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  1. Riley Egret

    citizencon austin

    Just imagine if they implemented the paywall....
  2. Riley Egret

    Anvil Valkyrie Dropship

    If it fits an APC it maybe a Tonk can fit too.... you shouldn't be forced to ferry around tanks with capships.
  3. Riley Egret

    Want to Sell BanuMM LTI, Avenger LTI, and others

    Well, I can't help with the hangar, but congratulations for your new wingman
  4. Riley Egret

    Netflix' Ciri will be cast by an ethnic minority

    I believe this train of thought is a trap. If a director comes up with an amazing idea about Ciri or the Doc, Zeus or whatever he deserves at least to have people judge the result fairly. If he takes a character that is inspired to slavic culture ( will the Emperor become something else too, since he's the father?), characterised by white hair, snow white skin, emerald eyes (get a hint already) and switches it around with the only purpose to check a box in his "woke guy" list he's either a man with no intellectual honesty or a pushing his ideology. Anyway, we all know the drill after all this time, I'll skip it for my part. Btw, I think that Bond should stick to Fleming's character and yet I'd have enjoyed immensely Elba doing it,
  5. Riley Egret

    CitizenCon Streaming

    Allright, if CR said from the start that keynote+ending were free, half this backlash wouldn't have happened. That being said, putting your sale stunt beyind a paywall is a very....... peculiar idea, if you get what I mean. If for some reason this year sale goes meh, it's going to be a powder keg.
  6. Riley Egret

    Chris Roberts on UEC

    Another day in the excitement-crankiness pendulum of CGI fans before patches are released.
  7. I love the Taliand the Eclispe, but I'll pick the Harb for one simple reason: it's by far the most flexible one. You can one man it, it has long range, can survive under fire, dogfight, decent punch as long as you don't face capships ( the only real downside).
  8. Allright, the devs have started a discussion about implementing a pirate code to separate them from Kos griefers/lulzkillers/Bloodbowl teams. It seems quite the discussion potentially. Have a look! https://robertsspaceindustries.com/spectrum/community/SC/forum/3/thread/devs-on-board-for-a-pirate-s-code-of-conduct-your-/74866
  9. Riley Egret


    Exactly! We have cookies!
  10. Riley Egret


    Eh, eh, let the hate flow trough you
  11. Riley Egret


    I believe you guys are both right and the truth is in the middle, above all I can't really understand who had the bright idea to weaponize FTL speed and throw 7 movies out of the window.
  12. Riley Egret


    They had a score of issues if I remember comrrectly, from changing 3 directors to having to coach the main actor since he's quite.....bad
  13. Riley Egret

    Build help New GPU

    I am actually rebuilding my pc a bit at a time ( it was quite good when I made it back then but time took its toll, then we have new tech coming in all the time, SC whose requirements are in a permanent limbo etc etc).
  14. Riley Egret

    Build help New GPU

    Thanks, it's basically what I was looking for...... basically it's the usual, quality vs price and since it needs to run SC......