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  1. OH SHIT, creamed my pants - you know i was going to ask you about the Anime when you were on the other night!
  2. Quoted £700 all in. I'll pass.
  3. I cant justify this to my bank account.
  4. This reminds me of the Nigerian money scams in the UK. How anyone falls for it is beyond me.
  5. @stealthguy
  6. Happy Birthday mate - You still coming to the UK?


    I baked u a keyk! :)

    1. Trophias


      Unfortunately, not this month. I will be coming early next year though for sure.

  7. You're paying more for the same performance with a 970 SLI when comparing to a 980ti. Granted everyone has there own setup needs but have you considered buying a 980ti and then later on when you get more cash just getting another 980ti? That makes way more sense than two 970s.
  8. Just cause you aren't getting pascal anytime soon doesnt mean you cant wait for the flagship cards to come out and push the prices down for whats out now. Either way you look at it, waiting is the best option.
  9. Calexus

    Feedback Wanted Need help with Crashing pc.

    R2R - I used the same and got them to send me the thermal paste in the box when they built it. Although I didnt build it and I work in the IT industry (Pathetic isnt it, but I couldnt be arsed to build it). Coupled with the H100i its amazing - No problems.
  10. Calexus

    Feedback Wanted Need help with Crashing pc.

    Apologies, missed that in your spec post. 8GB right? Replace the thermal paste first if you friend knows how to do it - this is the cheapest option.
  11. Calexus

    Feedback Wanted Need help with Crashing pc.

    Speak to your friend about getting the most expensive thermal paste from a PC retailer. If he knows his stuff he wont skimp on it, and If he tries to don't let him. Hopefully you won't have to get a new processor/MOBO ontop of the extra thermal paste. Don't forget to read the instructions of said thermal paste on how to apply it - If its decent you won't have to apply it generously. AMDs generally run hotter than Intel. I have the same proccessor as you and ontop of some really expensive thermal paste (£8) i also attached a h100i cooler to my setup. This is a must if you are going to be doing any overclocker or running of high end games - Do you have an equivalent? If you don't then I'd highly recommend you getting one as you'll be replacing the paste again next year. Once done you'll need to run your system for 24 hours on idle to make sure the problem is gone. What RAM do you have again?
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