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  1. With no bag of holding (promised eventually) we should have some type of personal storage on our ships. A few of them have lockers or foot lockers, but none of those seem functional as of yet.
  2. 15% off site-wide (up to $100 off) at eBay today using promo code PICKSOON.  I picked up a second Rift + Touch for my wife for $340.

  3. 15% off site wide at eBay today (27th) using code PICKSOON.
  4. I fully intend to get this. Looks so good. And if they do as nice of a job here as they did with The Witcher (3 at least. Never player the other two) I'm in.
  5. From what I understand you have to die, and then refresh the page.
  6. Can I just say that I love the fact that those look very RSI while not having struts all over the middle of the view? If anyone is going to be on RtV today can you please ask that the Connie get this treatment?
  7. I wonder if he actually has left development. I don't know what else he would be moving back to Baltimore for unless he was out or if he had to take care of an ailing family member. Except he also bought a house.
  8. GeraldEvans

    Ongoing Discussion VKB Space Combat Grip

    That's a reasonable proposition @Boildown. For whatever reason I was thinking just buy both, but yeah testing is good.
  9. There's a contest to make a commercial for the 600i. I think this one should win. Feel free to post other contenders. You can up vote it here! https://robertsspaceindustries.com/spectrum/community/SC/forum/3/thread/600i-commercial-video-contest-submissions/1305206
  10. That looks amazing. Really nice work! Moved to Off Topic - GE
  11. GeraldEvans

    Ongoing Discussion VKB Space Combat Grip

    Yeah, I like the Virpil Constellation, but it's missing too many things for me. This one seems to fit the bill a little better. It's too bad about the plastic, but I've had durable plastic joysticks before. Those CH Flighsticks are pretty indestructible.
  12. HOSAS for the win, brother.
  13. We are aware that you can manually load your ships. However one of the cookies associated with this tool is XPLOR. So it is possible that the fleet you build there can be associated with your IP, and as sites have pass through data, if you navigate to RSI they may find out who you are and what you have. Again, use it at your own risk. - GE
  14. While this is a neat site that was put together by a backer, we recommend people use it at their own risk as the site could be used to identify you and your account. -GE
  15. @XLB, I'd like to commend you on not actually following up with your threat to be a dick. Your skill and that of @Space-Moose is indisputable, and you go on to support the model and offer assistance. If that's being a dick, I'm going to have to question my sexuality because I'm apparently a huge fan. 😂
  16. @rastafury instead of editing the original post and clearing it, you can change the tag from Want to Sell, to Completed.
  17. So, one of the benefits that 6dof brings is that you can be pointing at the target the whole time. Set decoupled mode on, and point at the target. You won't be able to maneuver directly at the target without redirecting a lot of inertia, but you can be pointing at it and moving closer simultaneously without losing speed. To do that you need to plan ahead and actually allow an arc to the intercept for where the ship will be. It does work, but it's a challenge. And that's where the skill comes in.
  18. GeraldEvans

    Drake Vulture

    Guys, there's no call for taking any of this personally. I'm not in love with the design but conceptually it works. Does it look like another ship? Yes. And the Dragonfly looks exactly like a riding mower. I don't really care, except for how it works in the game. We're seeing early mining right now and it looks pretty good to me. I'd like to see the pile diminish rather than n seconds of floaty rock coming in and then 'poof' the original hunk vanishes, but that's polish and iteration. So, I can see how this works for salvage, at least on a very small scale. My problem with it would be that the arms are a bit narrow to straddle much. Better if they had some ability to spread out wider. Maybe that's a way to implement skill here: get the arms the right width to collect the pieces, etc. Regardless, it looks okay, it looks Drake, and it looks industrial, without looking purposely piratey. I look forward to crushing many of them whole in my Reclaimer.
  19. It looks good. Just needs parking for the Cyclones and Ursa.
  20. True enough. I can't watch when it's on. And really how many people can or are willing to arrange their schedule around one show? So I order the season on demand. SyFy should have arranged to distribute for streaming as that's why they aren't profiting by it. They only have first broadcast rights.
  21. We all have off days. I try to assume the best of others and practice some patience. After all, we're an online family provided we can act like one.
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