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  1. Complete WTB BMM / Polaris all LTI

    Damn AJ, you are a ninja!
  2. Thx for that @WarWulf hadn't seen that. Loved the man. Truly amazing human being. Will be missed.
  3. Complete RSI credits for sale [CLOSED]

    Sorry @NemeSys, I just remembered I hadn't updated this thread or left you feedback from that last sale. Bought 2 X Orion's. Quick easy sale as usual. Thanks again!
  4. All ships received. Thank you Irris. Nice and easy trades. Much appreciated
  5. Hi Irres If these are still available I will take two mate. Sending PM
  6. Purchased the Hull-E. Ship received and a nice smooth transaction as usual. Thanks @flamadin
  7. New Imperium Website

    Definitely AJ. I have been missing our PUBG games. All can go back to normal now ;-)
  8. New Imperium Website

    Thanks guys. The site turned out well. Thanks to everyone who helped and reviewed it during construction. Ostia's ocd must be given credit for all the finishing touches and making my job easier by providing all the content.
  9. Starfarer

    LTI Starfarer is available in the new Nox pack if it suits anyone https://robertsspaceindustries.com/pledge/Add-Ons/Starfarer-Nox-2-Pack-LTI
  10. Terrapin as explorer

    Hi @Switch :-) yeh I'm still here just busy in RL these days so not commenting so much. ^^ Yep agreed, different exploration ships for different jobs. I like that we are seeing this kind of variety. For me personally the large quantity & variety of ships and design are all leading to a more immersive PU. I do wish however that CIG would spend more time fixing some of the origonal concepts that people have financially invested in. Some ships are just ignored but i suppose that is for another topic. Hopefully Terrapin owners won't have to wait long to see some of the mentioned mechanics come to be. I think it is going to be a great little ship.
  11. Terrapin as explorer

    There seems to be some confusion over this little ship and I feel people are commenting on it without having really read the Q & A's. It IS a dedicated exploration ship and more specifically military exploration (surveillance). Of course CIG could completely fail to deliver what they stated but it was given a very unique role and a hefty price tag due to it's level of specialisation. It sold in the exploration pack and it's primary role title is exploration. It is a scout ship. It's job is to jump in and position itself somewhere out of the way and go dark only running its scanning system with all other system on as low a settings as possible or turned off completely. I am sure CIG will offset this ability with the fact that you can pretty much be instantly killed should you be found with all your shield turned off and your armour in the open/venting state but there needs to be some kind of trade off. Yes this is an exploration ship but it is a 'Military Exploration' ship with a very narrow use. It has a gun yes but a gun on this kind of ship is not to go toe to toe with another ship. It is more of a utility item. Finish off a dying ship or kill some marines on the ground, simply a utility item. Taken from the Q&A's Does the Terrapin have a bed? Yes, for long-range missions, the pilot could potentially be spending days, if not weeks and months, out of port. In fact, you can even see it in the far corner of the cutaway image. What will the travel range be like on a Terrapin? Very long. The Terrapin packs much bigger Hydrogen and Quantum Fuel tanks to increase its operational range. It’s designed to stay out in the verse for as long as possible. How does the Terrapin compare to the Freelancer DUR? The Terrapin is tough as boots. It’s designed to be able to handle any eventuality in the dark unknown of space. From a military perspective it’s also extremely usable as a recon ship. Able to survey fleet movements and sustain a lot of direct fire if discovered, the Terrapin’s secondary use is a way to insert or rescue people from combat zones is also highly appealing. In part 1 it mentioned that the Terrapin was better off running from a battle than it is standing its ground in a dogfight. Can you explain in more detail what this means? The Terrapin is designed for military long-endurance recon. It’s an intelligence ship; its best defense is, in fact, intelligence. The general idea is to see the enemy before they see you, and manage your position or make use of environmental hazards or features to keep them from finding you. If you learn the signature and shadowing game well, you should find that slower acceleration isn’t much of a problem, especially when you know where they are, but they don’t know where you are. Can you please elaborate on the different exploration mechanics the Anvil Terrapin will excel at? Exploration involves a number of different possible activities, not all of which involve taking material things home. True to its original design as an intel and recon ship, the Terrapin is more concerned with finding, cataloging, and reporting critical information and discovering points of interest than it is about taking home incidental salvage, trinkets, or loose resources. The Terrapin’s great emphasis on scanning and detection – including the dedicated utility hardpoints for doubling down on extra scanning capacity – make it ideal for exploring and data processing larger volumes of space more efficiently than even many of its small-explorer contemporaries. It may not be able to bring back many souvenirs, but the real point behind the Terrapin is to locate valuable things for friends. When you bring the Terrapin home, you can sell the information to other parties or call in friends, guilds, or NPC interests to exploit the resources you’ve found for them – or you can keep the secret to yourself and come back with a ship designed or outfitted specifically to take advantage of whatever it was you found out there. This echoes its military role – why tussle with the enemy, when your real strength is calling in the full weight of the fleet you have behind you on your hapless foe? What do you envision will attach to the utility hardpoints beyond scanning devices? Mining lasers? Salvage claw? Additional weapons? The utility mount fits equipment, rather than anything offensive, something we’re going to be seeing more of as further support and non-combat ships are revealed. The Terrapin’s Radar Dish and Scanning Array will enhance the range and capabilities of the installed Radar and Scanner, making it far more capable than one without but as utility gear is revealed, the usefulness of an armored utility platform like the Terrapin will grow.
  12. M50 Revealed

  13. M50 Revealed

    @AstroJak Totally agree mate. This was mentioned a long tine ago by Ben. The m50 acting in a purley military role and kitted out for such is going to be one of the best ships to fly in game. It is already a very difficult ship to hit and once we get the chance to tweek her then she will be very dangerous. Alone she does not pack too much of a punch but inties by their nature tend to arrive like a swarm of wasps and good luck trying to swat half a dozen of these buzzing around you. The m50 is definately one of my favorite ships. I just wish they would bring a dark skin :-) Edit: i got rid of my 350r. May buy back.if the rework is any good. I just can stand how it flys. Love the look though