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  1. Finally saw the new Star Wars, I must say I was expecting something better

  2. I hate being unable to sleep :(

    1. BinarySpirit


      Insomnia sucks sometimes, I agree.

  3. Last Ent of the Verse of the Year

  4. 1 year of "the Ent of the Verse", only on The Base radio

  5. Creating a new whitepaper for a theoretical new Squadron and it's looking more like a Fleet Ops piece. Might opt for a transfer if this keeps up.

  6. I don't think melting my 315p is going to get e enough funds to buy an Endeavor, also it would leave me without a ship in AC
  7. I want the Master but don't have the funds for base
  8. something's come up and I might be able to be home in time to be there -.-' Will try to be there but if someone else that can be there takes my spot I would be fine with that
  9. My Arduino touch board has arrived, time to do some tinkering

  10. well, it's what was said in the comments of the thread, since I didn't make the flag I can't say for sure
  11. it's was created when Pluto was still considered a planet
  12. remember that the flag is a proposition and I personally like this Earth flag better. Complete with future changes to include space colonization
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