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  1. Sold via Ebay. Thanks!
  2. Wts Polaris with LTI Ship upgraded from P72 GBP£500 Verified Paypal only
  3. Leonn

    New citizen

    Hey Qué, good to see you here. Welcome 👍
  4. Thx for that @WarWulf hadn't seen that. Loved the man. Truly amazing human being. Will be missed.
  5. Sorry @NemeSys, I just remembered I hadn't updated this thread or left you feedback from that last sale. Bought 2 X Orion's. Quick easy sale as usual. Thanks again!
  6. All ships received. Thank you Irris. Nice and easy trades. Much appreciated
  7. Hi Irres If these are still available I will take two mate. Sending PM
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