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  1. GG Well thanks for the info guys!
  2. Im thinking it might be the backlights failing
  3. When it goes black the light stays in the "on" colour There are also no visible backlights or anything of that sort. Looking at it from different angles shows nothing The monitor in question at one point was my main with another being the 2nd and during that time it never went black EDIT: Shining a light into the screen reveals the picture what does this mean?
  4. You can always try getting a 2nd hand/used one Also what bit OS do you have installed (Right click My Computer >> Properties) under system type it will say either 32 bit or 64 bit
  5. @Caldon Ill give that a shot and report back!
  6. OS: Win 10 CPU: i7 4790k @ 4.7GHz GPU: Radeon R9 290 RAM: 16Gb DDR3 MoBo: ASUS Maximus Hero VII Monitor2: Acer H243H (one that goes black) Monitor1: LG 34UM68-P Anything im missing?
  7. I have a 2 monitor setup and sometimes when gaming/doing stuff on my main/primary monitor the 2nd monitor to my side would go into a sort of "sleep" mode where it just goes black and wont ever come back on. Windows that are on that screen are still there and can be interacted with. The screen still comes up in display settings and is being picked up but its just all black The only way to solve the problem is to turn the monitor off (which sends all my open windows to the main monitor) and then turn it back on, it will then go back to normal and act normally for a while then randomly go black again. There is no way to make the issue occur, sometimes after hours of gaming it doesn't come up once, sometimes 30 - 40 mins in it happens. Having something playing on the 2nd screen seems to make it happen less or flat out stops the issue from occurring/reoccurring, but that could just be luck as it has gone black while YouTube for example is playing. As far as im aware nothing from the software side "should" be effecting it as nothing has really been installed that is new/hasn't been on the system before and also caused the issue, though an update to some app might be doing it. If anyone has any tips ideas please share
  8. Feedback Wanted

    Assuming windows PC If you go to Devices and printers and right click on the controller an open up game controller settings. Here you should see your plugged in controllers hopefully 2 of them double click thier names to get a window with all their buttons and axis. Move the stick around/press buttons and see if it is working/being detected as intended (ie the axis pointer is in the center when rested). Side note.... what do you mean when you say the ship is moving
  9. it looks pretty interesting id be interested
  10. Ok yeah i see it now.... i was staring at it and was like wait what?!? Thanks!
  11. What are the 2 pictures showing?
  12. Yeah you usually dont get to see that side... what made me really like it!
  13. DIE REBEL SCUM! This is pretty awesome and well done wish there was more!!
  14. Build help

    Im on the side that wouldn't recommend getting a 2nd 970 for cheap unless you're really hardcore budgeting and really have no choice and want the boost now. If you can hold off and save a little i would go for a gtx 1070 .... (which then in the future would put you in a similar position to now with the gtx 970 example and you can again choose to buy a 2nd 1070 or upgrade to the next model at that time) also with a 1070 you could go higher than 1080p gaming if you ever wanted or easily max out 1080p for a while to come. If youre doing a new build and going budget id go for the rx 470 for 1080 gaming.... anything more than 1080p probably wont be found with budget parts..
  15. Build help

    Im leaning towards upgrading to a 1070 soonish if i can find a nice deal on one unless AMD comes out with something better or equal....... i feel its pretty good for bang for buck with performance in mind