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  1. I prefer discord over ts anyways
  2. Finally saw the new Star Wars, I must say I was expecting something better

  3. I hate being unable to sleep :(

    1. BinarySpirit


      Insomnia sucks sometimes, I agree.

  4. Last Ent of the Verse of the Year

  5. Unit Motto: "No Mystery in the Verse will Remain" Administrator: ENTRACK Mission Statement: Our mission is to explore, discover and research all anomalies we can find, be it from simply comets, Planetary surveying or even discovering Jump Points. As we will mainly be using larger ships we will also be forward base to other units who want to make use of it. Depending on the mission of the week we will be providing other services as well, ranging from refueling to repair. Unit Profile: Many Explorers used to go out, find new places, but never really bringing back samples to research or, if they did, immediatly sell it to the highest bidder, leaving the researchers no choice but to spend aditional credits to send out team to try and find more. Feeling the need to get these samples faster so they can immediatly be researched the Cognitive Exploration League, also better known as CEL, was founded. Exploring not only the Verse, but science as well, they redefined what it means to be an explorers unit. Primary Roles: Autonomous Expedition Anomaly Discovery Stellar Cartography Planetary Surveying Secundary Roles: Forward Operations Base C&C Refueling Portal: https://portal.starcitizenbase.com/unit/view/45
  6. 1 year of "the Ent of the Verse", only on The Base radio

  7. Creating a new whitepaper for a theoretical new Squadron and it's looking more like a Fleet Ops piece. Might opt for a transfer if this keeps up.

  8. I don't think melting my 315p is going to get e enough funds to buy an Endeavor, also it would leave me without a ship in AC
  9. I want the Master but don't have the funds for base
  10. something's come up and I might be able to be home in time to be there -.-' Will try to be there but if someone else that can be there takes my spot I would be fine with that
  11. My Arduino touch board has arrived, time to do some tinkering

  12. well, it's what was said in the comments of the thread, since I didn't make the flag I can't say for sure
  13. it's was created when Pluto was still considered a planet
  14. remember that the flag is a proposition and I personally like this Earth flag better. Complete with future changes to include space colonization