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  1. Oh stop it yew! Awesome job Grizz id love to get one too!
  2. Its a hard topic.... if they did keep it as LTI for only early backers and stopped it (like they said) then we wouldn't need to be talking about it.... When i backed SC (granted it was alot later than the early backer) i didnt know the tricks and and how they worked, CCU/Buy Backs/LTI tokens and how to use these to your benefit. In my mind LTI was a little something "WOW"..... but with what i know now its a bit meh... as all my fleet (standalone ships that is) are LTI Should they get rid of LTI now? Probably no as its the wrong direction to go at this point Should LTI be on all ships? Possibly, i mean if you know to hoard the <$35-LTI ships..... you basically have all LTI ..... At the same time, i would be happy with buying standalone ship packs of the actual ships and then paying $5ish dollars to upgrade it to LTI. (to keep it sort of "fair" there could be some sort of requirement before you can get these LTI upgrades, be it you can only get it during sales/promos, have spent a total of $XXX, be a backer before XX/YY/ZZZZ but again only im not too sure if you'd need this "only if" system) Should it stay as is? Most likely will.... there are many backers who know how to play the system and have been doing so for a while... they at this point all have LTI ship (for the most part - game packs etc) and a stockpile of usable tokens for later... The ones that don't and now are sort of "stuck" with non LTI are just bummed out and really want the "free" LTI and will push for that option... then you have the guys who have used the grey market (paying extra) to get the LTI and now they will be bummed out as its gonna be a lot easier to get it now... And with that sellers also lose out as the market will die down a little... In short im for it being all LTI everything! and i want to add a "...but here's the catch" type thing.... which essentially brings us to almost exactly where we are now with the current system... As for LTI vs non LTI ships ingame...(keep in mind almost everybody will have insurance for the first 6 or so months anyways at the games start) there is no real difference..... just one person will have to pay a small ongoing fee.... both will not want to ram/grief as each subsequent ship will be harder and harder to get and its not really the point of this discussion.
  3. was just about to make this topic! too fast.... But yeah i totally agree they should make LTI available to all or to early backers/backers who spent over $XXX amount. Or If they must....charge $1-$5 extra for an upgraded insurance which you can apply to any pledge/ship
  4. Build help

    I used one of those game key selling websites and got mine for $23 AUD... Link one example, shop around i guess i would also upgrade to 16Gb of ram... im sure it wont be much more... you can even get a slower speed one to save some money (the difference is bearly noticeable)
  5. It's hard this early on choosing the "best" ship..... it really depends on your gameplay style ... what you plan to do/profession ... My advice for a package (on the cheaper side) would be the Aurora, to me its more of a "jack of all trades" type ship (great at none but okay overall) making it a good starter! Most of the Game packages are good (depending on what you want) but in my opinion, i would stay away from the Reliant Kore & hornet F7C - Overall buying advice - If you really want to spend $$$ Think of how you would like to play Then find ships that can fit that style Then get one that you like the idea of/look of Ship stats are always changing, but overall gameplay/look of said ship shouldn't change (much) Otherwise wait till a free fly week and try the ships then buy from there If youre still not sure ... SAVE your money and get it in game (when the game comes out SoonTM )
  6. Complete

    Thats really cool.... If you find out who made em .... let me know
  7. Im the same as @J. Coren always been a huge fan of space games and i guess it started with x2 / x3..... Nothing since has been as good without being an arcadey shooter set in space... Its why i was so excited by the idea of SC and all the ideas it has..... Elite Dangerous could have been that game for me but it missed the mark and was just boring (i guess now with all the new content is more fun but ... ill still skip)
  8. #JustMustangThings
  9. Want to Buy

    I looked for one for a very long time and no luck.... wanted to crossfire mine for some extra performance Ended up just upgrading to a new card... If you posted a few weeks earlier you could have grabbed mine Goodluck in your search!
  10. Hello Ubi our "Peacefully inept Swede" and welcome to the base!
  11. That was fun to watch I liked the comedic aspect of it
  12. @Reavern If you dont have an ultrawide yet... get one.... They look so nice and are so useful for day to day stuff But like so many have said i cant wait to just fly around and take in the moons/planets they have made and just go out exploring... on an adventure to see what i find!!
  13. I never knew they showed off an idris in 2016?! But yeah essentially Donut's video shows/explains it best
  14. The idea is that you spend time hand making 50 rocks.... then you get the computer to poop out those rocks over a whole planet .... In the long run its easier and quicker to make generic assets (that procedural gen can place for you) than it is to copy paste those rocks/plants/debris on a whole planet by hand... For having different biomes and planet types im sure they will be able to program the procedural tech for correct density/placement/randomness of corresponding assets for say a rainforest biome (nice green tall trees, lots of dense shrubbery) and a different setup for a frozen tundra (ice, nothing, nothing, more ice)... all they need to make are several tall trees/buses and some ice blocks/spikes/snow mounds (which need to be hand made/copied+alterd from existing assets) and you should, in theory, get a unique looking planet.
  15. @HarlequinJester What do you mean by individual assets?