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  1. The FNS says TTFN, TTYL MFers! (Or, for the acronym-impaired, The Friday Night Show says Ta-Ta For Now… you can figure out the rest.) You know what a lot of folks who have never tried it don’t understand? Entertaining people is hard. It is. It’s tough. And entertaining people when you have a stressful, full-time job, as well as a family to take care of? It’s kinda nuts. And Ricko is pretty nuts… but there comes a point when even a cyber-monkey overlord needs to change things up. Ricko has been running The Base for over three years now, and it takes more effort behind the scenes to keep this crazy little internet radio station going than you might imagine. In addition to everything that being the head Monkey Manager entails, he’s been hosting The Friday Night Show, and three years of laughing like a crazed hyena has finally broken his brain. Okay, maybe that’s not exactly how it happened, but here’s the TLDR version for you folks: The Friday Night Show is, for now at least, going away. If anyone out there has ever started a passion project only to have their passion for it slowly fade to the point where they’re putting more into it than they’re getting out it, they’ll understand exactly where Ricko is right now. He’s not allowed to hand over the reigns to The Base to anyone else (we won’t take them) but he needs a change. He needs to step back, refocus, and do something else with his Friday nights for once. And you know what? As much fun as we have with The Friday Night Show, that’s totally cool by us. Will The Friday Night Show ever be back? Sure. Maybe. Probably. Who knows? If one day Ricko wakes up and says to himself, “Hey self, that stupid show we used to do on Friday nights was pretty fun, let’s do it again” then guess what? We will. Until then, the status of the return of the FNS can most eloquently be summed up as follows: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ So for now we just want to say thanks. Thanks to Ricko for helming this crazy thing, and thanks to everybody who’s ever tuned in on a Friday night to watch us make fools of ourselves. Thanks to Zhane (that’s me!), Trendane, Clifford, Phizzer, TSO, Erris, and everyone I’m forgetting to mention that helped to make our Friday nights a little more fun. Just to be perfectly clear, there’s no drama here. The Base is fine, Ricko is fine, everything’s fine - it’s just time for something different. No one’s going anywhere, except the show itself. Maybe something else will crop up and take The Friday Night Show’s timeslot, and maybe it’ll even be good (though, knowing us, probably not.) Even if that happens, though, nothing can ever truly replace The Friday Night Show. Thanks for all the laughs. All the Star Citizen. All the music. And even all the jellybeans. Talk to you later, motherfuckers. - Zhane and the rest of the FNS crew Tune in tonight at 7.pm. Eastern at https://www.twitch.tv/thebaseradio
  2. Hey guys - wanted to drop a quick note here to let you know this is the last Friday Night Show of 2016 and we're ending the year with a fun little game: Join us! Mwuahahahaha! (I hear there might just be a giveaway of some kind too... shhhh)
  3. There's an update from Joe's family on twitter: "Out of surgery and things went well. Will get to see him in an hour."
  4. SCB member and long-time part of the Star Citizen streaming community is going in for triple bypass surgery as I write this. Send your prayers, positive energy, happy thoughts, whatever you've got his way.
  5. That looks pretty sweet.
  6. Tonight's episode of Space Debris on The Base will be dedicated to celebrating Bowie's music. Come on by and have your requests ready.
  7. Thanks to everybody who joined us tonight and congrats to the giveaway winners!
  8. The Base is celebrating two years on the virtual airwaves! Join us! Hey guys - tonight The Base celebrates two years of operation on a special New Years Day episode of The Friday Night Show! Join us at http://radio.starcitizenbase.com/ or http://www.twitch.tv/thebaseradio at 0000 UTC (7 Eastern) to take part in the celebration! I hear there might even be a giveaway or two! See you tonight - and Happy New Year from The Base!
  9. I've been playing World of Warcraft regularly without taking any major breaks since it launched 11 years ago. My time /played on my main character is 282 days. I don't spent a lot of time on alts, but let's be very VERY generous and say my alts' collective time played was the same as my main. That still puts me under two years of play time over a span of eleven years. If my characters were ships and WoW were SC, 11 years later I'd still have about half of my three year insurance plan. LTI means nothing.
  10. Serenity isn't even the name of the show. Fail troll is fail.
  11. Both look good. As nice as the blend of live action and CG in the movie looks, I've always said I'd be very happy to watch a full length film in the style of their cinematics. They're often the best part of the expansion. ;-p
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