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  1. So ive decided to fire up ArmA III up again today and for some reason after the update it did... its unplayable laggy (5-7fps) Before this the game ran fine on ultra at 60-80 fps no problems, the only real changes since i last played are the Win10 creators update and ArmA III update (the last version i remember playing was just as Apex went live and before Jets DLC came to be/was even talked about) Has anyone else experienced this? Know a fix? Everything is up to date and all other games run just fine Really dont know whats up
  2. 10/10 Advice
  3. Im new to the Gundam scene and wanted to get into it and get myself my first model. But i dont know what model to get I haven't ever really watched the series or know anything about them (lore wise), so i wouldn't know where to start to search. I kinda want one that has wings or wing like features, preferably in the 1/100 scale and "affordable" so most likely no better than a Master grade. Mainly i want for it to be aesthetically pleasing has that "Wow" factor lol (as arbitrary as that is). My current choice is this: ZGMF-X20A Strike Freedom Gundam MG 1/100 If you guys know of any other cool looking Gundams/models to keep an eye out for and help steer me in a direction that would be awesome!
  4. Welcome to Imperium!
  5. When the game does eventually come out .... everyone will start fresh with only the ships they have purchased with real money and any progress in the alpha/beta will be wiped... (its whats currently happening from major patch to major patch) Correct me if im wrong but thats what i think youre asking
  6. i like the idea of playing as another race... but at the same time the way the OP points out the "not really still alien if you play it" deal which i agree with. would at the end take away from the mystery of an alien race Buuuuttt id still really like to play an alien and not human
  7. never thought of that... might look into it... the idea with the 2nd keyboard was ease of use/budget but yeah thanks for that idea
  8. Yeah i dont think its really possible with the way windows sees the 2 devices. what i kinda wanted to do was make something like this http://xkeys.com/XkeysKeyboards/index.php where its just a bunch of buttons i can push for different actions in games. so like in SC things like gear up/down, flight mode toggles, power dist. and stuff like that to be bound to their own unique key... currently with all the binds and things that can be bound in game im kinda running out of keys. and using more than 2 modifier keys sometimes doesnt read the input properly
  9. @Scotterius not exactly what i needed but nonetheless thank you Yeah i dont think it would be feasible as its programmed as a plug and play device. Where as a gamepad/joystick comes up differently and thus works differently
  10. ima go for Fortunate Sithole
  11. Im looking for some sort of software (if one exists) that would turn a 2nd keyboard that is plugged in into a sort of "gamepad" where each key can be bound similar to a joystick/gamepad would have its buttons bound to ingame options as button1, button2, button3, etc.... to action 1, action 2, etc..... I dont know if such thing is even possible but it would be cool if somebody know anything like this or something that can achieve something very close to this effect. Essentially getting what would be another controller that i can bind button presses for
  12. Good luck! let me know how it turns out if you do decide to make this
  13. Id guess if you can get a good sensor / SW to work together... it would be close to just as good