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    Food (Mostly in eating them. People always seem to underestimate/ be surprised at how much I can eat.) Architecture. Traveling (Hence my desire to be an explorer in SC.)

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  1. Visiting for rich Architecture and Culinary experience! Architecture building wise, I got that covered. Thought to ask any locals who are familiar with the city for tips and recommendations regarding places considered a must go/ must avoid (save the don't go to Chicago jokes). Neighborhoods that are great to walk around and get a feel of the city. Or Hidden Gems that tourists miss. Or advice on specific areas to avoid. (I do intend to sketch at some places!) Would be cool to go to a speak easy or unique bar/ restaurant experiences. Especially places with both good food and interior/ architectural design/ vibe. Would like to walk around beautiful/ interesting neighborhoods while avoiding the bad spots. Also, it seems some of the hottest spots requires reservations 1 month in advance. Neighborhood Hit List: Downtown, Millennial Park, West Loop, River North, Magnificent Mile, and Hyde Park. Tentatively Oak Park (Frank Lloyd Wright) Neighborhood but not considered a safe neighborhood - may get an architecture walking tour guide or skip it altogether. Also tentative is the Northalsted /"Boystown" neighborhood since my friend and his partner is LGBTQ+ depending on the safety factor. Thank you in advance!
  2. 0_o why the "..." I mean. Worst case scenerio I forget to buy my ticket and just go to Austin and hang out with you guys at the Bars.
  3. Oh. I will be going. I just need to get a Cit Con ticket. Made the last minute decision when I saw tickets for like 330 instead of 600. I already have an Airbnb place. =D
  4. i just noticed Rellim's new avatar... 32 Rams!
  5. Thank you @Juntau for live streaming the assembly! ^______________^
  6. @Chimaera You're only gonna get fatter over here. But hey! That shipping container can be converted into sweet little home. UPDATE: @Juntau will be live streaming the PC build on @The Base Radio Round table special today! Join us live on twitch.tv/thebaseradio or on beam.pro/thebaseradio at 2100 UTC (4PM EST)! PLUS - HCS Voice Pack "ASTRA" Raffle!
  7. Edenstar

    BBQ Rabbit

    But is he dinner, yes?
  8. Soon (TM)? I still find this to be surreal. The community has been awesome. Thank you again everyone~
  9. I have VASCO and Astra... I can't wait till I am able to use them!
  10. Hi all, Wanted to take a moment and thank everyone for their contribution and/or morale support! I've never been in this position before, so I've just been speechless while I processed the notion of "ProjectEden_SC," and witness the generosity of this community. You guys are truly amazing. Also, thank you Juntau for being you, [censored]. (Am I allowed to write that word? I'll just leave it blank) =P <3 P.S. I keep misreading all the "raman" as ramen too. XD
  11. Finally I mannage to put a face on you, just like I have as many other members of the fleet :P Can't hide from Trophias cam from citizencon :P 

    1. Fintz


      You sir, is what we call a stalker :P

    2. stefmarster


      Yeah I was kinda thinking that I sounded like it :P But it was hard to miss when Edenstar had a yellow shirt on saying "Edenstar" :P

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