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  1. Allright, the devs have started a discussion about implementing a pirate code to separate them from Kos griefers/lulzkillers/Bloodbowl teams. It seems quite the discussion potentially. Have a look! https://robertsspaceindustries.com/spectrum/community/SC/forum/3/thread/devs-on-board-for-a-pirate-s-code-of-conduct-your-/74866

    Exactly! We have cookies!

    Eh, eh, let the hate flow trough you

    I believe you guys are both right and the truth is in the middle, above all I can't really understand who had the bright idea to weaponize FTL speed and throw 7 movies out of the window.

    They had a score of issues if I remember comrrectly, from changing 3 directors to having to coach the main actor since he's quite.....bad
  6. Build help New GPU

    I am actually rebuilding my pc a bit at a time ( it was quite good when I made it back then but time took its toll, then we have new tech coming in all the time, SC whose requirements are in a permanent limbo etc etc).
  7. Build help New GPU

    Thanks, it's basically what I was looking for...... basically it's the usual, quality vs price and since it needs to run SC......
  8. Build help New GPU

    So, long story short, my GPU fried after a bad accident with some thermal paste and I must pick a new one. Basic data: I have a i7 2600k ( admittedly old, it's going to be the next thing I switch), 16 gig of ram and a SSD for SC. So, to keep it short, which one would you pick between a Strix RX580 8GB and a Cerberus GTX 1070TI 8 GB and why? Thanks
  9. Don't want loot crates, pay us MOAR

    I believe that after the game launches you will be able to buy starters only? I would understand those kind of feelings if it was P2W, but if you think like that about a backer you're not very smart, since it's him that made the game possible.
  10. Happy Holidays

    Thank you and Happy Christmas
  11. I undertand what you mean, as an upside I can offer the fact that if they are fixing stuff they're ( most probably) not going to show cutscenes but gameplay.
  12. Tumbril - Nova "Tonk" Tank

    Yeah I bet a Jac can carry a squad around, maybe the Polaris can fit one, but what is this is for is large group land battles.... I'm fine going that way but wth I'm not going to be surprised if they sell submarines after.
  13. Tumbril - Nova "Tonk" Tank

    Cool it is, but why under the stars should I need a tank? This is deep PMC stuff, what use does random joe has for this?
  14. CIG Being Sued by Crytek

    Realistically, the worst that can happen is that CIG has to pay Crytek. I doubt they will have to anyway tbh, too much of this is carpetbombing and I refuse to think that CIG didn't rescind the original agreement when buying the rights to the code in 2013 or switching to LJ later. Basically, the best bone could be they didn't show Crytek logo anymore.
  15. Alita battle angel

    Sorry but it's not that: for example, like mentioned, in GITS Mokoto was drawn as caucasian to point the "body as a dress" pow ( no Japanese fan took offense to that, to prove it) and the move ( while per se enjpyable) not only did a ugly mishmash of the plot of Season 2 of SAC, but introduced the "Mokoto doesn't know who she is" raod which is never seen in the anime or manga, aka someone had a "good idea" along the road ( all things not neededbecause it was a movie). It's a bit like if someone did a movie where Lincoln hunts vampires, maybe nice for a laugh, but as far as Lincoln movies go, well........