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  1. Elranyar

    Origin 890 JUMP

    I'll hold the door open for you.
  2. Elranyar

    Origin 890 JUMP

    I'm very happy that the 890 Jump is being added to the game sooner rather than later. As for the design, my only gripe (and it's minor) is that it looks too much like an ocean-going mega-yacht. I understand the artists being inspired by contemporary luxury mega-yachts, but I feel they took it much further than mere inspiration. Its shape is that of an ocean-going vessel, down to the sharp prow, raised superstructure, and white exterior. Don't get me wrong, I'm not unhappy with it, just making an observation. My intended use for my 890 Jump is as my character's in-game primary residence and office. I really enjoy the role-playing aspects of a game, which may seem a bit silly to those who don't care for that aspect. When practical, my goal will be to always end a gaming session from the bed of the 890 Jump's master suite, and to start each gaming session by spawning there. I'm hoping that I can use it for this purpose while it is in my hangar; i.e. that game mechanics allow me to log out from and re-spawn into a ship in the hangar, and that internal power remains on while it is in the hangar without running the ship's power plant. Another option would be for it to spend most of its time on a landing pad on my land claim, which will be in a wilderness area (I'm considering Noble in the Ellis system and a few other possibilities in UEE space) with beautiful views and some other on-site structures (including defenses). When I temporarily relocated my base of operations, my 890 Jump will be my mobile palace and headquarters. And of course I'll use it to tour the 'verse, at least within UEE patrolled space. I'm looking forward to the ship customization and personalization mechanics. As with other games which have a role-playing aspect, I anticipate collecting various items (trophies of significant victories, mementos, gear, what is currently known as 'hangar flair', etc.). These will be stored and (when appropriate) displayed aboard my 890 Jump.
  3. I just tried to connect to http://www.robertsspaceindustries.com and got a 502 Bad Gateway error. Same trying to connect to Spectrum. Tried several times. Does anyone know if their server is down? Tried 23 November 18 at 9:41 Arizona time.
  4. Thank you @Juntau Fortunately, the second-most up-voted question in the Calling All Devs October Questions Thread (https://robertsspaceindustries.com/spectrum/community/SC/forum/3/thread/calling-all-devs-october-questions-thread) is: "How fast do you think will you be able to create a solar system, once all tools are in place for creating them?" As of this post, it has 191 votes. So, I think we'll see it answered during the next Calling All Devs. Assuming they have an answer. I'll certainly be interested in hearing their response! 👴
  5. I'm not really seeing any downs. As for removing the sense of size, quantum travel takes the same amount of time for a given distance whether or not there's a beacon, so allowing QT without a beacon doesn't really change the speed at which we move, or the sense of scale. As for breaking gameplay boundary mechanics, my understanding is that the PU doesn't really have boundaries, nor was it intended to. Yes, by allowing QT without a beacon, someone could QT to the edge of a star system, and even beyond into interstellar space. They don't use up any more server resources than they would if they remained in the inner system; less, since there's (probably) nothing out there that needs to be rendered by the engine aside from the player and his ship. So, their being out there doesn't hurt anyone. In my view, requiring beacons for QT introduces an unnecessary limitation to players' freedom. We shouldn't be limited to "known highways", we should be able to "go off-road" and explore every corner, every nook and cranny of this amazing 'verse. I want to avoid pirate ambushes by avoiding the direct routes between two points; I want to conduct training sessions with my friends and guildies in a remote corner of the outer system, far from prying sensors; I want to travel to any point in the asteroid belt, perhaps where I previously discovered something of value but perhaps just to cache something valuable that I can recover later. And I don't want a beacon, which can be detected and hacked, directing others to my cache of goodies. And finally, I want to explore, which is impossible if I can only QT to a beacon. How can I "go where no man has gone before" if someone had to have been there before to place a beacon?
  6. I really enjoyed CitizenCon 2018. I thought it was very well done, and the game is finally showing real progress. CR's talk at the end laid out, in a general way, the major milestones remaining to make SC a fully playable game (I notice he carefully avoided using the words "complete" or "finished"). But that's assuming only gameplay improvements; it doesn't take into consideration fleshing out the 'verse with additional star systems. Let's be extremely optimistic and assume that CIG will reach its 12 milestones (CR referred to these as "pillars" I believe) by the end of 2019. How much more time will it take to flesh out the 'verse? If CIG manages to complete an entire system every quarter, it will take them 14 years to finish just UEE, Unclaimed, and Developing sytems; 18.5 years to finish everything except Vanduul systems, and 22.5 years to finish every system currently on the Star Map. This doesn't count systems which have been mentioned in lore which aren't on the current Star Map. That's a very long time, and it's highly unlikely the game will last long enough for even a small portion of the systems to be finished. If CIG manages to complete 2 systems every quarter, those times are halved to 7 years, 9.25 years, and 11.25 years respectively. If CIG manages to complete 3 entire systems every quarter, those times are 4.7, 6.2, and 7.5 years. If CIG somehow manages to complete 4 entire systems every quarter, times are actually reasonable: 3.5 years to complete all UEE, Unclaimed, and Developing systems (basically, all of UEE-sphere space); about another year to finish Banu and Xi'an systems, and another year - about 5 and a half years total - to finish every system on the current Star Map. I'm not sure if this pace is possible, but it's what we'll need to see if we want the 'verse created in a reasonable time. I think CIG is buiding the tools to allow them to quickly create and populate star systems. Unique assets and hand-built locations would probably have to be kept to a minimum to meet this pace, if it's possible at all.
  7. That's a very good point. Perhaps we should first test the build and make sure it's playable enough for this sort of thing. I'll re-post once we know a bit more.
  8. Tomorrow should see the release of Alpha 3.3. Does Imperium plan any event corresponding to this release? Since the Hammerhead will be flyable in this release, and it requires a large crew to be flown effectively, I'm particularly interested in whether we want to stage a Hammerhead event, where Imperium members who own Hammerheads can meet up and other Imperium members can crew. We could either do a mission, or perhaps show up at Cry-Astro or one of the new Rest Stops to protect those trying to use those facilities from the griefers who hang out there to cause trouble. I imagine that a squadron of fully-crewed Hammerheads would give the griefers....well, grief. A mission may be fun too, depending on what new missions we may see. Thoughts?
  9. In the Calling All Devs - Robbit Season episode at the end of August, Rob Reininger responded to the question, "Will we be able to place a waypoint on the map, even if there is nothing there, and then quantum travel to it?" There was a short discussion, but the bottom line answer seemed to be, "We're not ruling it out right now." Mr. Reininger was also hesitant to state that quantum drive could be activated without a waypoint. I'm a bit concerned about this answer. I would understand if the answer was, "That's not currently on the roadmap, so don't look for it anytime soon." Resources are limited. But it seems as if they're undecided whether this will ever be a possibility, and I just don't understand that. This should be a "no-brainer". The answer should have been, "OF COURSE players will be able to do that, but not yet." A few points: 1. Quantum travel is the only effective means of traveling significant distances within a system. Even on full afterburner, it will take many, many hours to travel even a short distance across the system, and you will likely run out of fuel well before you reach your destination. 2. One of the selling points of Star Citizen is that the 'verse is huge. There is so much room in space, it will never feel cramped. But if players can only quantum travel to certain select points, the 'verse becomes much smaller. Even if there are dozens or even hundreds of beacons in each system, that would still place only a tiny portion of space within players' reach. 3. This will have a huge impact on explorers. How can space be explored, if it's impossible to quantum travel to any location that doesn't already have a beacon? 4. If a beacon is required to quantum travel anyplace, and a beacon transmits an active signal that can be intercepted by anyone, there will be no such thing as a secret location. That hidden pirate base? Not hidden. The fleet rendezvous point, where we assemble and organize prior to making our final quantum jump to our objective? Not secret; there goes the element of surprise. There is a related issue, which is a coordinate system. This has also been discussed on Calling All Devs and elsewhere. I understand that this is not a simple system to implement, especially since object orbit (or will eventually orbit) around a star. I won't go into the coordinate system discussion here, since it's a separate issue. I will probably post a version of this on the RSI forums, after getting your input.
  10. I posted this to the RSI forums: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/spectrum/community/SC/forum/7/thread/localized-physical-inventory-system-impact. I am also posting here to gather comments from Imperium members. According to the road map (as updated 21 Sep 2018), with Alpha 3.6.0 in Q2 of 2019 will come a localized physical inventory system. I’ve not seen any solid information on this, but from the name I deduce that we will no longer be able to access a global inventory through our Mobiglas Equipment Manager. In other words, Equipment Manager will no longer access everything we own, only those items which are in proximity to us. If my deduction is correct, this is a great improvement; the current global inventory access is convenient but not at all realistic. But it also raises a concern: after this is implemented, where can we store personal gear where we can access it while performing missions or simply traveling the ‘verse? And where can we store items that we purchase? In certain situations it may be advisable to not wear armor or openly carry weapons (for example, if a mission requires us to make contact with an informant in a high-class restaurant and we wish to remain discreet and inconspicuous). We will need someplace to store it. Same with weapons, additional ammunition, expendables like medical supplies and grenades, mission items (i.e. “deliver the sealed suitcase to Dunraven in the Chairman’s Lounge at the Diamond Sands Resort on Green in the Ellis system”), and purchased items. The answer which immediately comes to mind is, we can store such things in our ship. But there’s a problem with this. According to the Ship Matrix, there are 60 ships with 0 cargo space. These range from the various "motorcycle" types (X1, Nox, Dragonfly) and smaller wheeled vehicles through most snub fighters and fighters, to medium ships like the Vanguard Warden, Redeemer, and Prowler, and even the Retaliator which is a Large ship! None of these has space to store so much as a small suitcase, although to be fair the Retaliator does have a weapons rack. The lack of even the most limited storage will severely limit the usefulness of many ships. In the real world, almost every vehicle has some storage space. Most motorcycles can be equipped with saddle bags. The smallest sports car has at least a tiny trunk and a glove box. This is because most people need space to store things. Of what use is a vehicle if it can’t even fit a small bag of groceries? I understand that we'll be able to place items in any unoccupied space, even if it's not designated as cargo space. So, I could just throw some items on the floor inside the 350r and try not to trip over them. But that doesn't help with ships like the X1, Nox, Dragonfly, 85X, and others which have no such space. For example, the 350r has 0 cargo space. That makes it useful for only one role, which is racing. Yes, I know that's its main role, but in the real world even race cars have extra space, even if it's not utilized during a race. Seats, which are usually removed, may be re-installed to give "joy rides" to those who are not racing professionals. And souped-up "muscle cars" have been used for many decades to impress the opposite sex, and to quickly transport illicit goods (bootlegging) and small packages (the Transporter series of films). So, what if I want to use the 350r for something other than racing? As it stands, I really can't. I'm not asking for a ship like the 350r to be useful as a freight hauler, but it needs enough space to store a small amount of personal gear of the types previously mentioned. I plan to use mine as a "space sports car" to travel quickly from place to place, in style. Let's look at another example, the X1. I seem to recall some mention that a rider couldn't use this vehicle while carrying a long weapon (rifle, shotgun, etc.), not even if the weapon is in the default Star Citizen "stored" location on the character's back. Yet there's no place to store a weapon on the vehicle. Am I supposed to leave my primary weapons behind while riding to a remote location and rely only on a sidearm at my destination? Yet another example is the 85X, which is otherwise a very nice “space luxury coup”. It has two side-by-side seats, something I'd love to see in the 300-series; that would allow me to bring a single passenger along for the ride, perhaps the type of stunningly beautiful passenger typically associated with such luxury vehicles. But I digress. Back to the 85X. If I'm cruising the city, seeing the sights while dressed to the nines, where can I store my flight suit and helmet? What if I must travel outside the atmosphere, back to my 890 Jump or elsewhere? Must I do without a helmet HUD during this entire journey? Without protection from the harsh vacuum of space, in case of a hull breach? Be unable to exit my 85X except in a pressurized bay? C'mon, give me at least enough space for a change of clothes! I understand that modeling even a small saddlebag or trunk is not practical for ships that have already been designed. But is it not possible to assume that there are small storage compartments present which aren't modeled? And to give every ship at least a 0.5 SCU of "assumed" space, accessible through Mobiglas Equipment Manager when adjacent to the ship?
  11. Elranyar


    Thank you Baelthor! Yeah, I did get a bit carried away, but I've run into several folks whose fleets put mine to shame. I'm sure I'll like Imperium!
  12. Elranyar


    Got it, thank you! I've followed all instructions, and everything seems to be working. Thanks again.
  13. Elranyar


    I have submitted an in-game application. I am retired after a 35-year career as a GEOINT/Imagery Intelligence analyst with the US Department of Defense. I have deployed three times to Afghanistan and twice to Iraq, providing GEOINT support to USSOCOM combat operations. I am an NRA-certified Range Safety Officer (RSO) and pistol instructor. I have backed Star Citizen since Jul 2, 2013. I am a Concierge-level backer, at the Space Marshal level. My current Star Citizen hangar contains: RSI Polaris; Aegis Hammerhead; Origin 890 Jump; MISC Hull-E; Consolidated Outland Pioneer; Crusader Industries Genesis Starliner; Aegis Vanguard Warden with Harbinger components (formerly Harbinger BUK); Starfarer Gemini; MISC Freelancer Max; Drake Cutlass Black; Anvil F7C-M Super Hornet; Origin 350r; Tumbril Nova Tank; RSI Ursa Rover; Tumbril Cyclone (base model plus all four variants); Origin X1 Force; Drake Dragonfly Black; Aopoa Nox Kue. Although I'm willing to undertake most missions that conform to Imperium's CoC, I am particular interested in the following types of missions: trade/transport; convoy escort; anti-piracy patrols; piracy suppression; and militia support to UEE forces against the Vanduul threat.
  14. In-game name Dwenos Kelujōtor; in-game handle Dwenos.

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