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  1. This is one of the rare cases I disagree with Noobifier. A world where the car producer replaces a "car" everytime it gets wrecked? Seriously? What are the incentives to drive safely then? I own a SH, how many times will I lose it in my career? 10? 20? People gets angry with the "magical" space whale but are okay with a world that just gifts people substitutes of their ships like candies..... we're reaching Star Trek replicator levels. I would cut down on LTI for the future instead, if I had to pick.
  2. TBH I don't mind the idea that the 600i is a fancy Aquila... I actually like the fact that CIG ( honestly) was clear on what it was and refuses to budge on it, because if it released the "bestest" explorer it would really mean it's just an escalation with every new ship making the previous ones obsolete. If you want to explore seriously, you go with a Carrack/Aquila, if you have plenty of money and like to RP even, you will buy the 600i, which is exactly what Cig intended. If you think about it, all of you know the lenghts MMO players go to get chicken fancy costumes/mounts and so on... this is the SC equivalent in a way. Super comfy, sleek and cool, maybe not the best explorer but let's be honest, if you bought it, that wasn't the point to begin with
  3. I am quite interested, I do agree on the opinion that's it's 10ish bucks too high. How is the skirmish mode? it's always been a weak point in Slitherine games.
  4. I believe he was referring to "The whisperer in the dark", a short story in Jump Point n°1 ( actually the only "official" horrorish story in SC afaik, from Haddock himself), it was quite cool in an "Event Horizon" kind of way. This it it.
  5. That JP was very entertaining. I wonder what are the plans for Hades now...
  6. Ola hombres, I have a giftable copy of Civ IV on Steam, I don't have a ny use for it so if anyone wants it (free ofc) send me a PM. Cheers Edit: I have as well a 50% coupon for DoW III that lasts until the 1st sept, if you're interested just message me.
  7. Well, the Sabre is very good at what it's written on the label ( space superiority). Think it like this: if a carrier is in a pitched battle with an enemy ship it will probably launch Hornets because they excel at close defense against enemy bombers ( sturdy, great field of fire with the trackball/SH turret, speed doesn't matter much since you fight near the carrier), if you have boogies coming at you on the radar or need to intercept, that's the right job for the Sabre ( you can sneak on them, excellent dogfighter, fast). Same goes with the missions: if you are escorting an Orion and a few Buccaneers ( jusy to say) show up, you can afford to give up on speed since you know where the fight will take place ( the Orion) and a Hornet will excell, but if you need to intercept them in an hostage rescue mission you will do better in a Sabre. The bottom line imho is: do not underestimate the strategic speed factor ( tanky fighters are slow) and the Sabre is a top of the line dogfigther even now and stealth it's not even ingame. One more thing: the Sabre is a rare fighter, possibly very hard toi get ingame ( cost but missions to get the right "rep" with Aegis too, etc) so having one right away it's a time saver; otoh replacing it will be costly and longer, so a backup/expendable ship for everyday missions can be a good idea (The good old Hornet FA or even the very flexible Avenger).
  8. Well, tbh I'd go with base: consider that you can buy the bays ingame and save bucks and actually bombing capitals is a fleet job ( you need cover from fighters and such), so it's a rarer occurrance. If you find out you really love the torp bays you can still get them later ( they usually sell all kind of things for Citizencon etc). lastly, an humble opinion from a guy that spent way too much on this game: leave yourself a ship to work for ingame so to say, it's no fun to start with the cool toys already;)
  9. Honestly, we have no clue how much time Imperium will absorb for combat ( fleet engagament will possibly be rarish, more commonly it will be escort duty I suppose). For the rest, as a likely "combat" minded player, I reasoned that either you will take pure combat, PMC-like contracts (escort, Vanduul/pirates cleanup and so on) or you will take more bounty hunterish contracts ( rescue blueprint X, capture this criminal; look for this lost expedition on this dangerous planet); for those last kind of contract a ship with a modicum of room space/stations for the various jobs will be handy, maybe you could consider a Connie/Aquila ( with the added bonus of being able to move around an APC for land combat/insertion missions) for the price of an Avenger, or a Redemeeer even. If you fancy the Avenger Hoplite for the ability to ferry troops, for a similar price a Retaliator ( if you don't care about the peculiar interior) can do the same thing and quite more. Otherwise, an Avenger (especially with the Sentinel BuK) can open all sort of deep recon missions as well.
  10. It could well be as guessed an underwater craft. I am not sold about the minelayer because it doesn't make any sense in space ( the area to cover is impossibly large). On top of that, if you decide that actually there are strategically important points so tiny that can be minelayed, we're back at the good old "JP camp for the lulz" Goon syndrome, it's too messy for CIG. One cool idea ( perhaps) but not very SCish is a slingshot ship, like a "catapult" that can speed smaller craft inside a system.
  11. I believe it's just a hole in the "ownership" theory they are building, as soon as they realize it they will patch it. I think in the last answer McKinney interpreted the question as "taking crates of a derelict ( that I made as a pirate)" so I wouldn't give it too much mind.
  12. Isn't that Awesome ..... Edit: if I had to make a tweak, I'd add a direct link to the forum ( like a drop down from the community tab) since someone new will possibly use this page as the hub to get in the site initially.
  13. TBH I'd really love to have at least the main hubs of the Empire available or a very very good explanation of why Earth is out of bound. Going from 5: we know we have Stanton, most likely Terra ( it's a jump away and apparently they have at least part of it modeled already), we should get Nyx and consequantly Pyro as well ( since you need to go Stanton-Pyro-Nyx), plus one more system. Pyro/Nyx would scratch the need for combat ( I doubt we will see Vanduuls until SQ42).
  14. THat won't happens since the 100ish systems were a kickstarter deal, but again it's undeniable the magnitude of the solsystems had changed drastically
  15. I'll be honest ( as a Nox owner even) I'd cut the weapon size of bikes in half, leaving them with 1 S1 weapon.