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    Food (Mostly in eating them. People always seem to underestimate/ be surprised at how much I can eat.) Architecture. Traveling (Hence my desire to be an explorer in SC.)

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  1. Edenstar

    citizencon austin

    0_o why the "..." I mean. Worst case scenerio I forget to buy my ticket and just go to Austin and hang out with you guys at the Bars.
  2. Edenstar

    citizencon austin

    Oh. I will be going. I just need to get a Cit Con ticket. Made the last minute decision when I saw tickets for like 330 instead of 600. I already have an Airbnb place. =D
  3. Edenstar

    Imperium Member In Need

  4. Happy birthday Eden!

    1. Nevermore


      Happy birthday Eden :)

  5. Edenstar

    Jun Snow, King of Detroit !

    i just noticed Rellim's new avatar... 32 Rams!
  6. Edenstar

    Juntau's Ram it!

    Thank you @Juntau for live streaming the assembly! ^______________^
  7. Edenstar


    @Chimaera You're only gonna get fatter over here. But hey! That shipping container can be converted into sweet little home. UPDATE: @Juntau will be live streaming the PC build on @The Base Radio Round table special today! Join us live on twitch.tv/thebaseradio or on beam.pro/thebaseradio at 2100 UTC (4PM EST)! PLUS - HCS Voice Pack "ASTRA" Raffle!
  8. Edenstar

    BBQ Rabbit

    But is he dinner, yes?
  9. Edenstar


    Soon (TM)? I still find this to be surreal. The community has been awesome. Thank you again everyone~
  10. Edenstar

    KIRA Voice Attack

    I have VASCO and Astra... I can't wait till I am able to use them!
  11. Edenstar


    Hi all, Wanted to take a moment and thank everyone for their contribution and/or morale support! I've never been in this position before, so I've just been speechless while I processed the notion of "ProjectEden_SC," and witness the generosity of this community. You guys are truly amazing. Also, thank you Juntau for being you, [censored]. (Am I allowed to write that word? I'll just leave it blank) =P <3 P.S. I keep misreading all the "raman" as ramen too. XD
  12. Finally I mannage to put a face on you, just like I have as many other members of the fleet :P Can't hide from Trophias cam from citizencon :P 

    1. Fintz


      You sir, is what we call a stalker :P

    2. stefmarster


      Yeah I was kinda thinking that I sounded like it :P But it was hard to miss when Edenstar had a yellow shirt on saying "Edenstar" :P

  13. I can now have a "Status!" 

    (If you seek to have status, find it under "edit profile" to enable. TY Switch and T.O.)

  14. Happy Belated Birthday!