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Found 7 results

  1. K.S

    Want to Buy Sabre Raven Code

    Want to buy an official Sabre Raven SSD-Octane Code. I buy it for the price of an actual Intel® Optane™ SSD 900P : 400$ (negociation is possible)
  2. Reading the terms of service of the raven promotion i just noticed some massive potential issues people should be made aware of. The ship is non transferable and non gift able, so the only way to buy it if you don't get the ssd will be to buy the unredeemed code. HOWEVER, this is a massive risk! the ship is only valid as long as the ssd is not returned. so this opens up the possibility of scammers selling codes and then returning the ssd after the transaction has been made. this will delete the raven out of your account leaving you out anything you paid for it. it might be possible to charge back your card or something similar but the possibility of people trying to pull this scam is pretty high so i thought i should point it out since i haven't seen any talk about it yet. be careful out there guys, stay alert! * I am not sure if there is a better place to post this, but since we will likely see the rush with the raven coming out imminently i thought it best to post a warning since i am concerned about just how easy it could be to scam people with this ship. if there is a better place to post this or you would like to delete it please feel free just trying to spread the word before the WTS rush that's sure to come xD
  3. I got 2 sabre raven package for sale. $195 each. No need to contact support service. I post here because my listing won't show up on ebay for some reason. If you don't trust me, I can send you the link of my item on ebay. P.S: If you are worry about me returning the SSD. I can show you the receipt, all these purchases are made 6 months ago. update: sold one
  4. SELLING ACCOUNT AEGIS POLARIS LTI, RAVEN, AVENGER, 315P LTI Selling Account with the following: Ships: Aegis Polaris - LTI Avenger Stalker - 6 Month Insurance Aegis Saber Raven - 2 Month Insurance Origin - 315P Explorer Hangars Aeroview Hanger Self Land Hanger Game Packages Squadron 42 Digital Download Star Citizen Digital Download Rewards 200 Million Commemorative Coin Drake Caterpillar Statue Other Items Starting Money: 5,000 UEC Digital Star Citizen Manual Star Citizen Digital Download Digital Game Soundtrack Digital Star Map Legacy Alpha Squadron 42 Digital Download Star Citizen Digital Download 1x Handle Change Price $800 - Upgrade value is c$1,100 d melt value is c$700 To note Saber Raven, Polaris, and combined Star Citizen & Squadron 42 game packages are no longer available for sale from RSI. Terms & Conditions Please leave a comment before PMing! Once funds have been received the account will be transferred over completely to the new owner. No refunds are available. All prices include PayPal fees. Account has 1x handle change available. Account has 1x opportunity to buy back pledges of: PACKAGE - MUSTANG ALPHA STAR CITIZEN + SQUADRON 42 COMBO (Upgraded to Titan Avenger). Middleman Available - Buyer pays fees Also found listed here: https://www.epicnpc.com/threads/selling-account-polaris-lti-raven-avenger-315p-lti.1805176/#post-7264480
  5. VoA

    Sabre Raven

    Sabre Raven - WAVE 5 - Concept Ship I'll add more details as we get them (or post news on this thread if you can) on the Xi'an Nox ship as seen in the production schedule below..... +++ Also See WAVE 6 - Concept Ships - Dedicated Civilian Ships [POLL] Could this image be the new Sabre Raven?

    Complete Sabre Raven

    I want to buy a code. I'd pay 60$ or best offer. Reputable & trusted seller required. PayPal verified. My nick is the same here, in Reddit, and also in SC. Serious seller + serious buyer = always great & safe deals.
  7. Got two Optane drives and 2 Sabre Raven codes. One is for me and the other one is up for sale. I will send the code AND the picture of the code card. No physical shippment of the items.
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