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  1. Is multiplayer like a thing now? or is that just a no go.... ive still got my copy played a little bit when the base building patch came out ... thought it was still super underwhelming and just uninstalled
  2. The whole shooting is an excessive thing is a load of poop.... SC isn't like real life and the consequences in the game will never be like real life.... the only time this could possibly apply/work is on the ground in bases/stations/shops etc.... having AI cops patrolling like in ESO and if they see you taking loot they deal with you... and as a player you don't have to take the situation into your own hands.... When it's happing behind closed doors in your ship, with someone you don't know/shouldn't be there..... you shoot the guy...end of story As for the loot spawning in the verse.... i am almost certain the game will spawn in derelicts and items for players to loot...(it probably won't be like other MMO's where if you wait near X spot you can get Y item) its will most likely be randomly spawned around the verse (procedural gen?)...they can attach whatever lore they want to that specific loot as to how it got there and what not. And that stuff will be free pickings... I do want to point out that i dont think there will be a crazy ammount of this spawing happening... only enough to make the verse (in more "active/lived around" areas) to not look empty. This won't include mission items/objects as with that it can be like I or others have said before where the mission giver/insurance company will own that item and get you to do what they need with it. (retrieve/salvage/destroy) having all that stuff only come from players ..... yeah I don't think it's too great of an idea.... the economy will be perfectly fine with a few random spawns of loot/resources
  3. @faquarl25 When I was talking about "universe loot" I was meaning objects that were spawned in by the game as loot/resources and not someones (probably now dead) ship+cargo. I could have worded my 2nd point Better by saying that after this timer expires said items ownership would no longer be yours, from there if a claim is made the insurance company can seize it (or however that system will work) and a mission is generated to try and retrieve it or it becomes a sort of free game object where passer-byes that were in the right place at the right time can loot/salvage/steal? take the items/wreck/ship.... I agree with this and assume youre talking about doing shipping missions set out by an NPC... where by if you get attacked and lose items thoes items would belong to whoever gave them to you (e.g. said NPC) for a period of time untill thier "ownership-upon-loss" timer expires. Its just my opinion and view on it but it seems its going to be the least griefy way to do it.
  4. Im sure they will implement some system for dealing with intruders in your ship.... I find it ridiculous to think otherwise. If they don't that system will be abused beyond belief for easy "Legal" self-defense kills. And it would at least help deter stronger pirates/griefers from mobbing other weaker/single players. I know in other MMO's I've done the exact same thing (and had it done to me)... wanting to grief other players or get their loot, just go to a PVP enabled zone but not a specific PK zone or Arena/battleground.... follow them around and wait for them to do an AoE skill take the damage, kill them in self-defence with no negative karma as they attacked you *gasp*. As for "Universe cargo" i feel a finders keepers method would work fine (to a degree)... Selling said item would be fine/no criminal report for selling stolen goods....But im not sure for a system about it getting jacked from you.... But items that are left behind from death/theft that did at one point did belong to the player should have a sort of internal clock, so after X amount of time its becomes "Universe's loot". Giving you time if you want to go back and reclaim it. (if you can find it)
  5. Im thinking it would be a "utility/support" ship.... my guesses now lean towards either a terraforming ship Or some sort of time manipulation field producing ship.... Its role would be to either speed up or slow down ships in its relative area. Can be used by large fleets to move vast distances quicker? or in combat to slow other ships Sort of like the in the game Stellaris or Galactic Civ III (forgot which one) had a tech tree upgrade where you can install a field generator that would boost your ships speed/travel distance. Or it could be used to "stabilize" Quantum drive/jump point travel to use less fuel or something to that extent
  6. I think this would be hard to implement.... maybe im not seeing it right but it seems like a very hard grey area to add law to
  7. Do you have any other game you can test it on?
  8. You can most definitely run both at the same time, switching is as simple as picking up the gamepad/HOTAS and putting the other one down. As for whether its better vs (I'm assuming) KB/Mouse, is down to skill with both and personal preference. In my opinion using a mouse is far superior to any other input device for FPS hands down. As for simply running around (no combat involved), a game pad would be easier I suppose... you could essentially play one handed. At the end of the day go with whatever works best for you! Edit: I just realised the post is super old D=
  9. I wouldn't vouch for it... I've heard of lexip around about 2012-13 and the company has been since dead (as @GRIZZ noted)... clearly, there's a reason for it..... Heres a video i found for it Take what you will from it but I don't think it will be great by any means. You can see in the above video when he demonstrates the mouse's tilt it looks as if his hand is straining to keep the angle/tilt..... a no-go for precision... the only real pro for it is it has a joystick attached to it that's about it Also good luck finding drivers/updates/stock Might be a good idea for CAD 3D modeling .... not so much gaming
  10. Good work guys!! awesome job
  11. Im pretty certain something like this will be implemented, they skimmed the surface with the AA cyclone so im sure more will come. Another cool idea would be stationary turrets/guns that are towable/movable by another vehicle so you setup your defences around you base or what not and you have nice AA rockets/guns
  12. @Danakar Endeel Not at all that would be mad scary...
  13. I think this would be a cool idea. id be really down for this and if they made it so very little is known about them that would be pretty awesome, going out and doing research on them and what not. Something similar to how Elite Dangerous did their alien thing where the community researched alien remains and then they made alien ship encounters but didn't mention it in patch notes /posts and when players first experienced it, it was super exciting. If SC had something like that it would be pretty awesome i think! Side note: the Xeno + Predator hybrid SCARY!!
  14. GLaDOS is moving up in the world ....