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  1. @Nazerath worked. Thank you
  2. Didn't saw a button where you can enter your name. Can someone tell me? Wasn't sure when it would appear and I didn't want to order a shirt with simply "Name" on it
  3. Strider


    @Booster Terrik lets just hope it will be in the PU and flyable seriously, I would sell my soul to get a hand on this baby
  4. *drools* please don't fuck this one up EA... Time to get to other three games out again
  5. Nice to know some others are playing this game here I recently started playing, so I'm new to the game, but I would love to play with you guys some time
  6. Thats why I hope it will take some time. Need to get the money to buy a new PC This one wont make it^^
  7. @Shrike7 Greetings , I would be interested in some games you offer: To the Moon Strike Suit Zero Company of Heroes 2 DLC's (all 4) I have a PayPal Acc, so we could use PayPal. PM me with your price, if those games are still available.
  8. Look at this beauty that was delivered today : It really beautiful and well made, definitely worth the 100€
  9. Yeah, I really hope you'll stop for a visit here in Germany I live at the river Rhine, a beatiful place (not far away from the famous Loreley)^^
  10. Here's to you, Zhane! 'raises glass of whisky* Gonna miss your work in INN.
  11. World Champion 2014 - Finally!!! :D

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