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  1. Elranyar

    RSI - Polaris - Corvette

    I pledged for mine during the initial concept sale, and I don't plan to melt it. I can't wait to hammer the Vanduul invaders with S10 torps alongside my Imperium org mates.
  2. Elranyar

    Origin 890 JUMP

    This exact same thing has happened to me, in my 890 Jump. But my shields were were, and I took no damage; the Advocacy ship was destroyed.
  3. Elranyar

    Origin 890 JUMP

    The link isn't working.
  4. Elranyar

    Origin 890 JUMP

    The flagship of my fleet, Eltúrion (Quenya for "Star Palace"). The name is emblazoned in Tengwar script just forward of the port and starboard airlocks, so it can be seen (assuming windows in the boarding tube or waiting area) by passengers as they embark.
  5. I absolutely hated hover mode when I first tried it, and I'm still not really a fan because of how difficult it is to master. One of my biggest headaches was figuring out how to land in a recessed landing bay. The main difficulty has nothing to do with hover mode per se, it's that the wrench symbol identifying my assigned landing bay is so difficult to find. Before hover mode, it was easier to find by wandering around the landing area and pitching your ship to look straight down. With hover mode, that's no longer possible. With some practice, I've figured out how to land and take off without my ship going all spastic and bouncing off the walls. I have a process that works very well for me; in all honesty, it's not so much "using" hover mode as bypassing hover mode. I am using Mouse+Keyboard, so this process may not work for you if you're using HOTAS, HOSAS, or some other control scheme. My process is: 1. Don't forget to turn off cruise control!!! This is probably the main error I was making at first, and I suspect that many others make. No matter how low you have cruise control set, if it's on at all it will completely hose you over. 2. As soon as you get even remotely close to your assigned landing bay, kill all forward or lateral movement using Space Brake (X) and centering your crosshairs in the middle of the "0" line of the pitch ladder. Be patient; wait until your speed reaches zero. Use your roll controls (Q and E keys as default) if you must to ensure the horizon is level. 3. Once your momentum is killed (you're at speed 0) and you're hovering steady, press the (default) Right Shift key (Cycle Mouse Aim Mode HOMAS), which locks out inadvertent mouse input. 4. Set your maximum speed (left side of the HUD) to just barely above zero using the mouse wheel. 5. Lower your landing gear. Don't forget this step! 6. Switch to 3rd Person view (F4), and use Free Look (Z) to look straight down past your ship to the landing pad. You can move your point of view around to ensure you're aligned properly and to confirm that your landing gear is down. If you need to adjust maximum speed (left side of HUD) or maximum thrust (right side of HUD), you can switch back momentarily to first-person view. 7. Make the final approach and fine-tune your position using the strafe keys (WASD), taking it slow and easy. When you're very close to being aligned, you should use only brief taps of the keys. Don't over-correct. 8. I have mapped my "<" and ">" keys to Yaw Left and Yaw Right, respectively. This lets me align the long axis of my ship with the long axis of the landing pad without trying to use the mouse. This has been a BIG help. 9. Once you're aligned, try descending using the Strafe Down key (Ctrl). If you have to descend a significant distance and you notice you're descending too slowly, you may have to adjust your maximum speed using the mouse wheel. It may help to jump momentarily back into first person view to see the setting on the left side of the HUD. Keep fine-tuning your position with micro-adjustments as necessary as you descend. 10. Another option to descend is to reduce your maximum thrust using (for the default Mouse+Keyboard setup) Right Alt and the mouse wheel. The amount you'll have to reduce it varies by ship, but I've found that somewhere around 15% to 20% thrust allows me to descend quickly enough not to try my patience, but slowly enough to ensure no damage. The display showing the current setting is at the right edge of the HUD. I can usually make a much gentler descent this way that by strafing down. 11. As soon as you're down, kill the engines using the (default) I key. I still hold that hover mode needs a lot of work; landing shouldn't be this difficult. But with practice, it's possible to land even a large and cumbersome ship in a deeply-recessed landing pad using hover mode. Using this process, I can land any ship in any hangar or pad, every time. Taking off is much simpler: 1. Set your maximum speed to the highest setting using the mouse scroll wheel; make sure your maximum thrust is 100% (it should be, by default). 2. Make ABSOLUTELY SURE that your mouse input is centered in your HUD. For some ships, it will not center precisely since the ship is landed at a slight angle, but get it as close as possible. If your mouse input cursor isn't in the middle of the HUD, your ship will slide to one side or pitch up or down as soon as you take off. 3. Press and hold the Strafe Up key (default is spacebar), making sure you keep that mouse input maker centered in the HUD. 4. Once your altitude is high enough (I prefer over 1000 meters), raise your landing gear (N key), then tilt down SLIGHTLY (-10 degrees or so) while strafing forward (W key). I find it also helps to use Afterburner for a second or two. Your goal here is to raise your speed high enough to leave hover mode. 5. Once you're out of hover mode, you're good to go.
  6. Elranyar

    Origin 890 JUMP

    Between the concept version and the flyable version, I much prefer the flyable version EXCEPT for the bridge. Although the large holodisplay of the flyable version is a great addition, once it actually becomes functional. I had also heard that the two rows of displays on either side of the holodisplay were supposed to be functional MFDs rather than non-functional eye candy, which would improve the bridge quite a bit by allowing the owner/captain to wander into the bridge and check various settings and readings. Perhaps these improvements are coming with Cockpit Experience Improvement (tentative for 3.8 according to the Roadmap).
  7. Elranyar

    Origin 890 JUMP

    I had to purchase a large quantity of distilled spirits for my yacht party, so I somehow managed to park my 890 Jump at Gallete Family Farms on Celin, AND the outpost recognized my presence so I was able to make my purchase. It was a tight fit, but the height of the landing gear made it do-able. So, where can YOU fit an 890 Jump?
  8. ^ that On one hand, CIG has stated that it is their desire to limit griefing and associated undesirable behavior. On the other hand, CIG introduces mechanics like EMP weapons, hacking of ship security systems, and now mines which facilitate such behavior. The game would be better off without these unnecessary mechanics.
  9. Elranyar

    Origin 890 JUMP

    This is a copy-and-paste of a post I left on the Concierge forum on Spectrum: The 890 Jump is designed to host parties of more than 300 guests. Disclaimer: This post explores the role-playing possibilities of the 890 Jump, not the practical in-game use. When determining these numbers, I have considered only the design features of the ship itself, not the practicality of actually having 340 guests plus crew and staff aboard. My estimate for the number of people who could fit on a bench is very conservative, given the limitations of in-game animation in-game (characters tend to take up a considerable amount of bench space). It should be readily apparent that the 890 Jump is designed to accommodate a lot more guests than the guest suites can hold. While there are only four guest suites plus the master suite, which would allow only 5-10 guests (depending on this suites were occupied by a couple) for overnight stays, the bar and dining areas are obviously designed to accommodate a lot more than that. And, there are numerous lounges with seating throughout the ship. Let's first look at only those areas that would be accessible to any guest, regardless of whether that guest is staying overnight in one of the suites. There are 17 barstools at the bar plus an additional 11 barstools along the sides of the bar. There are seven booths in the bar, each of which could seat at least four, which gives at least 28 booth seats. So, the bar could seat 56 total. In the first dining room, there are five small tables seating two each. In the second dining/meeting room, there is a single large table seating ten. So, there is seating for 20 in total in the dining areas. There is a waiting area near the bar which could seat at least four more. In total, then, the bar/dining area can seat about 80. In or near the atrium, there are two observation lounges seating ten each; a central atrium lounge seating four; and two game tables with benches seating at least four each. So, the area in and near the atrium can seat at least 32. There's an additional waiting lounge near the hangar, which may be a bit out-of-the-way for guests at a party, but we all know those types who like to find a quiet place for conversation; this lounge seats at least five. Now, let's look at the spa area which some of the party guests may enjoy. There are six loungers around the pool, and several more could be swimming or standing around the pool. There are two saunas seating about six each (although it's unlikely these would be fully utilized), and a hot tub which could accommodate at least six. So, the spa area could accommodate at least 24. That gives us a total of 141 seats in the commonly accessible guest areas. Of course not everyone at a party will be sitting unless they're dining; some will be standing in groups, and some seats will be unoccupied. Finally, both the cargo bay and the hangar bay, if emptied of cargo and ships and suitably decorated, could serve as dance floors for quite a few guests. Or, if the hangar pad is raised while the ship is landed on a planet with a breathable atmosphere (and comfortable climate), it could serve as a sort of patio or sun deck. Given the number of seats and the available space, a guest count of 300 isn't unreasonable. What about toilet facilities? There are four toilets in the commonly accessible guest area, near the bar/dining area. I looked up recommendations for the number of toilets needed for a party or event lasting 6+ hours, at which alcohol and food is served, with an approximate 50/50 mix of male and female guests. According to the sources I found, these four toilets would support about 300 guests, which fits in well with the numbers above. All of this assumes the master suite and the four guest suites are closed off and inaccessible to party guests. If the occupant(s) of the master suite wish to host an exclusive gathering of their own, there are ten seats in the foyer/lounge room of that suite, plus a table with four seats in the private dining room, plus three seats in the office. So, the occupant(s) of the master suite could host at least 15 guests plus themselves. Each guest stateroom has seating in the foyer area for at least five. If the master suite and all four guest suites are utilized, at least 37 more guests could be accommodated. Such a large party would require a large staff of cooks, waiters/waitresses, bartenders, bussing staff, etc. This staff would need some break time. The crew dining area can seat seven at the table plus eight or so on the couch. The crew recreation lounge can seat at least six, and there would be more standing while playing billiards or playing the antique-looking video game (probably Frogger, Dig Dug, or Pac Man). Others could take their breaks in the crew pods.
  10. Elranyar

    Origin 890 JUMP

    I spent a short amount of time here in the mid 1970s, when my dad was principal of Humbolt Junior High (now Bradshaw Mountain Middle School). I returned several years ago to attend a Gunsite course, and decided I would retire here. It's a beautiful area! I'm putting together an Arizona Bar Citizen in Phoenix on 25 October, and I hope I get a decent number of attendees.
  11. Elranyar

    Origin 890 JUMP

    No problem, just let me know when is convenient for you. After First Wave PTU access, of course, or we can wait a week or so until PU release.
  12. Are any of my Imperium org mates in Arizona? I've scheduled a Bar Citizen. When: Friday, 25 October 2019 from 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM Where: Four Peaks Brewing Company, 1340 E 8th St #104, Tempe, AZ 85281 This is a chance for Star Citizen backers from all over Arizona to meet, eat, drink, and discuss all things Star Citizen. The greater Phoenix area is centrally located, so backers from Flagstaff, Tuscon, and other towns should be able to attend; I'll be traveling from Prescott Valley myself. Four Peaks Brewing Company is a highly-rated bar and restaurant: 4.6 stars out of 1,604 reviews on Google and 4.5 stars out of 2,350 reviews on Yelp. They have a good selection of fine beers and a basic menu of mostly American food, so bring a healthy thirst and appetite. Their main website is here: https://www.fourpeaks.com and their menu is here: https://www.fourpeaks.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/12/8thMainMenu.png. Please RSVP as early as possible, so we can let the good folks at Four Peaks know how many of us to expect. You can RSVP with a reply to this post, or email me directly at 773ppvm.7718@gmail.com.
  13. Elranyar

    Origin 890 JUMP

    I'll hold the door open for you.
  14. Elranyar

    Origin 890 JUMP

    I'm very happy that the 890 Jump is being added to the game sooner rather than later. As for the design, my only gripe (and it's minor) is that it looks too much like an ocean-going mega-yacht. I understand the artists being inspired by contemporary luxury mega-yachts, but I feel they took it much further than mere inspiration. Its shape is that of an ocean-going vessel, down to the sharp prow, raised superstructure, and white exterior. Don't get me wrong, I'm not unhappy with it, just making an observation. My intended use for my 890 Jump is as my character's in-game primary residence and office. I really enjoy the role-playing aspects of a game, which may seem a bit silly to those who don't care for that aspect. When practical, my goal will be to always end a gaming session from the bed of the 890 Jump's master suite, and to start each gaming session by spawning there. I'm hoping that I can use it for this purpose while it is in my hangar; i.e. that game mechanics allow me to log out from and re-spawn into a ship in the hangar, and that internal power remains on while it is in the hangar without running the ship's power plant. Another option would be for it to spend most of its time on a landing pad on my land claim, which will be in a wilderness area (I'm considering Noble in the Ellis system and a few other possibilities in UEE space) with beautiful views and some other on-site structures (including defenses). When I temporarily relocated my base of operations, my 890 Jump will be my mobile palace and headquarters. And of course I'll use it to tour the 'verse, at least within UEE patrolled space. I'm looking forward to the ship customization and personalization mechanics. As with other games which have a role-playing aspect, I anticipate collecting various items (trophies of significant victories, mementos, gear, what is currently known as 'hangar flair', etc.). These will be stored and (when appropriate) displayed aboard my 890 Jump.
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