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Found 5 results

  1. STAR CITIZEN Forum categories 3.5.0 PTU Discussion and Feedback STAFF Baior Of Red@Baior-CIG [PTU Feedback] Updated Thruster Heat: What ships work poorly? Pinned Discussion Today at 6:39 am Greetings, We have updated thruster heat with the goal of significantly increasing the time it takes to overheat during normal use, with the goal of having it happen only rarely. Ships should still overheat relatively quickly when using afterburner. However, we have a lot of flight ready ships with a myriad of configurations. If you discover a ship that isn't operating as well as others, let us know below! -Baior RSI Player Experience Analyst March 27, 2019 Greetings Citizens! Star Citizen Alpha 3.5.0 is now available for you to play on PTU! This round of testing includes all Concierge, Subscribers, and Evocati, and introduces the new flight model along with ArcCorp, playable female characters, character customization, and the redesigned 300i. Feel free to check out all of the details in the 3.5.0 Patch Notes, and don't forget to head over to PTU Test Chat on Spectrum to join your fellow Citizens. If you're having trouble copying your account to the PTU or installing the RSI PTU Launcher, please refer to the PTU Installation Guide for assistance. Last but certainly not least, don't forget to post all your bugs to the Issue Council! Happy hunting and see you in the 'Verse! RSI Player Relations
  2. Hello Friends: Two questions: 1. Do you think the next flight model will make the scout significantly more agile than other ships? It doesn’t have thrusters. It uses its main thrusters for all movement. 2. Do you think CIG will make any minor or major changes to the scout before persistent universe is released?
  3. Hello there, so I'm having this major issue with the game only few people seem to be bothered by and that is (to me) that dogfighting isn't fun. It's propably the most core mechanic of the game since it's the initial idea behind it and I beleive 6dof simply ruins it. My problem is that (as illustrated in the first picture) if you see an enemy you have two unappealing options. 1. (purple line) you aim directly at him. What will happen is that you will dramatically overshoot his trajectory and even worse, your distance to the enemy will increase a lot. So you don't get the feeling of getting at the enemy's tail. Despite chanigng your own flight direction and orientation, you will still feel like a turret since the distance to the other ship first shirnks rapidly only to increase at the same speed afterwards - exactly what would happen if you were stationary. 2. (red line) you "plan ahead" as CR states is necesseary to master the flight model. This means that you adjust the ships direction in order to follow the flight path your enemy went. Problem here is that in order to do so, a big part of your thrust is needed to first work counter your initial movement and erase the speed vectors perpendicular to the enemy's vectors. That makes you go really slow at one point and thus also results in increasing distance between you and your target. So as both options - and I know that there are in-betweens - ultimately don't result in getting you and your opponent closer to each other, we get what we have in AC: A feeling of "hopping" and jousting. So my question is why doesn't CIG see these problems and change it? The second picture I posted illustrates what would happen in athmosheric flight. Here you can aim at the enemy and at the same time get on his tail. This is the simple reason why we see this in every Sci-fi-flick ever from Star Wars to Star Trek. It is not only more cinematic but also way more fun. Now many will say that this would go against the idea of a space sim and I aggree. BUT the flight model as it is already has nothing to do with being a space sim: - In space there wouldn't be speed limits as long as your thrusters still have fuel (except relativistic mass increase). - There actually is a lot of gravitational pull when hovering above planets even outside their athmosphere. You would need to first get into orbit in order to "hover" without thrusters. - To make coupled mode work, your tiny tiny maneuvering thrusters would need power comparable to your main ones. I don't know what CIG's explanation for this is, but to me, little air exhaustion is hardy comparable to a 3 meter diameter rocket at the back of your ship. My solution to this would be to simply make up some randomn sci-fi-techno-bs to justify an athmospheric flight model in space. For example there could be some form of "turbo-ether" or stuff that was discovered and all the ships glide through it. Lore wise this could even be expanded like the "mass effect" in the game of the same name where the discovery enabled space flight in the first place. CIG wouldn't even have to redesign their ships since they all allready have air intakes (for whatever reason, propably to make them look more like fighter jets). We could then still have 6dof for docking maneuvers but only at slow speeds. Also, gettin a joystick woulld make way more sense then. Because as it stands, mouse control is superior. Now I know that there is close to zero percent chance that they will change it but is's been bothering me for some time and I would like to know what other people in the community think about this. When I google this, all I can find is discussions about minor tweaks but hardy anyone questions the design in general.
  4. In Arma 3 I am taught to use a compass that marks directions in a three digit number. Yet due to the environment, it is only good for the x axis. I think that if you could make a direction system off of two three digit numbers. (0-360), we could establish a x and y axis. Thus allowing us to give direction when in flight. The Z axis is distance, and could be handled separately. (Z axis being depth). I did come up with this in spurt of the moment. Let me know what you guys think.
  5. PC Gamer gives a brief overview of their experience with Star Citizen during the free flight period. Starts at 00:14:36 (If my direct link didn't work).
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