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  1. Well, technically they're still called "units". (which was the designation adopted after squadrons since the term squadrons is really more of a Military designation, and didn't fit quite as well for Exploration or T&I focused groups) but we're using the "clubs" functionality that is built into the IP Board/Forum interface to create sub-forums for these units, rather than requiring the installation of secondary (and more expensive) software interfaces that basically does the same thing... Oh, and WELCOME BACK!
  2. Welcome to Star Citizen Base & Imperium! 👨‍✈️
  3. Welcome to The Fleet! 👨‍✈️
  4. So the initial wave went out, and it came time to name MY Hammerhead... I tried to snag "Mjolnir" but someone else was just a little too quick and snagged it before me (or else CIG had it reserved). So what did I do? Well, not to be discouraged, I checked through mythology for other magical, mythical, or otherwise legendary hammers.... sadly there weren't very many, and many that did occur (such as the Hammer of Hephaestus) were never actually named (or else I couldn't find the name with the limited time I had)... Not to be discouraged I decided to try the Pop Culture route instea
  5. You sir, are a (radio astronomy) nerd 🤓, and (speaking just for myself) I wholeheartedly approve
  6. Since I know that these questions are being asked by a lot of people right now, I thought I'd jump in here and issue a statement: As of this time Imperium has not put into place any restrictions on ship names, beyond those limits imposed by CIG. Feel free (within those limits) to name your ship whatever you want. When it comes to adding an Imperium designation before your ship name (a.k.a. a "fleet tag") we have not settled on a final one for Imperium at this time, but additionally we are waiting to see if CIG plans on implementing an Org/Fleet tag system of their own. Therefore we
  7. Yeah GameGlass is awesome! I'm using an old Microsoft Surface tablet, but I know people using iPads, Kindle Fire Tablets, and even and Android smartphone.
  8. Welcome to Imperium! 👨‍✈️
  9. Welcome to Imperium! 👨‍✈️
  10. Welcome to Imperium! 👨‍✈️
  11. Welcome to Star Citizen Base (and hopefully to Imperium)! 👨‍✈️
  12. Well, likes I said.... 90%+ of those people aren't playing Star Citizen at any given point in time... they're just logged into Discord.... Generally there are (usually) a few playing Star Citizen, but most people are just chatting or lurking (waiting for something to happen).
  13. Well, much like a lot of the Orgs out there, most of our members are inactive at the moment, simply because the game isn't finished yet, and they're busy with other games, or other parts of their lives. At any given point (like just 5 minutes ago when I checked) there's usually about 200-300 members logged on to our Discord Server, but even from that many members, only a fraction are actually playing Star Citizen. Now obviously, at certain times of the year (like now) those numbers might rise a bit (or at least of that 200-300 members, more of them might be actually playing Star Citizen inste
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