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  1. See, I really don't like the idea of CIG making the Javelin (or any ship) "invulnerable".... What they (in an ideal world) should have done is: 1. Make Retaliator owners pay for their torpedoes. When the US buys a new fighter (or replaces one that crashed) it doesn't come with a free set of missiles thrown in. Especially torpedoes of the size that the Retaliator mounts, which are arguably some of the most expensive weapons in the game on a per missile basis). Why should any of the ships in Star Citizen? Maybe the very first one could have some, but not a replacement or a rental. 2. As soon as the Retaliator's turned on their fire control radar and started locking on to any of the ships, the entire UEE Fleet (NOT just the Destroyer, but both Frigates, and all of the fighters), should have immediately opened fire, or at least acquired missile locks of their own (on the attacking ships), with return fire happening immediately after the first torpedo was launched . 3. More forces (probably just fighters at first, but maybe bigger ships if the battle lasted more than a few minutes) should have been Warped in to support them. 4. Anyone who dies at the hand of the UEE because they were attacking the Navy, spends at least one full day (maybe even two) in Klescher Automated Prison. In the real world, every Navy treats threats and attacks against their warships VERY seriously. If CIG truly wants to maintain their emphasis on fidelity & realism, then the UEE response to any (real or perceived) threat to one of their ships should be just as over-the-top
  2. That's a noble sentiment, and I try to do the same, but yeah, it can't really be done with an item that expensive. I'm glad you were able to get it refunded though.
  3. Welcome to the Fleet! 😎
  4. Well aren't you just a ray of sunshine? Yes, you are correct, the Javelin that will be on display is probably just a "shell", and it will (probably) be the same with the Idris. Why? Because there's no reason for it to be anything else. As far as we know, these ships aren't being made available for players to tour or to spawn, so why waste game resources including an interior that no one should be able to access? Doing so would only encourage people to try various game exploits to glitch into the interior and try to take over the ship (which several Evocati already proven, by trying to do just that), which is not the point of Fleet Week. We know that the Idris interior is either completely done or at least 95% done, because we have seen that interior both in CIG productions and in videos that were created after Teller data-mined the asset. The Javelin uses most of the same interior building set, so I expect that the Javelin is almost completely done as well. The only areas of the Javelin that differ significantly from the Idris (the bridge, the hangar bay, and the engine room... which is much bigger) have already been shown previously, so we know that those areas are (mostly) done as well. In addition, it does appear that many of the systems (weapons, engineering, navigation etc.) are fully functional, and it's even possible that the ship is being run (to a limited extent) by AI, rather than running on a scripted flight path (i.e. "rails"). Why? Because I've heard that the ship can avoid obstacles and/or player ships that might be in the way, whenever it departs or returns to the capital ship dock. Taken altogether, that represents significant progress in the realm of Capital Ship Development from what we have seen (or been shown) previously, and probably was necessary to respond to all of the disappointment created within the community (especially the people who owned large Capital Ships) when the Idris mission was removed from the 3.9 update. As for the price, well the Javelin was always pretty expensive, but I don't really think it will have gone up much compared to what it was last sold for.... which, once again, definitely IS expensive. However this time, unlike all of the other times it has been on sale, people will actually get a chance to see it in-game before they buy it. Yes, people will need a large group to support them in running a Javelin, but that's one of the main advantages to being a member of a large, well-organized group (Org/Fleet/Corp/etc.) within Star Citizen. Personally I think Capital ship game play will be a lot of fun. So, anyhow buy it if you want to, or not... either way, let people enjoy Fleet Week, personally, I think (or at least hope that) it's going to be a lot of fun.
  5. FYI... there will be 1 Javelin-class destroyer, and possibly 2 (but at least 1) Idris-class frigates, as well as a squadron of F8 fighters painted bright red acting as an "aerial/aerospace demonstration team" putting on regular shows with fireworks at set times throughout "Fleet Week"
  6. It's "in game" in the sense that there is a NPC-crewed Javelin that will be flying around between Area 18 and Bajini Point (orbital) for Fleet Week. But it (probably) won't be "in game" in the sense of current owners being able to spawn one for a while yet (probably not until after SQ42 releases).
  7. Found this beauty shot buried on Reddit today:
  8. There's also a discussion in the Concierge forums that imply that CIG has put out some guidance about Javelin's now being able to mount Ship Buster Railguns Here's the link (warning: it requires Concierge access to follow the link) For those w/o Concierge Access, here's the info that started the thread: and one further comment right below: Now... Being the cynical F@#K that I am... I still think that means that they could load the ship up with non-milspec parts when they give it to us (basically following the comment of the 2nd poster), but at least it won't be a completely useless flying hulk that needs to be completely refit BEFORE you can even fly it (safely)... it SHOULD be able to defend itself even... only perhaps not quite as well as a milspec Javelin would be able to do.
  9. Arcanus

    Aegis Idris Frigate

    WHAT?!?!?! You mean I won't be able to replace all of my WoW gold farming revenue with Star Citizen Cap Ship farming revenue? I am SO disappointed! But, as for Imperium, I think we'll do fine. Many of our members already own some of the various Capital Ships, and for those who don't? Well, I like to take pride in the fact that we have a level of organization that seems to put us ahead of many of our rivals, so I wouldn't be surprised if we will be able to acquire many more (over time). But whether you're right, or you're wrong... this topic honestly isn't worth everyone getting all riled up over.
  10. 🎁Happy Birthday G! 🎂

  11. Arcanus

    Sabre Raven

    These aren't pics of the Sabre Raven... these are pics of the Aegis Eclipse
  12. The question is, known to whom? Nuclear power is something that we take for granted today, but if you told someone 100+ years ago that we could have virtually unlimited power by splitting atoms, they'd have thought you were crazy (if they even knew what an atom is)... The government is great at using double-speak, so if they made a breakthrough in propulsive technology that seems to violate known/accepted laws of physics, I wouldn't put it past them for one second to keep their mouths shut, and play coy with with the ideas of UFO's that break "known laws". Back when the first jet aircraft (in the US) were being test flown in CA at the end of WW II, the government played coy, and let people think all sorts of things... it could be the same exact thing going on now, just like @J. Coren pointed out.... ALSO "Unidentified" by the pilot does NOT mean that no one, anywhere is capable of identifying them... using @J. Coren's example, the SR-71 was an "Unidentified Flying Object" for 99.999% of the world, right up until the moment that Barry Goldwater identified it. Now, for the record, I hope that you're right too, the universe is far too big of a place, and it would be absolutely ludicrous arrogance to think that we are alone... So here's to hoping.
  13. I can't wait to see this plot-line in Star Citizen....
  14. Arcanus

    Origin 890 JUMP

    3.62 and the 890 Jump are now LIVE! Even Newsweek wrote an article about the 890 Jump: https://www.newsweek.com/star-citizen-890-jump-release-design-price-super-yacht-1457621?fbclid=IwAR3c7hFdO68BrRmVNASa4AHtkyVgjWNFu6HeqraZkG1Mr2HViveYIgVNoMI
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