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  1. Baelthor

    introduction Monkey, reporting for duty!

    Welcome! I think the features of the MAX you talk about is the lock? xD yeah, I expect it to be fixed in the next patch. Enjoy your stay and see you around
  2. Baelthor


  3. Baelthor

    MISC Reliant - Mini Hauler & Variants

    A lot of screenshots of the resized Reliant Kore made by me (sorry about the bad quality): Exterior: Interior: And the concepts of the Reliant Sen to compare if they can fit or not, I think everything can fit less the EVA Suit Storage but they can make room in other place instead of next to the ramp, they can still put it there but how they put the door there just before the ramp would seems difficult:
  4. Baelthor

    New recruit!

    Welcome aboard! have a pleasant stay
  5. Baelthor

    Well met, boys.

  6. Baelthor

    Greetings All

    Welcome! hope you like your stay Citadel
  7. The only bad thing about it is that you just can upgrade the arrow to more expensive ships so ships that cost <75$ are out of reach (some ships at 75$ too) (and sometimes new people don't want start playing the game with the more expensive ships) but he have an LTI token that is really welcomed.
  8. Baelthor

    New recruit here, this is great!

    Welcome! What kind of gameplay will you focus on? that way people can tell you ships that can be useful for your goals I think the Avenger Titan is a good all round ship in a decent price range.
  9. Baelthor

    intro New Guy

    Welcome! hope you like your stay around here.
  10. Baelthor


    Welcome! and what a nice fleet you have there haha Hope you like your stay here.
  11. I have done that many times but everytime I start again Star Citizen It always load the basic keybinding so I just don't bother anymore. (probably I should manually change the document in my PC but I'm not doing it for the moment)
  12. Baelthor

    Netflix' Ciri will be cast by an ethnic minority

    I'm ok with that And I will watch It anyway and enjoy it for sure. If you want to watch it as It is then you can play the game, I'm pretty sure many things in the games aren't as in the books (I haven't read them) and that is what the media does, they change things for worse or better but they can do it, you can watch it and after that you can "rate" if you like or don't like it but meanwhile, who cares, you can always ignore It doesn't exist but I will wait until I finish watching it to judge.