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  1. Turtle : Area 18, near dumper's depot in open top crates Sand bug : Found in Sand cave (found at Hurston, Ita, Madga and Daymar) https://verseguide.com/location/STANTON/1D#map Ita : Cave 40R : go to HDMS Woodruff, point toward bearing 213, flight for 73,9km then adjust with the following coordinates : OM-1 : 423.52 km OM-2 : 691.64 km OM-3 : 333.17 km OM-5 : 415.13km HDMS-Woodruff : 73.7 km BACK TO INDEX
  2. Please find hereunder the direction to find the derelict outpost close to Kudre Ore outpost on Daymar. First go to Daymar, moon of Crusader in Stanton. Then jump to Kudre Ore. There aim for North for 27.8km. The exact location is : OM 1 : 641km OM 2 : 363km OM 4 : 330km OM5 : 370km BACK TO INDEX
  3. Please find hereunder the direction to find the Lyria's wrecksite #1. Go to Lyria, moon of Arcorp in Stanton system. Go to Shubin Mining Facility SAL-5 (North hemisphere) From there take a heading 331° for 22.2 km The site is pretty tricky to find as there are no reference point. In doubt, activate your quantum, point toward Shubin SAL-5, and adjust your position until you see thoses coordinates (heading 151°, 22,2km distance) BACK TO INDEX
  4. Who we Are Avalon Initiative is a Heavy Role Play, Immersion Based, and Interactive Organization. We are dedicated to playing the role of our characters in the 'verse. This means we strive to play in character for every mission, every landing, every encounter, trade, bounty, and our favorite experience: exploration. Avalon puts RP first, while playing every part of the game. Our Story The Avalon Initiative was founded in the year 2948 as part of a UEE program to establish an outpost on the very edge of UEE space from which exploration, economic, research, and even military expeditions into deep space could be launched. The leaders of the initiative thus commissioned several independent personnel to man the initiative. Now the Avalon Initiative is manned by brave explorers, traders, and mercenaries with one unified goal: finding Avalon. Our Mission and Vision -The mission of the Avalon Initiative is to Locate, Settle, and Develop an outpost on the borders of UEE space from which expeditions of a scientific, military, and economic nature can be launched to further humankind. -It is our vision that the Avalon Initiative will unite the adventurous spirits of the UEE through the development of a self-sustainable, highly defendable, and strategically located outpost in the farthest reaches of UEE space that will unlock opportunities never seen before for the advancement of humankind. Goals -Construct a self-sustainable and planet-side outpost located in fringe space. -Become an influential and a leading Org of our area. -Explore and chart the unknown during expeditions launched from the outpost. -Facilitate all playstyles through the use of the outpost as a hub for the organization. -Build a PvX-ready defense force to protect the Outpost and the Initiative's interests. What we offer - Open, honest, and transparent leadership. - Over 10 years of experience in previous MMOs - A story-driven and player-focused org. - An opportunity for you, the player, to be a founding member of an immersive, growing, and active community. - Multiple paths to fit your playstyle. - Progression within the Initiative for outstanding members. *Join the Initiative, and build humanity's future with us.* How to find us Discord: https://discord.com/invite/ayKHhUXseE RSI Page: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/orgs/AVALONINIT Contacts: Badkamikaze#9625 on discord Riji#6431 on discord
  5. To find the Savanah biome, go to Hurston, in Stanton system. Then jump to Orbital Marker 1 : (North Pole). From there look at the heading 235° You should see 2 big water mass On the top left corner you should see HDMS Oparei From there you can either jump directly to HDMS Oparei or go to one of the 2 land mass. I advise to go to the right landmass (with a fork shape) and then head to a 70° along the green corridor toward the second land mass. Please find herunder the Farrister's location spotlight about HDMS Oparei : BACK TO INDEX
  6. Please find hereunder the directions to get to the derelict outpost close to Shubin Mining Facility SCD-1 on Daymar. First, go to Daymar, moon of Crusader in Stanton system. Then, jump to Shubin Mining Facility SCD-1. From there, head to 353° for 1.8 km. The exact location is : OM 1 : 284km OM 2 : 680km OM 4 : 380km OM 5 : 406km BACK TO INDEX :
  7. Please, find hereunder the direction to find Whistler's Crypt, the derelict town with wreck of 600i and Mercury staruner and a cave to explore. Be advised that the area is inhabited by hostile gangers. First get to Daymar, moon of Crusader in Stanton. Then look at the personnal mission and look for a "retrieval ops" located at Whistler's Crypt. if you get it you will have a beacon toward the site. If not : Go to Orbital Marker 3 (OM-3) and from there head toward 46° and pitch 3° down for 282km. The exact location of the settlement is : OM 1 : 464km OM 2 : 573km OM 3 : 283km OM5 : 339km BACK TO INDEX :
  8. Please find hereunder the direction to get to this derelict outpost : Get to Daymar, moon of Crusader in Stanton system. Jump to Brio's Breaker Yard. Head toward 55° for 1400 meters (1.4 Km) BACK TO INDEX
  9. Hello, please find hereunder the direction to find the derelict outpost #tbd on Hurston. This point of interest is located in a breathable atmosphere. As of 3.19.0, it is an active spawn point for hostile NPC, with air reinforcement (Cutlass). To get there, go to Hurston, in Stanton system. Then, jump to Orbital Marker 1 (OM-1). From there take a heading 185° and pitch 73° nose down. Get to the surface following those directions. Once on the surface, correct to have those distances toward those points : HDSF-Tompkins : 970Km (heading 10°) HDMS-Stanhope : 732Km (heading 275°) Everus Harbor : 1099Km (heading 195°) Back to Index :
  10. Shattered Star PMC We are a organization for Private military contract we are a veteran/active military group that constantly play. We have a huge online active group. “You Pay We Play “ Our primary focus consists of hunting, escorting, security, search and rescue, emergency evacuations, training. Our focuses vary due to having multi-role capabilities in the air, space, and ground. The SSPMC also is a self-sufficient organization as well by mining, running cargo, refueling, repairing, exploration, racing, or whatever else. With the future of the universe expanding soon the SSPMC is built for adapting to thrive in the lawless, hostile, and desolate factors that we will be facing with Pyro coming up soon. The SSPMC mission is to contract its services out to various adjacent organizations, squadrons, fleets, ground groups etc. to secure their interests and business in any location. The SSPMC holds a standard to ensure a high level of dependability, effectiveness, reputation, prestige, professionalism, cohesion and training to make it a fearsome and serious force to be reckoned with. Our contracts go out to Lawful and unlawful clients as well. The SSPMC also is a self-sufficient organization as well by mining, running cargo, refueling, repairing, JOIN OUR DISCORD TO JOIN: https://discord.gg/wMbcpNPz
  11. Org Name: The Galactic Order [RP][Exploration] Org Vision/Mission: The Galactic Order seeks to expand throughout the known universe, ensuring peace and prosperity for all humanity by defending against the growing threat of the Vanduul and forming a unified Empire. Who is the Org intended for: The Galactic Order is a role playing Org, intended for all individuals (regardless of experience) interested in roleplaying in an organization with a warm and welcoming community of players from all backgrounds. We are highly dedicated, well organized and strongly motivated, having spent countless hours developing lore, ranks, roles, policies, events, gameplay and content for our organization and overall vision. This also incorporates an extensive, but simple, hierarchy through which members may further venture into and grow. We base our roles & ranks closely on various sci-fi inspirations such as The Empire from Star Wars, Starfleet from Star Trek and Warhammer 40k, among many others. We are still growing and constantly developing ourselves further so we welcome all interested Star Citizen players to come join us and be part of The Galactic Order as we step further toward our goals of the future! How to get involved: 1. https://www.thegalacticorder.info/ 2. https://robertsspaceindustries.com/orgs/0RDER 3. https://www.instagram.com/cig_galactic_order/?utm_medium=copy_link 4. https://discord.gg/8s37YmN99G Add Finli as a referral on you application
  12. Here is the introduciton video : https://www.youtube.com/clip/Ugkxe6M56MMxsFb0OhlGppTMWP3c9AEvUJ4m 3 data can be found there : Picos are located in a central room of a cave Ceiling of this central room is full of glowing plants Ground have a standard geological composition Here is the list of the known caves : Planet/Moon Name Type Elevation OM1 OM2 OM3 OM4 OM5 OM6 Route Link Aberdeen HDMO Dobbs Foot 940 497 478 447 525 141 675 On Starmap Aberdeen Aberdeen Cave 1 Foot 1270 530 442 272 634 617 308 Link Aberdeen Aberdeen Cave 2 Ship 380 596 346 600 340 310 616 Link Aberdeen Aberdeen Cave 3 Vehicle 1400 567 393 571 388 229 651 Link Aberdeen Aberdeen Cave 4 Foot 1065 214 656 582 371 438 533 Link Aberdeen Aberdeen Cave 5 Foot 910 161 671 471 503 419 548 Link Calliope Calliope Cave 1 Foot 10 266 540 429 423 232 556 Link Calliope Calliope Cave 2 Foot 179 331 504 458 391 177 576 Link Calliope Calliope Cave 3 Foot -20 377 470 507 326 188 572 Link Clio Clio Cave 1 Foot 430 201 816 501 675 572 616 Link Clio Clio Cave 2 Foot 510 179 822 527 655 584 605 Link Clio Clio Cave 3 Foot 582 228 810 467 699 600 589 Link Clio Clio Cave 4 Foot 558 221 811 475 694 604 585 Link Daymar Kudre Ore Mine Foot 382 484 556 716 175 450 584 On Starmap Daymar Daymar Cave 1 Ship 50 656 335 651 346 382 630 At Kudre Ore Daymar Daymar Cave 2 Ship 200 480 560 429 600 712 194 Link Daymar Daymar Cave 3 Foot 50 614 408 575 461 703 221 Link Daymar Daymar Cave 4 Foot 170 418 607 238 698 423 604 Link Daymar Daymar Cave 5 Foot 30 630 383 697 240 467 570 Link Euterpe Euterpe Cave 1 Foot 390 477 245 204 496 406 351 Link Euterpe Euterpe Cave 2 Foot 260 340 415 441 306 514 152 Link Euterpe Euterpe Cave 3 Foot 320 370 389 203 497 242 479 Link Euterpe Euterpe Cave 4 Foot 200 499 197 430 320 268 464 Link Euterpe Euterpe Cave 5 Foot 290 344 412 442 304 515 152 Link Hurston Calthrope (NA) Foot 1530 1210 2161 2320 866 1911 1575 On Starmap Hurston Hurston Cave 1 Foot 1400 1256 2134 2317 874 1985 1482 Link Hurston Hurston Cave 2 Vehicle 31 2025 1424 1448 2008 2359 751 Link Hurston Hurston Cave 3 Ship 690 483 2428 1804 1696 1877 1614 Link Hurston Hurston Cave 4 Ship 2380 1911 1576 1467 1996 2351 634 Link Hurston Hurston Cave 5 Vehicle 650 1200 2166 2281 963 2023 1427 Link microTech microTech Cave 1 Ship 1510 1720 1787 2060 1382 664 2390 Link microTech microTech Cave 2 Foot 2000 597 2408 1956 1526 1573 1918 Link microTech microTech Cave 3 Ship 2050 1444 2016 1773 1734 606 2405 Link microTech microTech Cave 4 Foot 990 1123 2211 1408 2041 1058 2243 Link microTech microTech Cave 5 Ship 540 1778 1727 686 2382 2075 1357 Link microTech microTech Cave 6 Vehicle 2790 978 2280 1341 2087 1262 2136 Link So Daymar Cave 5 is inhabited with missing client mission : no glowing plants on the ceiling.
  13. Please find hereunder the direction to go to the Caterpillar wreck site on Daymar Go to Daymar, moon of Crusader in Stanton system. Jump to Brio's Breaker Yard. From there take a heading to North West (48°) for 8.5 km. From the point the direction to Brio's Breaker Yard are as follow : Be Carefull as the wreck is on a cliff, you might no be able to get there with a ground vehicle. BACK TO INDEX
  14. Hi, a few time ago Jared told during an ISC episode that there are 9 pico ball spread in Stanton. Those are different from Pico plushes, and rumors are that the one who gather those 9 pico ball may make a wish (or was that three ?) So far only 1 pico ball is confirmed to be located at Calhoun Pass Emergency Shelter - Microtech, Calhoun Pass Emergency Shelter - - - - - - - - There might be a second Pico ball as per this facebook post. https://m.facebook.com/RobertsSpaceIndustries/photos/a.430328133675881/7177919082250052/ Nonetheless, it remains a huge amount of those pico balls to be found. If you are interested we may organize some exploration activities around this topic.
  15. Please find hereunder the direction to find the abandonned outpost on Cellin Go to Cellin, moon of Crusader in Stanton system. Jump to Nuen Waste Management. From there take a heading to 255° for 95.3 km. The exact coordinates are the following : OM 1 : 520 km OM 3 : 161.6 km OM 5 : 457.3 km Alternatively you can jump on COM Array ST2-28 and take a heading 91° with an angle of 50° The outpost itself is setup on a flat area near a small hill : BACK TO INDEX
  16. Please find hereunder the direction to find the abandonned outpost on Cellin Go to Cellin, moon of Crusader in Stanton system. Jump to NT-999-XV outpost. From there take a heading to 139° for 64.2 km. The exact coordinates are the following : OM 1 : 337.2 km OM 3 : 268.7 km OM 5 : 337.5 km Alternatively you can jump on COM Array ST2-28 and take a heading South with an angle of 35° The Outpost is niched between two craters From a distance here are the differents views of the vicinity : BACK TO INDEX
  17. PACKAGE - UEE EXPLORATION 2948 PACK LTI $ 700 USD ......... PM me if interested. I have a couple in my Buyback. I make a huge $5 profit . Comes with Carrrack LTI Terrapin LTI Freelancer DUR LTI Dragonfly Black LTI Cyclone RN LTI You cover PP fees or PM for chat session
  18. First go to Calliope, the moon of Crusader in Stanton System. Then jump to OM-2 (South Pole) From there, aim toward heading 16° with an inclination of 28° The exact location of the site is not easily find with visual clue. Go directly up to the ground and use the coordinates for final directions. The coordinates are the following : OM-1 : 575.7 km OM-2 : 178.9 km OM-4 : 326.7 km OM-5 : 397.3 km The site is close to a small hill on its East. BACK TO INDEX
  19. This vista can be found on Daymar at Arc Corp mining Area 141. It can spawn rovers for you to go on exploration. As Daymar is a sand planet, this place with mountain and snow is very unique.
  20. Please find hereunder 3 hidden spots of Grim Hex that can be worth showcasing to a new citizen : Pad 03 hidden Hab : An Habitation module is hidden under Pad 03 : Secondary Entrance : This entrance leads you to a coursive behind the bar Habitation quarter A : It has been quite a mess there, but, if you go on level 2 you will find what was probably the housing of the insane guy behind Benny's henge BACK TO INDEX
  21. To find this Wreck site, you need to go on Daymar, moon of Crusader in Stanton System. First jump to OM-3 Then head toward the planet in heading toward North East (45°) Your are looking for this spot on the brighter yellow part between 3 hills : Please find Hereunder Farrister's location spotlight on the area : OM-1 : 577.0 km OM-2 : 459.4 km OM-3 : 204.5 km OM-5 : 492,2 km 58° heading 60° pitch BACK TO INDEX
  22. This wreck site can be found on Wala, moon of Arccorp, in Stanton system. Go to Arcorp mining area 45 Head toward 175° for 33 km Beyond this mountain range, we will see a vast plain, and a small hill The wreck is nested in a small valley of this hill From there the direction to Arcorp mining Area 45 are : Heading 355 Distance 33,4 km BACK TO INDEX
  23. To find the river (and possibly the satchman), go to Microtech, in Stanton system. From there jump to New Babbage : point toward 210° and try to gain altitude Stay at high altitude, you should fly above snowy landscape. You are looking for a green area like this : The distance should be around 440 Km from New Babbage. BACK TO INDEX
  24. To find this satellite wreck go to Lorville on Hurston, in Stanton system. From Lorville, head to 85° for 96,5 km From the distance you should be able to see the plume of smoke. The exact location of this site is : OM 1 : 1186.1 km OM 2 : 2174.3 km OM 4 : 904.5 km OM 6 : 1544.3 km From this location, the direction to Lorville is : Heading : 267° Distance : 96.6 km BACK TO INDEX
  25. To find this cave, go to Hurston, in Stanton System. Jump to OM-1 (North Pole) then HDSF Ishmael (near the north pole). As this cave is positionned in a High Lattitude it is alway under daylight. From there, head toward 143° for 145.9km You should cross a sea : look for the following shape of the coastline in this alignement, look for the following hill : The entrance is in the flank of the hill, on the other side you are coming from : If you are lost, the exact coordinates of the cave are the following : OM 1 : 483.2 OM 2 : 2428.6 OM 4 : 1696.4 OM 6 : 1614.3 From the cave entrance, the direction toward HDMS Ishmael are the following : heading 162° Distance 145.9km Please note that this cave features at least 2 separate levels : The lower one is the most obvious, you can see it when you reach the bottom. The upper one is a little bit tricky, it is a small aperture on a platform between the bottom and the entrance. There is a dead female body at the bottom of the 2nd level, for an "Investigate missing client" mission. She should have read her *notepad* better. BACK TO INDEX
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