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  1. I picked the Inferno too due to accurate reasoning and lenghty pondering based on the fact that no sane human being can say no to a friggin 25 meter long gatling... so sue me😜
  2. If you want to giht the Scorpius seems fine, it lends well to multiplayer without being totally to it... if you have the patience to wait for the ship to be done. The loaner seems to be the Hurricane which is a ship that seems improved from 1.14, so all good there.
  3. I should say something about the different scope and what do you want to do with it, but really, how mnay people are you going to play most of the time ( and do you have multicrew ships already)? Because if you can't have a couple of guys onboard pretty frequently I'd stick with the Ion.
  4. Riley Egret

    Aegis Sabre

    Well, the problem it's not that it handles worse than a Hornet, it's that they say it's intended.... right now it underperforms on the Hornet on everything except top speed.
  5. Riley Egret

    Aegis Sabre

    After taking away a shield, now we have devs telling us it's expected to handle like the Hornet.... I'm starting to sweat bullets tbh
  6. True but look at it from the other side: as a medium fighter ( that fits in a Polaris) it's a perfectly fine ship.
  7. So, it's there a reason to keep the Hornet? 🙄 Edit: I'll recant my opinion, it's quite light defensively... we will see
  8. It's a pity the one that won't matter was elected in the end 😉
  9. Costigan me too: while the cartel stuff is shady, more militia means more work for me
  10. In any case it won't be hard to remake the unit from scratch when the games is ready to go online properly; besides I doubt the picture we have now is what we will have then
  11. Absolutely, I just asked since sometimes admins are somewhat.... lethargic
  12. What happens if the procedure isn't complete after 30 days?
  13. I'll never get used to the look of Tevarin ships
  14. If I told someone that and he said yes either he's dumb as a rock or I'd comb his ledgers very very carfully before giving thumbs up.
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