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  1. Poor Joystick is wearing out. Gotta get it replaced soon.

  2. Some good stuff there Going out of Business Sale - Sidewinder Computers Sidewinder Computers is closing our doors after nearly 20 years online! Check out our new website and take advantage of 30-85% off EVERYTHING remaining in stock from Fans to Fittings, Tubing, LED lights, Thermal Grease and Pads, Hose Clamps, and a very limited number of Pumps, Radiators and Reservoirs - while supplies last! Thank you sincerely for being our customer. The Sidewinder Team Gary and Remy
  3. Not really. It means its modified from the original content. e.g. a game package that came with 2 items is substituted/replaced with (the CCU item)
  4. Reminds me of trying to fly a helicopter in FS 98.
  5. Interesting. I'm happy with what i have now, just waiting for the single player game now.
  6. Welcome to the Base forums CaptainCypher
  7. I've traded a few things, you should be ok with regular members.
  8. Sold out already. 😑 Was planning to go with a few friends. Looks like i can't this year.
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