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  1. "Mood's a thing for cattle, and love play!"
  2. While I can't say anything for sure about the Terrapin, my best guess is that it should fit. When it comes to the Cutlass however, I can give you a much more "official" answer: The only caveat that I will put on this, is the fact that these specs were created back when the Javelin was first put into concept, and since then the Cutlass has been completely redone, so while I'm still fairly certain that it will fit, the fact remains that there is some possibility for an error here based upon the change in the Cutlass.
  3. Well, if you listen to the recent UEE (CIG) Javelin related posts & videos, it sounds as if a Vanguard Hoplite would be the best (or at least the "official" UEE) choice..... Although personally, I'd try to see if an Esperia Prowler could fit in there.
  4. The beautiful thing about how we have Imperium currently organized, is that once the PU is live (and probably quite a bit before that) you will be able to sign up for, and participate in whatever type of mission you're in the mood for (within certain very loose limits based upon minimum levels of training)... Work driving you crazy on a Monday? Feel like blowing something up? Sign up for an FPS combat mission! Have a little extra time to kill on a Wednesday and you want to "See the 'verse"? Sign up for an Exploration mission! Maybe on Saturday you want to do something with the friends you made on Teamspeak earlier in the week, but your ship isn't big enough? Sign up together to act as crew members on one of our many Capital Ships!
  5. While the idea of another alien xenomorph is certainly intriguing, I think that the answer is probably a little closer to what we already know (with a little bit of Dev "humor" mixed in)... What I THINK (I make no claims of having a direct line to CIG, much less the minds of individual Devs) they are referring to is the survival rate of these various ships vs. Vanduul aggressors. Why Vanduul specifically? Because there have been several occasions/interviews where Vanduul have been described (among their many other fearsome attributes) as being like a grizzly in terms of size, ferocity, and sheer destructive capability. Take for example this discussion back & forth with David Haddock from back in (June?) 2014 Now, to be honest, given the back and forth, I'm not actually sure if David Haddock himself actually described the Vanduul as Grizzlies here, or if it was the other person in the discussion, and David Haddock just went along with the description (and they were also described as being like sharks too), but it still seems as if it's not entirely out of character to describe them in such way.... either way, I could easily see such a discussion being the seed for an inside joke where Vandduul start getting described as "enraged grizzlies" and such an inside joke, once started, would probably take on a life of it's own that could easily have manifested on that spreadsheet as a way to name the Vanduul without actually naming the Vanduul. Is it wrong though, that there's a part of me that DOES actually hope there might be something more to it?
  6. Since when does the Mustang have 10 crew stations & 10 beds? [emoji14] Sent from my Nexus 6P using Tapatalk
  7. Lol you I was just
  8. For people (reading this thread) who are members of Imperium, that have questions about how we (as an Org) plan on handling issues like security, training, crewing, missions, and equipment upgrades for (Imperium) member-owned Capital Ships (like the Javelin-class Destroyer), I would like to invite you to read previous posts in this thread (honest, we've answered a lot of these questions already!), the SCB/Imperium Wiki (particularly the Operations Section) where we will always try to have the most current information updated on a regular basis, AND I would also encourage you to ask any questions that you might have in the Operations Section of the Imperium sub-forum especially the Capital Ship Coordination section (since we won't really be discussing private Org policies in a public section of the SCB forum). We (as an Org, and especially Operations as a Division) have put a LOT of thought into this, and so I can virtually guarantee you that we have at least tried to come up with plans, policies, and answers for how we will handle every contingency.... but nothing has been set in stone, because we don't have any Capital Ships in the game, to test our plans out with (yet). Lastly, if these resources still don't help you (or you are an SCB, but non-Imperium member that still would like to ask us a question), I would invite you to send a PM to a member of the Ops team (we're all listed in the public wiki), or to hop into the public section of the Imperium Teamspeak or Discord Servers, where one of the members of the Operations Team is almost always online, we still won't reveal any "secrets" ( @Ostia is always watching you know ), but we will do our best to answer any legitimate questions that you might have. Meanwhile, for everyone, this is a thread specifically dedicated to the Javelin-class Destroyer, and while we have no rules against theory-crafting in this section, there's no real point in arguing about differences of opinions when there's absolutely no final information (on how these ships will operate) that has been released by CIG yet (believe me, I've been looking), one of you may be right, or all of you could be wrong... but either way, until it's been made official by CIG (and maybe not even then) it's all just speculation (hopefully) in the interest of fun, and not worth anyone getting upset over.
  9. @Weehamster one small change sir: Currently, you have the Pegasus Escort Carrier listed under Aegis Dynamics. From the SC wiki:
  10. Oh IDK.... just take @Ostia down to the Captain's Cabin on your Idris, and draw him "like one of your French girls" (that might get Celine to start singing again)
  11. Sure thing, but all that the band can play is "Nearer My God to Thee" Sent from my Nexus 6P using Tapatalk
  12. I'm not sure where you're getting your information... but I think you might be wrong. First off, the Javelin (as it was originally designed) is supposed to be able to carry a Redeemer. Which is a fact that was made abundantly clear in the original sale announcement for the Javelin. Secondly Javelin owners DO get a Argo for free with their ship, which STRONGLY implies that there IS an "Argo Bay" somewhere on the ship, which was revealed in the original sale announcement for the Argo MPUV So, while I will freely admit that nothing is set in stone until the final ship is released into the game. What we officially know so far, would imply that both of your statements about the Javelin-class Destroyer, are incorrect. But I will admit that, if we were to find out that The Redeemer has been replaced with the Vanguard Hoplite (since that seems to have replaced the Redeemer as their default troop carrier) I would not be surprised.
  13. Greetings, and welcome to both SCB and Imperium! Feel free to look around, join us on Teamspeak or Discord, and ask if you have any questions. You just missed our last Game Day, which was last weekend, but we should be announcing another one before long.
  14. It's probably meant to be the Vanguard Hoplite troop carrier.... which might be what CIG wants to make official standard equipment for the Javelin instead of the Redeemer.
  15. If that's the case, then you should really LOVE the Anvil Carrack, or any of the large capital ships with "wall of glass" style bridge layouts.