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  1. This rare limeted ship was purchased during the 2018 St. Patrick's Day sale -released in limited edition of only 250 pieces! And the developers will never again sell this ship with LTI. Included: - Space Ship Constellation Phoenix Emerald LTI - Lifetime Insurance for Ship (LTI) - Revel &York Hangar Already included in the kit with the ship (located inside the ship): Lynx rover and Kruger P-72 Archimedes Fighter. Price: $480 (this is final price, including PayPal fees). SOLD. I have over 150 successful sales of ships Star Citizen on eBay (all with positive feedback from buyers). PM me message and I will provide a link to that sales thread. Also I have successful major sales on this site, you can see my feedback. And as I have 30 successful transactions on this site. See my feedback in the forum profile. Please read the Terms & Conditions of Service: Transactions through PayPal (Verified PayPal only). All prices are final (includes PayPal fees). If you are interested - leave a comment here and send me private message with: Ship or Upgrade or Package name, your PayPal email also your corresponding RSI handle. I will send invoice for payment via PayPal. Item will be delivered buyer's PayPal email address after payment is cleared. No returns or refund as the gifting system only allow 1 time gifting and it will be account bound to the buyer's account (your payment will be refunded if I cannot deliver your item for any reason). If you are unsure about the item or have any questions, feel free to ask. You must own a copy of Star Citizen, and are required to have an account in order to accept item (ship/upgrade). Item will be delivered to the buyer's PayPal email address. You can claim the item by clicking on the link provided in the email about "gift" and sign in your RSI account. Be careful to be logged into the correct RSI account when you redeem your email about "gift" containing the transmitted ship/upgrade. Tracking is provided by "Hangar Log" on RSI website and will be used as a proof of delivery.
  2. Pioneer LTI $1100 - $950 for Imperium MEMBER ONLY Large Land Claim (8x8) x 2 - $250 each - $200 for Imperium MEMBER ONLY Verified Paypal invoice ONLY! Fastest response via Discord
  3. Mercury Star Runner LTI CCU'ed $190 Hercules C2 LTI CCU'ed $270 Banu Merchantman LTI CCU'ed $260 Origin 600i Explorer LTI CCU'ed $360 Origin 600i Touring LTI CCU'ed $335 Banu Defender LTI CCU'ed $200 Banu Defender LTI OC $210 Reclaimer LTI CCU'ed $300 Prowler LTI CCU'ed $330 Esperia Vanduul Blade LTI CCU'ed $250 Hammerhead LTI CCU'ed $625 Nautilus LTI CCU'ed $625 Polaris LTI CCU'ed $650 Sentinel LTI CCU'ed $265 -------------------------------------------------------- Any ships, ask me to negotiate All fees included PM'm me if interested
  4. Im taking a break from StarCitizen for a while and want to sell my ship package. I was suggested to use this webpage for the sale by a fellow citizen. The exchange value of the package is 310 USD. And I want to sell for 250 USD (PayPal) Price is none negotiable. Paypal fees not included. The package can be gifted upon sale. Package includes: - Constellation Aquila (The price of standalone purchase for the Aquila is now way more than even 310 USD. So this package will give you way more than I'm asking for.) - SELF-LAND HANGAR - NOMAD - JACKAL PAINT - Lifetime Insurance - Star Citizen Digital Download - Starting Money: 1,000 UEC Contact me on Discord to purchase: SteveTheCruel#7565
  5. Want to sell my Signed Rear Admiral package It's been upgraded to a Phoenix Details in screenshot Looking for Around 800$, that's including PayPal fees
  6. Because I don't have time to spend on Star Citizen and I recently sold my gaming pc, I want to sell my Original Backer account from back in 16-10-2012. Not only did I receive all of pledge goal gifts, I have also been a centurion subscriber for some time. Over the years I have been buying LTI ships, melting them, rebuying them etc.. so that's why I am not able to sell the ships seperately anymore and why I want to sell the whole account instead. The LTI ship packages that are active in the account right now are the original Rear Admiral LTI backer package with physical goodies and the Endeavor Hope Class LTI with two LTI modules, namely the General Research and the Fuel Pod. If you like other ships better then there is still the possibility of melting one or two packages and then Buying Back another LTI ship, like for instance Banu Merchantman, Origin 890 Jump, Class C or RSI Orion. See below for screenshots of all the items and buy back options. For all this I think 1000$ is a fair price. Selling only to verified PayPal. As you can see on my profile in the past I sold some ships and only have received positive feedback. These are all the items in the account: And these are the Buy Back options: Apparantly HTML code is not working, so you have to click the link to see each picture in the hidden contents section..
  7. Greetings everyone, Sadly I have to resell my Legatus 2013-2021 account under EU Law that should be very legal and that I love. It is liquidated but has bound ships until Legatus Rank and still a good buyback list. Some of my buyback aces are the following and the screenshots are provided: UEE Exploration 2948 PACK, Wing Commander Digital PACK, Pirate Gladius, Kraken P. UEC credits are: 300k The price of this liquidated but very rare account is 3k Euros with paypal invoice only. Please check screenshots to see the valuable items I have both in bound and buyback. PM me only for negotiation but price won't be very flexible. Thank you and Good Luck.
  8. Selling Game Package (Star Citizen only) with Banu Merchantman LTI (upgrade price $500) Price is $270 All fees included
  9. Update: New lower prices Hello everyone, its time to empty the hangar... again I'm selling: 1 x MISC Starfarer Gemini LTI - $325 $275 1 x Aegis Reclaimer LTI - $450 $420 SOLD 1 x RSI Orion LTI - $350 SOLD 1 x Drake Herald LTI - $115 SOLD verified Paypal only, no trading
  10. HammerHead Serial Stamp LTI: $650 Caterpillar to Orion CCU: $70
  11. Selling this package with two ships, base pledge is Hurricane-Terrapin Add-Ons LTI with Hurricane hangar model and poster Three options available - BMM with Banu Defender, BMM with Crusader Ares Inferno, BMM with Crusader Ares Ion PayPal fees included Price is $450
  12. Selling Banu Merchantman LTI $290 All PayPal fees included
  13. I have an A10 Warthog in good condition. It works with no problems. Seeking $310 plus shipping (around $20).
  14. Hi all, I am selling my own account I have created in 2015 The account includes these ships. Aegis Vulcan - 120 Month Hull C - 120 Month Hull E - 120 Month Hercules C2 - 120 Month Eclipse - 120 Month Mercury Star Runner - LTI Cutlass Black - LTI Anvil Hawk - LTI Drake Dragonfly black - LTI Tumbril Ranger CV - LTI Banu Merchantman - 120 Month Caterpillar 2949 BIS - LTI + Paints, armors etc.. Imperator - 1 Year Access Pass Asking Price $2400
  15. I've bought a brand new Intel Optane 900P SSD, and want to sell never used Sabre Raven promo code, as I'm not interested in playing the game. I've put an offer at Ebay: https://www.ebay.com/itm/283848299407
  16. [WTS] [GIFT] ($175) ($140) $120 MUSTANG OMEGA AMD 2MI + SQ42+ 1K UEC Hi all! I don't play Star Citizen cause i need to upgrade the PC this year, received this back in the day when I bought an AMD product. I have some past trading rep on Steam. I have included my steam link, reddit, discord. -steam: https://steamcommunity.com/id/6e0/ -discord: sinDIE#3030 -reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/sinDIE__ PACKAGE - AMD NEVER SETTLE SPACE EDITION $120 or offers Contains: -Mustang Omega: AMD Edition -Self Land Hanger -Legacy AC -Starting Money 1,000 UEC -2 Months Insurance -Digital Star Citizen Manual -Star Citizen Digital Download -Squadron 42 Digital Download Will be shipping item as a GIFT to your RSI account! Only Paypal. Thanks and let me know if you have any questions!
  17. EDIT: Managed to get another Slate Camo paint off-site so I'm all good now. Hey again 🙂 I already made a similar post earlier but now I'm looking for a second "Slate Camo" ship paint that can be used on the Origin 100-series. As I recall CIG offered 3 different paints a while back when they released the 100-series. CIG sold them separately at $5 each or in a pack with all 3 for $12,50. So the paint I'm interested in was called "Slate Camo" (see image below) and was a kinda dark grey camo pattern. Please send me a reply/PM if you happen to have this paint available and want to sell it to me for a reasonable price or I can trade you something that you can then melt for Store Credit. Thanks!! 😃 I already managed to get 1 of them (thanks Danredda!) and figured I might as well make a new post here to see if there's anybody out there who might have one in their BuyBack that they'd be willing to trade. I can either pay you some cash for it through PayPal or trade you something else that you can then melt for Store Credit if you prefer.
  18. Hey there 🙂 I'm looking for ship paint that can be used on the Origin 100-series. As I recall CIG offered these a while back when they released the 100-series. As I recall CIG sold them separately at $5 each or a pack with all 3 for $12,50. The paint I'm interested in was called "Slate Camo" (see image below) and was a kinda dark grey camo pattern. Please send me a reply/PM if you happen to have this paint available and want to sell it to me for a reasonable price. Thanks!! 😃
  19. TO BE DELETED - no longer for sale
  20. TO BE DELETED - no longer for sale
  21. Selling a Hull A at cost after Paypal fees to give anyone who missed out on the sale a chance. I was using this ship to serve as a seed to apply the $5 WB Nomad CCU resulting in LTI plus the Asteroid Hanger. As of right now, you can still buy that CCU from RSI. Ship: Standalone MISC Hull A Price: $65 including Paypal fees Insurance: 10 Year Melt Value: $60 Payment Method: Paypal PM me with your Paypal email and I will send an invoice. Upon receipt of payment, I will gift the ship to the same Paypal email at which time the sale will be final. As the gifting process is one-way, no refunds can be provided once the ship is claimed. This listing will available for about 7 days.
  22. 1x ARGO Mole: Carbon Edition Warbond - LTI, SOLD US (Includes PayPal Fees) This transaction will be carried out through a PayPal invoice to a verified PayPal account. I have completed many trades on Star Citizen Base with SCB and Imperium members and my feedback shows that you should have confidence in me and this transaction. If you have any questions, please feel free to check my feedback. If you have any questions or concerns prior to the transaction, please let me know via PM. Thank you for looking and have a great day. MB
  23. Looking to sell my Ares Inferno from the concept sale. You also get the Ember skin and LTI, which are not included in the IAE version. The asking price is effectively the original concept/melt price + PayPal fees. Please let me know if you have questions. Once payment is received, I will gift the ship to the PayPal email unless otherwise notified. At that point, the sale is final, as there is no way to reverse the transfer. Ship: 1x Crusader Ares Inferno Warbond + Ember Skin Insurance: LTI Asking Price: $205 (including PayPal Fees) Melt Value: $195 Method: Verified PayPal Account
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