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Found 17 results

  1. Have a good screenshot showing off the new Spacescaping advancements? CC-Corp and the Exploration Division is running a Spacescaping Screenshot contest with $30 in prizes! Runtime: Dec. 19, 2020 to Jan 1st, 2021. Submittal location: Imperium Discord server in the #Exploration channel and you must tag @CC-Corp in the submittal. Rules: One Submittal per member Submit your screenshot and with a story of how you found the location. Post in Discord in the #Exploration channel and you must tag @CC-Corp in the submittal.
  2. There's a contest to make a commercial for the 600i. I think this one should win. Feel free to post other contenders. You can up vote it here! https://robertsspaceindustries.com/spectrum/community/SC/forum/3/thread/600i-commercial-video-contest-submissions/1305206
  3. Wuz gud @Imperium Members! With 3.0 just around the corner we event coordinators figured it would be a fun idea to throw an event where we all just sit down and play some Star Citizen, before 3.0 get’s released and everything works magically and no one is disappointed or anything of the sorts... Realism Pessimism aside, we have some congratulations due for our raffle winners from April’s Game Day. Congratulations to: @Aegid @LowZone @rimmer59 and @Uthrac, you’re all well deserving of the 10$ gift cards. As there’s been some confusion surrounding the raffles we’re gonna t
  4. Looks like the Prowler will be revealed in the anniversary stream...and probably sold. Presumably they have the design nailed down but would like some inspiration from fan designs: From https://forums.robertsspaceindustries.com/discussion/352592 PS: If you want some inspiration for Tevarin design, this is supposedly a drawing of a Tevarin defense platform:
  5. Calling all creative types, CIG is giving away a Dragonfly to the creators of the best and worst representations of how backers envision the Drake Dragonfly. Let's see what SCB can do! Submit your most beautiful and or awful creations here: https://forums.robertsspaceindustries.com/discussion/332357/contest-draw-the-dragonfly/p1 Mine:
  6. VIDEOS NEEDED: Around the Verse Fan Content Expansion ^^^^ ---->> See Link CIG is looking for more of your Videos! <<---- CIG Disco LandoDiscoLando-CIG Posted: 10:04AM Greetings Citizens! In the past, we've had :30 gameplay highlights on Around the Verse, but starting this week, we're expanding our exhibition of fan created content from all walks. For the foreseeable future we'll be collecting and sharing the best, most creative, videos cre
  7. Base Radio Update Hey guys, Zhane here with a quick update covering some things happening on The Base, your SCB community radio station! First off, tonight on the Friday Night Show we'll be having a chat with CIG Community Manager James Pugh. We'd like to thank James for joining us again, and apologize in advance for any monkey business. (Isn't "monkey business" pretty much everything at The Base, though?) If you missed our epic interview last week with BBC technology reporter, author, and SC enthusiast Kate Russell - along with Paul and Zhoriax from HCS Voicepacks - I highly encourage you t
  8. 1) Go to this site: http://www.imastarcitizen.com/ 2) Make yourself a card. 3) Post it here: https://forums.robertsspaceindustries.com/discussion/281376/i-m-a-star-citizen-how-about-you/p1 and on social media tagged #ImaStarCitizen 4) Wait for CIG to pick their favorites 5) Burn your enemies to cinders in your beautiful new Vanguard variant. Do it. You know you want to.
  9. Head on over and watch the video instructions are in the description, good luck!
  10. CONTEST: Animated Intro for ATV's "Ship Shape" Segment CIG Disco LandoDiscoLando-CIG Posted: 10:50AM Greetings Citizens If you're a regular watcher of Around the Verse, you've seen our new segment called "Ship Shape." Well, we're having a contest open to citizens interested in contributing an animated intro for the segment. Here are the guidelines: LENGTH: 4-10 seconds. 11 seconds is right out. STYLE: Similar to the existing animated intro for Around the Verse. Think colors, materials, fonts, outer space. It doesn't have to be exact or even that close, but keep it in the same
  11. Help make Descent Underground yours by designing single-player or multi-player game elements and submitting your ideas. Winners will have their game play concepts included in development of Descent Underground and custom art to adorn their ships! (By yours truly ) To enter, 1: Visit: http://descendentstudios.com/ 2: Register a forum profile! 3: Submit ideas to this thread! http://descendentstudios.com/community/topic/1120-contest-community-kickstart-contest-enter-here/ Contest ends in two weeks, so you better hurry! -Jax
  12. Around the Verse: Terra Wrap Contest Thread WLewis.CIGWLewis_CIG Posted: 9:04AM Hello everybody, As in the latest episode of Around the Verse, we are doing a contest to give away a Terra Wrap. All you need to do is let us know what type of store you'd like to see/shop at in the 'verse! So let us know where you'd shop below! ========== Below was my entry Name:Pioneer Express + Pioneer Outlet Location:Pioneer Express is in Systems with Ship Manufacturers and Large Space Ports + Pioneer Outlet is typically located in the outer Fringe Systems including Lawless Systems W
  13. Around the Verse: Herald UI Contest
  14. Hey everyone, Found this link today for a contest with the winner getting a Saitek X-55. Just sharing if anyone else would be interested in submitting an entry http://simhq.com/forum/ubbthreads.php/forums/378/1/Contest_for_a_Saitek_X_55_Rhin Goodluck, Azazil
  15. Such Dogefighter is running the contest. Several other very generous people have increased the prize pool significantly. This is a generous give away for those who currently have not backed Star Citizen. Check it out. Prizes - 10 Aurora MR+ packages - 1 Aurora LN - 1 300i package - 1 315p - 3 Avengers easy entry - make a post on RSI forums here - have a RSI account active before the post was made 6th of Feb 2014 @ 8:54pm (RSI time) - entry made before 28th of Feb 2014 - be a non-backer, non-ready
  16. Hi all, At the risk of sounding sour, I'll just come out and admit that I am. ;-) But did anyone else notice the winners were mostly non-backers? Name Joined Title 1. Morgageddon 28/11/2013 Colonel2. Maccisco 21/12/2013 Civilian3. Vexian 19/11/2012 High Admiral4. Whooya2ya 17/09/2012 Civilian5. Silvaste 28/10/2013 Civilian Specifically, the guy that won the Idris-M was created the day after the contest was announced, and appears to be a non-backer account. It sucks that he won my ship. Not much to d
  17. Delete it.... Original post in Quote xD
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