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  1. Arcanus

    Aegis Idris Frigate

    WHAT?!?!?! You mean I won't be able to replace all of my WoW gold farming revenue with Star Citizen Cap Ship farming revenue? I am SO disappointed! But, as for Imperium, I think we'll do fine. Many of our members already own some of the various Capital Ships, and for those who don't? Well, I like to take pride in the fact that we have a level of organization that seems to put us ahead of many of our rivals, so I wouldn't be surprised if we will be able to acquire many more (over time). But whether you're right, or you're wrong... this topic honestly isn't worth everyone getting all riled up over.
  2. 🎁Happy Birthday G! 🎂

    1. Gallitin


      Thanks man!

  3. Arcanus

    Sabre Raven

    These aren't pics of the Sabre Raven... these are pics of the Aegis Eclipse
  4. The question is, known to whom? Nuclear power is something that we take for granted today, but if you told someone 100+ years ago that we could have virtually unlimited power by splitting atoms, they'd have thought you were crazy (if they even knew what an atom is)... The government is great at using double-speak, so if they made a breakthrough in propulsive technology that seems to violate known/accepted laws of physics, I wouldn't put it past them for one second to keep their mouths shut, and play coy with with the ideas of UFO's that break "known laws". Back when the first jet aircraft (in the US) were being test flown in CA at the end of WW II, the government played coy, and let people think all sorts of things... it could be the same exact thing going on now, just like @J. Coren pointed out.... ALSO "Unidentified" by the pilot does NOT mean that no one, anywhere is capable of identifying them... using @J. Coren's example, the SR-71 was an "Unidentified Flying Object" for 99.999% of the world, right up until the moment that Barry Goldwater identified it. Now, for the record, I hope that you're right too, the universe is far too big of a place, and it would be absolutely ludicrous arrogance to think that we are alone... So here's to hoping.
  5. I can't wait to see this plot-line in Star Citizen....
  6. Arcanus

    Origin 890 JUMP

    3.62 and the 890 Jump are now LIVE! Even Newsweek wrote an article about the 890 Jump: https://www.newsweek.com/star-citizen-890-jump-release-design-price-super-yacht-1457621?fbclid=IwAR3c7hFdO68BrRmVNASa4AHtkyVgjWNFu6HeqraZkG1Mr2HViveYIgVNoMI
  7. Arcanus

    Origin 890 JUMP

    Better still... the new Origin 890 Jump commercial is live:
  8. Arcanus

    Origin 890 JUMP

    Random person on Spectrum: "A 600 series on top of an 890 Jump? Hold my beer.... Okay, I'll see your 600 series, and add a 300 series on top of it! "
  9. Arcanus

    Origin 890 JUMP

    I just want the damn ship to finally be available in game, so I can put my monocle and top hat to good use!
  10. There actually IS a valid reason for some (maybe not all, but some) of this discussion. The practice of arming a cargo ship, and turning it into a military vessel (usually one that still looks like a cargo ship on the outside) is a time-honored military tradition, meant to lure in enemy vessels, commerce raiders, and pirates into attacking a ship that ostensibly still looks like a cargo ship ripe for the taking, but secretly has enough teeth to hold off an enemy ship until help arrives (or better yet, defeat the enemy all by itself). One of the best known examples of this concept were the Q-Ships of WW I & WW II fame (although actually the concept existed long before then).
  11. The closest thing to what you're talking about is the Endeavor, with it's detachable bride/landing module, and its main body swap-able modules, that include everything from science labs, hospital units, agricultural domes, and ship tuning (applied physics labs), to yes, a landing bay for small/medium sized ships (Cutlass - confirmed to fit, Freelancer - probably fits, Connie - maybe fits, Carrack - extremely improbable, Javelin - are you smoking crack?)
  12. Arcanus

    Titan Suit

    To my knowledge, the 'Tali module is the only mention of a Drop Ship and Titan Armor in the same description... That's not to say that other Drop Ship's can't handle Titan Armor... It's just the only time I've actually seen it called out in the design specs (assuming that CIG doesn't retroactively change anything of course) Edit: In re-reading the CIG Sale page/article itself, it now refers to the front Drop Ship Bay as "power armor" which could be Titan Armor, or could just be the "Marine Heavy" armor.... They do still refer to Titan Armor, but only in a vague way when they talk about "other modules" that they (once upon a time) had planned:
  13. Arcanus

    Titan Suit

    I just remember our first mention of the Titan Armor (besides the original Armor Doc).... When they sold the swappable modules for the Retaliator Bomber... and you could buy a Titan Armor Drop Ship module so you could carry a fire team of Titan Armored Marines and drop them into a Drop Zone like you were making a bombing run... (Spoiler: You can bet I bought that module for my 'Tali)
  14. Arcanus

    Aegis Idris Frigate

    I was under the impression that a CIG Dev had already answered that.... while the kit doesn't have LTI in it's own right, it will inherit the LTI status of the ship that it's applied to (thus becoming LTI).... I can't say why they didn't list it that way, but (and this is just a guess) maybe they didn't list it as LTI off the bat, because some of the items could be scavenged and put on to other (smaller) ships that don't automatically have LTI, and thus there would be no LTI status for the upgrade kit to inherit.
  15. Arcanus

    Aegis Idris Frigate

    Calm down guys. This thread is to discuss the Idris-class Frigate. We shouldn't go too far off topic talking about either the Drake Kraken (although I realize that I too brought it up.... but in my defense, it was only to contrast it with the Idris), OR talking about CIG's pricing strategy. If you want to air your frustrations about CIG's pricing policy, please do it in another thread. If you want to talk about the Drake Kraken (or what CIG should do with the Kraken 2.0 to make it better than the Idris-K), then the obvious place for that is in the Drake Kraken thread. Thanks!
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