive though, I guess everybody who had been putting it off/saving up for ships suddenly realized that this was their last chance and rushed to grab ships. Factor the limited ship sales into that and you have once tempting deal for us backers. Even so, 70K a day is still very impressive for a game that is such a long time from release. Personally I woul
  8. Well I'd say it's still worth playing, once they've patched all the bugs. Just don't pay the full price for it, get it in a sale. It's not the fact that it was a terrible game (because it isn't that bad once you get over the bugs) that gets to me, it's the fact it SHOULD have been so much better. Instead they released a half-finished PC port with some really dumb mechanics, and then they really screw up by pretending it's a finished product. We all expected so much more from a developer like Egosoft, that's what makes this ten times worse.
  9. The evidence right now (references to Xbox in the game's code, among other things) points toward Rebirth being designed for consoles and then ported for PC, of course we have no official statement from Egosoft or Deep Silver on why it was so badly made in the first place. If they'd released Rebirth as an alpha/beta first and patched it then I think there would've been a lot less anger about it. Apparently someone (we don't know if it was Egosoft or Deep Silver) thought it would be a great idea to jump on the console bandwagon. Something must have gone wrong and it wasn't released on consoles
  10. Agreed, @rotorax they make games look so good with all the trailers and hype, and then they can't live up to their promises. The industry really needs to wake up and stop promising things it can't deliver, before they lose the little trust that they have left. It seems like far too many developers/publishers these days create games just to grab more money, not because they want to make a great game. I wish they'd delayed X: Rebirth and made us wait so they could fix the bugs first instead of releasing a half-finished piece of unplayable crap. That's why I'm glad Star Citizen has such a
  11. Agreed, I'm glad CIG have started making specialized ships instead of just variants now. I was planning to outfit a Freelancer for exploring (or get a variant) but now I can just get a Carrack instead. We basically have specialist ships for almost anything now. Combat has the Hornets, trading has the Banu Merchantman and now exploration has the Carrack. And now we have other ships for the even more specialist roles like salvage and info running. But yeah, it would have been easier if CIG had just given us specialized ships earlier instead of giving us a bunch of variants for the more mu
  12. Hon-R

    Ongoing Discussion GPUs you will be using for star citizen

    Right now I have a GTX 560, and it runs most things just fine. I will see what happens next year and either pick up something from the GTX 800 series or maybe an AMD if the price gap is large enough.
  13. As far as I understand it LTI is exactly the same as standard insurance, except that you get it for free. So no, LTI won't cover areas that standard insurance doesn't.
  14. The HUD looks amazing right now, I can't wait to test it out. It makes sense for them to pay attention to the HUD, as it will be the most important interface in the game, controlling your ship, receiving messages, scanning targets etc. If they manage to pull of a HUD that looks half as good as the HUDs in films, but has all the functionality Star Citizen needs, then that will be one epic piece of immersion.
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