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  1. If I told someone that and he said yes either he's dumb as a rock or I'd comb his ledgers very very carfully before giving thumbs up.
  2. Well, it is a competitor for what the Vanguard was supposed to do, which is to hurt capitals.
  3. I'm more worried about the Vanguard.... They're built around the same concept ( a BFG), just this one's...bigger. The Vanguard still has range ( but only non quantum, since the Q tank is the same), more armor but the Ares gives the feeling of being a better dogfighter ( if get caught in one)
  4. Riley Egret

    RSI Mantis

    Well, for your second point, it was a direct quote from the article, so I cannot say if you're right or not, I was just quoting CIG. For the first and last, I agree, I can use the ship to intercept Vanduul or pirates but you, me, every other player and its cousin knows it's a ship that sells to people that at 99% would buy with the intent of pulling out of quantum poor sods and 1% are crusading against vanduuls, just saying. On top of that, I remember when ships used to come out a while back, we used to have quite another approach to them. For example, I remember when the Vanguard was revealed we took it for what it was ingame :a long range bomber to blast Vanduuls, we were considering what kind of targets were most probable ( Void class bombers etc) and how could a navy bomber needed to be effective at that; on the contrary how it related performance wise to, say, a Freelancer, was not a big concern. Now the lore lover part of me it's somewhat baffled that we're having a ship ( a necessary ship, for a necessary role, no criticism about that) built by RSI of all people, while, as far as I can see now ( maybe I am blind) the by for most probable role is pirating ( aka robbery/murder). I'm not against the ship, it's just it's weird that its RSI that builds them, that's all ( Drake would feel fine for example).
  5. Riley Egret

    RSI Mantis

    Can I say that it feels weird that the interdiciton ship (available to the public nonetheless! what kind of legit uses can this thing have honestly?) is from RSI? Considering it's basically a pirate tool with a clean dress? To clarify, from the article " With the mantis, it is possible to prevent nearby ships to escape into quantum travel with the "dampening" feature. The "entanglement" pulls them actively out of quantum travel, with a kind of trap or noose which is placed in space. Of course, such ambushes are best suited to locations along busy quantum routes, such as between Port Olisar and Hurston. Ships or group of ships, pulled out of quantum travel, can be jumped with the Mantis immediately by its own quantum drive, which is normaly impossible, since the travel points for this feature are fixed. However, the Mantis pilot and all members of his group get a special fast-access point to quickly surround the victim. If the Mantis then activates its dampening feature, the enemy ships can no longer flee until the Mantis is destroyed." What's more, Crewe said interdicting it's a highly illegal activity, yet you can buy at any RSI vendor a ship built around a tool whose only purpose is breaking the law.... Just imagine if Ford sold a pickup with a custom built ATM ripper crane...
  6. I don't know Voa... if I want to do fighter stuff, I use the Warden, if I take out the Harb I am bombing... Besides on the store page it says "Vanguard Harbinger -Bomber", then you have " The Vanguard Harbinger is Earth’s standard fighter-bomber, converting the standard Warden model’s escape pod into a potent bomb bay. The extended range of the Vanguard and the relatively small profile mean that it can go where carrier-based planes or larger strategic bombers don’t… and then strike hard and make it back to frontier bases. The Vanguard Harbinger is a powerful bomber that can operate out of the roughest forward operating bases. " It really looks like a bomber to me.
  7. Well, if I remember correctly they said many times they needed the Tali done for SQ42, we discussed about it back then even. Heck, it's even in the last trailer Besides, if the Tali was out of commission, what would be the UEE active non-fighter bomber?
  8. Yes, the Tali needs to be working for SQ42: in general the state of bombers is quite messed up atm. The Harb lost the belt-fed reload system and it's stuck with 3 S5 torps due to size reasons ( what it's supposed to do, do deep space, long range strike missions to take down Caterpillars? because I can't see it destroying bigger ships),which leaves the Tali as the sole long range bomber but they need to work a lot on it. Let's remember PVE is the biggest part of gameplay and since they're military ships for military targets those are the guys they're supposed to hunt Good luck with 3S5 torps......
  9. Based on the last video "Star Citizen Live: All Things Flyable" the Harbinger has 3 size 5 toprs, I am having doubts it can be that useful except in packs, which devalues it quite a bit in my eyes.
  10. It's very cool.... but I saw a Homeworld Mobile mention,brrrrrr............
  11. Rule of Cool and not much else. It's easily the kind of things you can get ingame as well (not that it stopped anyone yet).
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