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  1. To add to your point about the Turbulent thing being half-done, I do not think they had planned to show it until the last minute - the guy presenting was supposed to be at Bar Citizen Montreal, as per a conversation I heard at the Bar.... Nicely written article though - agree with it 100% Edit: Doesn't change my stance though - I believe!
  2. Friday Night Show will be doing it's return on Sept 2nd at 1900 EST. And to warm everybody up, on the next Postcard from the Event Horizon show (August 31st at 1900 EST) a Terrapin and a Ground Vehicule pack will be given away - and yours truly will be on that show as well.
  3. Damn data caps... I have that same problem too And I don't know how bad the twitch app does, but we do send a 192kbps audio feed (so yes, high quality)
  4. A small note for all you wonderful monkeys: http://radio.starcitizenbase.com/the-base-and-the-future/ <3
  5. Want a Gladius? Listen to the SCB RoundTable starting in 3mins.

    1. Switch


      I was getting a haircut, I call unfair practice and demand a redo!

  6. Lonely Island Edition of Pirate Radio on The Base right now! They just had sex...

  7. I second that so much Thanks @Ostia, @Trophias and @Pegasus for the donations - love you guys a whole bunch! Happy 2016 and hopes to still be around for another 2 years!
  8. PARTEH!!!! *throws bananas all over the place*
  9. Another Meeting done - and here's the notes! We sadly don't record these, but with these handy notes, you'll know enough to be dangerous around the community! Feel free to share with the folks that missed it Imperium Flight Events Thursdays at 2100 UTC and Sundays at 1800 UTCPlanetside Twosdays Every Tuesdays and Fridays - check Teamspeak for the folks playingTeam Fortress 2 Night Saturdays at 2200 UTCTeam Building Games Overwatch up for Pre-Order - $40 for PC - $60 for ConsolesArma 3 - Ricko's going to create a event / group to have fun in Arma 3! Get in touch if you are interested!Communi
  10. New DJ now on The Base - mixing some EDM for your ear holes <3

    1. Doopsums


      Listened in. I liked it. If you like sick beats and sweet base drops, I would drop by for the next show!

  11. Ricko13

    Hi Guys!

    Maybe?! What's it to you!? *runs*
  12. Ricko13

    Hi Guys!

    Oh no you got forced into this place as well?! Didn't I warn you?! Run while you can!
  13. Bump - need suggestions for a movie for movie night! If people aren't interested - I'll go on and play with myself instead!
  14. Sdevoti's Final Show on The Base with a Connie Giveaway - Tune in now.

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