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  1. Free Fly starts tomorrow! New clothing merchandise tomorrow, subs get first picks. CENTENNIAL: PART III. ATV turns 100! This week emanates from the Austin tour as we check in with Tony Z and crew to see what's going on this month. Also: the world-premiere of the Ballad of Big Bennys. 00:48 - Intro 04:10 - Austin Studio Report 10:11 - Studio Report 28:38 - WWoSC: The Ballad of Big Bennys 34:08 - MVP with Tyler Witkin INN Transcription with TLDR version: http://imperialnews.network/2016/07/around-the-verse-episode-2-38-part-3/
  2. This week's ATV was all about S42, but at the very end they showed off a little bit of their work on planets and the Lorville Landing Zone. It starts at 38:00.
  3. Did you watch the latest Around the Verse?! Did you hear Chris Roberts answer the questions in 10 for the Chairman about our favorite widget? Have something exciting in the most recent design document to gloat over with your fellow watchmen? Let's discuss that here. I've set aside a place for links and discussion of all official content so that it can easily be found. This is four our own responses to this material. Feel free to link to outside opinion pieces like podcasts, INN, or Batgirl D'angelo's YouTube channel; but, I'm really interested in our members points of view here.
  4. I have watched Around the Verse since before it was officially called ATV, and I have to say that the change that took place a few months ago (getting into specifics with a single sutdio instead of a broad idea of what every studio is doing), is the best thing they could have possibly done. Seriously, I dont know if they meant for it to appear as it has or they just go lucky but the last month I have watched with utter amazement as every studio has gone into detail what they are working on and my anxiousness to get them to release Star Citizen has actually decreased seeing how much stuff is not only amazing but revolutionary. It has made me go from an impatient backer of nearly 5 years to a reformed citizen amazed by the work done and willing to give them as much time as needed to make a space sim that will pave the way for nearly every game in the future.
  5. I really like the bold changes that were implemented to the dog fighting and the overall flight system. (Although they were careful in wording this boldness to keep the resistance for change in the community under control) While the new mechanics look like mostly helping the racing aspect of the game with all the adrenaline pumping as you boost / brake / corner, I was also pleased to see its application in the Arena Commander. Glad to see that now - Fuel - has much more meaning and I think all the close and personal fighting / rapid acceleration / breaking / tight handling and fuel management will add much more depth to the game. We can now fly a responsive space ship from 30th century with sophisticated maneuverability that does much more than staying locked at max speed and chasing dots in the sky. - meaning we may finally engage in fights like the pilot in the Cutless commercial ! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qE7TFnSl9y4 Also the idea of slowing things down, aiming to hit specific parts of the enemy ships while admiring the beauty of the detailed graphics (and the missiles with close up camera) to me is simply awesome. I believe we need to keep an open mind about this initiative and see how it turns out. So let's discuss what we think about the new flight mechanics and/or share feedback.
  6. Key notes: INN transcript: http://imperialnews.network/2016/11/around-the-verse-episode-3-12/
  7. Some great shots showing the planetary tech. Of particular interest at 19:03 you can see that he's moving the star. Check out the planet in the distance and how it reacts to the system's moving light source. Also, they show Earth in 2946 with all the ice melted. I put together as good a side by side as I could using a NatGeo picture. Someone with Google Earth could add the sea level layer and create a nearly perfect shot for comparison.
  8. Awesome to see the details and design of the Polaris (in the first part)
  9. Some interesting discussion from Rawcritics... this guy has started to follow SC closely since the 3.0 Gamescom demo. I would advise subscribing to his channel because he does commentaries for SC videos in addition to non-SC content.
  10. I know a lot of you like me watch ATV RTV and 10 for the (...) well this weeks MVP Utho Riley-Channel link >( https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCw-eYgx9Eu4bF1kHLqTZ33A )was super crazy deserved and doesn't have the subscriptions or views that he is owed for what I imagine is a 100's of hours of work..... Check him out give a sub and please share this Citizens hard work!!! P.s For our Content creators in Imperium or on the base his music is all Fair Use and only ask to be credited just check out his channel!!! Edit- So I was just talking to Utho Riley he explained that his music is Freeware and the Copyright info in in each of his video description, Also I asked him how many working hours he has, his reply "So there is 48 songs in my Star Citizen playlist, an average 4 minutes long tracks take 15 hours to produce from start to finish including EQ, Sampling and writing. I'd estimate 720 hours?" ......720 hours personal time spent. wow I'm mean just wow! so if you do use one of Utho Riley's creation please credit Utho, and don't forget to go and give a listen, a subscribe and remember Citizens-Fly safe and Shoot straight
  11. Chris Roberts co-hosts. Topics include: medium and light armor and user customization; the Caterpillar and Drake styling; the Connie Aquila (Ah-kwee-lah) rework, damage and art tech, among others. The Cat is big now. Like 120m big.
  12. Published on Aug 25, 2016 This week, join our Frankfurt Studio where we find out what's new in Star Citizen, take a look at an awesome recap of GamesCom, then experience what it took to create the spectacular GamesCom Demo in two special behind the scenes featurettes. 03:22 - Behind The Scenes: Quest Giver 07:08 - Behind The Scenes: Navigation Mesh 17:33 - Community Update with Tyler Witkin Around the 'Verse: Episode 3.04 - INN Transcript
  13. Published on Aug 4, 2016 This week, join our Manchester studio as we check in with the Studio Update, take a look at the flight-ready Argo, and go Behind the Scenes with... well, you should just watch to find out... 02:17 - Intro 03:16 - Studio Update 13:13 - Ship Shape: Argo 17:35 - MVP with Tyler Witkin 19:26 - Behind the Scenes: ??? Around the 'Verse: Episode 3.02 - INN Transcript
  14. This new format is great, its like getting 15 sneak peeks an episode, I hope they can keep it up. 00:44 - Intro 04:09 - Studio Tour 11:24 - Studio Report 17:37 - MVP with Tyler Witkins 18:07 - Behind The Scenes: Grimhex MVP Interactive Star Map: http://usukracing.com/sc/starmap.html
  15. Published on Jul 7, 2016 CENTENNIAL: PART II. ATV turns 100! We tour the Foundry 42 UK offices, get an update on 2.5 and the GrimHex pirate station in News From Around the Verse, and check in on updates to the Bengal Carrier in Ship Shape. 00:48 - Intro 03:00 - F42 Manchester Office Tour 15:11 - NFATV 26:08 - Ship Shape: Bengal Carrier 30:39 - MVP with Tyler Witkin
  16. Published on Jun 30, 2016 CENTENNIAL: PART I. ATV turns 100! Go behind the scenes with work on the female avatar, take a tour of the new LA studio, and chat with the team building the upcoming Drake Caterpillar. 01:15 - Intro 02:53 - NFATV 08:46 - ATV BTS: Female Character 11:19 - LA Tour 19:28 - Ship Shape: Caterpillar 21:36 - MVP with Tyler Witkin Around the 'Verse: Episode 2.38 - INN Transcript
  17. Published on Jun 23, 2016 THE SHIRTS OFF THEIR BACKS. This week, Forrest Stephan and Cheyne Hessler explore the character pipeline, and Senior Writer William Weissbaum from the CIG Lore Team explores the Rhetor System. 01:09 - Intro 05:43 - NFATV 14:12 - ATV BTS: Character Pipeline 21:18 - Loremaker's: Rhetor System 26:15 - MVP with Tyler Witkin Around the 'Verse: Episode 2.37 - INN Transcript
  18. Published on Jun 16, 2016 EASY RIDER. This week, Part II of our interview with Concept Artist and Illustrator Jim Martin, and we discuss Dragonfly design with Tech Designer Matt Sherman. 00:54 - Intro 05:09 - NFATV 13:15 - ATV Interview with Jim Martin 24:33 - Ship Shape: Dragonfly 31:05 - MVP with Tyler Witkin Around the 'Verse: Episode 2.36 - INN Transcript
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