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  1. Thx for that @WarWulf hadn't seen that. Loved the man. Truly amazing human being. Will be missed.
  2. Sorry @NemeSys, I just remembered I hadn't updated this thread or left you feedback from that last sale. Bought 2 X Orion's. Quick easy sale as usual. Thanks again!
  3. All ships received. Thank you Irris. Nice and easy trades. Much appreciated
  4. Hi Irres If these are still available I will take two mate. Sending PM
  5. Purchased the Hull-E. Ship received and a nice smooth transaction as usual. Thanks @flamadin
  6. Definitely AJ. I have been missing our PUBG games. All can go back to normal now ;-)
  7. Thanks guys. The site turned out well. Thanks to everyone who helped and reviewed it during construction. Ostia's ocd must be given credit for all the finishing touches and making my job easier by providing all the content.
  8. Leonn


    LTI Starfarer is available in the new Nox pack if it suits anyone https://robertsspaceindustries.com/pledge/Add-Ons/Starfarer-Nox-2-Pack-LTI
  9. Leonn

    Terrapin as explorer

    Hi @Switch :-) yeh I'm still here just busy in RL these days so not commenting so much. ^^ Yep agreed, different exploration ships for different jobs. I like that we are seeing this kind of variety. For me personally the large quantity & variety of ships and design are all leading to a more immersive PU. I do wish however that CIG would spend more time fixing some of the origonal concepts that people have financially invested in. Some ships are just ignored but i suppose that is for another topic. Hopefully Terrapin owners won't have to wait long to see some of the mentioned mechanics come to be. I think it is going to be a great little ship.
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