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  1. Ohoho, How different will it look from the concept art.
  2. Zepheris

    Esperia Talon

    Really like the Concept Video.
  3. Greetings Klabauta, I'm sure there will be sparring in the future.
  4. I would have got lost inside the ship 😁
  5. Zepheris


    I found this Guide useful.
  6. Zepheris

    RSI Perseus

    I really like it, and i can't wait to get it. Still waiting for Concierge, they must be overwhelmed
  7. Zepheris

    RSI Perseus

    Well just gotta wait until 6pm today to see if I can swap my Polaris for it.
  8. Zepheris

    RSI Perseus

    Gah, another to add to my collection.
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