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Found 9 results

  1. Hey guys, as some of you know I took over moderating the weekly meeting since VoA went on vacation. Unfortunately I have done a poor job advertising so I took the next step and posted it in the general Imperium forums. (Link above) The meeting has always been open invite and having it advertised more publicly will help the dialog flow and also help with our low numbers the last few weeks. Hope to see you there.
  2. During the Aug 19th meeting we put it to a vote to switch to Discord voice chat for our Sept 2nd meeting and if all goes well we will stay there until something better comes along. Blood Moon meets every Monday at 9PM EST, 6PM PST, 1AM GMT. The meeting is open to all and non-members are encouraged to join in the discussion. We cover the weeks news about Star Citizen, theory craft, and other related topics. You can join the Imperium Discord here.
  3. Hello Alaris! We will be having another mandatory meeting two weeks from today on Sunday 8/21 @ 18:00 UTC (2:00PM EST) to discuss some fundamental changes that I think need to be made to improve this unit's cohesion as well as participation/activity. When we think about what unit's are in the grand scheme of Imperium, I look to the wiki definition which states "A unit is a collection of Imperium members who have common interests, availability, and have shown a desire to play together and cooperate to promote Imperium interests." The underlined section of that definition is something that I think is severely lacking from Alaris currently and is fundamentally the most important part of being in a Unit. We may exist in regards to having a full roster on the portal and a badge that ties us together via signatures, but in the end what do we have to really show for it? As it stands now, Star Citizen does not offer the deepest or most engaging experience for group play at the moment given its often rough and buggy state which results in us looking for other games to play together. We all have our different interests and niches as far as games go and in turn can be quite difficult to organize ourselves to one game for a multitude of reasons($$$, work, family, school, pc issues, etc.). We have tried in the past to get things going with moderate to low success.....cough...The Division...cough....Arena Commander...cough...Overwatch....cough...social nights...cough. I know some folks like playing Planetside 2 like @Qefucan & @Fleischwolf, or others like @thaeus & @Caldon I who play The Division or @Colossal & @Korren who play OverWatch to name a few examples. So the question I want to pose to everyone in this Unit is..... "When is the last time you played ANY game with a member of Alaris that isn't named Doopsums and if not recently then why?" I assume everyone will have different answers ranging from "I have some RL friends that I play with" or "I have a different guild/group for other games" or "I'm on at weird times" or "I play niche games" or "I never see anyone on TS" or "My real life schedule is crazy" or "I prefer using discord" or "I never check the forums so I don't know whats going on"....but it begins to highlight what I believe is the core issue with Alaris and that is that we have been built on the premise of "ticking off boxes"(meaning does this member have the aligned interests, does their "play time" match up, etc.) rather than focusing on what is actually going to keep a unit together which is players that enjoy each other's company and play games with a similar mindset. The only way to truly find those types of players that fit is to actually spend time together gaming. The goal for Alaris has always been from the get go to form a Tight Knit group of fun and competitive players that will hopefully be gaming together for years within Star Citizen. Now I think we are very lucky as a unit as there are many units out there who would love to have a full roster like us but I want to take this unit in a direction that leads to Quality over Quantity. This direction could include actions such as clearing the entire Alaris roster, rewriting our recruitment process to be more selective and comprehensive, narrowing the Units focus further, etc. One of the key changes I would like to make in the future is reducing the member base down in Alaris to it's core members and then building around that core. What is a core member you ask? A core member is someone who is on TS regularly and reads the forums, has a competitive mindset in games, enjoys pvp, dedicated to improving, enjoys criticism and self evaluation and gets along very well with the other core members. A core member is not someone who checks the forums once a month or hops on TS once every two weeks and "checks in". A core member is not someone who puts other groups before Alaris. A core member is not someone who doesn't enjoy PvP and some Type A shit talking. A core member is not someone who can't take criticism and being held accountable. A core member is not someone who is online when no one else is. This core group would obviously expand as we accept more members but it is no longer my decision as to whether someone joins Alaris but rather that of the group and we do that by actually SPENDING TIME TOGETHER. This has been on my mind for quite some time now so it feels good to finally get it off my chest. No decisions or actions will occur till we have our meeting and we give everyone a chance to speak their views on the matter. Please use this thread as an opportunity to talk between each other in regards to the points above prior to the meeting. I am very anxious to hear everyone's thoughts as well as ideas as to how we can improve as a Unit. In the end, I would like to breed a culture within Alaris that members want to get to know one another and game with each other. Unit Mentions: Thanks, Doops
  4. NOTE - We had meetings prior to the creation of the Unit Forums - so please see Audio Recordings for those on our Google Drive DATE MEETING AGENDA HOST 11/23/15 - TS Meeting Agenda - Ships / Pledges / Playing SC 2.0 11/30/15 - TS Meeting Agenda - Forward Operating Bases 12/7/15 - TS Meeting Agenda - Specializations / Training 12/14/15 - TS Meeting Agenda - Our THREE Forward Operating Bases 12/21/15 - TS Meeting Agenda - What do you want to do at the start of SC Beta +++ 12/21/15 - TS Meeting Agenda - What do you want to do at the start of SC Beta [POLL] - by @Cypher7 & @VoA 12/28/15 Training/Specialization Poll *PLEASE VOTE* - by @Sir_Belial 1/4/16 - SUSTAINING ECONOMIC BLOOD MOON VIABILITY - Yo, how we pay fo dis? by @StratoCrewzr 1/11/15 - TS Meeting Agenda - Vetting Process for Incoming/Outgoing Members - by @StratoCrewzr and @AstroJak - No Recording 1/18/16 - Building out your Primary Ship for Beta Missions - by @VoA- No Recording * Create Thread (& modify title) = 1/25/16 - Share System, Taxes, Expenses, Profits, etc... - by @Felix Jongleur 2/1/16 - Your Personal Fleet in Beta - by @VoA- No Recording 2/8/2016 TS Meeting Agenda - Unit Member Vetting System Part 2: Unit Feedback - by @StratoCrewzr and @Sir_Belial- No Recording 2/15/16 - TS Meeting Agenda - Recruitment Drive - No Recording - by @Sir_Belial 2/22/16 - TS Meeting Agenda - Setting up Play Times for PU, AC and CITIZEN ARENA - No Recording - by @VoA 2/29/16 - TS Meeting Agenda - Recruitment Drive + Playing AC at 3PM - PST - No Recording - by EVERYONE 2/29/16 - TS Meeting Agenda - Ship Formations - No Recording - by @VoA 3/7/16 - TS Meeting Agenda - Lore Building - Character Back Story - No Recording - by @AstroJak 3/14/16 - TS Meeting Agenda - Recruitment Interview and General Chat - No Recording - by EVERYONE 3/21/16 - TS Meeting Agenda - Targets of Choice - by @VoA 3/28/16 - TS Meeting Agenda - Boarding and Rescue - No Recording - by @VoA 4/4/16 - TS Meeting Agenda - Intel and Diplomacy - No Recording -by @VoA 4/11/16 - TS Meeting Agenda - Tactics Fighting Vanduul - by @Kylar_Stern + @LeroyJenkins + @Sir_Belial @VoA - Recorded 4/18/16 - TS Meeting Agenda - Profitable Ships [Top 10] - by @VoA- Recorded 4/25/16 - TS Meeting Agenda - Profitable Missions in the early PU by @VoA- + Gameplay Video Posted 5/2/16 - TS Meeting Agenda - Jump Points, Wormholes, & Exploration by @VoA- Recorded 5/9/16 - TS Meeting Agenda - Blood Moon and SC2.4 by Everyone- Recorded 5/16/16 - TS Meeting Agenda - Hauling / Transporting / Shuttling / Smuggling / Info Running / Trading by @VoA- Recorded 5/23/16 - TS Meeting Agenda - Solo / Multi-Ship Pledges / Groups / Crew / Unit Logistics by @VoA- Recorded 5/30/16 - TS Meeting Agenda - New Drake Buccaneer and Anvil *** Concept Ships by @LeroyJenkins- Recorded 6/6/16 - TS Meeting Agenda - Damage / Repairs / Salvage / Replacement Parts by @VoA- Recorded 6/13/16 - TS Meeting Agenda - Center of Mass and Loading Cargo + 2.4 + Dragonfly - No Recording -by @VoA 6/20/16 - TS Meeting Agenda - Trading in a 90 / 10 - NPC Economy @VoA - Recorded 6/27/16 - TS Meeting Agenda - Playing 2.4 and member shifts - No Recording - All 7/4/16 - July 4th Holiday - No meeting 7/11/16 - TS Meeting Agenda - Playing 2.4.1 - Setting up Game Times 7/18/16 - TS Meeting Agenda - Economy and Employment 7/25/16 - TS Meeting Agenda - Taking advantage of and Predicting NPC Subsumption 8/1/16 - TS Meeting Agenda - Grim Hex (2.5) 8/15/16 - TS Meeting Agenda - NPC discussion based on ATV with Tony Z 8/22/16 - TS Meeting Agenda - Alpha 3.0 + Building a Homestead or FOB in 3.0 + Terrapin + Ursa + Hoplite September - We didn't have agenda's but still talked every week about Star Citizen (basic chit chat) 10/3/16 - TS Meeting Agenda - Polaris and how we can use it We had a number of weeks of non-agenda meetings (but still meet every week to talk SC and new ships, etc...) 12/5/16 - TS Meeting Agenda - Algorithmic Missions We had a number of weeks of non-agenda meetings (but still meet every week to talk SC and new ships, etc...) 1/16/17 - TS Meeting Agenda - Vanduul + Xi'An 1/30/17 - TS Meeting Agenda - Engineering Intelligence - AI We had a number of weeks of non-agenda meetings (but still meet every week to talk SC and new ships, etc...) 2/27/17 - TS Meeting Agenda - ANVIL Hurricane 3/13/17 - TS Meeting Agenda - commodities / economic chart 4/3/17 - TS Meeting Agenda - Wave 6 Concept Ships 4/17/17 - TS Meeting Agenda - Kr'Thak with Gravity Weapons? We had a number of weeks of non-agenda meetings (but still meet every week to talk SC and new ships, etc...) 5/22/17 - TS Meeting Agenda - Aegis Eclipse vs other Bombers 5/29/17 - TS Meeting Agenda - AI Modules vs NPCs vs Players with Turrets and Stations We had a number of weeks of non-agenda meetings (but still meet every week to talk SC and new ships, etc...) 6/26/17 - TS Meeting Agenda - Land Units including Nox 7/3/16 - TS Meeting Agenda - Ship Replacement Times We had a number of weeks of non-agenda meetings (but still meet every week to talk SC and new ships, etc...) 10/2/17 - TS Meeting Agenda - Usables will make it fun to be an Engineer + talk about X1 Bike 10/9/17 - TS Meeting Agenda - How to Coordinate Play Times with 3.0 10/23/17 - TS Meeting Agenda - Pioneer Ship + Play Times with 3.0 10/30/17 - TS Meeting Agenda - Pioneer Ship + CitizenCon 2017 We had a number of weeks of non-agenda meetings (but still meet every week to talk SC and new ships, etc...) 1/8/18 - TS Meeting Agenda - S42 and Playing 3.0 1/15/18 - TS Meeting Agenda - Understanding how the PU works 2/26/18 - TS Meeting Agenda - Vulcan, Phoenix, Terrapin We had a number of weeks of non-agenda meetings (but still meet every week to talk SC and new ships, etc...) 4/16/18 - TS Meeting Agenda - 100i, 300i, 600i (Origin Ships) We had a number of weeks of non-agenda meetings (but still meet every week to talk SC and new ships, etc...) 5/7/18 - TS Meeting Agenda - Hercules / Dragonfly vs Nox + VTOLS 5/14/18 - TS Meeting Agenda - Hercules+ Service Beacons 5/21/18 - TS Meeting Agenda - Vanduul Race and Blade 6/4/18 - TS Meeting Agenda - Bidding To Divide Awards from Missions + Scanning + Mining 6/11/18 - TS Meeting Agenda - Vanduul Blade + Mission Rewards + Drake Vulture 7/2/18 - TS Meeting Agenda - Flying with COMSTAB off 7/9/18 - TS Meeting Agenda - 3.2 Missions + Fleet View Tool 7/16/18 - TS Meeting Agenda - Ship Cargo Manifest and Smuggling 7/23/18 - TS Meeting Agenda - Medical + RSI Apollo + Major Mining Node fight 7/30/18 - TS Meeting Agenda - Blood Moon Outposts on Yela 8/6/18 - TS Meeting Agenda - Flying with NEW IFCS 8/13/18 - TS Meeting Agenda - Distortion Weapons 8/27/18 - TS Meeting Agenda - Mercury StarRunner + InfoRunning + Smuggling 9/10/18 - TS Meeting Agenda - New Ships & The Power Creep Problem = FALSE 9/17/18 - TS Meeting Agenda - Mercury StarRunner Q&A 9/24/18 - TS Meeting Agenda - Gameplay & Features Needed for Release 10/1/18 - TS Meeting Agenda - New Phoenix - MK4 10/8/18 - TS Meeting Agenda - Unit Roster Cycle + Citizencon + Playing 3.3 10/15/18 - TS Meeting Agenda - Citizencon + Kraken + Valkyrie 10/22/18 - TS Meeting Agenda - Citizencon 2018 - The Future of the PU 10/29/18 - TS Meeting Agenda - CitizenCon 2948 - Panel: The Principles of Flight 11/5/18 - TS Meeting Agenda - Other Citizencon Panels 11/26/18 - TS Meeting Agenda - Anvil Arrow - Idris K + Anniversary Sale 12/3/18 - TS Meeting Agenda - Aopoa San'Tok.Yai + Calling All Devs 12/10/18 - TS Meeting Agenda - Ship Pipelines for Next Year 1/7/19 - TS Meeting Agenda - Shared Missions (by CIG) 2/18/19 - TS Meeting Agenda - Argo SRV 3/4/19 - TS Meeting Agenda - ArcCorp Area 18, Turrets, Reliant Variants 3/11/19 - TS Meeting Agenda - Caves + Outpost / Supply Depots ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ PAST MEETINGS ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ See Unit Forums for FUTURE meetings (no longer updating this OP)
  5. Another Meeting done - and here's the notes! We sadly don't record these, but with these handy notes, you'll know enough to be dangerous around the community! Feel free to share with the folks that missed it Imperium Flight Events Thursdays at 2100 UTC and Sundays at 1800 UTC Planetside Twosdays Every Tuesdays and Fridays - check Teamspeak for the folks playing Team Fortress 2 Night Saturdays at 2200 UTC Team Building Games Overwatch up for Pre-Order - $40 for PC - $60 for Consoles Arma 3 - Ricko's going to create a event / group to have fun in Arma 3! Get in touch if you are interested! Community Content Creators: Death Flight (by a few monkeys) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dOBnaxpHrpA @missionAvs - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FFlloCjMDcIThanks to that, Mission AVS gets himself a $25 gift card - get in touch with me monkey! MVP: OSTIA - https://forums.starcitizenbase.com/topic/17819-preparing-for-20/#comment-305715 Social Media - Support us there! Imperium Twitter - https://twitter.com/imperium Imperium Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/imperiumfleet
  6. Hello SCB members! As some of you might have noticed on the calendar already, Ricko will be hosting a special meeting on October 7th at 21:30 UTC. Mark that date and be on TS as he will be introducing himself as the new Event coordinator for our entire community. He will be telling you all the details about his new position on SCB and what he has in store for you. There will be a few surprises during the meeting and maybe even a giveaway, so don´t miss it and be on our TS (ts.starcitizenbase.com) on October 7th at 21:30 UTC!
  7. Imperium-Wide TeamSpeak Meeting TONIGHT! With the rapid expansion of Imperium over the past couple of weeks (at the time that this report was written we were only 50 members away from 2000!), Gallitin and the members of Fleet Command have decided that this was an appropriate time to open up a meeting to all members of Imperium. This has been reported in INN news all week aswell as being discussed on the forums and teamspeak and all active members should be well aware of this by now. However new information has come to light that the officers will actually be broadcasting part of their Officer meeting live! For those of you who are relatively new, you may be unaware that previously all Officer meetings have been conducted behind ‘closed doors’ as they consider matters that could be considered sensitive information. The broadcast of this meeting is an unexpected move by Command, which will help shine some light on what goes on during these meetings, what your Officers are doing for you, how they operate and much more. To this end INN is encouraging all members to listen into this event which will be broadcast using Executive Officer Stoffs own twitch channel (http://www.twitch.tv/stoffieuf) and will show the last 30 minutes of the meeting. (Controversial image of Stoff (left) being compared to Justin Bieber (right, wearing headset)) The Officer meeting will be broadcast from 21:30 UTC (9:30pm UTC) for those who aren’t sure about how to convert to their personal time zone, there is a UTC clock on the front page of SCB which you can use to convert the difference. The open TeamSpeak meeting will be commencing from 22:00 UTC (10:00pm UTC). This will be a discussion on many topics which you’ve been able to post on SCB (which you can access by clicking ). As always, INN would like to remind you that involvement in these meetings is a great way to get your opinion and information heard. Decisions may be made which affect YOU and are conducted in this way to give you the maximum opportunity to participate in decision making. If you can attend then do so, this is how the future of Imperium is being shaped and you have the opportunity to be a part of that. Teamspeak Setup For those of you who aren’t already on teamspeak then you can find instructions on how to set it up . Try to arrive early if you need your priveliges set up in order to allow HR help you without disturbing the course of the meeting. This has been your INN News Flash for Saturday, 1st February 2014 INN - filling your brain with useful information. Is there something you’d like to see happen on INN? We’re here for you - be heard in the comments, or shoot us an email at imperiumnews@gmail.com. Click here to view the article
  8. Wednesday, 29th January 2013 IMPERIUM TEAMSPEAK MEETING There will be a Fleetwide meeting held at 22:00 UTC, Saturday 1st February 2014, on the Imperium Teamspeak server. Ensure you attend to help decide the future of our organization. For full details COMBAT OPS MEETING SUNDAY Combat Ops will also be holding a meeting on Sunday, 2nd February at 20:00 UTC. There will be many general discussions about the division, its roles, its organization and new developments. If Combat Ops concerns you then this meeting concerns you too. For full details STARCITIZENBASE HITS A NEW MILESTONE A little over a year after the website was started, SCB has managed to hit a milestone of it’s own. We’ve had a fun time over the last year, along with more serious moments and some that will be talked about as long as the original members are around. So INN would like to say congratulations to Gallitin for bringing us all together, and celebrate a moment in SCB history as we reach 100,000 total posts and over 5,000 individual members! See the evidence by ! HISTORY OF THE IMPERIUM POSTER Many of you will have seen the Imperium multi-ship poster being modelled by the lovely Sandi on her Facebook page (if you missed it, check out the INN post here), but I’m willing to bet that there are many of you who don’t know how it came about. If you want to see a piece of Imperium history click here! IMPERIUM FLEET STEAM GROUP Imperium has started its own Steam group, so if you’re looking for people to game with or simply want to get to know more about your potential wingmen this is a great way to start getting together and gaming! In order to be accepted as a member of the Steam group you will need to post your details in the appropriate thread, linked below. For more details FAN FIC IN IMPERIUM Imperium’s own WetWorker has been demonstrating that his skills extend far beyond exploration, he’s been exploring his imagination too! There is a dedicated thread for those of you who can apply your mind to the SC universe and weave a story to entertain. So far there haven’t been many contributors so it’s the duty of the INN Community Report to show you some great work and inspire you to make contributions of your own. Regardless of whether you just want to read, or you’re a budding writer looking to publish and get your work noticed, you’ll find a great place to stop by here! ZehLegitGlitch CHALLENGES CITIZENS TO PRODUCE FINER ART! And while we’re on the subject of Fan contributions, Imperium’s own ZehLegitGlitch has laid down a challenge to all you artists. As he says in his original post, “DO YOU DARE TO CHALLENGE HIM?” If you think you can achieve a higher standard, be more creative, or even just funnier, you might want to post your contribution on his thread. Stop by to check it out by clicking here! This has been your INN Community Report for Wednesday, 29th January 2014. INN - telling you what you need to know since 2013 Is there something you’d like to see happen on INN? We’re here for you - be heard in the comments, or shoot us an email at imperiumnews@gmail.com. Click here to view the article
  9. Tuesday 21st January, 2014 Breaking News! Imperium Organization Goes Live on RSI website! Imperium News Network would like to report that Gallitin, the much beloved leader of Imperium, has successfully created the Organization within the RSI website. From this day forward you can show your organization with pride as it is now officially acknowledged and represented on the RSI website. Features are a little light on the ground right now with the only real features being the rank system and an organization chat mechanism but expect more features to be released soon. As always, Imperium plans to be at the forefront of new features and will be updating regularly so keep an eye on the website and INN for updates. SCB will continue to be the home for all things Imperium so expect for most things to continue as normal however all Imperium members are encouraged to register for official Imperium membership on RSI as soon as possible. Keep watching INN for new features to be released as well as exciting updates about the rapidly developing SCB portal and other features. Register now by heading to https://robertsspaceindustries.com/orgs/IMPERIUM Addendum: FAQ on Joining RSI Chat using an XMPP Client, such as Pidgin, can be found at the link below. https://robertsspace.../faq/xmpp-setup Combat Ops Team Meeting Those of you in Combat Ops will probably want to be aware of an upcoming TeamSpeak meeting on the 2nd February 2014. Naros is requesting your input as to what time to host the meeting in order to assure the maximum attendance possible. There will be many topics discussed and if you want to participate you’ll find all the details in the thread, linked below. I would like to emphasise how useful it is to attend these meetings as it’s always better to be part of the discussion about decisions than complain later that you don’t agree with a policy. Imperium members can check it out . Banana Warning! INN values each and every one of our readers, so when news caught my eye of a potential hazard to you all I felt it my responsibility and duty to bring it to your attention. The common banana has long been considered a friend to the human race and if you believe that sort of thing maybe even to the monkeys we supposedly “evolved” from. However it seems that these cunning yellow demon-fruit may have been slowly poisoning us over the years and consumers of these sweet-tasting traitors maybe the cause of many problems. I’ll let Imperium member Dekkarius fill you in on the exact details . Do you enjoy grasping your joystick or fingering your keyboard? There has been much debate about which will be better to use in Star Citizen. Many claim the joystick lacks the precision of the mouse while others contend that if the mouse were so great, why wouldn’t we drive cars and fly planes with it? Controller fans haven’t been as vocal yet.. There are a number of interesting points so feel free to add your opinion (bias?) on the thread and read the comments of grizzled old combat pilots, console jockeys and keyboard cowboys This has been your Community Newsbrief for Tuesday 21st January 2014. INN: Bringing you all the latest news just as soon as the editor finishes watching Torchwood. WarWulf INN Community Reporter This post has been promoted to an article
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